tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFight for Freedom Ch. 01

Fight for Freedom Ch. 01


Bill took a sip from his coffee and looked around the control room. Dan was making sure all the camera feeds were coming in cleanly. Lisa stood next to him, awaiting orders. He could do with a blow job, but there was no time for that right now. Today's episode of Fight For Freedom had four couples on it, and was going to be one of the most challenging yet.

The shows was eight episodes into its first "season" and gaining popularity among the underground scene. They were making enough money off the streaming alone to cover the costs of making it; the proceeds of the sales were pure profit.

He slid his hand up the inside of Lisa's thigh, and she shivered a bit as he reached under her tiny skirt. Her legs were slightly parted, but just slightly, and he ran his fingers up to just millimeters away from her bare crotch before sliding them back down. She whimpered through her gag, and he smiled. She'd been a loser on the first show, and he'd decided to buy her, captivated by her blue eyes and long, flowing blonde hair. Now she was his slave and administrative assistant, and he knew he'd gotten an incredible deal. She was a natural submissive, and had taken to slavery like a fish to water. Tonight she was wearing a tight blue halter top, held out by her perfectly-palm-sized breasts, a blue microskirt, and blue heels. And, of course, the steel collar riveted around her neck, the handcuffs holding her wrists together in front of her, the leg irons keeping her from taking long strides, and the blue ball gag in her mouth. After the last slave was sold tonight, he'd celebrate by bending her over the console.

But that was a while off still. He looked over at the monitor from camera 3, a wide view on the stage. All four couples were in place now, while techs moved between them, touching up make-up and making sure they'd all perform appropriately. The men all received little blue pills to make sure they were hard for the duration, while the women received a female equivalent that would have them all juiced up by the time their panties came off. As he watched, the techs moved back from each couple and waved down the giant boxes that covered the couples.

"What's our opening shot?" Dan asked, looking at the monitors.

"Catalina," Bill said without even thinking about it. She'd been the hostess for the whole season, and was hugely popular. The biggest request they'd gotten was to sell her off as well, and he couldn't say he hadn't considered it. Still, it was unwise in this line of work to sell off your employees without a damn good reason. It made it harder to find good people to work for you.

"Obviously," Dan said, rolling his eyes. "More detail?"

"Oh, right. Um. Start with a neck-to-waist view, then pull back. Camera...2, I think."

"Got it." Dan spoke into his headset.


"Camera 2, you're on opening," Dan's voice came over Sam's radio headset. "Neck to waist, then pull back for full-body."

"Got it," Sam said, lining up her camera to Catalina's mark. The opening shot was always on the hostess. Sam wished she had a body like that. Then again, around these folks, that might not be a good thing. Sam had seen entirely too many attractive young women sold off to unknown fates to want to join the people on stage.

"We're on in three," Bill's voice came out over the stage speakers. "Catalina, to your mark."

Catalina jiggled across the stage, as quickly as she could in her high-heeled boots and tight skirt. Sam set up the camera to show the upper half of Catalina's body, and heard Dan say, "Camera 2, perfect. Lighting, let's get just a little bit more on the hostess."

The lighting intensified a bit, shining just a bit off of Catalina's forehead, and a makeup artist trotted in to powder her. Sam looked at the composition and nodded. It looked pretty good. Catalina laughed at something the makeup artist said, her pearly-white teeth perfect, and Sam sighed. Even with the risks involved here, Sam couldn't help wanting to look like that.

She looked around, noting that the rest of the stage was basically ready to go, and checked her watch. Just over a minute until they were supposed to start.

"One minute," Bill said.

Sam hadn't gotten a good look at the male competitors, so she hadn't decided which one she was going to borrow yet. By the nature of their business, the slavers mostly dealt in women, and most of the folks working here were male. Part of the rationale behind the show had been to improve sales of male slaves, in fact, and it did seem to be working. While there were a few free women here, most of them were lesbians, and most of the rest were girlfriends of the senior executives, which meant that they were generally afraid that cheating on their boyfriends would get them collared and sold off as well. The only exceptions were Sam and Catalina, and since Catalina tended to go out clubbing after the shows, Sam usually had her pick of the male slaves to spend the night with before they got packaged up and sent off to their new owners.

The Asian guy in blue had had a nice chest, she had noticed that, and the blond in green had potential as well. She hadn't really seen the guys in red or yellow, though.

No rush. Plenty of time to decide after the show.

"We're live in ten..." Bill said, counting down, and Sam shifted her attention back to her camera. Catalina set her smile in place, and Sam admired the look. Her generously-sized breasts threatened to spill out of the top of the white leather corset she wore, and her tiny white leather skirt came down just enough to cover her well-rounded ass. White leather boots with a sizable heel completed the ensemble, and as Bill said, "And we're live," Catalina ran a perfectly-manicured tanned hand through her long black hair.

"Good evening, Masters and Mistresses, and welcome to another episode of Fight For Freedom, the darknet's favorite game show," Catalina said, flashing a perfect smile through ruby-red lips. "Tonight, our recruiters have gotten a bumper crop for us, and we have four newlywed couples ready to compete for the right to walk away from here with a nice fat check from the sales of their rivals." Sam zoomed the camera back, giving the viewers a full-length view of Catalina just as she turned toward the four boxes on the stage behind her. The camera followed Catalina's bouncing ass as she walked toward the green box, furthest toward stage right. She stood next to the seven-foot-tall box, and turned back to the camera with a smile. "Let's meet our contestants! First up, in green, we have Patrick and Deirdre Kelly, from New York!"

Catalina gestured, and the green box lifted straight up. Sam set her camera to a wide view of Catalina and the box, knowing that Felix on camera one would be panning up with the bottom edge of the box. Two pair of feet came into view, one bare and hairy, one wearing green pumps with two-inch heels. Green leather ankle cuffs on each, clipped together. A woman's pale and shapely legs, and a man's muscular ones, just slightly less pale. The bottom edge of a translucent green lace nightgown, just barely down to mid-thigh, and then a pair of green bikini panties just visible through it, across her narrow hips. Her flat stomach showed above the panties, as his tight green exercise shorts came into view, not really concealing his erection. She twisted a bit, and the green leather cuffs holding her wrists behind her back came into view, holding her to the green pole behind her back. His chest, muscular and well-defined, was covered in curly blond hair, becoming more visible as the box and camera continued upward. Her chest came into view, large breasts barely contained by the top of her nightgown, and then the green collar around her neck. Green spaghetti straps crossed her pale, freckle-covered shoulders, partly covered by her shoulder-length curly red hair. A green ring gag with a large rubber plug stretched her mouth wide. His collar came into view as her emerald-green eyes blinked in the sudden light. His mouth was filled by a green ball gag, and then his own blue eyes appeared just before his close-cropped blond hair.

Sam made sure her camera showed all of the couple just as Dan switched the feed over to her. Catalina reached over to stroke her hand through his hair. "Patrick used to be a truck driver, and Deirdre used to be a waitress," Catalina said. "They were both virgins until their honeymoon began two nights ago. They've only had sex three times, and only missionary. Isn't that adorable?"

Patrick tugged at the green leather cuffs holding him to his own green pole as Catalina leaned up and kissed him on the cheek. She reached over and tweaked Deirdre's nipple, making her jump, then headed to the next box in the row, the blue one. Sam let her camera linger on the Kelly family, knowing that Hector on camera four would follow Catalina while camera one set up to follow the blue box up.

Guy in green's not bad, Sam thought. I might nab him for tonight if he loses.

"Camera two, move to blue couple," Dan said into her headset, and she shifted the camera over to the next box. She had the view of the whole box as Catalina posed next to it, then gestured it up.

"Let's meet our second couple, in blue!" Catalina said, as the box started to lift. Blue heels on the woman came into view, and blue leather ankle cuffs on both her and her husband. "This is Hiroshi and Satomi Yamaguchi, from San Jose. Hiroshi used to be a personal trainer, and Satomi used to be a schoolteacher. Maybe if they lose, their new owners will find interesting ways to to educate them."

The box continued up, revealing Satomi's toned legs and Hiroshi's muscular ones. Satomi's blue silk boyshorts were next, and a sliver of lean stomach between them and a blue silk camisole. Next to her, her husband's tight blue shorts bulged with his erection. Her smallish breasts pushed out the front of the camisole, her stiff nipples tenting the silk. Her husband's nearly-hairless but muscular chest appeared as the box continued upwards, as did the thin silken straps that crossed her shoulders and the blue collar, snug around her neck. Her mouth was held open by a blue ring gag, sealed with a blue rubber plug. Her brown eyes, apprehensive as they blinked in the light, were at the same level as his blue collar, and her long, straight black hair swayed around her head as she turned to survey the room. Her husband looked around over his blue ball gag, his piercing brown eyes taking inventory of the situation.

Catalina reached up to run her hand through his short black hair, and he glared at her. "They've been living together for a year, but Satomi is still an anal virgin. Well, that won't last the night," Catalina says with a laugh.

Very nice, Sam thought. I'll take him over the guy in green.

Catalina stroked her hand along Satomi's side, cupping her ass through the silk boyshorts, and evidently giving a little pinch from the way Satomi jumped. Hiroshi pulled at his cuffs, growling through his gag, and Catalina laughed as she walked toward the red box.

"Camera two, move to red couple," Dan said into her headset, and she adjusted her camera to cover the red box as Catalina knocked on the side. It began to lift, revealing red heels and brown feet below red ankle cuffs.

"It's time to meet couple number three, in red!" Catalina said. "Diego and Ana Hernandez, from Monterrey. Diego was a businessman, and Ana was going to be a housewife. Maybe if Diego does well tonight, she will be after all."

The box continued upwards, revealing Ana's slender light-brown legs and Diego's legs, heavier, slightly darker, and much hairier. Ana's red silk nightgown started at mid-thigh, while Diego's tight, red shorts showed that he was also quite erect. Ana's nightgown clung to her large breasts, straining against the red silk. The box continued upward, revealing Diego's hairy stomach, which was just slightly flabby. Ana's red collar came into view, and then her red ring gag and rubber plug. Her light brown eyes were red-rimmed with tears, and her long black hair fell to the middle of her back as she slumped against the pole. Diego's collar was just as red, and his red ball gag was surrounded by a neatly-trimmed beard. His brown eyes were shocked, and his well-styled black hair seemed locked into place.

"Ana's done it all with several boyfriends before marrying Diego," Catalina said, running her hand along his chest. "Her career was going to be trophy wife, but unless Diego does well, she's just going to be mounted." She reached over and brushed one of the silk straps off of Ana's shoulder, causing the nightgown to fall a bit on that side, almost exposing all of her breast. Ana looked up at her, pleading with her eyes, and Catalina smiled wickedly as she walked to the last box, the yellow one.

Nah, I'll still take the guy in blue, Sam thought.

"Camera two, move to yellow couple," Dan's voice said. She shifted over to the final box as Catalina arrived and stroked a hand across the front of it. It began to rise, revealing gold-colored heels and dark brown feet below yellow ankle cuffs.

"We had a banner catch this week, so let's meet our fourth and final couple, in yellow!" Catalina said. "Paul and Allison Jones, from Chicago. Paul was a delivery person, and Allison was a secretary."

The box continued upward, revealing Allison's legs, firm and just slightly lighter than her husband's, which were dark and muscular. A tiny gold-colored lace G-string barely covered her pussy, and just above it, a gold navel ring peeked through the opening of a gold lace flyaway babydoll. Paul's tight yellow shorts seemed somehow tighter than those of his competitors, struggling to contain a large erection. Her large breasts filled the top of the babydoll, with that spherical roundness of artificial enhancement. Next to her, her husband's chest was strongly muscled and hairless.

Her yellow collar, ring gag, and plug contrasted against her dark brown skin, and her dark brown eyes burrowed into the camera as her black hair kinked out about her head. Paul's yellow collar and ball gag came into view, and his dark, almost-black eyes looked out at the crowd as if he were identifying everyone there for future punishment. His shaved head gave him a predatorial look.

"Maybe her new owner can have her take dick-tation," Catalina chuckled, and Allison glared back at her. Catalina tweaked the bow in the front of the babydoll, making Allison's breasts bounce, and then ran her hand across Paul's chest before returning to the center of the stage.

Blue, then green. Yellow if neither of those, Sam thought.

Sam set the camera on a chest-up view of Catalina as she reached her mark. "Now that we've met our contestants, let's go over the rules," Catalina said. "Our male contestants will endure several challenges, which will each have one winner. The losers' wives will be punished. The first time her husband loses, she loses her top and has to give a blow job to a randomly-chosen guard. The second time, she loses her panties and takes it up the ass. The third time, she gets nailed in the pussy. And the fourth time, well, they've lost the game."

Catalina gave a vicious smile to the camera. "The losers will be sold into slavery, into the waiting dungeons of you, our viewers. We'll be taking bids on all eight contestants throughout the night. When just one couple remains, they will be freed, and given twenty percent of the proceeds of the sale of the other six contestants."

Over the headset, Dan said, "Zoom out, camera two." Sam zoomed out to a full-length view of Catalina.

"We'll be back in just a couple minutes with our first contest, the Test of Strength!"

"And cut to bid info in three...two...one...cut," Dan said through the headset. Sam relaxed and sat back.

"Look alive, folks, we have two minutes to get Test of Strength set up," Bill said over the intercom.


Bill watched the screens as the support staff rushed around, getting things set up for the Test of Strength. Four large stone blocks were brought on stage on forklifts, lined up carefully and deposited. Masked guards uncuffed the men from their poles and led them to the harnesses attached to each block.

He looked over at the bidding information. It was still early, and the bids were low, mostly dominated by the usual rabble. Lonely guys whose plans for slave girls were "Fuck her in every hole and whip her for not being nice to me when she was free." He shrugged; the interesting bids usually showed up later, when the folks with more money, more obscure tastes, or a business plan chimed in. He looked at the redhead in green, tugging against her cuffs as her husband was led to the green block, and wondered if the snuff filmmaker was going to bid on her. Probably. Waste of a perfectly good piece of ass from Bill's perspective, but if the filmmaker had the money for it, that was his choice.

The male contestants were strapped into the harnesses and lined up. Behind them, their wives were looking around nervously, still cuffed to the poles behind their backs. The forklifts were retreating, and would be out of the shot in a few more seconds. Bill glanced at the clock; 30 seconds to spare. He smiled, pleased with the team he'd built.

Catalina trotted over to her mark, in front of the male contestants, jiggling the whole way, and he watched entranced. She was a pretty decent lay on top of how hot she was; she certainly had quite a bit of practice. She'd spent the night with most of the guys on the production crew, and a good percentage of the young men from the nearby town. To an extent, she didn't so much care who she was with as much as that she was with someone who thought she was the most attractive woman on the planet, which was why she hadn't taken the opportunity to borrow the outgoing slave boys for the night like Sam on camera two had.

"We're on in ten," Bill said into his microphone, and everybody scurried to their final positions. He could hear Dan directing the cameras, and looked at the monitors to confirm. Camera one was on Catalina, two was set up along the line of the contestants, three was facing the contestants, and four was set up to go back and forth among the restrained wives in the background. He nodded, and made a mental note to get Dan something nice when the season was done. Maybe he'd give Lisa to him. Bill could find a new slave for next season, that wasn't a problem.


Sam lined up her camera along the row of contestants, just slightly ahead of them so all four of them were in the shot. The blue poles were in the background, with the little Japanese woman in blue cuffed to one of them. Good enough, she thought. She checked the dolly, confirming she was set to roll along beside the leading contestants.

"We're on in ten," Bill said over the intercom.

"Camera two, ready?" Dave asked over her headset.

"Ready," she whispered into the headset.

"Two...one...go," Bill said. Sam looked over to where Catalina was, off to one side of the contestants.

"Welcome back, masters and mistresses," Catalina said with a smile. "We're all ready for our first contest, the Test of Strength."

Sam watched Felix pan camera one back so that it showed, not just Catalina, but the contestants and their blocks.

"Each man is harnessed to a two hundred pound block," Catalina said, waving at the men. "Contestants, your goal is to drag that weight as far as you can in thirty seconds. The man who drags it furthest, wins, and spares his wife from losing her top and giving a blowjob." As she talked, Catalina stepped out of the way of them. "Your time starts...NOW!"

Sam watched the progress through her camera, tracking the leaders. Diego jerked the weight forward in little jumps, not making much progress. Patrick's legs drove forward, pulling the weight forward slowly. Hiroshi and Paul got the best jump, pushing along, neck and neck, sucking big breaths in through their noses. Sam followed the blue and yellow competitors, just ahead of them, showing how close the race was. As the time ticked down, Paul bit down on his gag and lunged forward just as the bell rang, beating Hiroshi by a critical few inches.

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