Fever Pitch


My baby, she sent some pictures on her mobile phone. Okay - so we love each other and that is what we do. I look at each so carefully posed shot and relish the feelings they submit. The one in tight jeans - so good to see, she drives me crazy, for my baby has a rear to fight for - on the beaches and in the air as Churchill said. In my view there are no others can compare.

Excuse my being frank but you see many bums now looking obese and gross and coarse. Looking like the back of a shire horse. But my baby is the Wow! factor with a capital W and I could never tire of her that's true. She treats me to a relish of how she looks in underwear - I just sit there and constantly stare. as I feel myself grow in my hand and I am the happiest guy in the land

Just this day she has sent the best of all, a very extremely sexy look in her hot red tie-on thong There is nothing to match it in my book My masculinity grows to fever pitch, in the following picture she's undone the tie. I just have to squeeze now and tease my hardness back with a deep sigh. It looks so lovely, so divine and delicious and wonderful My mind is set on what I want to do MMM!

Excuse me concentrating - that white thigh so waiting to be famished. Wondering about the mystery of her sex, how she looks beneath the redness of that so hot red thong I am in a veritable fever now, sweat begins to run from my brow. I just cant hold back I need her fuck so much .And still the bitch teases me with another picture, this time her thong just covering her femininity. I can see almost the rim of that wet pussy I so much need to explore and neat fuck I feel the throb grow and grow.

OMG! I just can't stand anymore I will take her anywhere, in the bed, across the table, on the floor. My cock is full to the brim, throbbing and pulsating - longing to enter that which is hidden The fresh taste of her fuck, her warmth and her deep French kisses embroil my soul and I just have to reach my goal - I can't hold back any more so excuse me, I have to see to the job in hand.

I am on the beach, on the sand, with my baby through and through I know what I have to do... I imagine she is there with me, I touch her flesh as her kiss grows deeper in my mouth, her tongue sucks my tongue and instinctively my fingers walk downwards, along the line of her beautifully rounded femininity and I go just a little further to sense her response. I feel the heat of her breath as her kiss still deepens and know that she wants me to go further. Eyes closed and incensed by her hot moving kiss I feel that which I have wanted when seeing her pictures so very much..

It feels so very silky through her thing and there is a little moistness there and I know she want me as badly as I want her.

To show me her wanting I feel her hand grasp me so firmly as my fingers intrude underneath the seam of her red thong, I find myself coming away from her mouth with an arduous downward appalling to take that so gorgeous and teasing wet hot pussy into my mouth and then I am sucking the pussy I have wanted for so long, my cock is reeling for it now, I ask her to jerk it off, to be rough with it, to do what she wants and she certainly takes heed of that as I feel the touch of her teeth around the head of my throbbing cock, sucking me so wonderfully and hungrily.

Now the purpose of all those cock teasing pictures sent over the mobile phone come to fruit as we enjoy that which we have been waiting for. No more wanking sounds over the phone, this is for real, I am so very much besotted by my baby that my concentration fixes and I am in heaven, the touch, the scent and the taste of my woman combined set me on a magical trip to paradise when I feel the satisfaction her warm deep fuck provides and then the ultimate to complete our new relationship.

This has to be the ultimate as we enjoy each other to the full. No holds barred as we explore and discover all that we both like to do with each other, and the true and wonderful variety that besets my deepest ever fantasies, with my baby all those fantasies are now for real and at last I feel a real man, pleasing a real woman!

I have no further need for the pictures, the real thing is perfection. No more wanking and looking at what maybe, now I am looking at what is.

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