tagRomanceFifty Years of Halloween Costumes

Fifty Years of Halloween Costumes


An elderly couple loves Halloween, almost as much as they love one another.

Sadly and tragically, Bonnie and Andy never had children. She couldn't because of a horse riding accident that happened to her when she was young, a lifetime ago. Ironically not fair that those couples who should have children don't and those couples, who abuse their children have an entire brood. Who knows, maybe had they had an entire brood of children, they would have abused them, too. I don't know.

A gift and not a right to have children, certainly, those couples who cannot have children are, typically, the ones who desperately want a child of their own. The yin and the yang of it, a balance in life that remains throughout the universe, the other shoe with no one allowed to experience happiness without experiencing sadness, call it whatever you want, living life is not easy. Yet, if the only thing wrong in the life of Bonnie and Andy is the fact that they cannot have children, then they should have a problem.

Notwithstanding the fact that they were unable to have a child, even an adopted one, living a comfortable, albeit simple life in the house his Daddy left him, when he died, they never earned the kind of money that made adoption an option either. Children are a big expense, especially when starting out their marriage by getting one or two children from an adoption agency. Married so young, it wasn't until they were married a dozen years that they missed not having children of their own. Nonetheless, treating them as if they're own, they spoiled the neighborhood children at Halloween by passing out toys, along with candy, and at Christmas, by playing Santa and Mrs. Claus.

Without doubt, they would have made for wonderful parents. Some couples grow old, mean and miserable, when they can't have kids. Do you remember Mr. Wilson on Dennis the Menace. He and Martha didn't have any children. Yeah, sure, she was a saint, that is, until she donned the leather in the bedroom, but he was a miserable bastard, which is why she was his dominatrix mistress, no doubt. "Hit me again, Martha, but harder this time." Anyway, this story isn't about George and Martha Wilson, it's about Bonnie and Andy.

In the case of Bonnie and Andy, instead of growing mean and miserable, as George Wilson had, savoring that spirit of adventure and naive innocence, not having children didn't stop them from preserving the excitement they felt when they first met as teenagers. Still young at heart, as if still children themselves, they lived in the moment and enjoyed every second of their lives together. It's just a tragic shame that children couldn't have shared in their fun, too.

Yet, life is not perfect for anyone. We all have our crosses to bear with some burdens that are heavier than others. Alas, had they had children, would Bonnie and Andy have stayed the same or would they have changed with the stress, demands, and responsibility of being round the clock parents? Who is to know? A reason in life for everything, maybe staying encapsulated, frozen in time, is the reason why God decided that they should be childless.

The story starts with them standing in front of the antique grandfather clock counting down the seconds that ticked away, as if they were two excited children awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus at Christmas.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one," counted Bonnie and Andy together.

As if counting down the old year at New Year's Eve to celebrate the New Year, which, of course, they did that, too, every year, Bonnie and Andy counted down from October 30th to October 31st. Halloween was a big deal to them. They loved Halloween, so much so that they were married on Halloween. Halloween was their wedding anniversary, too.

"Well, it's official. It's the stroke of midnight," said Bonnie.

"Happy Halloween, Bonnie," said Andy to his wife.

"Happy Anniversary, Andy, my love," said Bonnie giving him a smooch on the lips and a big hug.

Halloween, their favorite holiday, the day they met and were married two years later, being that it was also their wedding anniversary, too, October 31st would forever be their special day of memories. Every couple wishes they could have a marriage like that of Bonnie and Andy's. Their love grows stronger every year.

Totally committed to one another, there's nothing she won't do for her husband, as there is nothing that he won't do for his wife. When one is too weak to shoulder their load, the other takes it from their shoulders. Isn't that the kind of marriage we all wished for, when we make the decision to say those two words, "I do," before God and friends and family? Yet, too often, those words change to "I won't," and a divorce attorney is the only one benefitting from two people divorcing.

"I'm all excited. I can't wait to see your costume," said Andy. "What is it? Tell me."

"It's a surprise, Andy. I can't tell you what my costume is, but I can tell you that it will knock your socks off," she said with a laugh.

"Oh, baby, I can't wait. I haven't been this excited, let me think," he said with a chuckle, "since last Halloween," he said laughing, as if he was 8-years-old, instead of being the 68-years-old elderly man that he was.

"Well, it will take me some time to get dressed, lover boy. You'll just have to be patient and wait," she said teasing him with a sexy look and pushing a playful index finger at his chest. "My costume surprise will be worth your wait. I can tell you that much."

"I dunno, Bonnie, you'll have to go a long way to beat the Britney Spears costume you wore last year with that white button blouse, short skirt, and your shaved beaver with no panties. Wow that was hot, Bonnie," he said gently and slowly feeling her panty clad pussy between her legs, while French kissing her. "I get an erection just thinking of you in that sexy outfit."

"Oh, Andy, you're going to get me all wet. I'm already in the mood for some hanky panky later," she said wrapping her arms around his neck and returning his passion with another long, wet kiss, while reaching down with an experienced and delicate hand to cup his balls through his pants.

"When you dressed as Britney," he said looking in her eyes, as he had done a thousand times before, "you looked just as I remembered you looked at our senior prom back in May of 1960, except, of course, you were wearing panties, back then," he said with a dirty laugh.

"You weren't so bad yourself, hot shot, enough to make me marry you that same year, four months after our high school graduation." she said with a sexy laugh. "You made for a good George Clooney, last year, even better than the original, as far as I'm concerned. You've always been my Clark Gable, sugar," she said reaching around to squeeze his ass, before reaching around in front again to feel his cock.

"Thank you, doll," he said lifting the back of her skirt and feeling her round ass through her panty. "You still make me feel, as if I'm 18-years-old, Bonnie."

"Well, let's hope my costume this year gets you as hard as my Britney Spears outfit did last year," she said running her palm the length of his cock and pausing at the head of it to pay his growing erection special attention with her fingertips and teasing it to an erection.

"Thanks baby and you've always been my Jean Harlow," he said drawing her closer to kiss her, while reaching down and around her to cup her still, sweet, firm, round ass. "I've always loved your ass, Bonnie. You still have such a hot ass."

Two people still so in love, how endearing it is to see a couple so happy and so sexually satisfied with one another, after being married for fifty blissful years. The foreplay, and they did a lot of that, was just as important, if not more important, than the sex they always had later. It was the foreplay, the kissing, the hugging, the touching, the feeling, the caressing, the groping, the sexy talk, and the laughing that not only got them in the mood but also made their sex even steamier. Their way to maintain the passion and the sexual desire was by using Halloween to dress up as someone else, a celebrity, and to use that playfulness to keep their fires burning as hot as they were on their Honeymoon fifty years ago today.

"Well, let me go and get ready and I'll be right back in a shake of a lamb's tail," said Bonnie giving her husband of 50 years a long, wet kiss and a big, fat hug.

"Hurry back, sweetie," he said feeling a big handful of her abundant breast, before taking the liberty of coaxing out her nipple with an experienced fingertip.

"Fresh," she said slapping his hand away and laughing.

She was so damn sexy, the sexiest woman in the world, as far as he was concerned. If he could have any woman, any celebrity alive or dead, he wouldn't even have to think about it, he'd take his beautiful Bonnie, his bride. Just as if she could have any man alive or dead, she'd take her handsome Andy. Made for one another, if anyone could complete another person, they did.

Andy went in the guest bedroom to change into his costume. Always a surprise, he couldn't wait to see what Bonnie dreamt up to wear this year. Every year was something different, something more exciting, something more provocative, and something more revealing. Just for them, their private erotic holiday filled with sex and role play, Halloween was their way to not only celebrate the holiday but also their anniversary, while adding spice to their marriage by dressing in sexy and erotic celebrity costumes.

"Holy Moly, holy cow, and holy smokes. Wow," he said impatiently waiting for Bonnie to return. He knew, without doubt, with this being their 50th anniversary, that this Halloween costume will be a real Duesie.

It was so many years ago now, but Andy never thought Bonnie could ever beat her costume, when she dressed as Marilyn Monroe in that white dress with the flowing skirt that shot up with a gust of wind to expose her bright white, cotton panties. With a mirror resting on the living room carpet, not shy about flashing her panty to him, leaning forward, while blowing kisses, she pixie posed and he stood in front of her taking photos with his Polaroid instant camera, while the electric fan blew up her dress. That was so hot, but not as hot as the sex they had later.

She wore a blonde wig and bright, red lipstick. With Bonnie's full breasts, slim waistline, and shapely figure, and perfect porcelain complexion, she looked much like Marilyn did, back then. Definitely, without doubt, not a copy, but the real McCoy, she was his very own version of Marilyn Monroe, his sexy movie starlet.

Yet, the very next year, she did the impossible. She surpassed even the Marilyn Monroe costume, when she dressed as Cleopatra, Liz Taylor's character role in Cleopatra. Then, the following year, she dressed as Judy Garland and played an X-rated Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, by giving him outrageous sex. There was just something about seeing her hair in braids and her wearing that dress that Dorothy wore in the Wizard of Oz made him want to have sex with her all night long, and he did.

"No, don't take off the costume. Leave the dress. I love you in this dress. Just remove your panties, while I pretend you're Judy Garland, as Dorothy. Yeah, Bonnie, my sexy baby, I want to have sweet sex with you, as if you're Judy Garland dressed as Dorothy."

"Oh, Andy, you're so romantic, and you're so fresh. Follow the yellow prick road," she said laughing and they both laughed. "Give me more of that cock, you cowardly lion."

He'll never forget it, a forbidden taboo back then, relegated to whores and hookers, even for a married couple, Halloween that year was the first time that she allowed him to cum in her mouth, instead of her hand or in her pussy.

"Are you sure about this, Bonnie."

"Yes, Andy, I want you to cum in my mouth."

A big deal for Bonnie, that was the first time she allowed her husband to ejaculate in her mouth. The beginning of a good thing, she never denied him the pleasure of oral satisfaction after that. Only, now she must remove her teeth for her to feel his cock enough to give him the same tension and level of resistance. Yet, one to always go with the flow, Andy preferred her gum jobs to her blowjobs, anyway.

"Damn, woman, if I knew your gum job would feel this good, I would have had the dentist pull your teeth out years ago."

"Oh, stop," she said laughing at his obvious enjoyment of her gum job.

Oh, my God. He just remembered, by remembering her joking with him to follow the yellow prick road. That year she dressed up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was a memory he'd never forget. With condoms littered on yellow construction paper that went from downstairs to upstairs, all the way down the hall and into their bedroom, she gave him a sexy Halloween card that read, "Follow the yellow prick road."

A way for them to preserve their inner child and to remain young at heart forever, no matter what their age, dressing up at Halloween was their way to be creative, while doing something as a couple. They worked hard all year long, Bonnie as a waitress at the diner and Andy as a warehouse worker for the hardware chain. Neither of them made much money, but they earned enough combined to put food on the table, keep gas in their car, and maintain the roof over their heads. It wasn't money that was important; it was there love. So long as they had one another, they didn't want or need for anything else.

Now, both retired and collecting social security, they tightened their belts even tighter, while counting their pennies, but not at the sacrifice of Halloween. Halloween was their once a year splurge. Besides, it didn't cost them very much to make their costumes. It cost them more in what toys and candy they passed out to the neighborhood children. With the creation of their next costume in mind all year long, by saving this, using that, and buying whatever else they needed from the second hand clothing store downtown, they had as much fun shopping for what they needed to complete their costumes, as they did surprising one another in what they chose to wear.

Married since 1960, when they were both barely 18-years-old, they've had 50 years of happiness, of wedding anniversaries, and Halloween costumes. They were even married wearing a Halloween costume and all the ushers and maids were made to dress in their choice of Halloween costumes, too. He dressed as Frankenstein, still a big draw movie back then, and she dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein. Even the guests attending their wedding on Halloween were invited and encouraged to dress in costumes for the holiday. It was as if being the guests of honor at their own personal Halloween masquerade ball and people talked about the fun they had at their wedding for years. They promised and even put it in their will, when they die, they want to be wearing the Halloween costume they wore when they were married.

Finally, she was ready and he couldn't believe his eyes, when she came walking down the stairs looking as pretty as she did fifty years ago.

"No way. Be still my heart," he said clutching his chest, as if he was about to have a heart attack. She still made him go all soft in the belly. She still gave him butterflies. She was still his cat's meow. "Meow," he said with a laugh.

Wearing a short, black cocktail dress and a long, dark wig, she was dressed as Angelina Jolie. To add even more to the realism, she even had Angelina's longitude and latitude numbers of her adopted children written on her body in ink. He'd have fun later scrubbing that off in the shower with her. Then, when she turned around the other way, wearing a mask on the back of her head and wearing half of a short parochial school skirt with the prerequisite white blouse and with that side of the wig dyed a lighter color, she was dressed as Jennifer Aniston.

A two for one costume, never did he suspect that he'd have his pleasure doubled by making love to Angelina Jolie from the front and Jennifer Aniston from the back. Oh, baby. After they did everything else, he couldn't wait to take her anally, ever since they added anal sex to their sexual repertoire so many years ago.

"Well, what do you think, Andy? Two costumes in one."

"Wow, hot, sexy mamma. Oh, my God, Bonnie, be still my heart. I love your costume and I love you," he said giving her a hug and a long, wet kiss.

What made it even more special was that he was dressed as Brad Pitt, albeit an older version of Brad Pitt, more like the Benjamin Button Brad Pitt, when he made that movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. So connected in life, as they were in love, this year, they were even connected when picking out their Halloween costumes. It shouldn't have surprised them, but it did, that he had chosen a Brad Pitt costume without having known that she'd dressed as both Angelina Jolie and as Jennifer Aniston. They haven't done that since he dressed as Rhett Butler and she dressed as Scarlett O'Hara from Gone with the Wind and when she dressed as Lucy, Lucille Ball, and he dressed as Ricky, Desi Arnaz, of I Love Lucy fame.

Having a light snack and sipping champagne, their sexy celebration would continue for the remainder of Halloween day. Teasing, hugging, kissing, touching, and enjoying one another, they'd have sex all through the early hours of the morning and then awaken late in the afternoon to get ready for the trick or treaters for Halloween that evening. Then, later, while still wearing their costumes, a big hit in their small neighborhood with the children, they'd passed out toys and candy to the kids.

"I'll feeling a little tired, Andy," yawned Bonnie.

"Me, too," yawned Andy.

"What if we took a nap and had hot sex when we wake up in the morning?"

"Good idea, Bonnie," he said giving her a kiss good night and holding her in a lover's embrace that he wished would last forever.

Even though they had taken their naps with the anticipation of staying up all night, it was late and they were both suddenly very tired, after all the excitement of revealing their costumes. Up early, already, it had been a long day and they weren't as young as they used to be. Expecting to have some hot sexy fun, as they usually do on Halloween, they changed their plans to have sex later, after they rested. Suddenly yawning and feeling so very tired, they went to bed and fell fast asleep, while still holding one another and while still wearing their costumes, something they've never done before.

"This is right where we found them Chief. They were holding one another, as if just having kissed, while sleeping in their Halloween costumes. We got a call from the neighbor, when they didn't pass out the toys and Halloween candy to the kids, something they've done every year for fifty years. Look at this," he said walking the Chief over to the open closet door. "They have an entire closet jam packed with Halloween costumes. We've since opened all the windows and turned off the furnace, but it's my guess and the coroner will make it official that they died from carbon monoxide poisoning."

"That's just terrible," said the Chief. "I knew them. They were good people. They were my friends. Halloween was their favorite holiday. Married for fifty years today, at least they died together in costume and while holding one another in their arms."

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