tagNonHumanField Work Ch. 06

Field Work Ch. 06


The plot thickens - or at any rate, gets a lot more gooey:

After her mysterious absorption and expulsion by the tree, Alison’s whole manner changed. It humbled her, and yet made her more confident; she no longer needed to be pompous and dictatorial to get things done, but slowly acquired a natural authority. She smiled and joked more often, and dressed more casually, less stiffly. Her skin glowed with health; and it was Gail’s private conviction that only something as overwhelming as being fucked by the tree could have been mind-blowing enough to turn someone like Alison into a human being. The atmosphere in the department eased, and we all found it easier to move the research on.

In particular, we agreed on what to do with Matthew. We built a special climate-controlled section in a distant corner of the greenhouse, and we simply planted him. Then we waited, and waited to see what would happen.

At first nothing did. Three months went by, and the seed remained dormant. We decided to be patient, and let it get on with itself. We were pretty sure that something would happen in the end.

What happened would, in the end, turn our enclosed little world upside-down.

I hardly like to describe how the whole thing started, because the circumstances are almost too bizarre, regrettable and humiliating to go into, but in the interests of full disclosure I had better attempt it.

It was late one December night, and we were all working on different things. I was running tests on some seedlings in the greenhouse; Gail was in the library, researching; Sophie was in the lab, experimenting with soil acidity, and Alison was catching up on paperwork.

Gail had been staring at abstracts of old reports for hours, and she needed a cup of coffee. The only coffee machine in the department was in the corridor between the lab and Alison’s office, so Gail left the library, walked across the darkened campus and entered the Biology building.

She made her way through the corridors and passed the door of the lab. And then, she heard voices. Two women. One was saying something in a low, urgent tone, and the other sounded like she was trying to protest. Gail edged close to the door, crouched, and peered round it.

The lab was dark and deserted, but the moonlight shone on Alison and Sophie. Alison had her arms around Sophie, and had pushed the girl up against the edge of a large examination table. She seemed to be pawing at Sophie’s clothes. Gail realised with shock that Alison was topless – her jacket, t-shirt and bra were discarded on the floor.

“Come on,” Alison was whispering, as she kissed Sophie all over her neck and jaw, “I can feel you want it! Let’s do it! Now!” Sophie was trying to fight Alison off, moaning “Noo, Alison, we can’t, this is all wrong! This is not right!” Then she gasped as Alison unbuttoned her blouse and unclipped her bra at the front, and started to kiss Sophie’s firm, exposed breasts.

“Oh, God, yes!” Alison gasped. “We have to! Now!” Her hands reached down to her own short black skirt, she quickly unzipped it and let it fall around her ankles – then, she urgently pulled her tights and then her own panties down over her hips, and stepped out of her clothes. Sophie whimpered, and squirmed as Alison kissed her full on the lips, running her hands inside the waist of Sophie’s combat trousers.

Gail ducked back into the corridor. She knew exactly what had happened; the spore had got into Alison, doubtless via her experiences with the tree, and it was now making her sexually voracious, just like Matthew. She was being made to force herself on poor Sophie, and there wasn’t much doubt that what had happened to Matthew would happen to her. Gail realised that she needed to separate them, and that was a job for two people.

Two minutes later, I was cleaning up in a small washroom just off the greenhouse when Gail burst in.

“The spore’s got Alison!” she said urgently. “She’s raping Sophie in the lab! We need to get them separated as quick as possible!” I didn’t need any more persuading, and I ran out after her.

We belted down the corridor to the lab. Gail skidded to a halt next to a fire extinguisher, and took it off the wall.

“A couple of these might do it,” she said breathlessly. “Make sure it’s the foam type. We need to distract them and blind them.” She tossed it at me and I caught it. She ran further on, found another foam-type extinguisher, and then the two of us quickly tiptoed up to the door of the lab. Fierce, breathless panting, accompanied by stifled, pitiful, rhythmic moaning, was coming from inside.

We squinted through the window into the darkened lab.

It was worse than we thought. Sophie was lying on her stomach on the tabletop, naked. Alison, also naked, was on top of her, mounted on the girl’s hips, one hand over Sophie’s face, the other reaching round underneath the other girl’s pubis. Alison’s eyes were closed and her face was glistening with perspiration. Sophie’s hands were flat on the table by her shoulders, and her legs were parted where Alison was between them. Her face was covered by Alison’s hand, but she was clearly in great distress; Alison appeared to be fucking her anally, presumably with some kind of prosthetic – perhaps she had developed one organically? Alison’s experience had been unlike ours: had the tree transformed her into some kind of mutant hermaphrodite? My mind was racing, but there was no time to speculate. We had to act.

Gail looked at me, and we nodded at each other. Then she pulled out the safety pin of her fire extinguisher. I did the same. She reached out until her fingers were just over the light-switch, then she silently counted down three, two, one – and, on zero, she thumped the switch, flooding the lab with light, as we two burst through the doors, pointed the nozzles of the extinguishers at the two naked bodies on the table, and jammed down the discharge buttons.

For a fraction of a second, I thought I saw Alison’s eyes open slightly, and then widen in horror – but then her face, and her entire upper body, vanished under a thick torrent of foam. She raised her hands to try and ward it off, but this just exposed Sophie instead, whose dark, glistening features were likewise obliterated by the cascade of white sludge that erupted over them. Gail and I played our extinguishers up and down Sophie and Alison’s bodies, ignoring their muffled screams of protest, until the streams slowed to a spurt, then a trickle, then a dribble. Then we stopped.

Alison and Sophie were all but buried by a mountain of glutinous white foam. Their limbs waved feebly, and a dark O appeared where Alison opened her mouth to suck in some air – then, from that same mouth, came an angry yell of “What the FUCK are you DOING!!”

“It’s not your fault, Alison,” said Gail soberly. “You didn’t know what you were doing. I saw you starting to attack Sophie a few minutes ago, and I knew it had to be the spore.”

Some inches below the dark O that showed where Alison’s mouth was, another one appeared, and an extremely annoyed voice snarled “She wasn’t attacking me, you – you fucking moron!”

Neither Gail nor I had ever heard Sophie swear so violently before. We looked at each other, baffled.

The upper half of the mountain reared up, as Alison got off Sophie, a ragged snow-woman covered in sticky white foam. Sophie gave a little moan as the business end of a double dildo was eased out from between her tight buttocks. The other end was still inside Alison, who pulled it out of herself with a whimper, biting her lip. Then she wiped some more foam off her face, and glared at us, clearly mortally embarrassed, but also very, very angry.

“It wasn’t the bloody spore at all! Sophie and I are…are…” Alison’s already red face flushed a deeper crimson.

“We should have told you,” muttered Sophie, rolling onto her side and sitting up. “We knew exactly what we were doing. Alison and I are lovers. We got together shortly after we met, when I first came to the college. It’s just that we’re a bit more…experimental now, than we used to be.”

I felt my bowels go cold. What had we done? I looked at Gail, who had turned so white she was almost blue.

“But,” she stammered, “I, I heard you! You kept saying no, no, no, I thought you were being forced…”

“I was afraid we’d get discovered,” said Sophie, wiping foam off her head. “And I was right to be,” she added, glancing at Alison with an ironic smile. Alison just glared at us.

“All right, so now you know,” she said. “Happy?”

“Oh…my…God…” whispered Gail. “I am…SO sorry. I really, I should have thought...”

“That’s why you never wanted to go on a date with any of those guys, isn’t it?” I said. Sophie nodded, and glanced again at Alison, and this time I saw the fond look in her eyes as she surveyed her lover’s furious expression and foam-covered, naked body. I had to stare at the floor, I was so embarrassed.

“You’re as bad as her!” said Alison to me. “You didn’t exactly stop and think, did you? God, some people have absolutely no bloody imagination.”

“We’re really sorry,” mumbled Gail in the direction of her feet. “We’ll make it up to you.” I nodded in agreement.

“I’d like to know how!” Alison snorted.

“Wait,” said Sophie softly. I sneaked a glance at her. She had recovered her usual poise with impressive speed, considering that only a few moments ago she had been naked and covered with foam, with a dildo up her arse, and her lover on top of her. She was looking at Gail and me with quiet amusement. Alison raised one eyebrow quizzically. Sophie leaned over and whispered into her ear, and the frown on Alison’s face turned into an expression of mischievous glee.

“Oh, I like the sound of that,” she said.

“Shall we do it?” said Sophie.

“Yes,” said Alison, and kissed Sophie on the lips. Then she turned to us.

“Right,” she ordered. “Put those two chairs side by side. Then strip down to your underwear, and sit on them.”

Gail and I looked at each other with foreboding as we placed the two cheap plastic seats next to each other, then dutifully undressed – me to my boxers, she to her bra and panties – and sat on them. Sophie fetched some tight cables from a locker, and she and Alison quickly and efficiently tied us to our chairs, and the chairs to each other. When they had finished, we were bound and helpless.

“All right,” said Alison with an evil smile. “We’re just going to get cleaned up a bit, then we have to get some equipment, but we’ll be back. And we will see that you pay for this.”

“Wait!” said Gail, but the two naked, foam-splattered women gathered up their clothes and walked out of the room without looking back.

We sat in silence for some time.

“I’m sorry about this,” Gail said eventually.

“Yeah, well, I think we’re gonna be sorrier before this is over.”

“How was I supposed to know?” she wailed. “Don’t tell me you know that they were having a thing!”

“Hey, don’t shout at me,” I said, trying to calm her. “I totally believed you. It seemed plausible enough at the time. So much weird shit’s been going on that the idea of two people just falling in love seemed so unlikely.”

Gail was silent for a bit, then she said “Why? It happened to us.” I looked at her, and she was smiling at me.

“True,” I admitted. “But who’d’ve thought that Alison and Sophie would go for each other?”

“Yeah. Or that Alison would be such a domme?”

“Or that Sophie’d take it up the ass?”

“You fancy her,” said Gail, grinning.

“I do not!”

“Yeah, you do.”

“Well, you’re the one who’s stuck your tongue up her bottom.”

“I’d rather stick my tongue up her bottom than up your bottom.”

“Is that any way to talk to your loved one?”

“All right, you two – shut it,” came a voice from the door. We looked up.

Sophie and Alison were still wet from the shower, wearing identical white towelling bathrobes. Alison was pulling a trolley from the canteen, and had a nylon camcorder case slung over one shoulder. Sophie had a fire extinguisher in each hand. They were smiling at us. And at that moment, Gail and I began to see what they had in store for us.

They came up to us. The trolley had two huge saucepans on it, covered with cloths, plus a camera tripod. Alison unfolded the tripod and put it on the ground in front of us, then took out a digital video camera and fixed it to the tripod. She turned it on and peered through the lens, testing it.

“Oh, you’re not going to film us?” said Gail nervously. I tried to nudge her, to let her know that signs of fear, panic or humiliation would only stimulate them, but I was too tightly bound.

“Just for private consumption,” said Alison, smiling remotely. Evidently pleased with the image she had, she stepped away from the camera. Its red light was on; we were being recorded.

Sophie took the pins out of the extinguishers and placed them nearby. Then she stepped up to the trolley. She smiled at us in a friendly way, then took one of the cloths off the saucepans and sniffed the contents.

“Mmmmm,” she smiled. “It’s incredible how much treacle those big catering tins can hold. We used six of them.”

“What are you going to do to us?” said Gail, a tremor in her voice. Alison walked around behind us.

“Just mess you up a little, girl, nothing too horrible,” said Sophie soothingly. Gail yelped, as Alison reached around her with a pair of scissors, and quickly snipped Gail’s bra at the front and the shoulders, whipping the scraps of cloth away. Then she moved behind me and cut my boxers up each side, then pulled them off, stripping me naked. Gail still had her panties on. Sophie picked up the saucepan, straining under its weight, and walked up to me.

“Oh no,” I muttered.

“Oh yes,” she said, beaming. Gail looked from me to her in horror.

Sophie stood in front of me and tilted the saucepan over my head. A thick glob of treacle landed on my head and slid down over my forehead, irresistibly, covering my head. It flowed into my eyes and I could only hear Alison giggle and Gail flinch, as the treacle poured over my face and splattered down in stringy gobs onto my chest, flowing warmly over my belly and pooling in my lap. I knew that Gail was watching her man being ritually humiliated, and the thought made me begin to have a hard-on, which was even more humiliating. I moaned.

“Good lord,” I heard Sophie murmur. “I think he likes it.”

“You’re not going to do that to me, are you?” asked Gail, her voice trembling.

“Oh no,” said Alison. “Well – not yet. For you we have special treatment. After all, you instigated this.”

My head was still coated in thick black molasses. My eyelids were glued shut. I heard the snip of scissors, and then a little shriek as Gail’s panties were evidently cut in two and whisked away from her. Then there was a short pause, during which I heard footsteps and Gail’s rapid, shallow breathing, then she cried “Oh no! No! Please!”

“Calm down,” came Alison’s sensible voice. “It’s only egg, milk, sugar and cornflour, with a bit of colouring.”

“Please don’t,” Gail said desperately. I was turned on by Gail’s impending humiliation, and was trying to imagine it; the helpless, naked young woman, trussed up next to her equally helpless naked lover, who was the more helpless for being blinded with a thick coating of molasses; now she had to face her own reckoning, whatever it was.

“Look up,” said Sophie, “and remember to smile.”

“Oh no!” whimpered Gail, “No, please, don’t, don’t do it, it’s too…”

Then I heard a soft splat, and Gail made a sort of “Mmbl!” noise. There was a cool sliminess on my right shoulder and arm, then I heard a loud liquid spattering that seemed to go on for a very long time.

Then Gail went “Mmaahhh!” and gasped for breath, and moaned “Oh nooooo! Oh God…please don’t do this to me…”

“Why not?” asked Sophie innocently.

“It…it’s so humiliating,” Gail sobbed, “I can’t…oh please...”

“Your man seems to like the thought of it,” said Sophie.

“Perhaps we should give him a look at you,” said Alison.

“NOOO!” cried Gail. “Don’t let him see me like this!” But a damp cloth wiped the treacle from my eyes, and I focused them on Gail, sitting next to me. Her entire head, shoulders, neck, breasts and upper torso were masked in thick, shiny, pale blue custard. They must have used gallons of it. It was heaped up over her eyes and still sliding over her face. Her bare legs and naked thighs and ass were about the only parts of her that it didn’t cover.

“Isn’t she sweet?” purred Sophie. “But I think she needs more topping.”

Alison, behind Gail, lifted the saucepan of treacle and emptied it over my girlfriend. The sticky black sludge poured over her head and flowed down onto her heavy breasts. Gail was making indistinct moaning noises. Alison emptied the entire pan of treacle over Gail, then she walked around in front of us again and stood next to Sophie, an arm around her lover’s shoulders.

“I think we’ve had enough,” I said. Gail whimpered faintly and nodded. Alison smirked and picked up a fire extinguisher. Sophie hefted hers, and I just had time to cry out “NOO!” before they turned them on us.

The spray splattered all over my face, and I heard Gail give a muffled, wet scream as it hit her as well. In seconds I was blinded again, and then I could only loll and make whimpers of protest as the two women annihilated us with the foam. It seemed to last forever. Then, the relentless spatter of foam ceased, and Gail and I sagged naked under the weight of the slime and goo we had been covered with. I could make out the sound of Alison and Sophie laughing. Gail’s body panted for breath next to me. I had never been so ruthlessly and relentlessly humiliated in all my life.

Then the women’s laughing seemed to die away. I flopped in my chair, blinded, half-deaf, still trussed up, waiting to see what would happen next.

Suddenly, I felt desperate fingers untying the cables that bound me, and my lower body was flooded with a familiar, sinister, melting sensation. I slithered off the chair and fell face down in a pool of slime on the floor, but even while I was starting to get up, I felt an athletic, naked woman’s body mounting my hips, and a pliable silicone rod pushing between my slime-covered ass cheeks. A face was burying itself in the slime around my head, and hot breath rasped in my ear.

“Alison! No! God!” I moaned, but in a series of urgent jerks of her hips, she managed to push the tip of the double dildo up against my ass.

“Please!” I screamed. “Don’t! Please, not my ass, I - aaAAUNNHH!” as Alison brutally urged the tip of the dildo into the ring of my anus. I flopped, face-down, into the pool of muck. I thrashed beneath her, and my right hand came into contact with another naked body, writhing and shaking as some other person had clambered astride them and was fucking them. The pressure of Alison’s dildo in me made my cock grow hard once more, and I gasped, trying to fight her off – because I was as certain of my need to be fucked as I was certain that I wanted to be doing this to her.

None of us were in control of ourselves any more. We squirmed together in the deep puddle of thick, oily, sticky sludge on the floor of the lab, trying to find every possible sexual permutation. Alison’s hips shoving into my ass made me ever more desperate to find somewhere for my own cock to go, and I reached out blindly and laid my hands on a pair of bare legs. I hauled myself up them and my hands touched a pair of rounded, protuberant ass cheeks. Without even caring whose they were, I dragged myself onto them and mounted them, pushing my cock between them. We were so covered in slime that our bodies were thoroughly lubricated, and my cock pushed easily into the tight ring of someone’s asshole.

I heard a dazed, choking whimper, which I distantly recognised as coming from Sophie. Heedless, I pumped my cock into her ass, and immersed myself in the maelstrom of limbs and penetrated orifices and lips and tongues and hands and breasts, hearing Gail’s muffled, agonised gasps and shrieks, Sophie’s throaty, desperate moans, and Alison’s high-pitched, gut-level cries, as my own ass was relentlessly pierced by the dildo. I felt my anal muscles give in to it, and my ass opening up to welcome it, and I screamed with pleasure as I felt myself starting to cum into Sophie’s rectum. At the same moment, Gail let out a hoarse, groaning scream of ecstasy. Alison was sobbing into the back of my neck as her body rippled with a powerful orgasm, her hands clutching my ribs.

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