tagGay MaleFiery Heat Ch. 09

Fiery Heat Ch. 09


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Damon Reid vs. Tristan Thomas


"Ready?" Damon asked quietly.

"Yes." Tristan sighed.

"Let's go."

It was Saturday morning. Damon and his friends were spending the day in Damon's house since it was his turn to host their Saturday morning get-together. He had told Tristan to come join them so he could officially introduce him to the guys. The guys were already playing various games and drinking their lives away in the ridiculously large basement which had been converted into a luxurious game room. The huge projected screen was showing a live soccer match between Manchester United and Arsenal. Just as he had come up to instruct the cook to start arranging the assorted mouth-wateringly aromatic dishes he had prepared in the basement so that the guys could start eating, he heard Tristan's bike roar into the compound.

Damon had gone outside to where Tristan was getting off his parked bike. He took in Tristan's boot cut faded jeans, white t-shirt and black leather jacket...HOT! Damon had calmly reached out and taken off Tristan's helmet and then taken his lips in a sweet kiss which had left Tristan breathless.

"Are you going to let me off this bike anytime soon?" Tristan asked huskily. Damon looked breathtakingly good, as usual, completely relaxed in white drawstring lounging pants and a navy blue t-shit.

Damon chuckled. "Sure." Then he stepped back to allow Tristan to swing his leg off his bike and fix his helmet on the bike. "Now where was I?" He asked reaching for Tristan again.

Damon took his lips again and only released him when they both needed to come up for air.

"I missed you too." Tristan laughed breathlessly.

"You have no idea what I almost did around three a.m. I came very close to driving over to your house to pick you up. I wanted you in my bed...where you belong."

"And what stopped you from doing just that?" Tristan's eyes sparkled with delight.

"Caleb's face." Damon stated simply.

Tristan laughed. "Yeah right. As if that would stop you."

"I really wish I wasn't entertaining. You look so fuckabIe I just might drag you upstairs at a point Tris. Expect it." Damon husked taking Tristan's hand and moving towards the house, smiling at Tristan's teasing hum of Marvin Gaye's 'Let's Get It On' under his breath. "What took you so long by the way? Knowing you, you probably got home this morning so decided to sleep in huh?"

Tristan chuckled. He had had a lot of fun hanging out with his friends the night before. "I got home around two a.m. but that's not the reason why I got here late. Amanda called. And you know how much of a chatterbox she is. She's still going crazy over the car. Told me I'm the luckiest guy in the world to have you. I told her I already knew that. If only people could see just how lucky YOU are to have MOI." Tristan smirked.

Damon chuckled. "I know I'm the lucky one baby. And that's all that matters. But you have no idea how people envy me whenever they figure out that we're together. Sometimes I have to glare at people just to get them to stop ogling you. Both men and women. It's so frustrating. Trust me they know just how lucky I am.

Tristan laughed. "You actually glare at people? That's so fucked up. Amanda is on point though. I am the lucky one. I got the sexiest, hottest and yummiest guy on the planet." He drawled making Damon laugh.

Amanda Greene, Tristan's guardian angel, as everyone who knew the story affectionately referred to her, was still trying to come to terms with the fact that she was the proud owner of a sleek metallic grey Mercedes Benz B250. The fact that it was the latest model was just icing on the cake. The day after the crush, when they had gone to meet Amanda, had been very emotional for both Tristan and Amanda. Fortunately, Amanda flew Economy on the STAR-BO144 the day it crushed so she had escaped unhurt. She had been on her way to her brother's wedding in Paris when the accident occurred.

Whilst Tristan spoke with Amanda, Damon had quietly called aside her boyfriend, Mike, who had been at the airport, seeing Amanda off when Tristan had seen them. Damon asked Mike to tell him honestly, what his girlfriend would love to own but couldn't afford. Mike had immediately replied that she would love a car as she had been saving for quite a while so she could get herself an affordable used car.

That very day, Damon had had a sleek Mercedes Benz B250 delivered to her. It was fully paid for and had her name on the documents as the proud owner. Amanda had screamed and cried, and screamed some more. She didn't know how to thank Damon enough. Her happiness was enough for Damon as his Tristan's life was worth more than all the expensive cars in the world.

Inside the house, Tristan stopped, his eyes flashing nervously. "Hey, how many guys are in there?"

Damon looked into Tristan's eyes and suppressed a smile. Tristan Thomas, nervous to meet people? Wonders, they say, will never end.

"Tris, you have nothing to worry about. They are the coolest guys on the planet. You've met them before remember?"

"Yeah but what if they don't like me now that we are officially dating Damon? They are your friends. If they don't accept me, it will make your life very awkward don't you think?"

Damon sighed. "They will accept you Tris. There are six guys in all. There's Chris, Tyron, Michael, Kyle, Matt and Dean. Watch out for Dean. Don't take anything he says to heart. He can be an ass but he's a good person. In fact I think you are the best person to handle that idiot. Did I tell you Cole and Briana will come get us from the airport tomorrow?"

"Good. I finally get to meet the famous couple tomorrow." Tristan smiled.

"Yep. You get to meet the guy I was allegedly 'fucking'." Damon deadpanned.

"Fuck you." Tristan couldn't help but laugh. That had been a silly mistake on his part, thinking Damon had slept with Cole when he had seen them embrace on Damon's security monitor. He had never met Cole so hadn't known at the time that it was him.

"So...ready?" Damon asked quietly.

"Yes." Tristan sighed.

"Let's go."

Damon hadn't told the guys that Tristan would be joining them. He wanted to see how Tristan would handle himself amongst his rich, intelligent but crazy friends. Briana had handled herself beautifully. Damon, however, had a feeling his baby would rub the guys up the wrong way. Tristan was a brat like that. Show time!

When they entered the basement, Tristan stopped and took in the scene in front of him. Talk of a plush state of the art game room! Loud music, two people playing pool, two playing video game, one guy, watching soccer, with the last guy watching those playing the video game and shouting obscenities that would make a sailor blush. The cook was busily arranging assorted food on a wide table in the corner. He realized Damon was pouring himself a drink at the bar and went over to pour a stiff drink for himself.

Damon simply gave him a glass and walked away. Tristan looked after him and frowned slightly. It looked like he was on his own. The bastard! He poured a shot of Courvoisier and wandered over to the guy spewing the obscenities. He remembered his comment from their last meeting at the pub some weeks back. He had humorously advised Damon to use birth control with him. Tristan wondered which one he was. The game ended with one guy groaning and the other laughing loudly.

"Both of you are morons I tell you. Your IQ must be real low guys." Mr. Vulgar told the two guys. "I could thrash both of you with my right hand tied behind me." He bragged cockily.

Before Tristan could stop himself, he was addressing Mr. Cocky. "Why don't you put your money where your mouth is? Play me." He calmly challenged the man, who he thought had too handsome a face to be spewing forth such garbage.

Dean turned to look at Tristan, recognition widening his eyes.

"I remember you. Damon's boy-toy. You sure you wanna challenge me?" Dean drawled.

"I'd like nothing more. Maybe I can separate the men from the boys." Tristan threw back, drawing an encouraging cheer from the other two guys.

"Oh yeah?" Dean said with an amused glint in his eyes. "Let's do this. Scramble off boys." Dean addressed Chris and Kyle who had been watching their exchange with amusement.

"Three games." Tristan said.

"What's that?" Dean picked up a controller and

got seated.

"Let's play three games. Then we can see a clear winner."

"Honey, we can play ten games for all I care. I'm going to whoop your...already destroyed arse." Dean drawled.

"Right. But before we start, let's get one thing straight. If I whoop your arse, I prove beyond reasonable doubt that I'm just as male as you. And you drop all these innuendos. Deal?" Tristan stared Dean down. He couldn't believe he was being treated like he was some sissy by this man.

Dean chuckled. "Deal. Prove you're not just some silly little boy, who's going to run to Papa Bear when Uncle Dean thrashes you as I'm going to do."

"So you are Dean. Should have known." Tristan muttered shaking his head.

"Papa Bear told you about me huh?" Dean drawled.

"Just shut up and play Dean." Tyron boomed from behind them. All the guys had gathered behind them to see how the game was going to go. Some of the guys wanted to see just how Tristan was going to manage to come out victorious. Dean was the master of video games as far as they were concerned.

Tristan won hands down...all three games!

"How the fuck did you do that?" Dean exclaimed!

"Want to try elsewhere?" Tristan drawled feeling good. "Say...the pool table?" He threw the challenge.

"Bring it on." Dean jumped up and moved towards the table. All the guys followed. Tristan went first to the bar to get himself more Courvoisier, and then went to wait his turn as Dean prepared to take the opening break.

Tristan whooped Dean's arse on the pool table too, to loud applauds from the guys. Dean placed his stick on the table and went over to Tristan with his hand extended.

"I'm Dean."

Tristan took the outstretched hand and gave it a firm shake. "Thomas. Tristan Thomas."

Dean grinned. "Like Mr. Bond huh? I like you. We're going to be the best of friends Tristan. And you have to teach me all your tricks. Now let me introduce you to the guys."

Tristan finally attached a name to each face. Each of the guys gave him a one arm hug welcoming

him into the group.

"Anyone who is able to thrash this idiot, earns my respect." Tyron chuckled.

"Fuck off Ty." Dean flipped Tyron off. "And finally, your man, Damon." Dean said with a teasing smile. "Come on Tristan, let's get something to eat."

But before Tristan could move, Damon was drawing him into his arms and slamming his lips on his. By the time he was done with the kiss amidst whistles and catcalls from the guys, Tristan's legs were threatening to buckle beneath him.

"Now he knows me." Tristan breathed, already thinking up ideas on how to get back at Damon for throwing him to the wolves.

"I love you. And I'm proud of you. Wanna help me check out something upstairs?" Damon husked. He wanted Tristan so bad he couldn't stand still.

"Sorry baby, I wouldn't want to disappoint my new best friend. Besides, I need to eat." With a mischievous smile and a quick kiss to Damon's lips, Tristan moved around him and headed for the lovely buffet, leaving a frustrated Damon squeezing the bridge of his nose with a groan. He knew Tristan had felt his excitement through his pants when they had been pressed together just as Damon had felt his arousal as well. This was obviously payback. Fuck!

By the time the guys were leaving that evening, Tristan had bonded with all of them and Damon was going out of his mind with want. Tristan had teased him throughout the day with little actions. For instance he never passed by Damon without pressing their mouths together or grinding his hips into Damon's. At a point he had even reached into Damon's pants when no one was watching, and wrapped his fingers around his thick cock, drawing a groan from Damon.

"We need to do something about this." He had whispered seductively into Damon's ear and walked away. At a point, Tristan had gone to the pool table, picked up a stick, and with a smoldering look in Damon's direction, had worked the stick with his hand like he'd like to do something really naughty with it. Damon had almost creamed his pants.

When Tristan smiled innocently at one time and murmured, "I'm not wearing any underwear. My cock is pressing against the inside of my zipper right now. So uncomfortable", Damon had sworn loudly.

"Shit." He knew he was close to doing something scandalous, but had to restrain himself to Chris' amusement.

"Hang in there buddy. We'll be out of your hair soon. Then you can show the little tease who's boss." Chris had said with a chuckle.

It was obvious they all liked him. Even Dean was acting like a protective big brother around him. Damon was busting with pride at how Tristan had handled himself around the guys.

Immediately the last person left, Damon grabbed Tristan by the hand and dragged him back to the basement, ignoring Tristan's question of what they were going back there for.

Damon locked the door and pulled Tristan to the pool table. He picked him up and settled him on the edge of the table and stared into his eyes.

"What?" Tristan asked trying not to blush. He both loved and hated it when Damon looked at him like that. He loved the 'I want to devour you' look and hated the blush that always coloured his face whenever he looked at him like that.

"Do you have any idea how close I came to bending you over this table and fucking you senseless in front of everyone today? Seeing you bent over that table, moving that sexy arse, biting your lips in concentration and all that deliberate teasing...do you intentionally want to drive me crazy Tris?" Damon whispered huskily.

"Sorta. It's great to know just how much I affect you. At least I'm not the only one affected." Tristan murmured, his eyes sparkling with laughter.

"I want you Tris." Damon said gruffly. "Right here. On this table."

"What are you waiting for?" Tristan asked, grabbing Damon's head and pulling him into a fierce kiss filled with all the lust and love he felt. Hungry, desperate, their mouths mated, tongues twining, giving and taking until Tristan thought he would explode from the pleasure of that alone. Damon drove him insane. "Take me."

Damon brought Tristan down to stand in front of him and unbuckled his belt with unsteady fingers. Then still staring into his eyes, he pushed his jeans down to his knees. He wanted him so bad.

"Turn around."

The barely repressed lust in Damon's voice sent a rush of excitement through Tristan. He turned around and faced the pool table.

"Spread your legs and bend down." Again, Tristan complied, his whole body quivering with excitement and anticipation. He was so damn horny, he could hardly stand it.

Damon slid his palms under Tristan's t-shirt, running them across the hot, smooth skin of Tristan's back, loving the shudders Tristan couldn't hide. He placed one hand on each cheek, spreading Tristan, exposing his hole.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard Tris. And as punishment for teasing me to my breaking point, I'm not going to use lube. Got that?"

"Finally, you grow some balls." Tristan moaned.

Damon licked his finger and pushed it into Tristan, twisting and probing until an electric shock radiated through him, causing each nerve ending to come alive. Tristan moaned loudly, immediately loosening to Damon. He pressed back, wanting more of him inside. His cock was at full attention.

Damon added a second finger, scissoring them and rubbing against the sensitive gland deep inside. Tristan sobbed with pleasure and began to thrust backwards to force Damon's fingers deeper inside him. When Damon added a third finger, Tristan threw his head back, a loud groan emitting from his throat.

"Please Damon. I need you inside me."

"You sure about that?" Damon husked, pulling his fingers out and rubbing that sensitized puckered hole with the surprisingly wet pierced head of his cock.

"What the...?" Tristan gasped at the wet feeling.

"You seriously thought I was going to fuck you dry?" Damon chuckled.


"Don't get rude just yet baby. It's still going to burn. In this position, it's going to be a tight fit. Get ready."

Damon positioned his cock against Tristan's wet hole and pushed forward. The tip pierced the ring of muscle, and forced a hiss out of Tristan. His breath hitched as inch by painful inch worked its way into him. He could have sworn Damon's cock had gotten bigger. He tried to spread his legs wider but couldn't because of the jeans around his knees. Oh shit!

"Jesus Damon." Tristan gasped. Damon was right...It was indeed a tight fit. Damon's gentleness however ensured Tristan felt no pain. What he rather felt was an intensity that singed up his spine and tightened his body, causing his toes to curl inside his boots. That strong sensation stirred something primitive in him...something that made him want to be filled and engulfed by Damon. Tristan had a sudden urge to feel Damon fully seated within him. He craved that fullness.

Damon hesitated, remaining still, "You okay Tris?" he asked in a hoarse voice. But before he could register what Tristan was doing, Tristan's hands came around to grip his arse, pulling him against his arse with such force that, his cock slid into his tight hole.

"Fuuuuck!" Tristan screamed.

"Oh shit baby, why the fuck did you..."

"Hold the fuck still Damon." Tristan screamed to stop Damon from pulling out. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and neck.

"Oh fuck. You're crazy you know that?" Damon's voice was filled with worry and ecstasy. That tight hot channel was gripping his cock like a vise. He was delirious with pleasure. He held still within Tristan, giving him time to adjust. "You know you're going to be very sore after this don't you?"

"Shut up and fuck me." Tristan shot back.

The pain and burn began to melt away as Damon started to move. Moaning as the burning sensation quickly morphed into exquisite pleasure, Tristan reached back and grabbed Damon's arse, urging him to pump harder.

Damon maintained a slow rhythm of pulling out to the head of his cock before pushing back in, careful not to hurt Tristan. But Tristan was having none of that. He wanted more of Damon. He began to fuck back onto Damon's cock, evoking a whimper of pleasure from Damon. Unable to control the onslaught of ecstasy barreling through him, Damon increased the tempo, and started fucking him hard, pumping his hips at an almost obscene pace, causing Tristan to cry out with each frenzied thrust. His head dropped down as he gripped the table hard.

"Oh God, Tristan. So hot. So tight." Damon cried out as he angled his barbell to slam into Tristan's pleasure button over and over and over.

Tristan squirmed beneath him, shaking his head from side to side, murmuring unintelligibly. The pleasure was so deep, so profound that his mouth gaped and his eyes rolled around with an expression of pure rapture. He couldn't think, couldn't talk, couldn't move as the pleasure ripped through him.

Both men were breathing hard, as the pool table shook under Damon's thrusts. Balls fell over the sides to the floor and Tristan's cries echoed off the walls. Prince's 'Do Me Baby' blasted from the speakers getting both men even more worked up. Damon continued to fuck him hard and fast, his muscles rippling beneath his t-shirt as he kept pushing in and pulling out of that divine heat. That tightness was consuming Damon and swallowing him whole.

"God, you fucking feel so good." Damon hissed when Tristan tightened around him. He pulled out and slowly sank back in, his hand going around to stroke Tristan's cock. "I can never get enough of you baby."

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