tagLoving WivesFighting for Broken Trust Ch. 01

Fighting for Broken Trust Ch. 01


*Love isn't lost. It is right where we abandoned it*

(I do not claim to be a lawyer or even a decent student of the law)

(Monday evening)

Helen Davies only noticed the differences when she stepped into the hallway; the automatic lights didn't' come one. 'What the crap?' she wondered. She put her purse down and walked over to the switch. The lights came on then.

"In here," her husband Terrance called from the den. Helen mumbled a curse and walked that way.

"Leave the lights off," he asked her as she reached for the closest switch. Helen groaned; Terrance was in one of his depressed moods. Sometimes she felt like slapping him upside his childish little head.

"Last weekend was sort of a bomb, wasn't it," Terrance continued.

"It didn't do much for me," Helen responded. Actually it had been a colossal waste of her time. Terrance had attempted to be romantic and all he succeeded in doing was being annoying. Terrance was all compassion but no passion which was something that had become more and more disgusting over the years.

"It was so bad that when we got back I forgot to tell you of something I did for you this weekend while we were at the bed and breakfast," he told her.

"What?" Helen sighed at his melodramatic meanderings.

"You remember how you always worried about your precious painting getting stolen all over the house?" he continued.

"Yes," Helen said hesitantly.

"I had motion-activated cameras installed around the house and linked to my home and work computers," he said as he lifted a glass of scotch to his lips. Helen froze, rendered speechless. Terrance picked up the remote and cut on the TV. Helen stumbled around the sofa.

"There is a glass on the table and some scotch. Why don't you join me?" he requested. Helen did nothing so Terrance clarified. "Helen, sit your ass down."

On the screen Helen saw herself and a co-worker, Cochrane Tantz, stumble into the doorway. He was peeling off her jacket and kissing her throat. Helen went to the sofa Terrance was sitting on and sat beside him.

On the TV Helen watched Cochrane and herself press each other against the walls and ravage one another. She pulled off his tie and opened his shirt so she could she kiss his breastbone. He tore her shirt open and chewed on her nipples through her bra. When Cochrane tore her panties down and drove his first thrust into her waiting pussy she thought Terrance would shut it off. Terrance didn't so Helen took another long drink.

For thirty-five minutes Helen and Terrance watched her debauchery. For the first twenty minutes Helen had to admit she was turned on. She was getting fucked hard and passionately. Then on screen she walked to the bathroom and Cochrane lay on the bed breathing deeply. She almost missed what he said.

"What a fucking cow," he whispered with a terrible sneer on his lips. When Helen returned onscreen Cochrane was all smiles again. He had her perform a blowjob on him while he playfully swatted her ass. Once she'd brought him off again they got dressed, made a few jokes and headed back out the door, but Helen was struck with how aged her body looked lying on that bed next to him.

"What now?" Helen whispered as she went back for her third glass of scotch.

"It took me about half an hour to digest this. By two I'd contacted our lawyer and by three he had two investigators in Cochrane's office ringing out a full confession from him; with the vaguest of promises that I won't tell his wife he told them everything of your three year affair."

"Oh God," groaned Helen. Cochrane hadn't even warned her. He had sat in his office until close of business and ran home to his wife leaving her to face her husband alone and unprepared.

"What are you going to do to me?" she whispered.

"I'm not sure," Terrance said evenly. "I want you to suffer; that much I know. I've already emptied our joint accounts and cancelled all of your credit cards, even the ones I didn't know about until I checked our credit report today."

"Check that; in our joint checking account I left you two hundred dollars for some basic expenses; you can still buy gas and lunch as long as you don't go overboard," Terrance explained.

"But what am I going to do?" Helen asked.

"I imagine we will get a bite to eat and then we'll go to bed," he informed her.

"Go to bed ... with you ... but ..." Helen stammered.

"I may need a blowjob in the morning. I'm not fucking you until you get a blood test. It will take my forensic accountants some time to see who else you have been whoring around with," Terrance added in his same business-like tone.

Helen had never seen this side of Terrance before. He was always so nice and considerate and pandered to her needs.

"No, I'm not some whore for you to abuse Terrance," Helen responded with some heat.

"Helen," Terrance replied in an angry tone, "there are two papers in front of you."

"One is our divorce settlement; I'll get everything of course," he continued. "You had an extra-marital affair behind my back for three years. Cochrane also told us about Danielle and once we track her down we can add a bi-sexual affair to this one. How much more will an in-depth study of your credit history reveal?"

Helen blanched. She thought she'd been careful, but that was only meant to fool a trusting husband not a thorough investigation.

"The other one?" she asked.

"You sign over everything we share in common to me, surrendering all current and future rights," he stated.

"How is this any better than a divorce?" she wailed.

"One leaves you sleeping in a hotel room tonight while two leaves you sleeping in my bed," he explained.

"With two I'm left with nothing," she told him.

"Yes," he fixed her with his angry gaze, "you will have to trust me for everything you have." Helen recoiled at that thought. For fifteen years of marriage he had trusted her implicitly and she'd betrayed that trust far many more times than she wanted to remember right then.

"Please Terrance, leave me with what I've made in my company and we'll part ways," Helen pleaded for mercy.

"Are you referring the partnership I bought into for you? I'm not saying you aren't good at marketing, but you would be another worker in the trenches without me. You used my money and my trust to get ahead and you used it to fuck underlings, so no, I'm not feeling generous," Terrance answered. He wasn't even going to call her stupid or unskilled. He'd never underestimated her in any other aspect of their lives. He had believed in her.

"How long do I have to decide?" she asked.

"I'm going to put in a ninety-second meal in the microwave. Have one of the two signed by the time I get back or I'll toss you out on your ass and get proceedings against you started in the morning," Terrance replied. Whatever else Helen wanted to say was dismissed by Terrance's abrupt departure.

Helen stared down at her two decisions. Terrance had been such a nice guy. It had made him the safe choice to marry. He'd started out well-to-do and made himself quite rich building up his own aeronautics firm, yet all the money and things she asked for had not made her happy. She'd turned to flirtations to get by, then flirtations became trysts and trysts became affairs. All the while Terrance had remained blind until now.

She heard him coming back out and the two choices -- three really (she could walk out) came crashing down. She looked at him entering the room and quickly signed.

"Cook yourself some dinner then we go to bed. You will go to work tomorrow; I have work to do that will take up my next few days. Will you be working late?"

Helen gulped. When she had come in the door she'd actually thought about a little late night 'conferencing' with Cochrane. Now she wanted to castrate the man.

"Do you want me to fire Cochrane?" Helen wondered.

"Not particularly," Terrance surprised her by saying.

"So I suffer and he gets off scot free?" Helen blathered with indignation.

"He didn't betray me, you did," Terrance glared at her. "As for the rest, I'm not saying he's getting off scot-free, only that you don't need to fire him. You don't get a say in this relationship, for now anyway."

"I'm not your whore," Helen persisted.

"Of course not; I respect whores because they know what they are and it is business to them, not personal. What you did to me was personal Helen. You could have had sex anywhere, but you chose to do it in our marriage bed. In case you are wondering I've already changed the sheets," he added. "Now go get your food." Helen had nothing else she could do so she staggered her way to her kitchen.

Dinner passed in quiet with Helen afraid to speak any farther and Terrance not feeling the need to do more tonight. When they were getting to go to bed Helen started putting on her pajamas.

"No," Terrance directed. "From here on out I want you to sleep naked. If I want you sexually it is not a matter of discussion. You will do what I want or else." Helen struggled to say something, to resist, but she felt trapped and hopeless.


Helen woke up with the pleasurable sensation of her nipple being suckled. She reached out and ran her fingers through Terrance's hair. Then the reality of the last twelve hours came crashing in. She froze up but then jumped a little as Terrance ran a hand along her slit. He moved his head so that he was leaning over her and sucking on her other nipple.

"Oh ..." she moaned. She rested her spare hand on her stomach and rotated her hips against his hand. Terrance brought his hand up, grasped hers and pulled it down to her pussy. Soon they were rubbing her pussy together.

"Oh," she repeated as she became wet and they both shoved a finger into her snatch.

Terrance had never done this with her before. He took her hand and pushed it deeper into her.

"Get yourself off," he told her coldly. "Fuck yourself; do you understand?" Helen nodded her head and worked herself furiously. Terrance began suckling one nipple while rubbing and teasing the other with a hand.

The harder Helen's body tensed up the harder Terrance sucked and the more he bit down until it hurt.

"Please," she begged, "it hurts."

"Shut up and fuck yourself," he snapped between mouthfuls of breast.

On particularly brutal bite caused Helen to erupt. Her whole body spasms and it only got more powerful when Terrance grabbed her hand and kept fucking her with it. Her body was wracked with passion for over a minute. When she was done Terrance got out of bed without comment.

"Terrance that was great," Helen said softly. He turned on her violently and glared at her.

"I don't care," he shot back. "Get dressed. You have to get to work and I have business to take care of. I expect you home at six," and he went to the bathroom and Helen was left confused. That had been some of the most bizarre yet exciting sex she'd ever had with her husband yet it was clear he wasn't trying to mend fences.

Helen sat behind her desk at work and started calling every divorce attorney in the book. She needed a way out of this and she needed one soon. She got several promising responses and made spots on her schedule to start fighting back. Her husband was rich and 'controlling' so they thought there was a good chance of her getting most of what was hers and maybe a little more.

Cochrane came by her office around ten looking shame-faced.

"I apologize Helen," he began.

"For not warning me or for calling me a 'Fucking Cow'?" she growled. Cochrane flinched. No longer was he this passionate lover; he was some worm who used her to advance his own career.

"Listen, it wasn't like that," he insisted.

"I saw the footage," she snapped.

"Footage," he gasped. "All I heard was a transcript."

"Then welcome to my life," Helen sneered. It was with a fierce grin on her lips that she dismissed Cochrane. She had to wonder what her husband had in store for him.

About that time Terrance knocked on Cochrane and Nadine Tantz's door. Nadine answered it, taking a moment to place the face.

"You are Mr. Davies," she smiled a bit nervously. "You are Cochrane boss's wife. What can I do for you?"

"Can I come inside and have a half hour of your time?" he asked calmly.

"Is Cochrane okay?" Nadine asked cautiously.

"Yes, but that is why I need to talk with you. Can I come in and talk to you?" he repeated. Nadine found herself standing aside.

Terrance looked for the kitchen table and placed his laptop computer on it.

"I need to show you something but first I want you to know something that I only became aware of yesterday afternoon. Your husband and my wife have been having an affair for the past three years." Nadine blinked then shook her head.

"No, that couldn't have happened. Cochrane and I have a happy relationship," she told him.

"I have footage and credit card receipts that say differently. If you want me to walk out the door I'm gone and you will never see my again. I've started dealing with my wife. I wasn't sure if you wanted to do something with your husband," he told her.

"I need a cup of coffee," she said in a distant voice. "Do you want one?"

"Thank you," Terrance responded. He waited until she was sitting down at the table with him.

"Are you sure?" she whispered. Instead of responding himself he pulled up the file and began playing Cochrane's confession of his relationship with Helen Davies.

When Nadine started sobbing he cut it off.

"You've suspected something for some time?" he asked. She nodded.

"I didn't want to notice but Cochrane has been so sexually demanding all our lives together, but that had been lessening for the past few years. I thought it was me, but now I know why." she hiccupped.

"What are you going to do about your wife?" she asked next.

"Threaten everything she values including her position in the company," he confided in her. "I'm not going to take it away; I'm going to hold its existence over her head. This is not something she's getting over, but something she gets to experience in the same way she was able to cheat on me for the longest time."

"What happens if I divorce Cochrane? I don't have a job. We are mortgaged to the hilt and our credit card debt is so high," she moaned.

"Is that your sole concern?" Terrance asked her.

"I don't know," she snuffled.

"Why don't I show you what I have then you can make a more informed decision," he offered. An hour and a half later; Nadine was virtually a broken woman. Not only was Cochrane with Helen, but they would occasionally take on a third partner. He had been very informative in his effort to save himself. Terrance found it sad that his wife who was normally so smart chose a sex partner who was all looks and no brains.

"I can't stay here," Nadine managed to say.

"Nadine, you tell me what you want to do and I'll do it for you. If you like you can spend the night at my place. I have three spare bedrooms and plenty of space. You can stay as long as you like."

"What ... I don't get it ... I don't know you," she sounded shocked and suddenly suspicious and afraid. Terrance pulled out his wallet, took two things from it, and took out a pen.

"Here, this is a credit card. Get yourself a room for the night and give me a call in the morning," told her. He slid the card across. He then wrote down something on a card, "and this is my home address and number, so if you need anything call me."

"Why are you doing this for me?" she wondered.

"Of all the people on the planet, who can better understand what I'm going through than you?" Terrance pointed out. "All I can understand right now is that I hurt yet I don't want to be alone." She nodded in response; that made sense to her.

(Tuesday evening)

Terrance got off his phone with his lawyer. So far Helen had gotten herself a lawyer to handle her case. They weren't top notch, but due to the circumstances of possible divorce, but they had started up some motions. Intricate bookkeeping had played out well for Terrance. His wife had never separated her expenses from the family expenses so he could claim abandonment.

The valuable parts of their property had all been left in his name for tax purposes. Helen had felt that was a pretty clever way to get what she wanted but kept her salary for herself. Had she invested well instead of living large things might be looking better for her. The worst case for Terrance was a payout of $50,000 and one of the cars. She'd still lose her partnership in the firm.

As a countersuit, his lawyer was going to represent Nadine Tantz against Helen for alienation of affection. That would be costing Helen for years and years. When Helen came home he closed off his screen and looked over to her.

"Good evening Helen; how was your day?" Terrance said idly.

"It was productive," she carefully responded.

"They found Danielle and she gave us Marcus and Odette," he informed her. Helen staggered. "How many more of your former lovers are we going to dig up?"

"Stop it," she moaned, "just stop it."

"Why? You retained a divorce attorney today so I really think I should keep digging. You can't imagine how humiliating it is to be told how long and with how many people you've been having sex with while you shared my bed. Don't you dare think I'm doing this amuse myself, damn you!" he shouted.

Helen took a step back and looked to the door. She seriously contemplated leaving and heading to a bar.

"Don't you dare," Terrance threatened. "You walk out that door you had better keep going." Helen's heart sank.

"Terrance, what do you want from me?" she asked.

"When I figure it out, I'll let you know. Now it is time for you to cook dinner," he told her. Helen came into the kitchen and started putting together something to eat. It was somewhat of a surprise that Terrance came over to her side and began helping her.

Helen turned to say something, but he glared her way.

"Don't you fucking say a word," he snapped. They passed a few minutes in silence. "Did you get your blood test?"

"No Terrance; that is insulting," she responded.

"Get the results to me by Friday or you are out," he stated clearly.

"Do I have a choice?" she sighed.

"Of course, you can find someone new willing to ram you with their cock, or lick your cunt who can take you in and keep you once you lose your job. How hard can that be at your age?" he growled.

"You are a real bastard," Helen observed.

"I wonder how that came about?" he countered.

"Terrance, you are starting to really scare me. You are not like this," she told him.

"I've loved you since the first time I saw you Helen and now I wonder if you ever gave a damn about me ... for fifteen years you've played me like a fool. You have every reason to be afraid of me," he growled.

They had finished dinner when Terrance's phone rang.

"Mr. Davies, can I come by and talk with you?" Nadine Tantz said.

"Sure," he responded.

"I have the girls with me. I only need to get my head on straight," she promised. Nadine and Cochrane had two young girls, Talia; age twelve and Rhonda; age eight.

"Come on by. I'll make sure the lights are on," he responded. After hanging up the phone Terrance noticed Helen staring.

"We have company coming," was all he told her.

When the doorbell rang Terrance moved to it swiftly. Outside stood Nadine Tantz and her two daughters; she was holding Rhonda on her hip.

"Come on in," Terrance said as he stepped aside. The three girls came in and shuffled down the hallway. When Helen stepped into sight Nadine pulled up short.

"What's she doing here?" Helen and Nadine said simultaneously.

"Nadine, Helen is here at my sufferance. If you like I can send her back to the bedroom while we talk," Terrance explained. He didn't address Helen for the moment.

"I thought you had thrown her out?" Nadine tried to comprehend what was going on.

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