Fifty Ways To Please Your Lover

byadam applebiter©

"When you get bored of me and go back to her-"

"B wouldn't have me back... Not under those circumstances." Robbie started washing me. I put my hands up on the wall of the shower so he could lather me from top to toe.

"Well, eventually, I may get bored of having so many orgasms and ditch you. I'm sure B would try to mend your broken heart." I moved my feet apart slightly as he soaped my back. Robbie didn't need any further invitation to work his fingers between my butt cheeks and caress my asshole.

"So you can't ever ditch me, because you're the only thing between me and life as a sex toy for a beautiful but perverted woman." He was taking his sweet time washing my ass. I didn't mind.

"Oh, you poor thing." I relaxed as he probed with a soapy finger. It slipped past my sphincter easily enough. Was he going to take me right here in the shower?

"I know. People take advantage of me because I'm blind." His finger slipped back out. He reached for the showerhead, unhooked it and rinsed me off, holding it almost touching my skin so the needles of hot water tingled. It was very relaxing.

"It's a cruel world."

"Isn't that the truth?"



"Are you going to waste all night talking?" Translation: Robbie, just shut up and fuck me.

"No." He turned off the water. I guess that means we're not doing it in the shower.

* * * * *

"There's some lubricant in the drawer." Robbie pointed in the general direction of the bedside table.

"I know." I'd found it on our first night together. I got it out now and handed it to Robbie before flopping onto the bed. "How do you want me?" It was a loaded question.

"First things first." Robbie put the lubricant down on the table and settled beside me on the bed. He leant over me to kiss my shoulder, that being where his lips settled first. I rolled over onto my back and guided his face ever so gently to my tits. Robbie is really good with nipples and this time was no different. Having my breasts kissed, caressed and my nipples sucked is one of my favourite things. They ached at Robbie's touch and my already hard nipples sent tingles through me, all the way to my groin, as he grazed them with his teeth. When I got back from work, I was so keyed up I just wanted him right away. Now, I didn't care if he took all night getting to the point. One of the things that make Robbie so special is his lack of haste. The other thing that makes Robbie so special, his touch, was demanding my complete attention right now.

He took the scenic route from my tits, finding plenty to occupy his tongue in the region of my belly button while his hands strayed over my ribs and back up towards my armpits, driving me to distraction. I so wanted to touch myself, but that's Robbie's job.

I sighed a lot as he caressed me, but I didn't speak. What could I say? Words of encouragement? Robbie already knew how well he was doing by my physical reactions. Anyway, there's something decadently wonderful about simply lying back and letting that much pleasure, that much sensation, just happen to me.

As Robbie's mouth found the fuzzy mound of my pubis, pinching my hair between his lips and pulling gently at it as he slowly snuck up on my clit, his hands stroked my waist and back as he reached under my arching body. I couldn't be passive a moment more. My hands mauled my tits. I squeezed my nips between fingers and thumbs, pulling at them until I gasped. When I first got breasts, I played like this a lot: so much I started to produce a little milk when I squeezed hard. I wondered how Robbie would respond if I started lactating again? I think, being Robbie, he'd love it. I know I would. The kinky image in my head, of Robbie suckling properly on my tits, made my insides churn and my already moist pussy throb with lust. Maybe I'm not as vanilla as I thought I was.

Robbie's lips closed around my clitoral hood, his incisors pressed against the top of its cowl, urging it to come out and play. The tip of his tongue darted against it, making my hips buck reflexively.

"You took your sweet time." I purred as he finally stopped teasing me. My hands squeezed and kneaded my breasts as he coaxed my clit out of hiding and laved it with his tongue, precipitating a sudden and very welcome climax. "Oh...Oh!...Oh Jesus! Yes, Robbie...Yes....Oh God... that's good...Yesss..." I've tried coming quietly. It just never seems to happen.

Robbie kept his attention on my clit, kept me climaxing steadily for as long as he could, until I stopped yelling, then he moved just a little further down the bed, between my spread thighs, to lap at the juices leaking from my untouched pussy.

He licked me so gently, seeking out every last trace of my juices, making me moan with delight as he sucked those dangly labia of mine right into his mouth, pinched them hard between his lips and pulled gently back to stretch them until the sprung free of his 'kiss'. He used his fingers too, peeling them apart further and further until their elasticity held my vagina open to his probing tongue. Add it to the list of gift's Robbie's given me: For the first time in my life, I love those labia.

Whoa! I'd forgotten where Robbie was heading until his tongue left my pussy gaping and pursued a trickle of my juices down to my ass hole. Ok. This was new. His tongue didn't just brush over or around it, he probed that tiny knot of muscle as if trying to get inside me right there and then. I lifted my legs and pulled my knees up by my tits. There was nothing in Robbie's way now.

He lifted my ass off the bed a little and pressed his lips in an open-mouthed kiss over the whole wide ring of darker skin that surrounded my ass, his tongue still persistently nuzzling my sphincter. It tickled, but in a good way. It was the dirtiest, kinkiest thing I've ever done and it felt good... really good. I found myself wondering if I would come again just from having Robbie's tongue teasing my ass. I was so near to it that it was a real possibility. I clenched and unclenched my muscles down there, trying not to be entirely passive. Robbie seemed to like that. His tongue worked harder and faster. I'm sure I felt just the tip of it easing my sphincter open a fraction. The tingling sensations Robbie was inflicting down there were running right through me. My pussy was contracting, pulsing at his touch, more of my juices being forced out to trickle down towards his tongue. I was so close to another climax but just hanging there on the brink. It was divine torture.

Robbie's hand moved from under my butt: His thumb slipped into my pussy, his fingers pressed over my clit and onto my pubes. The thumb wiggled inside me, pressing up against the back of my clit, just short of where he knew my G spot was. It was new and it was wonderful. I howled as I started to climax again, with Robbie's tongue now definitely easing open my ass. I squirted again, against Robbie's palm as he palpitated my pussy with his thumb. Not as much as before, but enough. The fluids gushing from me poured down over Robbie's face and tongue. The sound of him slurping at them was at once obscene and so so sexy. My climax had come on suddenly and it was over just as quickly, leaving me gasping for breath and trembling with fatigue. My legs shook most, still pointing up at the ceiling.

Robbie, sensing my exhaustion, moved his mouth away from my ass and his hand from my pussy, leaving me feeling suddenly and terribly empty, bereft of his caress, his penetration. I felt incomplete without some part of him inside me. He eased my legs down onto the bed and rolled me onto my side. I curled into a foetal ball and felt him snuggle close, his hard-on, so long neglected, pressed between my butt cheeks and along my soaking, sated pussy. He pressed his chest to my back and held me tight, nuzzling my neck while I sobbed and breathed the heavy, ragged breaths of sexual exhaustion.

It was only as we cuddled that I realized I was crying. I tried to turn my face to Robbie's, to tell him thank you for... His lips touched my cheek, tasting the salt tears. He moved with that beguiling certainty he has, kissing his way to my nose, flicking at the mucus on my top lip. Well? He'd tasted every other secretion. Why not?

As his lips passed close to mine, I pulled his head down and kissed him hard, our teeth briefly colliding. I didn't even think about what his mouth had just been doing, where that tongue that he was invading my mouth with had last intruded. It just didn't matter. Right now, right here, Robbie ruled my world.

* * * * *

"I was supposed to be treating you." I snuggled against him, the wet moisture on my thighs and on the sheets felt cold, but Robbie's arms and my insides felt so warm.

"It was a treat." He nuzzled my hair. Robbie is so good at cuddling. I think it's because his whole world is tactile.

"But you didn't come." And I was keenly aware that I had come... a lot. Housekeeping was due a call and my reputation was going to be in tatters. So what? I was done with being embarrassed. Robbie had given me two 'porn star' squirting orgasms, which had never happened before. It had been, arguably, the greatest sex of my life, and I just didn't care how many people knew it.

"I didn't finish." Robbie's cock was still pressed between my thighs, his head nestling, hot against my pussy. "But as B says, always lick it before you stick it."

"That's so romantic." Irony isn't wasted on Robbie.

"I don't think it's meant to be. B isn't big on romance."

"The way Charleton Heston wasn't big on gun control?"

"She's not quite that bad." Robbie sounded defensive of his mentor. I guess I appreciate his loyalty. "She did tell me that her first time with Parry was very romantic. She said it was like a wedding night. But that was because Parry wanted it that way. Usually, guys don't want romance."


"Well... I like it. That's why, this morning, I told her 'no'."

"So you think this is romantic?"

"More romantic than if I'd just squirted some lube on your ass and stuck my dick in." Robbie actually sounded defensive.

"I'm teasing you." I pressed my thighs harder together around his cock. "Robbie, you have to be the most incredibly naïve guy ever, because you act like you really don't know how good at this you are."


"Sex. Giving a woman pleasure. Being an attentive and sensitive lover... Robbie... You are amazing." Not something I'd make a habit of saying, because it might make him complacent, but Robbie is truly exceptional and I want him to know that.

"Thanks. But I can't take all the credit."

"I know. You had a very good teacher." I was thinking of B.

"I've had three very good teachers." Robbie corrected me.

"So? I'll stipulate two, but you can't include me because, if I'm a good teacher, how come you never listen to me?"

"I do listen to you. I just get things wrong. Like thinking 'thank you' means 'let's just be friends' or 'don't fuck other girls'"

"And thinking 'you can have my ass if you want' means 'but you don't have to.'"

"I told you already. I'm not done yet." Robbie took one arm from around me and leant back, breaking contact with me to stretch for the lubricant. "But since you can't wait..." He handed me the bottle.

"Like this?" We were still in the spoons position.

"Why not?"

"Ok." I spread a little lube between my legs, feeling Robbie's seemingly permanent hard-on against the back of my hand. Why not this position? Finn had wanted me on my hands and knees but Finn was into power trips and I think he enjoyed having me that submissive. Robbie's way might feel better. Given his track record, I was inclined to trust him.

"Ready?" He moved a little to get the head of his cock in place.

"Robbie..." I was about to tell him to stop asking stupid questions but his first push took my breath away. "Whoa! Is that all of it?" His cock had sunk in a long way and it felt enormous in that tight – tighter – hole.

"Not quite." He eased closer, slowly pushing the last couple of inches into me. I knew he was right inside me now because his pubic hair tickled against my spread butt cheeks. He stopped moving. "It'll be easier if you pull your knees up a bit."

I bent my legs more, moving my knees up towards my tits. It did feel less massively tight, more comfortable. Robbie started to move in those slow circles he's so fond of. I wanted to reach between my legs and touch myself but I was curious to see how aroused Robbie could get me just doing what he was doing, so I didn't give in to the temptation to play with my clit.

"Oh, Robbie... You feel so big... Oh Jesus!... That's so hot..." I let Robbie know I was enjoying this too. My pussy was aching for some kind of contact but I ignored it, wondering how far Robbie's cock in my ass could take me. "Fuck me, Robbie... Fuck me in the ass..." Well, Finn always liked me to talk dirty while he was doing it. I figured Robbie wouldn't mind. "Yes, Robbie... Yes... I want it all... All of you in my ass... Fuck me, Robbie... Fuck me..."

It worked. Robbie left off the gentle hip swaying movement and started to pump in and out. Jesus! It felt good. There was a real possibility of me coming... not just coming, but coming first... and that without anyone touching my pussy. I could feel the walls of my pussy throbbing; the hot, hard cock sliding in and out of my asshole only made my pussy feel all the more empty. It was getting harder and harder to talk as Robbie's thrusts got harder and harder, faster and faster. Surely, this wouldn't last long.

"Oh... Oh Jesus, yes... Oh, Robbie... I'm... I'm going to come... any... moment... Ooh!... Ohhhhh... Robbie... Come... with... me... Come... inside... me... Ro-o-o-bbie!..." I started to climax as I felt Robbie's frantically thrusting cock squirt right up inside my rectum. His body tensed against me; his arms around me contracted so tight I could hardly breath. I just shook and trembled in his embrace as I came, my insides knotting up for the umpteenth time today. It didn't feel quite like any other orgasm I'd ever had. Not better, not worse, but different.

Robbie's thrusting slowed but didn't stop. He moaned as his own movements pressed the sensitive tip of his cock against my insides. He didn't stop moving though, even when he started to soften: not until he slipped out.

I could feel his semen inside me, oozing towards my asshole, which I'm sure was still gaping. It shocked me that I briefly wondered what it would feel like to have B 'clean me up' like she was doing in the picture over the bed. I shied away from that line of thought. It was definitely not going to happen... ever.

"Thank you, Ellie." Robbie murmured as he nuzzled past my hair to find my ear. Then he was still and quiet for the longest time. I thought he'd fallen asleep. Guys do. I let the silence continue because it felt good to just lie in his arms after so much activity. I was tired too.

Eventually though, I felt the need to get out of bed and clean up a little. As I tried to wiggle out of Robbie's embrace, I found he was still awake. He let go of me right away.

"I think I need another shower." He said as I sat up.

"We both do, Darling." I was very aware how sticky and slippery my thighs and everything between them was. Robbie tried to sit up too, but I put a hand on his chest and urged him to lie back down. "Give me a minute. Ok?" Much as I was willing to share with Robbie, there are some things a girl likes to do on her own. Getting rid of an ass full of semen was definitely in that category.

"Sure." Robbie's bright. He understood. He lay back and put his hands behind his head.

* * * * *

"Did you enjoy that?" We were in the shower and I was washing Robbie's cock very, very thoroughly. Predictably, it was responding to that by swelling in my hands. I figured it was relatively safe to handle right now though: not as hair-triggered as earlier.

"Yes I did. So did you." Robbie hadn't stopped grinning yet.

"I didn't expect to come. Is that what it's like with B?"

"Not really. But it's not a contest. It was wonderful and, even if you never want me to do that again, you're going to have a hard time coming up with something to displace that memory."

"Who said I wouldn't let you do it again?" Not me. I was pretty sure of that.

"Nobody, but I don't take you for granted."

"Robbie, you are just too sweet for words." I had to kiss him for that. "But F-Y-I, that is the first time I've ever come without someone touching my pussy."

"Really?" Robbie beamed with pride.

"Really. And that means you will be allowed to do it again and you will be required to do it at least as well. Am I making myself clear?" I had his cock in one soapy hand and his balls cradled in the other. I'm guessing I had his complete attention.

"Clear enough that a even a blind man could see it." He smirked and tried to kiss me. I moved to make sure he didn't miss my mouth. I'm getting quite used to Robbie making jokes about his sight.

"What's that?" I broke off kissing him because I heard someone outside the bathroom.

"Housekeeping." Robbie said matter-of-factly. "I called them while you were in here alone. Told them that the hottie from the coffee shop had ejaculated all over the bed and could they please change the sheets because the only wet patch I want in my bed is right between her thighs."

"Liar!" I squeezed his balls just hard enough to get him on tippie-toes.

"Ok... Not quite in those words... But it is Housekeeping." He relaxed as my grip did.

"It was never going to stay a secret anyway, was it?"

"Hardly. Tonight or tomorrow morning. The only difference being we have a clean bed to sleep in."

"Hello?" I shouted at the bathroom door.

"Yes Miss?" A female voice answered from just the other side of the door.

"Could you leave us some extra bath towels too, please?"

"Yes Miss."

"Well?" I turned back to a stunned looking Robbie. "We're going to need them and they know whose here with you anyway." I figured I might as well surrender to the inevitable. I am so done with being embarrassed. Yes, I've said that before. I'll say it again too, until I really believe it. "Now, where were we before Housekeeping interrupted us?"

"Here." Robbie closed the gap and opened his mouth.

* * * * *

"Can I put the TV on?" We were in the reception room, waiting for room service to deliver dinner. Robbie had made a strong case for staying in tonight and since Housekeeping knew I was up here, there was no further point in trying to be invisible.

"Sure." Robbie got up and retrieved the remote control from a drawer. "There you go." He handed me the controller as he sat back down beside me and lifted his arm for me to snuggle under. I realized he probably didn't have a whole lot of use for a TV.

"I'm sorry, Robbie. I wasn't thinking. It doesn't matter." I leant forward and put the controller on the coffee table.


"Yes?" I turned my face up towards his.

"Have you gone blind and not bothered to tell me?"

"No... Why?"

"So it's not appropriate for you to live like you have. If you want to watch TV, you watch TV." His tone was gentle enough to not make his words feel like a reprimand.

"Ok... Thanks." I reached for the controller again, settling back against him and turning once more to kiss my gallant boyfriend.

I found a news channel and caught up on what the rest of the world thought was important. Robbie listened, quietly. As usual, most of it was depressing. There was nothing I wanted to watch after that, so I switched the TV off.

"Dinner!" Robbie heard the elevator before I did. There was a knock at the door, proving him right.

"I'll get it. Why don't you put some music on?" I disentangled myself from his arms and padded, barefoot to the door.

"Sure. What would you like to hear?" Robbie got up too and went into his study.

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