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Fiery Heat Ch. 08


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Damon Reid vs. Tristan Thomas


"Wake up sleepy head. What are you, Sleeping Beauty? Get up you slacker...it's almost noon!"

Tristan heard Adriana's voice in his sleep and felt fingers gently stroking his hair. He pried his eyelids open to see his sister sitting at the edge of his bed with a tray. The aroma coming from the spread on the tray made his mouth water. He started to stretch, but remembering the night before, quickly turned mid-stretch to look on his side.

"Where's Damon?" he asked looking confused.

"He had to go. He said he has a number of meetings this morning. He didn't want to wake you up. Boy, were you dead to the world..." Adriana drawled.


"He asked me to bring you this in bed. Your man is so bossy. Come on sit up!"

"Who's bossy now?" Tristan said with a chuckle. He started to sit up and stopped, remembering he was naked beneath the comforter.

He took a peek under the covers and gave a sigh of relief when he realized he was wearing boxers. He looked up with a sheepish smile when he heard Adriana laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" He asked hitting her with a pillow.

"Now do you believe me when I say you were dead to the world? Obviously your boyfriend covered your junk before leaving but you didn't even feel it. I actually came in here this morning to check up on you guys and what do I find? A fully dressed Damon, sitting here watching you sleep. That was so sweet." Adriana actually looked surprised.

Tristan couldn't help the smile that broke out on his face. Yeah his Damon was sweet like that. He wasn't the only one smitten. The feeling was mutual. They had gone at it till dawn, Damon taking him with skilled precision, imprinting onto Tristan's brain and body that he belonged to him. He ensured that Tristan was getting the most pleasure he could get.

Finally at dawn, Damon had taken Tristan into the bathroom and milked his cock till he couldn't stand straight. He had managed once again to bring them to a shared ejaculation which had drained Tristan to the extent that after their shower, Damon had to carry him back to bed. He was fast asleep even before his head had touched the pillow. Damon had obviously pulled his boxers on at a point.

"He's something else Addie." Tristan said quietly.

"He loves you T.T. Who wouldn't? Now eat." She placed the tray across his thighs and sat back to watch her brother eat. There was fresh fruit, cereal, fresh whipped cream for the fruit, orange juice, latte, three egg Denver omelet, toast, blueberry pancakes and bacon with a single red rose.

"This is some spread Addie. Thanks." Tristan looked impressed and surprised.

"Oh I'm only the server. Your man did everything. Even cut one of Mum's roses for good measure. Go on try the juice." Adriana had a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

"What's going on?" Tristan asked with a wary smile. He didn't trust the look on Adriana's face. "You know if you do anything to me Mum's gonna whoop your arse right?"

"She's welcome to try." Adriana said howling with laughter. "Try it T.T."

Tristan tentatively took a sip of the juice and gasped. "What the fuck did he put in this?"

"Champagne. Lovely isn't it? Your man should have been a chef. He's the best. You should have seen him in the kitchen. He had total control, knew what he was doing."

"I know." Tristan said around a mouthful of pancakes.

"Seen him in action before huh? To think he's actually a business tycoon. That's it...Paul is taking a cooking course and that's final." The determined look on Adriana's face had Tristan laughing so hard he begun to choke.

"Hey drink something." Adriana quickly started rubbing Tristan on his back.

Stephanie Thomas chose that moment to enter the room and quickly shooed Adriana out of the way and started tapping Tristan lightly on his back till he was able to breathe well. "Tristan Thomas, are you trying to kill me before my time?" She shouted.

"I'm okay mum. Its Addie's fault. She made me laugh."

"Hey..." Adriana started but mother and son were not even listening to her. Stephanie had Tristan in a tight embrace.

"I love you." Stephanie gushed with so much emotion.

"Love you too mum." Tristan replied blowing Adriana a kiss over their mother's shoulder.

Adriana moved to sit beside Tristan on the bed and started eating some of the pancakes. "Told Damon it was too much. But he wouldn't listen. He's going to spoil you rotten."

"As if you lot haven't done that already." Caleb Thomas said from the doorway. How are you doing son?" He stepped closer to Tristan and ruffled his already dishevelled hair.

"I'm okay dad."

"Good. I'm off Honey." He bent to give Stephanie a quick kiss. "Have some meetings this afternoon. I hear you scheduled a conference call for this morning T.T." Caleb addressed Tristan.

"Oh God. I forgot about that." Tristan leaned over to look at the time on his bedside clock.

"Don't worry. I'll handle it with Damon." Caleb assured him.

"Dad...?" Tristan's voice was cautious. "About Damon..."

"What about him?" Caleb looked at his son.

"Are you...will you..."

"Do you love him son?" Caleb asked quietly.

He didn't hesitate. "Yes." He nodded and had to swallow before adding in a whisper. "With every cell in my body."

"Then you have nothing to worry about. All I want is for my children to be happy. If Damon makes you happy, then you have my blessing. Besides, I wouldn't want to lose my wife." He added with a chuckle.

Stephanie Thomas stood up and stepped into her husband's arms kissing him like there was no tomorrow, ignoring the 'ewww' by Adriana. "I love you so much Caleb Thomas."

"Love you too Hon." Caleb said with a grin. "Take good care of him pumpkin." He addressed Adriana and made to leave the room.

"Thanks dad." Tristan called after him.

Caleb stopped and turned to look at Tristan. "If he hurts you, I'm going to kill him. And that's exactly what I'm going to tell him."

"I already beat you to it dad." Adriana said with a chuckle. "I told him something along those lines last night."

"That's what I'm talking about pumpkin. Put it up there..." Caleb raised his palm and slapped it against Adriana's. And just like that, the Thomases burst into fits of laughter. Tristan loved his family so much at that moment his breath hitched in his throat.

"T.T.? Where's my lollipop? T.T.?" They heard the shouts before Tracy, Tristan's eldest sister burst into the room. After quickly hugging Caleb who was leaving the room, and giving her mum and Adriana quick hugs, she jumped onto the bed, removed the tray from across Tristan's thighs to the other side of the bed, and drew Tristan into her arms, rocking him as she would a hurt child.

Adriana and Stephanie joined in for a group hug, giving Tristan all the loving he could handle. He got teary eyed, surprised he still had any tears left in him. He knew if Ashley, his other sister had been around that very moment, she would have been bawling her eyes out. They called her the family's 'cry baby'. It was a surprise she became such a kick-ass lawyer. She was on vacation in Rome with her husband.

Finally the hug ended and Tristan rubbed his nose against Tracy's like they usually do.

"You know, it's about time you stopped calling me your lollipop. Don't you think I'm a little too old for that?" Tristan sounded amused.

"Nope. You will always be my lollipop T.T. Always. So what's this I'm hearing about you and Damon? How about all those girls T.T.? Did you change overnight?" Tracy fired the questions.

Tristan chuckled. "More like seconds Trey. I don't know what hit me. One second I hated the guy with a passion, the next second I was irrevocably in love with him."

"Wow! We still need for you to pass on the Thomas name. So you have to give us a baby T.T. So does Damon for that matter. It's very important T.T. Think about it." Tracy looked very serious.

Tristan made an amused sound and looked at Tracy, his green eyes sparkling. "Hey it's not like I'm getting hitched like Addie here. Why so serious?" Tristan murmured.

"Well I just want you to have that at the back of your mind that's all." Tracy retorted.

"It can be arranged Trey. Don't worry about it." Tristan dropped a kiss on his sister's nose.

"Good. And just for the record, and I will deny I ever said this if you tell Darryl, I think your man is the yummiest guy on the planet."

"I know right. Yayy!" Tristan shouted making his sisters and mum dissolve into laughter.

"Now tell me about everything. The first kiss, how big he..."

"Okay I'm out of here." Stephanie said turning to go, trying not to laugh. "You kids have a lot of catching up to do. Don't tell them anything you're not comfortable sharing honey." She said to Tristan who was laughing so hard. He'd always been comfortable around his sisters and didn't mind telling them anything they wanted to hear.

His phone vibrated on his bed-side table and he picked it up to see he had a message from Damon, and just like that, his heart missed a beat.

"Excuse me ladies." He said to his sisters who were busily laughing at something Adriana had said. He opened and read his message.

Damon: You up?

Tristan: Yes. Was just about to spill abt our sex life to my sisters. They want to know whether you're all that.

Damon: Lol! So tell me...am I all that?

Tristan: Need you ask? Thanks for breakfast. It was perfect.

Damon: Pleasure was mine. Too bad I couldn't wait to serve it myself.

Tristan: I loved it. And I love u.

Damon: Love u more baby. Can I call? Want to hear your voice before I go into the next meeting.

Tristan: Please.

Damon video-called him. Tristan jumped off the bed, ignoring the protests from his sisters and went into the adjoining bathroom to talk to Damon.

Tristan: Hey

Damon: I've missed you.

Tristan's eyes closed as he absorbed that sexy voice. Damon's warm and deep voice never ceased to turn him on. And he thought Damon looked as sexy as fuck in his suit. He nearly melted into a puddle right there.

Tristan: Same here. You're looking good as always.

Damon laughed.

Damon: And you look sexy as hell. Did you sleep well?

Tristan: Yep. Till Adriana woke me up.

Damon: Oh no. I told her not to wake you up. She was supposed to serve you when you woke up.

Tristan: And you actually expected her to wait till I woke up? Not possible. Where are you?

Damon: Sitting in the car. Getting ready to go meet with your dad.

Tristan: Oh. He left here not too long ago.

Damon: I just saw his car drive in. [voice lowers] Are you okay Tris? I wasn't too rough last night I hope.

Tristan blushed, remembering how he had begged Damon to fuck him the night before.

Tristan: I'm okay.

Damon: Good. [voice gets husky, grows intimate] I can still feel you Tris. Still taste you. I've been hard since I left, through two meetings and one teleconference. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again.

Damon's deep voice was smoking hot. The effect that voice and words had on Tristan was powerful and immediate. Tristan was hard as rock. He felt light headed with arousal. It looked like the blood that was leaving his brain was headed south rapidly and he really wanted not to be having this conversation. Not with his nosy sisters waiting in his room.

Tristan: [breathing fast] Shit Damon, my sisters are in the next room.

Damon: So? They can't hear me from in there can they?

Tristan: [sighs] No but I'm hard, thanks to you. And I have to go back in there.

Damon: [chuckles] Take a shower before you go back in. I'll be there in the next hour to pick you up. Is that okay?

Tristan: Yep.

Damon: I postponed the conference call to tomorrow so we can all be part. I'm only going to have a quick...meeting with Caleb, then I'll be on my way okay?

Tristan: Okay. I love you.

Damon: Love you right back baby. See you soon.

Tristan: Okay. Bye.

Damon: Tris?

Tristan: Uh-huh?

Damon: You still hard?

Tristan: What do you think? Any harder, and I'll need surgery.

Damon: (chuckles) Show me.

Tristan smirked and pulled down his boxer briefs, palming his hard cock for Damon to see. He smiled when he heard Damon's sharp intake of breath.

Damon: Fuck! This was a bad idea. Now I have to sit in here for a while to cool off before I can get out. Go take a cold shower.

Tristan threw his head back and howled with laughter.

Tristan: Serves you right. I don't have any choice but to take that shower. 'Cause I defiantly can't go in there like this.

Damon: Good. I don't want to hang up.

Tristan: (softly) Me neither.

Damon: (sighs) So on the count of three...

Tristan: Okay...One

Damon: Two

Tristan: Three...

They were both still looking at each other, neither attempting to hang up. They both laughed.

Damon: Baby go take a shower. Don't hang up. I want to watch.

Tristan: (laughing) Perv.

Tristan hanged up on a laughing Damon. Damon took a deep shuddering breath. To think he was actually going to talk to Caleb Thomas about his son with a hard-on brought on by same son. He stayed inside the car for a while, willing his hard-on to disappear.


When Damon entered Caleb Thomas' office, he almost stepped right back out. The man looked so serious and stern behind his desk. Damon had spoken to Caleb on phone that morning. And Caleb had sounded like his usual self. But this look...

"Have you spoken to the crew already?" Caleb asked.

"Yes. It's on at 1 p.m. tomorrow." Damon replied taking a seat.

"Good. How long has this...thing with my son been going on Damon?" He went straight to the point.

"About three weeks now." Damon stared back at Caleb.

"That's about the time I asked you to... Did you sleep with him to get him to have a change of heart about the Albatros project?" Caleb asked sounding incredulous.

"God, no!" Damon looked appalled, his eyes glittering dangerously. "Listen Caleb..."

"No you listen," Caleb cut him off, his voice, hard. "I trusted you with my son. I trusted you to direct him and to help him see his worth... And I still do." Caleb added the last part quietly.

Damon's heart pounded. What was Caleb saying? "Are you saying..."

"I'm saying you have my blessing Damon. I'm not a fool. I know true love when I see it. But I swear to God if you ever hurt my boy..."

"I know. You'll kill me." Damon sighed.

"Yes." Caleb gave Damon a dazzling smile. For a moment Damon thought he looked like a villain in a drug movie. He knew Caleb was dead serious.

"Yes Sir." He said quietly.

"I'm glad we understand each other." Caleb stood and extended his hand to Damon as though they had just concluded a business deal. Damon was sure no one would believe the nice man extending his hand to him had just threatened his life.

"Thank you Caleb." Damon said with a chuckle, and shook Caleb's hand.

Caleb laughed softly and looked intently into Damon's eyes. "Wait till you have kids of your own son. You plan to don't you?"

"Sure." Damon answered, bemused. He needed to discuss that with Tristan.

"Hmmm. The mere thought of someone hurting them makes you see red. See you tomorrow Damon."

"What if your kid hurts someone Caleb? What then?" Damon asked quietly.

"Depending on who they are, and how much you like them, you whoop your kid's arse. And just for the record, for you, I'd do more than whoop my kid's arse." Caleb let a slow smile cross his face as he looked at Damon.

"Lucky me." Damon chuckled, touched by the sincerity radiating from Caleb's eyes. "Don't worry Caleb. I love that brat too much to do anything to hurt him." Damon turned to leave.

At the door he turned to look at Caleb and was surprised to see the older man still on his feet with a happy grin on his face. "Thanks Caleb."

Caleb Thomas winked.


Damon entered the foyer of the Thomas mansion to the sound of loud laughter. Whatever had Tristan and his sisters in stitches must have been hilarious because they didn't even notice Damon's presence till he loudly cleared his throat.

"Damon!" Tracy shrieked. "You look even hotter."

"Cut it out Tracy. We met just two weeks ago, remember?" He said drawing Tracy into his arms for a hug. They had been childhood friends and had even gone to the same high school. Damon was actually closest to Tracy than any other Thomas...till Tristan happened.

"Well that was before you started fucking my little brother. And with a monster dick too." Tracy murmured for Damon's ears only.

"He told you that?" Damon looked surprised. He definitely hadn't taken Tristan seriously when he said he was discussing their sex life with his sisters earlier in the day.

"I drilled it out of him. I'm his eldest sister you know. I can always beat the shit out of him if he doesn't do as I say." Tracy looked smug.


"Uh-huh. And I should probably box your ears for breaking his heart. But I hear not only did he give you a good one, it also sorta saved his life. So you're off the hook. But never again Damon."

"You know, you really look like Miss Smith back in third grade." Damon stated looking all serious.

Tracy looked confused for a bit and then burst into laughter. Damon joined in the laughter, earning himself a smack on the arm. Tracy shook her head.

"You are all kinds of wrong Damon Reid."

"Trey don't abuse my man." Tristan hadn't missed Tracy smacking Damon from his perch on the arm of the couch. The only reason why he hadn't thrown himself into Damon's arms like he was itching to do was because he wanted to allow them to talk. But he was actually finding it very difficult staying where he was instead of going to kiss his man senseless. The mere sight of Damon did things to Tristan's insides he couldn't even begin to explain. Damon was looking so hot in one of his sexy-as-hell suits, Tristan knew he would give anything to fuck him with him still fully dressed as he was. He was sexy to the extreme.

"Chill out T.T. Just chill out!" Tracy turned her attention back to Damon. "Damon I'm serious."

"I know. Look, your baby brother has me wrapped around his little finger. You guys should rather be worried for me and not him. Between last night and today, I've received all kinds of promises and threats from the Thomas clan. Maybe I should call my mum to come dish out a few promises of her own. Tracy, I love your brother to bits and I plan on cherishing him for the rest of my life if he will allow me." Damon swallowed past the lump in his throat. "In case you haven't noticed, whether you want to believe it or not, I'm totally into your brother. I just want to make him happy."

Tracy's half-smile began to tremble, and then she broke into a full-fledged fit of laughter. It was infectious, and Damon couldn't help but chuckle.

"What?" He wanted to know what had Tracy in stitches.

"Oh we all know just how far into him you are Damon." Tracy drawled, howling with laughter.

"Tracy you are crazy." Damon couldn't help but laugh, too. "Maybe I should add...no pun intended."

"Ow Damon, I've never seen my brother happier." Tracy said, holding her sides after wiping tears of laughter from her eyes. "I just never thought you could ever be brought to your knees like this. The mighty Damon Reid. And by none other than my brat of a brother." Tracy chuckled.

But before Damon could answer, Tristan was there, his arms twinning around Damon's neck, burying his fingers in his hair and tugging Damon into a kiss. Not a sweet, in-front-of-company peck ... a kiss. Damon's arms wrapped around Tristan's waist while his other hand came up to cup the back of head to pull him closer still.

Tristan's tongue swept into his mouth, plunging deep. Pleasure exploded throughout Damon's body as he eagerly fought for control, joining in the erotic duel of lips, teeth and tongues as he was forced to acknowledge Tristan's need. His hunger. It raged and raced through his system, slamming into his mind, stealing his will and leaving him weak and shaking in Tristan's embrace.

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