tagFirst TimeField Trip Truth or Dare Ch. 01

Field Trip Truth or Dare Ch. 01


It had been a long, busy day but exciting, too. Both Val and Hannah got some unexpected praise for their performances at the band competition, so they were hyper and in a good mood but they were annoyed to have discovered that everyone else seemed to have found something to do and forgotten about them off in the other wing of the motel. Since the start of the practice for this extended field trip experience, they had bonded a bit because they got stuck "buddied" as roommates. Val had been treating Hannah like a sister she didn't have.

Val sat cross-legged on the motel bed and heard the rumble of her phone vibrating on the nightstand. She picked it up and read a text message, laughing out loud. "OMG, you're not going to believe this. Sally and Ben are totally making out. Apparently they think they're keeping it secret because they're on the floor between the bed and the wall but Jen can totally see them in the mirror."

"Wow," said Hannah. "Makes sitting in this room over here double boring. You need to get your boyfriend here and then I can watch you make out with him." She giggled.

"Oh, we wouldn't just make out... and at some point you might get uncomfortable watching... or would you?" Val winked.

"Well I may be a bit inexperienced, but trust me, I know what happens and I happen to think it's pretty cool. Maybe you could give me a little practical demonstration?" She laughed awkwardly. "OK just joking about that"

"Joking about knowing what happens? Are you still a virgin?"

Hannah nodded shyly.

"Ooooh" Val sincerely thinks its sweet but is well aware how condescending she sounds.

"Not joking about knowing what happens, though. hey... that's what the internet is for, right?"

Val laughed, "Well, the internet has given me and Johnny some tips."

"You should see some of the dirty books I've found around my parents' house." She made a funny face. "VERY educational."

"Is there a coffee table version of the Kama Sutra just sitting out there for unexpected company to enjoy?"

"Not quite that bad but have you heard of Joy of Sex? right on the living room shelf."

"I have heard of that. Kind of an old book. Drawn pictures though, not photos, right?"

"Yeah. But definitely informative. And I can find pics online, too. It's funny it is an old book. It's like all the pictures are like these hairy hippies having sex."

Val laughed uncomfortably. "Gross! Are we talking major bush?"

"Yeah, not quite what's popular nowadays. Trust me, I don't take my grooming tips from there."

"I know I like Johnny nice and hairless. And he likes me to have a little landing strip... Since you're a virgin do you bother to shave? Just in case you might get lucky?"

"Well I tried shaving once out of curiosity but it seems like a lot of work when it's just for myself. I keep myself trimmed like for my bikini line though. it's gross when it gets out on the edges of a swimsuit, definitely."

"Totally... so, what do you want to do tonight?"

"God I have no idea. I can't believe Darla and those other girls left without us to go eat and we got stuck at that motel restaurant. Disgusting. I totally don't plan on hanging out with her tonight. I guess your friend Sally is busy too." She giggled. "The internet works in here though." At that moment, Val's phone vibrated again. She picked it up and her mouth opened wide in shock. "What?" asked Hannah.

"It's Sally. She's giving Ben a blowjob. They're being very quiet... and they still don't realize that Jen can see everything in the mirror!" Val laughed uncontrollably.

"Hah! That's so twisted. Wanna bet they realize but they're just showing off?"

The phone vibrated again... Val laughed hysterically and showed Hannah a picture Jen took of Sally and Ben in the mirror. "I don't think Ben has much to show off there, do you?"

Hannah tilted her head and looked studiously at the picture on the phone. Smirks. "Definitely not internet material. Though it's kind of hot how she's got her face down by it. Just like the angle of it i mean"

"I'm sure Ben's enjoying himself... this does make me miss Johnny that much more..." Val gave Hannah a wicked grin. "Can I see your laptop?"

Hannah dug her little laptop out of her bag and popped it open and it sprang out of sleep mode. "Go for it. Trust the nerd girl to have the laptop," she said grinning.

Val took the laptop from her hands. "You're not a nerd. Everybody has a laptop. I just didn't bring mine with me."

"Yeah, I know. I meant that I brought it along. I don't mind being a nerd, though. People underestimate me, that way." She gave Val a sly look.

Val tapped at the keyboard and fiddled with the trackpad for a few moments. "Awesome, the motel owners must not know about this site. Otherwise it would be blocked for sure... and yet you can rent soft core porn on the TV... Okay, I haven't told anyone this but Johnny and I made a little movie a couple months ago and we put it on this web site. Nobody knows its us because you can't see our faces. You want to see it? It's gotten like a few thousand views and some pretty good comments."

"Wow," said Hannah, somewhat awed, even impressed. "You really put it out there?" Hannah leaned over to look. In a small window on the screen, Val's voluptuous body rode a respectable cock. Both their heads were out of frame but they were both moaning loudly and talking dirty to each other, Johnny's hands fondling Val's gorgeous rack. They changed positions a couple of times, going from cowgirl to doggy style to Val facing Johnny, riding his cock as he sat with his legs crossed. They changed positions one more time with a shot of Valarie's face from her cheeks down, sucking on Johnny's cock. Hannah had no doubt that it was actually Val at this point. The video ended with Val giving Johnny a hand-job as he came all over her tits. Then a replay button appeared on the screen.

"What do you think?" Val asked.

Hannah was a little bit flushed. She'd looked at porn plenty, online, but never in a situation where she knew who was in the video. "That's... really amazing." She laughed. "Now I know more about Johnny than I ever thought I would. You have a hot boyfriend, definitely."

"Yeah. Johnny is a hottie."

"Wow, I can't believe you put that online though. You think anyone you know has seen it?"

"I don't think anyone we know has seen it. Johnny and I actually promised not to tell anyone we know. We would just see what the random people online thought. And they seem pretty happy with it. You're the first person that I know who I've shown it too."

Hannah then said, quietly, "One time I was kinda playing around and I made a video of, like myself. But I didn't have the nerve to put it online anywhere."

Val smiled, "Do you have it with you?"

Hannah bit her lower lip, nervously. On the one hand, even minutes ago, Hannah wouldn't have dreamed of showing her little experiment to anyone. But on the other hand, she felt like she "owed" her new friend something. Finally, she nodded. "Yeah, it's on here. I kind of hid it, of course. Let me see if I can find it... " she pulled the laptop away and went poking around the folder system.

Val bit her lower lip eagerly.

Hannah clicked on a video file which opened up a 4 minute video. Clearly recorded on a laptop, it's a laptop-cam view of her face. But within a few seconds she lowers the angle and it's pointed at her already naked body.

"Not bad," said Val with a wink.

In the video, Hannah self-consciously toyed with her small breasts, aware she's recording herself. Her areolae and nipples are large for the small size of her breasts, and fairly dark. A little bit puffed out from the curve of her breast. Her hands lingered there a for about a minute. Without adjusting the angle of the camera, she scooted back and put a knee over the arm of her chair, revealing her naked pussy. Her pubic hair was natural looking but not thick at all, and entirely restricted to the area that would be covered by a revealing bikini.

Val couldn't help but quickly steal a squeeze of her own breast as she watched, which Hannah noticed. Val's breathing increases noticeably as they stared at the laptop screen. Because of how she had propped her leg up in front of the camera, Hannah's pussy was already spread a bit. It was a pretty typical online "girl masturbates" shot, but charming because of her obvious inexperience. Her hands ran down her tummy and danced around on either side, for almost 2 minutes, and then the girl in the video suddenly lost her nerve and reached out and shut off the recording. Hannah looked over at Val, flushed and self-conscious and wondering if she made a horrible mistake showing this video but she also felt really turned on, too

"That's it?" asked Val. "I was really hoping I'd get to see you cum." She winked at the less experienced girl.

Hannah laughed nervously. "I suppose that would be fair, given all that I saw in yours. But on short notice," she said, jokingly "... best I could do." She shrugged humorously, feeling relieved that Val was cool about it.

Val reached over and touched Hannah's arm gently. "You could still show me." Val's look was sexy but sincere.

Nervous. Hannah wasn't sure what to make of being come on to by a girl. It was hot. And she was not naive, as she revealed. But she felt a little scared. She groped in her mind for a "compromise." Then she got an idea, "Hey... do you ever play truth or dare?"

Val smiled widely. "It's been a while but, yeah. Sure. Of course, it's usually during a slumber party with more than just two girls."

"Yeah, true. Kind of like... not much fun, just two of us. Um. I'm not trying to ... avoid your idea. ... Well, maybe I am, a little bit. But maybe it can like be something we build up to? Well, we don't have to."

"No, I'm game. It would be fun."

Mr. Hardin, a regular substitute teacher in his thirties who accompanied the senior band members on their trip as a chaperone, was walking the halls with a student he was buddied with as a roommate, an 18-year-old kid named Will. All the students were 18 and legally didn't need chaperones but school rules insisted. Hardin was actually a little tipsy, drinking from a flask he kept in his pocket. He tried to be sneaky about it but Will was following him like a puppy everywhere he went. There was one last room to check before he could go back to his room, finish his booze and pass out.

Val and Hannah had just agreed to a two-person game of truth or dare when they heard a knock on the door followed by Mr. Hardin's voice, "Bed check, it's Mr. Hardin."

"Damn!" said Hannah as she snapped the laptop closed.

"Everyone else is back from dinner and the movies and whatnot, I just need to make sure you're in your rooms."

Val took in a deep breath to call out, through the door, that things are fine. But Hannah, more from reflex than from intent, went and opened the door to the handsome teacher and even handsomer senior basketball star and drummer.

"We're fine, here," said Hannah. "Just... um, killing time."

"You're not watching pay-per-view movies are you?" asked the chaperone. "They show up on the bill."

Val chimed in, "Shouldn't the coach be doing the bedroom check?"

Something made Hannah want to blurt out "Oh, no, we decided to watch homemade sex videos of each other instead." - but instead she just blushed and made a silly face.

Hardin answered Val with, "The coach is... uh... not available."

Will made a "tippler" motion with his fingers followed by an expression that the coach is passed out in his room. He then motioned to Hardin and mouthed the words, 'him too,' then added, "We got stuck down here in bum fuck, motel land, with you guys."

Hardin turned to the boy and said, "Language!" Though he really didn't care. They were adults, even if they were all still naive teenagers. "Yeah, you're the last bed check until I put on the rubber sheets for the kid here."

Hannah, looked at Will with her standard look - a cross between ill-suppressed teen lust and condescension for his apparent lack of intellect. Will happened to be friends with her neighbor, so she saw him far too often.

"You two want to join us?" asked Val. "We were just... talking. Have a seat." She motioned to the two chairs and small table by the TV.

Will glared at Hardin, because of the rubber sheets reference but moved in on autopilot - a hot girl's invite was irresistible.

"Sure, why not," said Hardin as he walked to the chair, a slight drunken stagger in his step that they all noticed. "So what did you two girls do all evening?"

Hannah sat indian-style on her bed and with a very casual, discreet move she pushes her laptop under her bag. It felt like what the girls just watched on it is visible in the black plastic cover. Val reached under the bag and pulled out the laptop. "Actually, we were watching this really cool video." To Hannah's horror, she opened the laptop, typed in a few key words and then handed it to Hardin. Hardin watched a short video. It was a clip from a popular cartoon on television. He laughed and handed the laptop back to Val.

"That's funny. I watch that show all the time."

Hannah's heart skipped about 5 beats. Will, despite his density, sensed that she was reacting nervously about something, and now he was watching her instead of Val's chest, which was normally what he watched. Hannah recomposed herself, and, taking the laptop from Val, she also pulled up a clip she'd been looking at earlier - another humorous one that made Will laugh charmingly.

"It's cool you guys get wifi in here. I didn't even think to bring my comp," said Will. Then, unwisely, he added, "You're lucky. you can watch porn all night." Which resulted in a sharp glance from Hardin, of course.

"Disgusting," said Hannah, under her breath. But she thought, too close to the truth!

Hardin turned to Will and said, "I'd gladly let you use my laptop if I had known you'd just follow me around all night... Not for porn of course... So, girls, what's been the topic of discussion?"

Hannah just shrugged and looked to Val.

Will speculated: "Probably, they were trading stories about their boyfriends - that's what girls talk about. Right? " He looked confidently at Val.

Val responded by saying, "Have you been telling Mr. Hardin' about your boyfriends, Will?" As if he didn't have THAT coming, the little smart ass, she thought. Still, he is kinda cute... but not as cute as Mr. Hardin.

Will got annoyed. "Hey, I don't swing that way."

Hannah couldn't resist, "Maybe we don't swing that way either." Not because it's true... but just to be snarky.

"I'd be surprised if it swung at all," said Val.

"Hey, you two, play nice," said Hardin.

Hannah folded her arms. "I'm always nice. Where's blockhead's leash?" But she stuck her tongue out at Will to show that, as someone she sees regularly, there's a certain familiarity between them.

"You too, Hannah? Come on, you guys are all 18. Let's keep things a little more mature, all right?"

Will followed with, "don't worry. I know this Hannah. She's all bluster."

"Sorry, Mr. Hardin," said Val. "We didn't mean to make things... Hardin... you."

"Yeah, like I haven't heard that one before," said the thirty-something chaperone.

Will laughed, "Zing." Then made a locker room gesture over Hardin's head. In the ensuing silence, Will got uncomfortable. "It sucks there's nothing on TV here. Nothing to do. And I'm definitely not tired."

"Well, Hannah and I were actually talking about maybe playing a little game," said Val.

"What game?"

Hannah, whether because her hormones were running from earlier, or because of genuine boredom, took a risk. "Yeah. I suggested we play truth or dare, earlier, to Val. But she was complaining that there wasn't enough people just the 2 of us in here. Well, lucky her, look who showed up."

Will sat up, fast. "Hmm? Truth or dare. I haven't played that since junior high. Cool."

"Truth or Dare?" asked Hardin. "I'm in my thirties... I don't think I've played it since... well, you don't need to know."

"Come on, Mr. Hardin. It'll be fun," said Val.

"It doesn't have to be crazy stuff," said Hannah. "You can be the chaperone, make sure we behave. We will be grateful if you keep Will on his leash." She said, making another snarky look at Will.

Hardin looked around and said, "Okay. I guess."

Hannah joked, "Trust me, it's in your job description. 'Supervise truth or dare games during school trips to prevent things from getting weird.' I saw it when I helped Mrs. Rosen with the paperwork." Val laughed.

"Really?" asked Will.

"Yes. Of course," said Hannah with a straight face. Idiot, she thought.

Will shook his head, not really sure if that could be true.

Hardin rolled his eyes at Will's obvious naivete and smiled at Hannah and Val... Val gave him a little wink which made his heart skip a beat.

"Well, truth or dare was your idea, Hannah. Why don't you start us off?" said Val.

"Actually, I have an idea. There's this website, that will give you randomized truth or dare questions. Some are pretty weird, but we can make a rule where we don't have to do one if the group votes that it's a bad one. It's really hard sometimes to think of good questions."

"Fair enough," said Val.

"I'm cool with that," said Hardin.

Hannah quickly keyed in a website address to her laptop, and within a few minutes she got a screen that had two buttons. "Truth" and "Dare."

"So... if I go first, does that mean I pick who I ask?" asked Hannah.

"Sure," said Val.

"... Maybe if the questions are coming from the website we should just go around in a circle. That would make Will first," somehow, it seemed like she was planning this. Without waiting for objections, she said, "So, Will. Truth or dare?"

Will started to object, but thought better of it. This could be an awesome situation - even with Mr Hardin here. Val is hot, and little Hannah is cute, in her way, too. "OK. Truth."

"Coward," said Hardin.

Hannah clicked the website, and waited for the question to come up. ... she laughed when she saw it. But cut herself off, not wanting to have to explain why the question was funny. "Imagine you are in the room with another couple when, unexpectedly, they begin going at it hot and heavy. What do you do?"

Hardin asked, "Am I the only one who thinks that falls under the weird category? And that's only the first question. What kind of web site is this?"

"Chill, Mr. Hardin, it's just a game," said Val.

"It does have R rated dares. It's not that weird - trust me, I've been on this site before. It lets users add their own questions, so you can get some real sick ones," said Hannah.

"I didn't say it was sick, just weird," said Hardin.

"Well, it's a easy question," said Will, with a cocky attitude. "I would watch, of course. I mean, come on."

"That's the only weird part," said Hannah. "That he thinks that's the logical answer."

"Of course he'd watch," said Val. "He has to sneak peaks in the locker room."

Hannah would have spit up milk if she was drinking it. She laughed once, hard. Will gave both girls dirty glares.

"OK. Mr Hardin's turn," said Hannah. "Are you ready? Truth or dare?"

"Truth," said Hardin, waiting for Will to get back at him for calling him a coward.

"Are we cool with using this site?" Hannah was having second thoughts, given what the first question was, and remembering now, more clearly, some of the ones she's seen there, before. It was, in fact, a "dare" on that website, that she was surfing randomly, that had inspired her to make that video she showed Val half an hour earlier.

"Yeah. I'm cool with it." Hardin brought his flask out of his pocket and took a long tug to "chill" as Val put it. He started to feel a little loose. Will made another tippler gesture. Hannah rolled her eyes.

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