FFFF Ch. 01


FFFF Stands for Foxy Female Fantasy Forum. This is a new series involving over 50 of my and hopefully your favorite cable female anchors, reporters and contributors. It will be based loosely on an adult film of the 70's called "Every Woman has a Fantasy." The series begins with six of my favorite Fox females. They will be describing one of their fantasies that they brought to reality. From there they will be adding two women to their group every week. To belong to the group the new inductees will have to make their fantasy come true. They need to verify the fantasy, either by having another member of the group see it or have it on video and showing to the group during their next meeting.

The original six are Martha MacCallum, Laura Ingle, Caroline Shively, Gretchen Carlson, Shannon Bream and Margaret Hoover.

Hope you enjoy reading this series as much as I enjoyed thinking it up and putting the words to paper.


The first get-together was taking place in Martha's home and the six ladies were sitting around talking. Martha was the first to bring up the subject; "You know ladies, we come here or at to one of your places and bitch and complain about our husbands and talk about what we would like to do or have done to us. Why don't we start living out our fantasies instead of just talking about them?"

Gretchen sat up in her chair; "You mean you want to really act out and DO what you've been telling us about? Are you crazy?"

Laura and Caroline jumped up and Laura blurted out; "I think that's a great idea. I know exactly what I'm going to do and I'm sure I can get Caroline to join me. So tell us Martha, how is this going to work, have you thought about it?"

Martha was beaming from ear to ear; "I sure have, here is what I thought we could do. We could tell the group about their impending fantasy and before the next meeting one or two of us will have to make it happen. They will have to have if verified by one other from the group or someone from one of our networks. If someone isn't available, a video of the fantasy coming true would need to be taken and shown at our next meeting."

Margaret and Shannon both chimed in; "We're in, so am I shouted Laura and Caroline!"

Martha looked at Gretchen, "Well Gretchen, it leaves it up to you. Are you in or not?"

Gretchen bit her lower lip and smiled sheepishly at the group; "Okay, okay I'm in, so how is this going to work?"

Martha started again; "I guess we'll make the rules and changes as we really get into it. I know what I'm going to do, but it will take several weeks to set up. I have a vacation coming up and I believe I can have it completed by the time I get back from vacation."

Laura whispered for several minutes to Caroline and Caroline turned red and shook her head yes to Laura. Laura stood up; "Well ladies Caroline and I will probably be first. If you want you can come and see us perform. You see both of us have spoken between the two of us about performing at an all nude review. I know a place where they pay big money for amateur night. The only thing is that the winners have to go into private rooms afterwards and perform for the high rollers. Caroline and I talked it over and we're going to sign up for the contest later this week and I'm sure between the two of us on stage together we could have a great shot on winning!"

Shannon spoke up; "My god, this IS really going to happen isn't it. Oh hell I'm going to have to come up with a fantasy that I know I can do, but also something I REALLY want to do. I have a few ideas and will talk about it next week."

Gretchen and Margaret said about the same time and Martha spoke up; "Okay ladies, I believe we have our work cut out for ourselves seeing Laura and Caroline have their fantasies already in the works. I can't wait to put mine in motion and bring it to a reality."

Gretchen was smiling from ear to ear; "I know exactly what I'm going to do, I just need the other people in my fantasy to agree, I'll tell you about it next week."

Similar responses came from Margaret and Shannon and Martha stood up and popped open a bottle of champagne, filling six glasses she handed one to each of the ladies; "To the FFFF club!"

Caroline looked puzzled; "The FFFF club, what's that Martha?"

She giggled; "The Foxy Female Fantasy Forum, what do you think?"

Laura took a big swig of her champagne; "I love it, hell I'm getting wet just thinking about our fantasy. What do you think Caroline?"

Caroline looked at Laura with those translucent green eyes and smiled at her; "Oh yeah Laura, me too!" She leaned in and gave Laura a soft kiss on the lips and the other ladies wiggled around on the sofas and chairs.

Martha spoke up; "Alright you two, break it up before one of my other fantasies becomes a reality?"

Gretchen giggled; "Oh you mean like this!" She ran her fingers through Margaret's thick blonde hair and her lips descended on Margaret's and their lips parted and they were locked in a heated embrace.

Shannon stood and came over to Martha, Martha stopped her; "Okay ladies, enough, there isn't anything I would like better then have a little action with all of you, but to have this Forum work, we need guidelines and restrictions. For this to happen, someone needs to declare this as their fantasy and from what I heard from all of you, you all have something else in mind. Maybe it could be a future fantasy of one of us, or maybe if we succeed in this group, we can add members and see what happens."

The other women reluctantly broke their embraces and Gretchen spoke up, a little out of breath; "Okay Martha, where do we go from here?"

"Well Gretchen, I guess we'll wait for a call from Laura and Caroline to let us know if they have their fantasy all set to go. If they don't call we meet here again next week and give one another updates about their fantasies and how they are progressing."

They all nodded and once everyone was gone, Martha got on the phone and started making calls to put her fantasy in motion.

Laura gave the other women in the group a call a couple days later; "Martha it's all set, Caroline and I will be performing at the Pussycat lounge tomorrow. We'll be on around 10 PM, pass the word!"

Gretchen, Shannon, Margaret and Martha got there early and had a few rounds by the time Laura and Caroline came on stage. The four of them were all dressed in short skirts and tight tops or pullover turtlenecks. All four of them were getting a bunch of stares from the male patrons seated around them as they started to get rowdy.

The place went wild when the M/C. announced the beginning of the amateur contest. A few skaggy women came on and got some cat calls and a few boos. Then came the time for Laura Ingle and Caroline Shively, the crowd went wild. They were dressed in a sexy version of their clothes they wear while on FNN.

Both women, with long hair, Caroline's a reddish blonde and Laura's a dark ash blonde had their hair up in ponytails. Caroline's danced around her shoulders and even the ponytail was a mass of curls and waves, where Laura's was poker straight halfway down her back. Their make-up was impeccable and Caroline's eyes mesmerized all the men in the audience.

Caroline's dark skirt suit had a short skirt that ended at mid thigh and with her height made her legs look even longer. Her navy blue satin blouse was half unbuttoned and her black bra showed at the opening. Her feet were encased in stiletto heels and sheer black stockings.

As for Laura, she was dressed in a cream colored skirt suit just as short as Caroline's. Her tight satin blouse was dark burgundy and her large tits threatened to push there way out the large opening she had created with half the buttons open. She just as Caroline had legs that were long and shapely, even longer then Caroline's. They were encased in a cream colored pair of stocking and matching high heels.

Caroline spun around her pole and catapulted her way towards Laura.

They met in the middle of the stage and locked lips and they both slipped their hands under each other's suit jackets and slipped them off as their kiss intensified.

Laura broke the kiss and pulled roughly on Caroline's ponytail, jerking her head back. Her mouth descended on Caroline's long graceful throat and she kissed up and down her tender flesh. Letting go of the ponytail she reached up and using both hands, in one quick motion tore open her satin blouse.

Caroline let out a loud squeal and reached up and did the same to Laura. They both shook their shoulders and discarded their torn blouses.

Their lower bodies came together and they ground their pelvises against one another's as they lock lips again.

Caroline reached around and unhooked Laura's white satin bra and slipped it from her body.

Laura broke away and went to her pole and swung around several times. Bending over her long ponytail brushed the floor and her large tits swayed from side to side. Her large aureoles and stiff, blood red nipples perked up and were sticking straight out. She humped the pole and the crowd went wild. She continued to roll her hips and reached back and yanked down the zipper on her tight skirt. She wiggled and rolled her hips and it gave way and she kicked the skirt aside. Her ultra long legs were incredible, encased in the cream colored stockings and her pussy and ass barely covered by a matching pair of lace panties, a large wet spot as evident around her pussy.

The crowd went wild as she humped the pole and arched her back. Spinning around she swayed over to Caroline who had stopped to watch Laura. She was shocked from her trance when Laura popped open her bra and tore it from her shoulders.

It was evident that Caroline was a true redhead, her nipples were a bright pink and her tits were a milky white color. Her nipples stiffened immediately and she let out a loud groan when Laura leaned in and took one of the tasty morsels between her red wet lips.

Caroline's eyes rolled back in her head and she crushed Laura's face harder against her milky white tit.

Laura slid her hands down Caroline's slender back and finding the zipper on her tight short black skirt, tugged it down and slipped it down and off her long legs.

They ground their panty covered pussies against one another and their hands seemed to be everywhere at once. They had the crowd at a fever pitch and the four ladies at the stage side table were screaming and hooting and hollering and Gretchen could not take her eyes off the two women on the stage.

It was Caroline's turn to break away from her partner and she danced over to her pole and began swinging around and around faster and faster her tits floated about her body as she danced. She arched way back and her long strawberry blonde hair painted the stage floor. This brought a roar from the crowd and they began chanting; "TAKE IT OFF, TAKE IT OFF!"

She rolled her hips as if fucking the pole and reaching down slipped the black lace panties from her body. Her puffy lipped cunt was gleaming in the spotlights of the stage as she slipped to the floor and humped away at the pole. She stuck one leg straight out and slowly removed the one stocking. She kicked her shoe off and tossed the stocking to the four ladies at ringside. She did the same with the other one, tossing it to a couple of guys who were begging for it.

Now totally naked she arched her back and simulated fucking an imaginary lover. She must have had an orgasm as juices were trickling out of her puffy dark pink cuntlips.

She let out a loud moan when she looked up and Laura was straddling her face, her panties were gone and Laura slowly lowered her pussy to Caroline's face.

It was as if time was in slow motion. Caroline's mouth was wide open, her tongue was sticking out standing straight up and stiff.

Laura lowered her hips and inch by inch the space separating the two of them disappeared.

The crowd went berserk as they watched Caroline's tongue slipped into the tight folds of Laura's dripping pussy.

Laura arched her back, tossed her ponytail about as she came close to an orgasm as Caroline's tongue invaded her cunt and flicked back and forth about her stiff red clit.

Caroline gripped Laura's hips and pulled her harder against her mouth as she flicked and lapped away at the juicy pussy above her.

Laura let out a loud groan and shook as she started cumming. She slipped off of Caroline's face and spinning around locked legs with Caroline and the two of them humped away at one another's pussy like women possessed.

With a loud scream the two of them came, their bodies covered in sweat they staggered to their feet and taking a bow ran off the stage.

The crowd chanted for encore, but the management would not allow it seeing there were more contestants.

None were anywhere as good as they were and when the M.C. announced the winners it wasn't a surprise when Laura and Caroline were awarded the trophy.

They came out dressed and sat with their four friends and men were all over the six ladies wondering if the other four were as good as the two on stage.

Martha laughed; "Listen boys, we trained the two of them. Can you imagine how good the four of us are?"

The manager came up to the table and looking at the six women, licked his chops; "You know ladies, I can make arrangements to have all six of you in the winners lounge if you would like?"

Gretchen chuckled; "I just bet you would, how about this, I know you have a viewing room available, how about you giving the four of us that room so we can watch our friends here perform?"

"What's in it for me to give you ladies that room?"

Martha slid her hand up his thigh; "Well if Caroline and Laura get us hot enough we may be willing to some oral sex, that is if you like eating pussy?"

"Hell yes, how about you ladies, are you willing to reciprocating with a couple of blow jobs?"

Shannon licked her lips; "We'll see, we'll see, okay?"

He nodded and led the ladies to the private room; "You four can make yourself comfortable. I'll let Caroline and Laura freshen up before heading into the den of lions. I'll have a waitress come in and get you some drinks; I'll see you four soon."

Martha and Margaret slipped out of their jackets. Gretchen and Shannon were in dresses and the four of them settled in waiting for the show to begin.

Suddenly the curtain opened and there were six men seating in a room similar to their room; but it had a little more space and a more lavish sofa and chairs. They were all laughing and drinking and they stopped talking when the outer door opened and in walked Caroline and Laura. They were dressed the same as when they came on stage minus the blouses that were torn when removed. They had their suit coats on instead and buttoned to hide their heaving chests.

The six men all stood and introduced themselves, each giving both ladies a kiss. As the fifth and sixth men kiss, the kisses got hotter and hands began playing with their asses and slipping into their jackets.

Three men sat on the sofa and three on the opposite sofa. Both women sat on the laps of the men in the middle and wrapped their arms around the men and started kissing them. Their hands were busy opening the men's shirts and kissing exposed flesh.

The other four men were busy sliding their hands on Caroline's and Laura's thighs. They began opening their jackets and as they opened, they tugged them off their shoulders. Hands were pulling at the bra straps and soon both ladies were naked from the waist up.

Laura tugged at the zipper on the man she was sitting on and she slipped off his lap and settled in between his legs. She immediately took his large cock into her mouth.

Before they knew it all six men were naked and Caroline just like Laura was on her knees sucking on the cock of a large black man.

He had his hands wrapped around her strawberry blonde ponytail as he guided her mouth up and down on his cock.

She let out a squeal when her skirt and panties were removed. She let out a groan when she felt a tongue invade her fat pussy lips and finding her clit he went to town lapping away at it.

He slipped his fingers into her pussy; pulling them out coated with her juices he shoved first one, then both fingers up her ass.

She pulled her mouth off the big black cock and letting out a loud groan started cumming for the second time tonight. "Come on you fucking studs, finger fuck my ass, get it nice and loose. I want a cock up there next. I can't wait till all three of you fuckers fill all my holes!"

She sucked the black cock back into her mouth as she pumped her hand up and down the second cock.

That guy was mauling her gorgeous tits and he pulled her mouth off the black cock and stuffed his smaller, but wider cock down her throat.

On the other sofa just about the same thing was happening there. Laura was naked; she was lying on her back with her head hanging off the sofa. A large cock was fucking her mouth as if it was a cunt. He held her face as he plunged in and out of her mouth.

Another guy was kneeling besides the sofa and he was playing with her tits as she jacked him off. Her third guy had her hips at the top of the sofa and he was behind the sofa eating her like there was no tomorrow.

She was on the verge of cumming and she let go when he slipped his tongue up her starred hole.

She groaned around the cock in her mouth, her long ash blonde hair danced around the carpeted floor as he continued to fuck her mouth. He withdrew his cock from her mouth with a pop and letting out a loud groan began painting her face with his pearly cum. He covered her face, neck and chest with his cum.

Laura went nuts licking up as much cum as she could; "Come on, more I want more cum, who's next? Fill my cunt with cum, fuck my ass and cum in my ass. I want more cum!"

Just then the guy eating her pussy grabbed a hold of her legs and positioned her at the top of the sofa. He lined his cock up with her cunt and with one quick lunge buried his cock deep in her quaking pussy.

The third guy replaced the first guy and was now fucking her gorgeous face, his cock slid in and out of her mouth and going deep into her throat. He pulled on her ponytail driving his cock further into her throat.

On the other sofa Caroline was riding the big black cock. It slid in and out of her thick lipped cunt. She was cumming again as she felt a second cock behind her entering her tight asshole. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she rode the black cock faster and faster. Behind the sofa her third man directed her mouth to his cock and she was in cock heaven, all three holes were filled and she couldn't wait for the cum to come in all three holes.

She pulled the cock out of her mouth and spat out; "Come on fuck my cunt, fuck my ass I want to feel your cum squirt in my ass and pussy, give it to me, give it to me, make me cum, yes, yes, just like that. Come on you big fucking black stallion fill my cunt with your creamy cum.

She reached up and tore the ponytail holder off her head and her long strawberry blonde hair came cascading all over her face, shoulders and tits.

When the black guy saw this it was just too much for him to take and he started cumming.

Caroline's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she felt him filling her womb with his cum. This triggered another quick hard orgasm from her and she wiggled her ass and cunt down harder on the two invading cocks.

She took the other cock into her mouth and just after a couple of seconds he pulled out of her mouth and started covering her face and luxurious hair with his cum.

She collapsed against the black dude as the cock in her ass picked up the pace and was soon filling her bowels with his cum. She rolled off of the black guys and she lay there shaking as cum came oozing out of all three of her holes.

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