tagBDSMFifty Hours per Week Ch. 02

Fifty Hours per Week Ch. 02


Part 2
The Second Weekend

Wearing just one of her husband's t-shirts and her wrap-around skirt, open at the back, Helen felt self-conscious as her boobs wobbled their way up Brad's steps. Harold itched with anticipation - the more beautiful and vulnerable his wife, the more intense his submission would be when their master took her, possessed her completely.

Opening the door Brad was obviously pleased to see Helen in her compromised attire. Without saying a word he reached out and bounced her boobs a few times right there on the porch. Not expecting that, she blushed with embarrassment. Branwyn greeted them inside. Brad announced, "There's to be a little party here. You don't have much time to prepare. Go up to your room and you'll find what you will be wearing tonight."

Harold put on his little tux, while Helen was assigned a dress that they had bought the previous weekend, shimmery thin black cloth with a low elastic neckline, a short flaring hem, and of course no underwear. The dress and sandals would be all she would wear to the party, which would start at about nine.

Returning downstairs the couple was surprised to be met by Branwyn dressed only in sandals and a short skirt. Harold wouldn't admit it if asked, but he greatly enjoyed seeing Bran's graceful, sexy body up close. Though he knew that it wasn't his place, he longed to touch her, to slide his hands up her smooth belly and over her exposed breasts. She explained that Brad was preparing for the party, and she would prepare them.

"This is a really cool party," Branwyn explained. "It's not a normal get-together. The guests are here to hook up for a weekend of fun and sex with somebody else's spouse. When they come in each man deposits his driver's license in a bag. They mingle for a while, then the women come up one by one and pick a license from the bag without being able to see them. When she calls out the name the guy comes forward, kisses her, and they feel each other up a bit. Then they go back into the crowd and the next woman comes up. If someone picks out her own husband she has to pick again. Part of the thrill is knowing that you will have a weekend of wild sex but you have no control over who your partner will be."

Harold was confused. "There are really guys who are willing to do that, to give their beloved wives to some random guy?"

"Apparently there are", Branwyn responded patiently. "Brad and I did it for a while, but we're not active members anymore. The bigger surprise for me is that there are wives who want to go along. Most wives wouldn't, so the ones you'll see here are the exceptions. The way it's set up there's an illusion that the woman picks her partner, but of course it's really all random. I got to fuck lots of guys, but now Brad picks them for me, I only go with guys that he wants me to go with. So in that sense I'm faithful. Does that seem strange? With this group we're more hosts and organizers now."

Helen was still uncertain. She couldn't believe that women would give themselves to random guys, but she kept that to herself. "So what do we have to do? You still have to get dressed."

"It's pretty simple, really. We serve snacks and help charge the erotic atmosphere. Oh, and I'm already dressed, the whole roomful of people will see me like this. Isn't it exciting? I love it when guys check out my bare tits. Harold will serve the drinks, but with his cock hanging out of his pants for the girls' entertainment. Anyone can fondle us all they like. If the men want to squeeze our tits, or kiss our nipples, or lift our skirts we're not allowed to stop them. About the only thing they can't do is fuck us. By the time everything's done, everybody will be aching for sex. Isn't that deliciously naughty?"

Brad returned with two trays that the ladies would use to serve little treats. Branwyn's was a normal tray, but Helen's was crescent-shaped; Brad showed her how it would fit under her boobs, splaying them out across the tray. The surface was a mirror, so her boobs would be displayed twice. When she offered their guests a nibble her boobs would be available along with the strawberries and chocolates. In a final preparation Brad casually stepped up behind Helen and pulled her elastic top down, tucking it under her breasts. She shivered, not from cold. There would be nothing between her bare skin and the strangers who would touch her.

Brad intoned, "Helen, you are to keep the tray right there, lifting up your boobs so everyone can get a good look and a nice feel. You may only lower it if someone asks to play with you more, to bounce your boobs for instance. This is your first time exposing yourself to a large group, and they will be touching you too - do you think you can handle it?"

"I have no choice, master. I know I'll be exposing myself shamelessly, respectable women don't do things like this, but if you want me to do it I will. After all, we have an agreement. They can stroke my boobs, pinch my nipples..." She had to stop before she got carried away - her nipples were already stiff and distended.

Branwyn got the job of fishing out Harold's cock, which was half-erect by the time she finished. It took her a little longer than seemed strictly necessary. He was admonished not to try to hide it, even if some of the friskier ladies gave him an erection.

Brad greeted his guests, collecting the men's licenses, while his submissive helpers prepared in the kitchen. When everyone had arrived he tapped on a glass to get the group's attention, and announced, "We have a new serving wench; she will be 'available' in the usual way."

Brad made Helen come out and stand on a chair holding her tray, to introduce her to everyone. He lifted her skirt to show everyone her pussy while she stood frozen with fear and anticipation. There followed a vigorous applause, mostly from the men. Helen blushed, but she felt her crotch dampen and was embarrassed that her nipples stiffened again in front of a dozen couples. Harold got the same treatment, to polite applause mostly from the well-dressed, attractive women. Forced to do what he never would have dreamed of without his master's command, he felt the harsh but firm bonds of submission tightening around him. It's for the best, he thought. After all, we have...

Bravely the servants stepped into the crowd, mingling and offering refreshments and themselves. They noticed that some of the women were showing more than what you would expect at a cocktail party. There were some tantalizing low-cut dresses. One tall blonde wore a black see-through body stocking under a miniskirt; a buxom redhead displayed herself in a red see-through blouse over a black bra - but the bra was open-nipple, supporting and displaying at the same time. Those two were getting more attention than most of the other women in the room.

Helen was getting plenty of attention too. When she first stepped into the crowd she felt mortified - she had never been forced to show herself to so many men, her tits on brazen, open display. Several people politely took snacks from her tray. When the first man brushed her nipples she jumped, nearly spilling her tray, but soon she found the tickling sensation pleasant, maybe a little too pleasant. Both men and women helped themselves to her strawberries and her nipples, tweaking and stroking. She stayed self-conscious but aroused, her stiff nipples straining and her crotch damp, through the whole party. In the meantime Branwyn was enjoying herself, strutting around and shamelessly offering herself to be felt up by anyone, male or female. She got plenty of cooperation.

It was mostly a standing-only cocktail party, but a few couples were seated around the edge of the room. One man called Helen over, challenging his companions, "Let's see what Brad's new slut has to offer."

Helen didn't know how to react, never having been called a slut before, but with what she was doing now she couldn't deny it. That was upsetting, but she didn't have time to think about it. While she stood obediently in front of two couples on the couch, the man lifted her skirt right up to her waist. With a practiced gesture he pushed her legs apart and ran his hands up the soft insides of her thighs. Standing there with her bush exposed, she waited for the inevitable. When it came it wasn't a finger penetration; the stranger pulled her labia apart, showing his friends her glowing pink sex. He probed and stroked. She bit her lip and stayed there, avoiding eye contact, but the oozing moisture gave her away. Someone took her tray. Another man came up behind her and gently enveloped both breasts in his large hands, massaging them and pinching where it counts. This was embarrassing, but she couldn't, wouldn't stop it. She never learned who it was.

Now the guy's wife called the submissive husband over. She reached out and squeezed his penis, hard, stroking and causing an erection. He didn't dare move. Helen's tormentor repeatedly jabbed two fingers into her while rubbing her clit with his thumb; she felt the contractions coming, unstoppable, overwhelming her. Her knees felt weak, she let out a whimper and came. At the same time Harold's tormentor repeatedly mistreated his aching cock, eventually swirling its helmet in her mouth while yanking on its shaft. Groaning, he too felt the contractions; his tormentor aimed his orgasmic discharge at his pants and shoes, to remain there disgracing him for the rest of the event. Each of the submissives saw the other's debauchery, witnessed by two dozen guests.

Other guests were more sympathetic. One friendly fellow explained things to Helen while sampling her strawberries and the soft undersides of her boobs. Though it wasn't her place, she hesitantly asked him how couples came into such a daring, exclusive group. He described the initiation: "After a couple gets nominated they visit one of these hookup parties and each of them is stripped naked and fucked by a randomly chosen member of the opposite sex. Does that shock you? The whole group gathers around to watch and to see whether they can handle it. If they can they're admitted, but only by unanimous vote. After all, each woman has to be willing to be fucked by the new man, and each man has to find the new wife attractive. The group is pretty stable, though, not many new members lately. It's as if we all know what a unique privilege it is to indulge in this sort of thing, a new sex partner every month."

The pairing began, women volunteering to come up and pick a lover for the weekend. Most of the ensuing fondling by the newly paired couple was pretty routine, though a few were more flamboyant. One of the women in a low-cut v-neck dress had her breasts exposed while her new lover explored them; she seemed to revel in it, puling her shoulders back and turning to give everyone a good look at her stiff nipples. Several skirts were lifted as men got a preview of their new partners' cunts and asses. You would think that women would try to keep their skirts down with everyone watching, but these women didn't. The two women in the see-through tops got the most public attention. After all, they were asking for it.

Helen's new friend explained that each new couple would go to the woman's house. It worked better that way because women need their toiletries and cosmetics and wardrobes of provocative apparel. The men could make do with a toothbrush. When everyone had been picked the couples quickly departed, anxious to sample each other's intimacy. Two couples, though, made an arrangement to adjourn to the same house for some mutual showing off and swapping. Another newly paired couple asked Branwyn along for a threesome. She asked Brad, who magnanimously approved, and they were off.

After the party the submissives cleaned things up, Helen still aching with anticipation, wondering when and how Brad would take advantage of her. She didn't have to wait long. As the two were putting away the final glasses he told them to go to their room, put on what was laid out on the bed, and come to his bedroom on the second floor. She found a shelf bra that lifted but left her nipples exposed, and a diaphanous baby-doll nightgown that tucked under the bra and reached just to her crotch, though the only tie was right under her breasts and the rest flared out, exposing everything if she didn't stand still. Harold found nothing, so he came along in his soiled tux.

Entering the master bedroom suite where they had never been before the couple found Brad splayed out on the king-sized bed, naked, his cock already half-erect. Harold was embarrassed to see Brad's large cock; his own was still sticking out of his tux, shriveled and puny.

Turning his head, Brad announced, "Helen, you will spend the night with me in my bed. You are not to be passive, but to respond like any other woman. Harold, you are to strip and lie beside the bed while I make love to your wife. You'll find a yoga mat rolled up there, and you may grab a pillow and a blanket from the closet. Once you're settled you may not raise your head above the level of the bed without permission."

Harold scurried about setting up his mat while his wife stood looking exposed and vulnerable in the soft light. She couldn't take her eyes off Brad's penis, that she knew would penetrate her soon. Brad looked up at her standing over him, legs apart, her pussy right in front of his face and already blooming open like a flower. Her hard, extended nipples swayed above him, lifted up and out. From his angle her bra separated the tips of her tits from the rest of her body. She folded her arms behind her back without being asked, and flipped her hair behind her with a toss of her head, aching to show Brad how attractive she was.

"Slaveboy, I have one more task for you. I'm going to fuck your wife. Come over behind her and strip her for me."

Dutifully the submissive husband unhooked her bra to let her pendulous boobs swing free, and untied her nightgown. It drifted to the floor leaving her naked and ready. He burned with the knowledge that he was offering his wife's favors to her new lover. "My wife is ready for you, master."

Brad sent Harold to his mat again. He told Helen, "For the rest of the night you won't call me master, just talk like any other lover. When I slide my fingers over your pussy I can feel that it's soaked. Do you know why?"

"It's because I'm excited, you excite me, I'm turned on."

"There's another reason. Your body is preparing you to get fucked. It's lubricating your cunt to get ready to accept a cock." Lean over and swirl it in your mouth."

Helen leaned, her boobs trembling, and cupped Brad's penis and balls in her palms, staring at them like a forbidden treasure. Hesitantly she took the helmet of his large member into her mouth, swirling it with her tongue. It was warm, and tasted a little salty. He reached down and tweaked a nipple, hard, making Helen gasp, but she continued with her duties.

"Well, my cock-sucking slut", Brad continued as she sucked and swirled, "I'm about to make you break your vow of faithfulness to that creature beside my bed. How do you feel about that?"

She turned toward her master, taking his huge stiff cock in one hand. "Master, um, sir, um, I know it's for the best, we have an agreement, we thought this might happen when we came here tonight. But when I'm here I belong to you, not to him. I'm a little frightened of the consequences, but I want it, I want it badly, I need your cock inside me, just looking at it and touching it makes my head swim, I..."

"Come here and lie beside me."

Helen slid in beside her master, reveling in that head-to-toe contact of naked lovers. A thrill ran through her whole body. She climbed on top of him and guided her tits into his mouth, one after the other. She felt the warm wetness on her tits, the pinch of his teeth. He rolled her over, kissed her on the mouth and lowered his head to her neck, between her boobs, down her belly to her soaked cunt. No one had ever kissed her there before - the feelings astonished her. Brad licked up and down between her swollen, retracted lips, slipping his tongue into her tunnel, teasing her clit. He gently grabbed it between his teeth and pulled, making her moan. Another wave of lubrication oozed out of her as she lifted her hips, giving herself to her master.

"You liked that, didn't you, Mrs. Yodersohn," Brad teased, his face glistening with her juices. She could only moan. "Now get ready."

Brad slid up his new lover's body, pausing as his erection touched her pussy lips. She trembled, ready, knowing what was about to happen, hoping it would happen. They looked each other straight in the eye as his cock slowly penetrated. She thought of Holy Leader and of Harold's relatively ineffective lovemaking, and then only of overwhelming pleasure as Brad eased his way inside. His cock was so big that it touched her in all the right places at once. He began slowly pumping, each thrust going in a little deeper, a new voyage of discovery for the na•ve submissive. She gasped and cooed and cried.

"What's wrong? Am I hurting you?"

"No, no, it feels so wonderful I can't stand it. This is the first time in my life I've been filled, really filled, I'm aching for more even as it's happening. I've missed so much. Fuck me more, please, I don't care about my marriage vows - or anything else. Take me, use me, please, don't go easy, just don't stop. Oh, I'm such a terrible slut with my husband right there but I don't care."

Brad penetrated deeply a few more strokes, growing rougher and more insistent. He squeezed Helen's trembling boobs, swaying back and forth as she squirmed under him. Then he withdrew; Helen tried to pull him back in again, pulling on his ass with her small fingers, but he was insistent.

"Slide over to the other side of the bed, face away from me."

Overcome with disappointment, apprehensive that she had somehow failed him, that Brad's lovemaking was over just as it started, she obeyed. Brad slid in behind her though, threw an arm around her waist and snaked his cock into her from behind. Surprised, she felt that overwhelming pleasure again in a position she had never experienced, that living, responsive quivering thing pushing up inside her body again. Brad lifted her upper leg, slid in deeper, and commanded Harold to sit up just this once to see what was happening. A head emerged in front of Helen's swollen, filled pussy.

"What do you see, my boy?"

"Oh, master, I see your penis penetrating my wife's vagina. You're having your way with her, and I cannot object."

"How do you feel about that, Mr. Yodersohn? Use your new words."

"I know it's your right. She's my wife, but you have the right to, um, fuck her and use her as you see fit. She's beautiful that way, giving the ultimate surrender to you. It's for the best. After all, we have an agreement. I'm willingly sacrificing her for you."

Harold was dismissed for the night, able to hear but not see Helen's sexual submission. Brad screwed his new feminine prize from behind; he pulled her up on her hands and knees and fucked her doggie style, her boobs swaying as she groaned. He pulled her to the side of the bed on her back, forced her legs apart, and entered her standing beside the bed, her whole body shaking with every savage stroke. Helen was lost in an erotic haze, moaning and crying, clutching at her lover, digging her fingernails into his ass to pull him in, bucking up to meet his strokes. Her face and torso turned crimson, her nipples felt like they would explode. Finally she lifted up with a scream, stiffened, and her whole body vibrated as she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life, different from the frightening one she had felt on the board the week before or the humiliating one at the swingers' party. Brad didn't let her rest; as soon as she calmed down he was at it again, sliding into her willing cunt until her vaginal contractions overwhelmed her again. This time Brad released into her with a roar, filling her with stroke after stroke of his white gift.

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