tagErotic CouplingsFictional Fantasies Ch. 07: Final

Fictional Fantasies Ch. 07: Final


Dear Reader - This is the final chapter of the 'Fictional Fantasies' series. Please read the previous chapters first, if you wish to fully appreciate this story.


A short while later, Meg's face appeared around his bedroom door. Jack was sitting on the edge of the four-poster bed, rotating two silver balls around in his hand.

'I'm serious Jack,' she began. 'I'm not boycotting Luke's wedding, even if it means I miss being here with you.'

'Come in and shut the door,' directed Jack. As Meg walked towards him, he stood up. 'And I agree. As much as I want to enjoy our own special form of celebration right here,' Jack said, inclining his head towards the bed, 'this is Luke's big day and I don't want to miss it either.'

'Good,' she nodded, wondering what he had in mind. Jack held the balls up in his hand and Meg noticed that they were joined together. Meg raised an eyebrow.

'Love eggs,' he replied to her unanswered question. 'Turn around and bend over.'

'No way!' she argued. 'Not if they're going to make me come in front of the entire wedding party.'

'No, they won't be that intense. They won't make you orgasm. They'll just make you feel nice,' smiled Jack, momentarily sucking them into his mouth. He turned his finger in a circle, wordlessly instructing Meg to turn around, which she did.

'Bend over,' instructed Jack, 'and open your legs slightly.' Once Meg had done as she had been ordered, Jack folded Meg's dress up over her back, pulled her knickers to one side and starting to insert the shiny, wet balls.

'Oh fuck!' she groaned as they slid slowly inside her.

'Christ, you're so wet,' sighed Jack, his will power being strongly tested. Was he really able to leave this room without fucking the life out of Meg first? 'You sweet, sweet thing.'

'You think you're the only one to be seriously turned on by kissing,' sighed Meg, as the balls found their natural resting place.

'One moment, I'm afraid I just can't resist,' said Jack as he dropped down onto his knees and ran his tongue the entire length of her wet lips, collecting her juices with the flat of his tongue. Meg's knees literally buckled as she cried out and she fell against the bed. Jack then carefully replaced her knickers, stood up and re-arranged the hem of her dress.

'Stand up slowly,' he instructed. Meg did so, suddenly aware of an unusual fullness and friction inside her.

'Oh!' she gasped.

'And now, let's return to the party,' smiled Jack expansively, holding out his hand to guide Meg back to the reception, assisting her every so often, when the balls move against each other and the sensation caused her to pause.

'Are you wondering why I put them inside you?' he murmured as they made their way back across the entrance hall.

'Not really, no. I already know why.' Jack raised his eyebrow questioningly, as though requesting an explanation.

'It's because you're a sexually depraved individual who gets pleasure from teasing me to the depths of my despair,' smiled Meg sweetly. Jack roared with laughter.

'Guilty on both counts,' he agreed. 'But the main reason is that Luke and Beth leave their reception in...' Jack glanced down at an understated but expensive-looking watch. 'About three and a half hours. That means that we've got to wait that long until we can make love properly, for the first time.' Meg felt her knees buckle, although she wasn't sure if it was the thought of making love to Jack "properly" or the effect of the love eggs, or a combination of both.

'But for the next three and a half hours,' said Jack, looking directly into Meg's eyes and causing her stomach to flutter. 'I want the only thing on your mind to be a growing anticipation of the knowledge that I will be inside you very, very soon. Every movement you make, every dance we share, every footstep, every time you laugh, you're going to feel vibrations inside of you and be reminded that for the remainder of tonight, you're going to be completely filled, rigorously stretched and relentlessly devoured by me.' Meg looked into Jack's eyes as though hypnotised.

'It is only an intense love for my brother,' muttered Jack solemnly, a pained expression on his face, 'that is preventing me from immediately dragging you back to my room, locking the door on the world and fucking you into the middle of next week. I am desperate for you.' Meg swallowed, imagining the scenario.

'And, to be honest,' continued Jack. 'I'm barely able to control myself. The way you make me feel is...dangerous, Meg.' Taking a deep breath, she reached out for Jack's hand.

'We'd better give you something else to think about then,' gasped Meg, leading Jack towards the dance floor as best she could with the love eggs rolling around inside of her. 'Let's dance.'

Meg was sure it wasn't her imagination that Jack was taking great joy in flinging her around the dance floor, entirely aware of the effect such extreme movements had on her body as the balls rolled and vibrated deep within her. Just as Jack had planned, their presence ensured she was continuously turned on, desperately clenching herself around the balls but needing so much more. Her knickers felt drenched and each time she heard Jack's voice or he gave her a hard, sexy stare, she could feel her situation get even worse. Since they'd returned from his room, Jack hadn't tried to touch her or kiss her. In his own way, he was teasing Meg further, with the nearness of his delectable body, placing it just out of her reach.

Meg cheered loudly, along with the rest of the wedding guests, as they eventually waved a grinning Luke and Beth off on their honeymoon. Afterwards, looking around for Jack, she couldn't see him anywhere. She decided to go to his room to see if he'd already headed up there; after all, she still had his spare room key. Meg slid the key into the door and entered the dark room. Fumbling for the light switch, which she failed to find. She called out his name as the door swung closed behind her.

'Jack? Jack?' He obviously wasn't in residence.

Suddenly, from the darkness, Meg was slammed roughly against the door. Her wrists were grabbed and raised above her head as Jack's demanding mouth clamped down over hers and he kissed her like a man possessed. It was shocking and thrilling in equal measure. Jack's hips locked Meg into place against the door and she could feel his rock-hard erection straining inside his trousers, pushing against her stomach.

'Tell me how much you need me,' growled Jack as he clamped his teeth against Meg's sensitive neck, causing her to squeal in shock. 'Tell me!' he ordered when she didn't immediately answer.

'I can't put it into words,' groaned Meg. 'But right now, more than anything.' Releasing his grip, Jack wrestled Meg's clothes from her until she was standing in just her knickers and heels. He then slipped the tie from his neck, looped it deftly around Meg's wrists, walked her over to the bed and tied her hands firmly to the bedpost. Turning on the bedside lamp, he stood back to admire his handiwork. Slowly and meticulously, his eyes never leaving Meg's, Jack removed his cufflinks, unbuttoned his shirt and shrugged the garment away from his delectable body.

'You're going to beg for me now, Meg. Loudly,' explained Jack as he pulled her hips towards the edge of the bed, dropped to his knees, swiftly removed her sodden knickers and then pushed her thighs roughly apart. Meg stared at him in amazement; naked from the waist up, close to, his perfectly muscled torso and broad chest was one of the sexiest things she had ever seen. The next thing Meg felt was Jack grappling for the cord of her love eggs. But instead of removing them from her body as she'd expected, he began to slowly play with them, twisting them within her. At the same time, his talented tongue desperately teased her swollen, velvety folds until Meg could do no more than scream in frustration.

'Make me come!' she demanded, pulling down desperately on her restraints. 'Don't do this to me again, Jack. Don't mess me about. I need you to make me come.'

'What's it worth?' he growled.

'Anything. Anything you want,' sobbed Meg.

'You,' he replied sucking one of her delicate inner lips into his mouth and making her cry out with longing.

'What do you mean?' she moaned eventually. Jack leaned forward to look Meg directly in the eyes.

'I need you, Meg.'

'You've got me,' she groaned. 'I'm right here.'

'I need a damn sight more than that' murmured Jack as he migrated back down her body, took Meg's throbbing clit into his mouth and sucked gently whilst flicking his tongue against her delicate skin. Meg's cries escalated until she finally reached a crescendo and climaxed hard against Jack's face, clamping herself tightly around the love eggs that remained buried deep inside her. Without letting her rest, Jack drove her noisily to orgasm over and over again with a combination of his wicked tongue and curious, exploring fingers.

As a panting, shaking Meg was eventually allowed to descend from the heights of pleasure that she had been held at for so long, she replayed Jack's words, trying to decipher their meaning. But before she'd had time to think properly, Meg found herself being flipped over. Still restrained by her wrists, she now lay stomach down on the bed, her knees dropped onto the floor, leaving her bottom entirely exposed. Jack sat down on the bed beside her.

'Remember I said there would be payback for your actions on the dancefloor?'

'Uh-huh,' said Meg cautiously.

'Well, here comes your punishment,' replied Jack. Placing the pad of his thumb between the bed and Meg's body, Jack's other hand came swiftly down, spanking an exposed buttock. The impact slid her clit gently along the length of his thumb, as the vibrating balls jangled violently inside of her. The triple combination made Meg gasp in surprise. As she lay face down on the bed waiting for his next touch, the anticipation inside her grew and grew. How long he made her wait she couldn't say, but when his hand eventually met with her exposed skin again and rocked her body forwards again, she cried out with pleasure and desperate longing. Migrating his hand closer and closer to her pussy lips, Jack spanked her several more times before Meg desperately grappled upon an idea.

'Submission payment,' she croaked.

'Sorry, what was that?' asked Jack as he spanked her once again and then ever so slowly removed the love eggs from her body. Meg cried out, momentarily unable to remember her train of thought.

'Submission payment,' she voiced slightly louder.

'Meaning?' asked Jack in what sounded like a no-nonsense tone.

'Meaning,' continued Meg, gaining confidence. 'You owe me a submission payment and I want to cash it in. Now.' A long silence ensued. Meg felt very vulnerable; naked, bound, face down on the bed with her legs wide open, still panting from her last orgasm and making demands that she couldn't possibly back up. Meg eventually lifted her head from the bed, looked behind her and spoke to Jack. 'I've got to be able to get the upper hand now and again, haven't I?'

'If you want the upper hand, Meg, I'm not sure I'm your guy,' said Jack, leaning closer to her, lifting one of her bent legs back onto the bed to give him easy access and sliding his unrelenting fingers into and over her desperate, dripping pussy. 'You should probably walk away now,' he said dropping his voice. 'I play dirty, I fuck hard, I show very little mercy and I like to be in charge.'

'But still,' she cried out as her body recognised another oncoming climax.

'Wouldn't you rather make love to me,' growled Jack, changing the position of his fingers so they simultaneously hit Meg's G-spot and clit, in a way that he knew would deliver her next orgasm within seconds.

'Yes,' squeaked Meg. 'I'd love to. Once you've paid your submission payment.' Jack slowly removed his fingers just before Meg scaled the final rung of the ladder to her climax. She moaned in frustration; she'd been so very close, which of course he was entirely aware of. He had removed the stimulation at that very moment as punishment for her request.

'Very well,' he said slowly. 'What is it you'd like me to do?'

'I'd like you to release me,' panted Meg, trying to gain control of her shaking limbs. 'And then I'd like you to lie down and let me to tie you to the bed, after which I'll give you further details.'

'What are you planning to do to me?' asked Jack quietly, gently unfastening Meg's bindings and tenderly rubbing her wrists.

'I'm not going to tell you?'

'Why?' asked Jack

'What was it you said to me during our night at the hotel?' asked Meg, carefully wrapping his tie, which had previously bound her wrists, around one of Jack's and fastening it securely to the edge of the bed. 'The thrill for somebody who controls every aspect of their life is the unexpected? Do you have anything I can use to tie down your other wrist?' Jack nodded unwillingly and pointed down to a black leather bag on the floor.

'You came prepared,' smiled Meg, pulling out a number of restraints and blindfolds. She also noted a large box of condoms and an array of sex toys there too.

'I planned to reveal my identity to you today. I was hopeful that we might be able to work things out and if we did, I wanted to be prepared,' said Jack quietly as he watched Meg wrap a scarf around his other wrist.

'I'm sure any one of the pretty women at the wedding reception would have been happy to join you up here if things didn't work out,' smiled Meg. 'Particularly after you'd given your amazing speech.'

'Not interested,' replied Jack.

'Some of them were very pretty,' teased Meg.

'I haven't been keeping myself on ice for you since we first met, just to go and blow it all on some easy lay at my kid brother's wedding!' retorted Jack sharply.

'Lay back,' instructed Meg, desperately touched that he'd been saving himself for her but unsure how to put it into words. She pushed him gently on the chest and then tied off his second wrist to another vertical of the four-poster bed. 'And we mustn't forget this,' she murmured, as she placed a blindfold across Jack's eyes. 'I don't think you'd feel I'd done the job properly otherwise.' Immediately, Jack automatically pulled down against his restraints and swung his head around to try and see, but to no avail.

'How do you feel?' asked Meg kindly, stroking her hand across his well-defined six-pack and revelling in the amazing feel of his fantastic body.

'Unusually anxious,' replied Jack truthfully.

'You should feel anxious because I've just realised that this is your last submission payment,' smiled Meg. 'And I'm not overly optimistic that I'll ever get you into a position where you rack up any more. So, I should probably capitalise on my opportunity now.'

'How do you mean?' asked Jack sounding the most nervous Meg had ever heard.

'My best chance of getting you to owe me more submission payments is whilst you're tied up and at my will,' she explained. Meg then ran a single finger along the underside of Jack's trouser waistband and luxuriated in the reaction of his body to her touch. His stomach muscles clenched and Meg could see the outline of his solid erection twitching in response.

'So, this might take some time. I wonder if I'll make you wait a whole hour before I let you come, like you did to me,' whispered Meg into Jack's ear, as she unbuttoned his trousers and slowly pulled them away from his twitching body. 'I wonder if I'll let you come at all?'

'Meg,' growled Jack, pulling down on his restraints once again. 'Do you have any idea how dangerous the game you're playing is?'

'Until I untie you, it's not dangerous at all,' answered Meg grinning, gently stroking her hand over the outline of his massive cock through his black Calvin Klein trunks and swirling her thumb over the damp patch of pre-cum that lay against the throbbing head. 'Until I untie you, I can do whatever I wish.'

'Don't think I'll ever forget what you're putting me through,' said Jack quietly, clenching his fists. 'You will pay for this until the end of time.'

'I'd better make sure I make the most of it then, hadn't I?' said Meg cheekily, leaning over Jack and gently nibbling his ear lobe. The sigh he immediately exhaled forced her to smile. He had previously catalogued her body with extreme thoroughness and now it was her turn. Meg worked her way around Jack's arms, hands, face, neck and torso, gently licking, nibbling, stroking and sucking. As time went on, Jack's groans and sighs became more regular and his breathing increasingly laboured. Eventually, Meg paused over his abdomen, hair tickling his stomach. She then carefully travelled down his body, pulling his underwear off as she went. As Meg moved, her hair unintentionally floated down Jack's body and across the head and shaft of his swollen, twitching cock. Meg smiled at the groan he made; it was that of a truly desperate man.

'I've had a great idea!' smiled Meg. 'With the exception of talking, every time you make any noise from now until I release you, you owe me a submission payment.'

'Now that's completely out of order!' exclaimed Jack.

'What were they, Jack? The things that turn you on the most? Kissing? Receiving oral sex? And a sexual battle of wills?' And with that, Meg straddled his naked form, taking care to lay her wet pussy at the base of his cock so it wouldn't offer him any stimulation. Leaning forward, Meg began to tease his mouth with hers. Jack's neck strained as he tried to lift his head off the bed and meet her. Meg held him back, resulting in Jack groaning loudly in frustration as he dropped his head back against the pillow.

'First submission,' murmured Meg.

'No,' replied Jack.

'Yes,' countered Meg, running her tongue along his top lip and slipping her tongue inside his mouth. Jack responded energetically, desperately clinging on to their kiss until Meg slowly pulled away. Leaning over his superb body, she kissed a path along his cheek, down his throat, over his chest and down his torso, settling her mouth beside his impressive cock. Licking her lips in anticipation, she ran her tongue along his wet slit and then snagged her way around the swollen head. Jack's hips jerked forwards as he simultaneously pulled down on his restraints and cried out.

'Second submission,' grinned Meg, using her hand to firmly grasp the shaft of his cock in the exact way he had previously described and commencing a smooth, regular rhythm.

'I object,' groaned Jack at length.

'Overruled,' she replied, covering the head of his cock with her mouth and swirling her tongue in a continuous circle. Each time Jack groaned, Meg smiled to herself, thinking how many payments he was building up, but didn't once stop giving him the pleasure he deserved.

'I've never been anywhere close to coming from oral sex before,' groaned Jack eventually. 'But, Oh God!' he stuttered. 'I don't believe it! I think I'm going to come.' Meg felt a corresponding subtle change in the shape of his rock-hard cock and so immediately ceased the stimulation.

'Nooooooo!' he cried.

'You're not going to come, Jack, at least not yet,' she replied, gently stroking his balls. 'By the way, you're on thirty-seven submissions, just for the record.'

'I don't care,' he shuddered. 'Make it a thousand if you like. Just please keep doing what you were doing.'

'A thousand it is,' grinned Meg as she dipped her head back down onto him, taking as much as she could and sunk back into her rhythm for a short while, before removing her mouth once more. Jack cried out with intense frustration once again.

'I'm sure that's not how it works,' grinned Meg. 'I'm sure you prevented me from coming for an unfairly long time.'

'But I let you come in the end,' groaned Jack. 'Please, Meg. Please.'

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