tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFifth of July Hangover Ch. 02

Fifth of July Hangover Ch. 02

bydeputy duffy©

Authors note: Thanks to all the feedback...the story continues. If you missed part one -- It would be helpful to read that part first.


Part 2: The Plan

I swung the door open and marched in, purposefully. Leanne screeched when she saw me and desperately attempted to hide something in her desk drawer.

"Jesus, Steven, you still here?" She slammed the drawer shut and swung her head my way as I flung myself down onto her bed.

"Nice and comfy." I bounced.

"What? I, I, a-ah," she stammered, and then her eyes opened wide. "Don't even think about it, buddy boy."

"C'mon, you're not going to make me drive home all horny for more?" I let my intentions be known by patting my crotch. (My hardon had faded, but my appetite was growing by the second.)

"I AM!" she sneered. (I decided I was wrong about her being horny for more, as well.) Leanne glanced at her clock. "Plus, mom's gonna be home soon."

"Not for a while now; call her cell phone."

Leanne rolled her eyes, admitting the truth. "But still, I told you it was a one-time thing. Plus...."

"I know...it wasn't your idea."


"And neither is this. You see, I wanna fuck you, right here, and right now, on your bed. There, I said it."

Her jaw dropped. I held my breath. She sighed. I said a prayer. She pointed to the door. I cursed, and then the room was still. I held my gaze steadfast, while she would look away and then back. She finally shook her head, "No."

I answered by kicking off my sneakers. "I'm not going anywhere."

"C'mon, get out...please." she pleaded with her eyes and a quavering voice. "Please."

"Save the school girl antics. I know you're not that innocent."

"I ain't no whore, either." Her voice was back to normal.

"I know that," I said, with a chuckle. "I just meant that I'm not here to steal anything from you. It's just sex, and you've done it before."

"Oh, yeah." Her tone dripped sarcasm.

I scratched my head. I thought that this was going to be easier.

"I mean, why would I?" she asked. I felt my face flush; that was the question I'd been hoping for.

"For my silence, and for playing the game."

"Silence...? Game?" she repeated with a shrug.

"Yeah, I know you want my silence...."

"You already promised," she interrupted.

"I did, but I promised with the expectation that I shall be rewarded."

(She flashed me that "fuck off" look that women give. I know it well.)

A new idea flashed into my mind. I acted without even analyzing it.

"What was that?" I put a hand to my ear. "Is your mom home already?"

Leanne gasped and dove across her bed to look out the window. "I don't see her car...." She turned around, and her eyes bulged. I held up the thing that she had crammed into her desk as I came in. A book. The cover read, "Dear Diary."

"Give me that." She rushed over. I held it teasingly behind my back. Around and around we went, for several minutes. I'm an only child, but I can still tease with the best of them. She was frantic.

"Now, maybe I'll find out what really happened that night." I jumped on the bed, my head just brushing the ceiling. When she tried to follow, a solid stiff arm sent her back, several more followed (and the last one copped a feel). She finally stood on the floor in defeat. I thought it was in good-natured fun until I saw the tears rolling down her cheeks. I felt bad for a second, but quickly shook that off. I didn't really have any intention of reading it (why just read about sex when you can get some?), but it occurred to me that it was a bargaining chip for something even more wicked.

"Were you writing about your punishment?"

She gave me the finger. I opened the book, which, in her haste, she hadn't locked.

"I'm gonna fucking kill you!" She picked something off her desk and whizzed it past my head.

"Hey, Pedro, easy there." She was scanning the desk for more ammo.

"Here you go, sissy," I said tossing her the diary. "I know how much it means to teenage girls.... I watched the Brady Bunch, after all."

She sighed, but seemed more confused than relieved, as she clutched it to her chest. "What was that all about?"

I stepped off the bed and stumbled toward her. I grabbed her shoulders and whispered into her ear. "It's just because you're so friggin' hot."

"Oh, please," she scoffed.

I huffed (nothing was working), stepped back, sat down on the bed, and picked up my sneakers. "Man, you are tough."

"No, I just have standards, and you ain't up to mine...even if you weren't my cousin. Be happy with what you got."

She flipped her nose at me. I began adjusting my shoes as my mind raced. Maybe I needed Mrs. Parker's help after all, because I really wasn't happy. I guess I could've just had her by force, but I didn't need to get laid that much. Maybe I should have smacked her ass "tomato red" when I'd had the chance?

She wasn't done as she added. "Like I said, you're gonna have to take care of that little problem in your pants yourself. Now get out of here and go back to brown-nosing mommy dearest."

"Just be thankful I'm a nice guy, or I'd...."

She giggled. "You ain't got the balls."

And, scowling from that final insult, I made my way out, Leanne slamming the door behind me.

I got to the front door again. Funny, standing there I was the bravest guy in the world. That voice in my head was telling me to go back to Leanne's room and not take "no" for an answer this time. I pictured her clothes torn to shreds on the floor...her naked body lying on her bed in the fetal position, my cum leaking from her asshole.

I opened the door to let myself out and thought, "Just take your salad-ass home. You ain't Kobe Bryant."

"Excuse me...."

The voice startled me. I looked to my left. Cutting across the grass was that blonde Hillary from next door.

"Leanne still here?"

"Yeah, but she needs more time."

"Oh, really?" she said with a shrug. "Her?"

She turned to leave again sputtering to herself. "What did my mom do now?"

"Do you want to know what happened over your mom's?" I blurted out. She looked back over her shoulder, with a curious expression. I nodded with a knowing smile. We talked for a couple of minutes, but I felt we needed more. She was a little reluctant to leave with a strange man, so she suggested a small coffee shop down the road (at 18, she wasn't old enough for a barroom). I agreed and met her some twenty minutes later.

The talk was awkward at first. I still didn't have a definite plan, but I enjoyed the company. Funny, it was the first good-looking blonde that I've talked to in a long time that didn't smell like cigarettes and wasn't slurring her words. I started telling the story slowly, trying to judge her response. But it seemed like she was enjoying hearing Leanne's humiliation, so I continued. She didn't really seemed fazed that her mom was involved at all, although I softened her role a bit.

I got to the spanking part, my words barely a whisper.

"Oh my god, YOU did the spanking?" Hillary gasped and then she giggled. "I would have just died."

I understood, but it didn't help my ego. I also decided to leave out the oral sex part, for obvious reasons.

"Ok, now that I told my story, let me hear about the night that cop brought you guys home."


"I still don't know exactly why Leanne got spanked."

She gulped and shook her head.


"No way," she offered. "I can't."

"Sworn to secrecy?"

"Yeah," she said, and then she snapped her head up. "How did you know?"

"Leanne said the same thing," I said, and then I added a drawn out, "But...."

"B-b-but w-what?" Hillary mumbled.

"Funny the things you'll blurt out when your ass is on fire and you're worried about your bikini bum."

Hillary shook her head violently. "S-s-she wouldn't." She didn't sound so sure.

I figured I would start with something Leanne had actually said. "Lets see...something about you sucking on Donny's prick, too."

Hillary's jaw dropped. "She didn't tell my mom that!" Her voice was filled with dread. "Mom'll kill me."

I nodded. (Now it was time to be creative.) "And how it was your idea to trade oral sex for the answers...." I didn't even get a chance to finish before Hillary began rambling.

"No, no, no, that's not true. Donny, that was her idea. I didn't even know about the sex part until after. I was pissed. We weren't even flunking, but she wanted an A. She is always doing things like this to me, because I'm a little more conservative than her, and she thinks she's so cool. Lately, she's been using sex as a weapon, and it's me that it usually blows up on...like with that cop. It was her suggestion that he search us and then let us go. It was so humiliating. I mean he was old, and-and I was helpless, and then he touched me...everywhere. Then I found out that he knew my mom and...." Hillary sat back and sobbed. "One of these days...."

Normally I would have felt uneasy with her tears, but I was still picturing the two of them being searched by that cop, wishing it was me. I also had a feeling (judging by her last four words) that I had a partner in the making. And I was thinking, "And if she was only half as good as her mom was...."

I cleared my throat, "I have an idea.... A Plan." She slowly leaned forward, and I dried some of her tears before I told her the gist of it.

Three long weeks passed before I took another two-hour trip back to my aunt's house. This time I didn't even mind house-sitting because it was a perfect time to unleash The Plan. My aunt had asked me to watch things for the weekend so she could go visit a long lost friend. At first (before the 5th) I was hesitant, but now it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I let the first night go by without incident because I figured Leanne would be on her toes. But Saturday night would be different.

It all started when I "let" the girls talk me into allowing Hillary to spend the night. I even had to phone Mrs. Parker, who didn't seem pleased, but relented (warning me, however, that she's only right next door).

The girls went out for the night but (much to my relief) came home right before their midnight curfew. After checking in with Mrs. Parker, they raced upstairs. Adam was in his bedroom in the basement, sleeping like a stone. I sat nervously waiting for the signal. It arrived when the girls came bopping down the stairs about ten minutes later, their faces still made-up from their night out. They were both dressed in these little pink short-shorts and tight white tops. Looking them over, I laughed to myself, they could have worked at "Hooters." I smiled, not only at their sexy outfits, but because I knew The Plan was on.

Hillary had been a little reluctant to go through with my plot as it expanded, and her last words were, "I'll think about it." We had talked on the phone several times during the intervening three weeks (she called collect), and these outfits were our planned signal that everything was a "go." Now, I just had to be patient and to endure a little teasing. I didn't mind much, as they sat on the couch -- and playfully wrestled with each other, talked about boys, and generally acted like I wasn't there.

They finally ran upstairs. This was a sort of intermission. I had to sit and wait half an hour for Hillary to make her preparations. It was a long, nervous 30 minutes.

I was light-headed, my heart was pounding, and my gut was churning, as I crept up the stairs. (It was either high anxiety or I was coming down with the flu.) I stood at Leanne's door and took several deep breaths, before slowly turning the knob and peeking in.

I'll never forget the sight that greeted me. Leanne was lying in bed, on her back, her hands stretched up and cuffed securely to the bed's head rail. She was pantsless, and her top was pulled up to expose her breasts. Hillary, meanwhile, was kneeling between Leanne's legs, her head in Leanne's naked lap.

"What the hell's going on here?" I barked, marching into the room, stopping only to pick up Leanne's shorts off the floor.

"Steven, get the fuck out!" Leanne cried out as I marched over. Hillary (still dressed) dove onto the floor. "Jesus, Hilly, you said you locked the door."

"I thought I did."

I tried not to laugh. "So, that's why you were so cold to me, you're a friggin' lezbo."

"Fuck you." Leanne's witty reply was predictable. "Get out of here, asshole."

I swung her makeup chair around and sat down, crossing my arms on the backrest. "I need a front row seat for this," I teased, twirling her shorts around a finger. "Don't let me stop you."

Leanne read my eyes. "Jesus, Hilly, cover my boobs. Better yet, un-cuff me!"

I snapped my fingers when Hillary started to get up from the floor. "I think she is just fine...yes, fine."

"Fucking pig!" Leanne snapped.

"Stick and stones, but I'm not the one all tied up." It was the last thing I said for a couple of minutes as I let the room cool. I spent the time enjoying the view. I also checked out the handcuffs more closely. They were the padded kind, with pink fur inside and black leather outside and a fairly lengthy chain between them. They seemed playful, but effective. The brass bed frame was an effective anchor. Leanne wasn't going anywhere.

I sat and watched her squirm under my scrutiny. Mostly I enjoyed her vulnerability. I wondered what she was thinking. Would I jump on the bed and take her? Nope, not me. I wanted something even better: I wanted her to ask -- no, beg -- me to fuck her. The fact that I knew her true feelings only added to the thrill.

I cleared my throat. She looked up. "Well, the least you could do is invite me to the party," I drawled.

"Eat shit and die!" she snarled. Then she screamed out to Hillary, "Don't just sit there! Get me out of these things!" Hillary didn't move an inch.

"Do you think I would let that happen?" I said, trying to look as confident as I could. Leanne started screaming obscenities at me. I just shook my head and went over to her door, opened it, and stood by. "Keep shouting, and maybe you'll wake up your brother." I moved back over to my seat. I spun it around and sat down on it, propping my feet up on the bed and folding my hands behind my neck. Leanne was muttered a moment and then asked me politely to close and lock the door.

"That's better," I said. (I complied because I didn't want Adam to wake up and come nosing around, either). I sat back down. "It doesn't seem like someone learned much from her last punishment."

"Was that what that was?" She sneered.

"Yeah, and I think it's time for another dose."

"Cut the shit," she hissed, while testing her cuffs. I smiled. The chain was long for a reason. I knelt on the bed and reached out for Leanne's wrists. She tried to bite me (I guess I should have wired Hillary enough money for a ball-gag as well), but she missed. I spun her wrists around (the chain wrapped nicely around the brass rail), and then I slowly turned her over. I pressed her face into the pillow to shut her up. On the floor next to the bed was a big blue stuffed elephant. I grabbed it and slid it under her stomach. I leaned back and smiled in approval.

"Keep smiling, asshole," Leanne said.

I was -- because it was time for her spanking.


The sounds of smacking skin began filling the room, and Leanne's moans soon joined in. Leanne opened her eyes, and they grew wider seeing me sitting well away at the end of the bed.

"Hilly! What the fuck are you doing?" Leanne snapped, realizing who was doing the spanking.

"Something I should have done long before," Hillary said, as she gave her friend another smack.

"C'mon, knock it off."

Hillary glanced at me. "You're right, this is kind of fun."

Leanne paled. "You told her."

I nodded. "In fact, I told her everything." (At least, I wanted her to think I did.)

"You dick. Ouch! C'mon Hilly."

"Who's the cry-baby now?"

"You swore you wouldn't tell anyone."

I knew that was intended for me. I chuckled, "My silence could have been had...if you'd just played ball."

"Frig that...you wanted to fuck me."

"Still does, the perv," Hillary added, with a smack. Leanne looked back at us and then violently tested her cuffs. They weren't budging. She also kicked her legs. I managed to keep them and me under control. As much as I wanted to jump her, she wasn't ready yet.

"I have the feeling that she doesn't like you much," Hillary laughed and then gave Leanne's ass four or five slaps that were the hardest so far. Leanne cried out with each one. Hillary's face turned serious, "But she knew how much I hated Danny and still...."

More blows followed. I almost said something because I thought maybe Hillary was caught up in the moment. Leanne's ass was turning bright red.

"Why? Why?" Leanne sobbed, in her best Nancy Kerrigan impression.

"Funny, when the humiliation is on the other foot...." Hillary ran her hand over Leanne's ass, and then she looked at me. "You're right, her ass was just made for this."

Leanne raised her hand again. I cleared my throat. "I think it's time to move on." Hillary nodded her head but delivered another blow anyway.

"You want to fuck her now?"

"Oh, yeah," I cheered, noticing Leanne peeking over her shoulder, with pleading eyes, but I also knew that there was more to The Plan. I got Hillary's attention. "But Leanne said something about that guy having sex toys, but the cop took them."

"Seems like loose lips run in the family," Hillary said, as she gave Leanne a playful smack.

"Yeah, he had some, and the cop took them, and kept them, but...." Hillary jumped off the bed. She picked up a handbag (hers? Leanne's?) and started fishing through it.

Leanne looked at me wide-eyed and then she snapped her head around. "Hilly, nooo."

"What? You got so excited when I showed them to you earlier." Hillary gave me a wink, and I knew it was her bag and more of my well-spent money.

"What you got?" (I didn't know exactly what she'd bought at this point, so I was excited.)

"Just a couple of simple things. Danny's were so gross, they were like power tools or something. But they planted a seed." Hillary did keep it simple. There was a smallish silver vibrator, a smaller purple one, and a tube of lubricant. I picked up the purple thing. It felt like soft rubber.

"That's for your warm-up," Hillary winked. (I was really starting to like this girl.)

I smiled back. I was almost giddy. I'd never actually touched a sex toy, although I've seen them in action on the Net, but I was looking forward to seeing them used in person.

"But, we should start with this one." She held up the silver vibrator and twisted it. It made a faint buzzing sound, but, when she ran it over my forearm, it gave me goose bumps.

"Spread her legs."

"Yes, Ma'am." I followed her orders. Hillary teased the vibrator over Leanne's red ass.

"That's enough!" Leanne cried out and snapped her legs away from my grip.

"It's this," Hillary said as she ran the vibrator down Leanne's ass-crack. "Or more of this." Her hand came down with a stinging slap, even I jumped.

Leanne cried out and then started crying. "Please, this is so humiliating. Not in front of him. Plus, he'll think we're lezzies."

"Tough!" Hillary snapped. "Glad the shoe's on the other foot for once."

Hillary turned to me and glared. I mumbled an apology and grabbed Leanne's ankles again. It took some strength, as Leanne was fighting me, but I finally got them apart. Hillary slid the vibrator down along Leanne's pussy and began moving it back and forth.

"Did I tell you about the time when I played strip poker with Leanne and the Kelly brothers and a couple of their friends?" Hillary said, although she was focused on her work.

"Nah," I mumbled, focused on her actions, too.(This was much better than the Net.)

"Well, I lost, big time. It was the first time, you know, naked, in front of guys, and I hardly knew them," Hillary rambled. "Well, come to find out the game was rigged, and Leanne knew all about it. I knew it was fishy. My luck ain't that bad."

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