tagGay MaleFiery Heat Ch. 10

Fiery Heat Ch. 10


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Damon Reid vs. Tristan Thomas


"You sure you're okay?" Tristan asked Damon for the fourth time since they boarded his luxury private jet. Damon had been looking preoccupied since he'd received a call just before they got on board.

"Yeah I'm good." Damon sighed, looking out as the plane started taxiing down the runway.

Tristan wasn't convinced but decided to let it drop since Damon seemed lost in thought. They were sitting facing each other, buckled in. Tristan took a sip of his Hennessey, which he had been served whilst they prepared for takeoff. Damon had opted for a glass of water.

He turned to look around and couldn't help but be impressed with the luxury interior of the plane. Damon had told him he had spec'd it up to his taste after the death of his father. It was obvious he had paid a lot to get it like how it was. It was a big plane but could only take about eighteen people since most of the space had been converted into something else. Though the mirrored ceiling created the illusion of a bigger space, there was actually enough space to stretch out on the plane. It was what Tristan called Traveling in style as it was obvious the plane provided huge levels of comfort. He couldn't wait to look around.

"We're now at cruising altitude," the pilot's voice boomed over the intercom as the plane leveled out. "Feel free to move about the cabin."

Immediately they were freed to move about the cabin, Tristan removed his seat belt and slid into the seat next to Damon and took his hand in his.

"Hey talk to me. You've been in a pensive mood since we boarded and I don't like it. I planned on enjoying this flight as I have a lot of work to do as soon as we get to Paris but this mood is not helping. Is it business? Come on talk to me."

Damon sighed and squeezed Tristan's hand. Then he brought their entwined hands up to press a kiss on Tristan's knuckles.

"There was a wrong shipment delivery. It's going to create a lot of setbacks." Damon said.

"Can't you do anything about that from up here? Doesn't this airplane also come with Internet access?" Tristan teased, trying to lighten Damon's mood.

Damon turned to look at Tristan, his eyes laughing. "You mean you don't mind if I do a little work? 'Cause I really have to clear this up."

"Not at all. Go right ahead. I want to look around anyway." Tristan said with a grin.

"Okay." Damon leaned over and ran his thumb gently over Tristan's lush lower lip. Then his hand moved to the nape of Tristan's neck, holding him while their lips met in a gentle, almost tentative kiss. Tristan moaned, his lips parting slightly. Damon wasted no time in slipping the tip of his tongue inside his mouth and deepening the kiss, loving the taste of alcohol on Tristan's lips. Tristan's head reeled from the sensation of Damon's hot, sweet breath filling his mouth. They were breathing heavily now as desire took over.

Damon groaned into Tristan's mouth, and suddenly broke away from their kiss, panting. He leaned his forehead against Tristan's, trying to calm down. Then dropping a kiss on Tristan's swollen lips, Damon stood up and headed for the boardroom.

He paused and glanced over his shoulder at Tristan, melting him into a puddle with those maddeningly sexy blue eyes of his. "Come get me when you miss me."

A surge of lust pulsed through Tristan's groin. "I will." He replied huskily.

Tristan was still reeling from that kiss when he heard the sweet voice.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Thomas," a sexy hostess greeted with a smile, "can I serve you anything?"

Tristan grinned and pointed at his glass. "A refill will be okay Alma." He said glancing at her nametag.

"You sure that's all you need?" Alma gave a brilliant smile.

"Yes that will be all." Tristan said with a glint in his eyes. Trust Damon to have such a hot number as hostess on his private jet. "Actually I want to look around so if you don't mind, you can be my personal tour guide. Forget about the drink for now."

Alma laughed at that. "Sure Mr. Thomas. Anything you want."

"Hmm... Anything? I'm liking this trip already." Tristan drawled, drawing more laughter from Alma. "And call me T.T."

"Okay T.T., so where do we start?" Alma wondered aloud. "The cockpit. Come on."

By the time they finished touring the plane, Tristan was totally impressed by the sheer luxury and was calling the plane a "Flying Hotel" to Alma's amusement. The only place they hadn't gone was the boardroom as Tristan didn't want to disturb Damon. The plane had been configured for both work and play. Damon did travel a lot so Tristan understood why he wanted the plane to give maximum comfort.

The curving lines of the jet disguised the fact that you were inside an aircraft. It had a cinema room, a curvy cocktail bar which boasted of a super-size TV screen, cozy seating and private dining or relaxing zone, a sleek and elegant kitchenette perfect for rustling up a delicious snack or a glass of something naughty, a bedroom, a boardroom and an executive suite with its bathroom.

Tristan finally ended in the cinema room, where he watched a movie with Alma after insisting she stayed and watch with him. They talked, ate some crackers, and generally had fun.

Before Tristan realized, they had already spent two hours and Damon had still not made an appearance. He thanked Alma for her time and went to the executive suite where their duffel bags had been placed. He knew Damon would be tired as he had been in there for a little over two hours. He quickly grabbed a tube of oil from the elegantly designed bathroom and headed out of the suite.

When Tristan opened the door to the boardroom, it was to the sound of voices. Damon was obviously having a conference call. He closed the door behind him and locked it.

Damon looked up from the documents in front of him, saw Tristan, and looked at his wrist watch. Then he scribbled something on a sheet of paper and held it up for Tristan to read.

'Took you long enough.'

Tristan couldn't help the grin that lit up his face. He took the sheet and pen from Damon and scribbled his reply.

'Got distracted by your sexy hostess. Sue me.'

He almost laughed out loud at the scowl that appeared on Damon's handsome face. One of the people on the conference call, who sounded angry asked Damon a question and paused for an answer. Tristan froze, thinking Damon couldn't possibly answer since he hadn't been concentrating on what the participants had been saying. But to Tristan's surprise and relief, Damon easily answered the question. Armed with the knowledge that, Damon obviously wouldn't get distracted whilst working, Tristan decided to go ahead with what he had in mind.

He went to stand behind Damon and started massaging his neck. Damon paused and sighed with obvious pleasure. Then he continued to talk as though he wasn't getting a neck rub. Tristan leaned over and unbuttoned Damon's shirt, taking it off. Then taking out the bottle of oil from his pocket, he poured a generous amount into his palm and started giving Damon a massage to die for.

Damon couldn't help the moan that tore out of him. God, Tristan's hands felt good. And his cock was quickly standing to attention.

"You okay Damon?" One of the participants asked? Tristan thought his voice sounded familiar but couldn't place it.

"Yes I'm okay Chris. But what is the stand of GAGA in all this? Are they going to partner Lim-Lor? They should let us know whether they are okay with the setup or prefer something else." Damon spoke in a slightly husky voice. He was so hard.

Tristan continued what he was doing, pushing Damon slightly forward so he could work on his back. When he was satisfied that he had done a good job on Damon's back, Tristan came around and threw a leg across Damon's thighs, straddling him. But before he could even bring his hands up to touch Damon's shoulders, his lips were being attacked.

After a momentary surprise, Tristan's mouth opened to take Damon's exploring tongue, one hand cupping the back of Damon's neck, holding him to the kiss, while the other journeyed to Damon's chest to play with his nipple. Damon's gasp of pleasure was swallowed by Tristan, who drank in Damon's kiss like a starving man.

Tristan broke off the kiss and shoved his face into Damon's shoulder, trying to squelch his moans. He grinded himself on the huge erection he could feel in Damon's jeans, making Damon throw his head back in ecstasy.

Tristan slid off Damon's thighs and knelt between his legs, his hands working the button on Damon's jeans. He pulled out his pulsing cock from the restraining material, rocked forward and sucked Damon's cock deep into his throat...to the hilt.

"Fuuuuuck!" Damon roared. "Are you kidding me? Shit, I'm gonna—damn."

Tristan closed his eyes as the first burst of cum hit the back of his throat. He couldn't even taste it as Damon was so deep down his throat, all that cum was probably pouring directly into his stomach. He smiled around the pulsing cock inside his mouth, feeling smug. Finally, he had been able to take all of Damon into his throat. He swallowed repeatedly, drinking him down, relishing the gruff sounds of satisfaction that rumbled from Damon's chest.

Damon's hands were in Tristan's hair, his head thrown back in blissful abandon, sweat glistening on his abs. When Damon's cock stopped spasming within his throat, Tristan slowly slid his mouth up and down the still hard cock, pausing to lick at the last vestiges of semen in the slit. He kept sucking and licking, cleaning Damon off, not willing to give up that feeling of Damon's cock in his mouth.

The feel of Tristan's tongue sliding and rasping on Damon's cock, and the wet heat of his mouth was so fucking good, Damon thought he'd go mad. With a strangled cry, he pulled Tristan off his cock and slammed his mouth unto his, kissing him heatedly, mouth hot and wet.

"Oh Christ, Tristan." Damon breathed against Tristan's lips. "You're fucking amazing."

"Damon..." Tristan gasped remembering the conference call.

Then they both felt it...total silence.

"Shit!" Damon swore wondering what had just happened, where all the participants on the conference call had gone, had they been listening to Tristan send him into meltdown...

"You guys done?" Chris' amused voice came back on the link.

"Oh God, Chris..." Damon groaned.

"Don't worry. Thank your stars I figured out early enough what was going on. I cut the others off before they could hear anything...scandalous. Hey Tristan." Chris greeted.

"Hey Chris. What's up?" Tristan asked with a soft laughter, standing up to sit on the table.

"You tell me buddy. You two are crazy you know that?" Chris chuckled.

"Not my fault man." Tristan laughed.

"From what I heard, it was all you Tristan."

"And why do you think that?" Tristan drawled.

"The man can't even talk Tristan. Don't kill him man. I'll call you guys when you land. Have fun." Chris went off the line.

Tristan turned to look at Damon. He looked dazed.

"Are you okay? You're shaking," Tristan murmured. Then he got off the table and drew a shaking Damon into his arms, his nose nestling in his hair.

Damon wrapped his arms tightly around Tristan's waist and hanged on. There was no refuting Tristan's observation. Not only was he shaking, he felt confused. First of all, this was the first time ever that anyone had taken him down their throat to the hilt. And the time it had taken for him to cum...that was a first too. Damon really didn't know how the fuck that happened. One moment he was traveling down Tristan's throat, felt him swallow around his cock, and the next moment, he was coming. And coming had never felt this intense for him.

"Hey." Tristan tilted Damon's chin up and looked into his eyes. "Better?"

Damon nodded, still not finding his vocal cords.

"Good. Now let me finish what I started. You are too tense. Come on." Tristan drew Damon out of his chair and turned him around to sit on the table. Then he gently pushed him back till he was lying on the board table, laughing softly when Damon hissed from the cold.

Tristan hooked his fingers into the waistband of Damon's boxer briefs and slowly pulled it down together with his jeans. Thank God Damon had already taken off his boots. When Damon was magnificently naked, Tristan proceeded to pour more oil into his palm and started to massage his abs. From the moans and groans coming from Damon, he knew was doing a good job. When he got to his stomach and hips, he didn't touch Damon's erection which was pulsing as though he hadn't just orgasmed. He moved to his thighs.

"Tris please." Damon groaned. "And aren't you wearing too many cloths?"

Tristan laughed and swiftly removed his t-shirt. "Better?"

"No. Lose the pants."

Tristan unzipped his jeans pants but left it on and continued with kneading Damon's thighs. When he got to his toes, he took one into his mouth and sucked on it as though he was sucking a lollipop.

"Christ!" Damon's body jerked. He made to get off the table but Tristan pushed him back. Then he proceeded to massage his feet.

Tristan released Damon's feet and slowly took off his own jeans and boxer briefs. His hard cock slapped against his tummy, the tip wet with pre-cum. He took hold of Damon's thighs, and pulled his arse to the edge of the table. Then taking his hard cock into his slick hand, started stroking him slowly.

"That's it baby. Feels so good." Damon's eyes closed.

Tristan leaned over Damon and latched onto his nipple with his teeth. He bit, soothed and sucked until Damon was writhing on the table. With Tristan's thumb and forefinger working on the other nipple, and his other hand stroking that big pierced cock, Damon was delirious with pleasure. Tristan released the nipple from his mouth and took Damon's lips in a sizzling kiss that left him breathless. In that position, Damon could feel the tip of Tristan's cock right at his entrance. Before Damon knew what he was doing, his mouth was moving.

"Fuck me," he whispered.

Tristan stopped moving, "What did you say?"

Damon gulped. "Fuck me. Please."

"Are you sure?" Tristan asked huskily. Though he was shocked, he couldn't stop the surge of excitement that burst inside him or the heat that traveled up his spine at Damon's words.

"Well, it must be good if it can cause people to pass out right?" Damon grinned.

"You know, you really have to watch what you say to me right now you asshole. I could destroy this arse and there's nothing you can do about it." Tristan gave a mock scowl. Damon was obviously never going to allow him to forget when he had passed out after their very first fuck.

"Do your worst." Damon husked.

Tristan started stroking Damon's cock again."Ever bottomed?"

"What do you think?" Damon said shaking his head no. "There's a first time for everything right? And who better to initiate me into it than the love of my life? You're up to this aren't you?"

"Hell yeah. I learn from the very best." Tristan drawled and without warning, leaned down and took Damon into his mouth. This time, he sucked just the head into his mouth and swirled his tongue around the barbell inside his piercing.

"Oh God." Damon breathed.

Tristan moved down and took in his balls, slurping and sucking on them, drawing more moans from Damon. Then taking the seat Damon had been sitting in earlier, Tristan grabbed Damon's legs and pushed them up, exposing his virgin puckered hole. Then tentatively, Tristan licked that twitching hole.

"Oh fuck!" Damon exploded.

Tristan tongued Damon's hole, loving his ecstatic moans. Damon bucked, squirming, wanting more. He almost lost his mind when the tip of Tristan's tongue speared inside.

"Tristan...God, please."

Tristan tongue-fucked him so sweetly that he thought he could very well die from the pleasure of it. His balls and cock were throbbing, and he was writhing on the table, moving back onto Tristan, needing more. Damon couldn't breathe, was past speech, the sensations too intense for him to articulate anything. All he could feel was Tristan's tongue fucking him, and then Tristan's hand was moving up to grip his cock, stroking in time with the sucking and licking.

"Oh, God yes!" Damon moaned, willing himself not to come.

Then Tristan's tongue was being replaced by a finger. Damon gasped. Tristan took his time. Never going too fast and Damon appreciated it. Then he was adding a second finger, pegging Damon's gland again and again until he thought he'd go crazy.

"Tris just...please fuck me already." Damon groaned, spurting so much pre-come.

Tristan added a third finger and felt Damon tense. He wanted to ensure that Damon was open enough to take him. Though he wasn't as big as Damon, he knew he was big.

"I'm sorry," Tristan whispered. "Just a bit more, okay?" he asked as he slowly stretched Damon's entrance.

When he thought Damon was stretched enough, Tristan pulled out his fingers and stood up. Damon felt the tip of Tristan's lubricated cock at his entrance and took a deep breath.

"You know what to do." Tristan said softly looking into glazed blue eyes. Damon nodded and pushed out as Tristan entered his body. His heart was racing, his prick rigid between them as he gave up control to Tristan.

"God you're so tight." Tristan gushed.

"Fuck. Damn." It hurt. More than he'd expected. But then Tristan wasn't small. He had a pretty big dick. How the fuck was Tristan able to take his monster dick? He felt Tristan's jerky movements as he tried to control himself. "Hey I know what you really want to do...slam inside. Don't!" Damon growled.

Tristan laughed shakily! "Twerp! Yeah I want to do just that. But I'm not gonna."

Tristan pulled out ignoring Damon's protests. He poured more oil to slick his cock and started to push back in. He eased in more, an inch at a time till he was fully seated within Damon.

"Are you okay?" He asked in a strained voice.

"I'll live." Damon's voice was tight with equal strain. He couldn't begin to describe the feeling of fullness and completion.

"Breathe Damon."

"Fuck you."

"I'm gonna do the fucking this time thank you very much."

Before Damon could answer, Tristan leaned down and took his lips in a kiss so sensual, Damon totally forgot about the pain and started moving, losing any ability to restrain himself as his hips started lifting of their own accord.

"Move." Damon groaned.

Tristan eased out of his body and slid back in with ease. On the second stroke, he hit Damon's gland and he went crazy.

"Oh God, Tris."

Damon's balls drew up tight, his cock ached and he thought his entire body was going to explode with the fire ripping through him as each thrust grated over his prostate. Goose bumps rose on his skin and he shuddered and gave a low, incoherent moan.

"Ah fuck, this is amazing," Damon gasped.

Tristan slid out slow and then pushed back in hard and fast. He didn't say a word as he rocked, his cock moving inside Damon just enough to nail his gland and make him whimper. He straightened, braced his hands on Damon's hips and set a hard pace. Damon met him with each stroke, loving the mixture of pain and pleasure as Tristan's dick kept brushing over his button, sending fireworks dancing over his nerves. It felt so good.

"You're so fucking tight." Tristan panted, slamming home again, seating his prick deep inside Damon. "God, you feel so fucking perfect. Still okay?" he asked and earned a nod in return.

They fell into a natural give and take, the only sound the slap of skin and the heavy, rasping breathing of hard sex as they both took what they wanted, what they needed, from the other.

Tristan's thrusts slowed down, his eyes holding Damon's as captive as his body. Damon couldn't look away. He felt captivated, felt so much love he gasped and contracted around the cock ploughing into him. Then Tristan leaned over him, burying his face against Damon's neck.

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