Fighting for Broken Trust Ch. 01


"Helen will stand out in the backyard naked if you ask her to," Terrance offered.

"What the hell? No I won't," Helen squawked. Terrance turned and glared at her and Helen paled.

"Fine, I'll go back to the bedroom," Helen said quietly. She turned her leave but Terrance cleared his throat.

"Helen, Nadine hasn't said you can leave yet," he informed her. Helen stopped.

"I don't understand," Nadine whispered.

"Nadine, this woman slept with your husband and ruined your marriage. Get all the revenge you feel you need," he told Nadine with compassion.

"Mom?" questioned Talia Tantz asked. "Who is this woman?"

"Don't you worry about it Talia. Go find the TV room and take your sister with you. I have to talk with this man," Nadine told her daughter. Terrance showed the daughters were to go then came back to find Nadine and Helen staring at each other. For Nadine it was surreal; for Helen it was fearful because this was a woman had just as much reason to hate her as her husband and she already knew she didn't like the direction her husband was going down.

"Nadine, let's go to the kitchen and talk," Terrance directed. Nadine stared at him for a second trying to catch up with events.

"One thing," Nadine said in a distant voice. With a little more force, "Helen, go to the bedroom and wait until one of us comes and gets you." Helen stumbled back then walked away with as much dignity as she could muster.

Once in the kitchen Nadine and Terrance sat down facing one another.

"What just happened?" she asked.

"If Helen leaves me or disobeys me I take away everything she has including her job. I gave her that option but she's chosen to wait for me to decide her final fate," he responded.

"Is Cochrane going to lose his job?" she wanted to know.

"It will hard for him to provide child support and alimony if he does," Terrance said grimly. "I've told Helen to not fire him."

"What are the girls and I going to do?" she moaned.

"Stay here as long as you want. I have three spare bedrooms plus plenty of room to bump around in. Helen decided we weren't going to have kids a decade ago after we bought the house," Terrance told her.

"I don't know if I want to be in the same house as her," Nadine admitted.

"I can send her to a motel for the night," he offered.

"You would do that for me?" Nadine questioned.

"Nadine so far I've discovered that my wife has had affairs with a half-dozen people. I am hardly in a generous mood," he explained.

"Let me think about it please," Nadine. She left the kitchen and went to check on her girls. Talia looked up at her with concern, but Rhonda was engrossed in the TV.

"Mom, what is going on? Why were you yelling and crying at Dad?" Talia said.

"Mommy and Daddy are having some troubles," Nadine answered. Talia continued to look worried. "You said Dad cheated on you."

"He did honey. Did you see that woman when we came in?" Talia nodded. "She cheated with Daddy."

"Why are we here? Who was that man?" Talia persisted.

"He is that woman's husband and he is going to help us," Nadine hesitated then added, "We are going to be staying here for a while."

"Mom ..." Talia said in a worried tone.

"He says you can have your own room," Nadine offered. Talia's eyes lit up. It was not that she wasn't still worried, but having her own room without a bratty sister was one of her lifelong dreams. To help her daughter adjust she went back to Terrance and together they unloaded the car. That Talia got the sole bedroom in the basement made everything even better.


Helen woke up on her side feeling his hands running over her body. Her back was to him so she couldn't read his expressions, but his intentions became clear as he pushed one of her legs up until her knee was half way to her chest. She sighed deeply when his first finger pushed up into her. She found herself already damp and getting wetter. She wiggled slightly.

"Play with your nipples," he commanded with a whisper. Helen obeyed and her nipples hardened and came alive under her touch. "Harder," he told her and again she obeyed. He sank a second finger in then a third which was painfully tight.

"Please baby, it hurts," she pleaded. She regretted it the moment she said it. Terrance could really hurt her.

Instead he pulled his fingers out and ran them back along her length. Finally one finger reached he anus and pushed against it. Helen hadn't had anal sex with Terrance in a decade and that had been uncomfortable at the time. She'd since learned to tolerate the practice but never with him. Frankly she had never wanted to bother herself with working him through the process.

His finger popped in and it hurt. Helen flinched but Terrance didn't stop; when his fist touched her ass he drew it back out. Next he inserted his first two fingers back into her cunt so that now he was double penetrating her. He quickly picked up his pace and the painful sensation rapidly became highly erotically charged.

"Play with your nipples harder," he whispered to her again. Helen found herself pushing back against his hand harder and harder as pleasure rippled through her. She was getting close when he instructed her to scream into her pillow. She did so just in time. Fuck she had never come so hard with her husband. Her ass and pussy felt abused but all she could think of was that she wanted more.

He was half way out of bed when she rolled over to look at him. His back was rigid with tension and he moved without remorse or pleasure. For the first real time Helen began to understand what she'd stolen from her husband. He had loved her and she'd stolen that away to be replaced by a raw brutal desire to possess her.

There was an awkward moment when Terrance and Helen joined Nadine and the girls at the kitchen table. Nadine was feeding her kids but offered Terrance some sausages and eggs. She stared at Helen before getting a plate and offering her some food as well.

"Sit down and eat with us please," Terrance directed Helen. Helen reluctantly did so because she knew it wasn't really a request. Besides, her ass still hurt a little bit.

"Terrance, I have to take the kids to their schools. What are you doing the rest of the day?" Nadine asked.

"I'll be working at home," he responded. "Do you need anything?"

"We can talk about it when I get back if that is okay?" Nadine replied. Terrance nodded.

When Nadine got back she paced around Terrance muttering to herself before confronting him.

"Should I leave Cochrane? I mean we have had many good years and he is the father of my children. I don't have anything without him. What am I going to do? My last job was at a coffee shop fifteen years ago."

"Nadine, I am hardly an impartial judge; he was sleeping with my wife, but I have to ask you this right now: Will you ever trust him again? This wasn't a fling; it was a three year affair," Terrance pointed out. Nadine looked crestfallen.

"I want to trust him," she pleaded.

"Then we take you home," Terrance said evenly. Nadine paced back and forth twice then started crying. Terrance got up and stood beside her.

"How do you put up with her?" Nadine sobbed.

"I don't know. I haven't forgiven Helen and I don't trust her, but I'm not done with her yet," Terrance laid it out.

"Where does that leave me and Cochrane?" Nadine sobbed.

"Leave his ass, divorce him and if you decide to take him back do it on your terms," Terrance told her firmly. Nadine nodded.

"I guess we need to get some stuff from our ... my old home. Are you sure I can stay here with the girls?"

"Until you get on your feet you can remain with me," Terrance assured her. Now let's go get a U-Haul and boxes. I think we have a long day ahead of ourselves. Also, would you like to meet with a divorce attorney? I know a good one," Terrance told her. They spent the rest of the day going over things and moving some of the girls' things over to their new rooms.

(Wednesday evening)

Before Helen got home Cochrane was on the phone with Nadine; first pleading then shouting and finally crying for her to come back. Terrance sat back and waited for the reaction with what came next. He asked where she was and she told him that she was at Helen Davies' place.

"What?" Terrance heard Cochrane mumble.

"Yes," Nadine growled, "I'm at Terrance and Helen's place. I'm sure you know where that is. In fact I have video evidence that shows me you know your way all the way to the bedroom."

"How can you do this to me?" he gasped.

"After you cheated on me I had to go somewhere," Nadine snapped. "Terrance had given me and the girls a home."

"Terrance? That wimp; if he couldn't keep Helen happy what do you expect him to do for you?" he laughed sarcastically.

"I don't want to sleep with him. He hasn't tried any such thing," she added with a smile toward Terrance, "he's been honest with me, Cochrane."

"I am coming over," he challenged Nadine. She looked to Terrance who nodded. Nadine hung up and started looking terrified.

"Go tell the girls that their father is coming over," Terrance smiled to her. He went to Helen to let her know what to expect as well. She was torn between fear and loathing.

Cochrane's arrival was hardest on the girls. They knew that their parents were fighting but didn't know why. Terrance made the living room clear for them before Cochrane arrived. He and Helen retired to the kitchen with some wine as the family drama unfolded. It didn't take long for the tears to begin.

When Cochrane started yelling at Nadine Terrance decided to put in an appearance.

"Let's call it an evening," Terrance said in a calming voice. Cochrane turned on him angrily, a sense of disgust and superiority playing across his face. He had screwed the lesser man's wife after all.

"This is none of your business," he snapped to Terrance. He went so far as to menace Terrance. The three other women were in tears.

"I suggest you deal with this through lawyers," Terrance remained calm.

"You were never man enough," he seethed into Terrance's face. Cochrane wished the other man would start something. He was filled with rage and regret for what had happened.

What Nadine knew was that Cochrane didn't own up to what had happened. It was Helen's fault, or Terrance's fault, or even a little bit of her fault, but none of it his own. He had been stripped bare before her eyes as selfish and superficial. The scariest part of the whole confrontation between the two of them was when Cochrane threatened her financial well-being.

She had stood up and yelled back in his face that Terrance would be a far better provider than he had ever been. Cochrane had lost it and called her a whore in front of her own children. She called him a cheating bastard. Things would have gotten even worse if Terrance hadn't intervened. Cochrane turned his anger on the smaller, softer man.

"I suggest you leave now Cochrane while you have a shred of your children's respect left," Terrance suggested. Cochrane hit him and Terrance staggered back.

"Come on you bastard!" he snarled triumphantly as blood seeped from Terrance's mouth. He stood back up and glared right back at Cochrane. Nadine and the girls were crying and sobbing.

"I'm electing not to insult you out of respect for you wife and children Cochrane," Terrance mumbled while his hand rubbed chin.

"You are a gutless wonder," Cochrane continued. "No wonder you couldn't keep Helen." Only when the only sound left in the room was the sobbing of his children did Cochrane realized what he'd said.

"I need to be going," he muttered. Helen stepped out with a phone in her hand.

"Have fun on the drive home," Helen gloated. "I've called the cops on you."

"What? What for?" he stammered.

"You punched my husband you dumba ..." she caught Terrance's disapproving glare, "inconsiderate ass," she finished. "I think that qualifies as assault and battery."

"What I the hell did you do that for?" he gasped.

"Cochrane," Nadine whimpered, "you hit a man." Cochrane grumbled, spun and headed out the door. Terrance took Helen back to the kitchen while Nadine comforted her children. When Helen got back into the kitchen with Terrance she studied him cautiously.

"Thank you," he said eventually. "Not for calling the cops but for not putting his kids through the ringer. You, I and Cochrane deserve this crap but the others don't."

"How do you deserve this?" Helen asked softly.

"I didn't find a way to save Nadine and her kids," Terrance answered heavily. There wasn't much to be said after that.


Helen felt her body being rolled onto her stomach. Terrance lay partially over her body, pulling her hair aside and nibbling on her neck. He took one hand down along her side and slid it between her legs. She needed no encouragement in what to do next; she began pleasuring herself.

Terrance began massaging and kissing his way down her spine until he was at the small her back. He started parting her ass cheeks and kissing down between them. He moved a hand down beyond her ass until he slipped his own finger to join hers inside her pussy. It was tight and they were rubbing back and forth together in an experience totally new.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God," she gasped right before she began jerking over the bed. She found herself panting into her pillow and all she could think of how she could get used to this -- almost. Terrance rolled away and went to the bathroom. She wanted to thank him but instead followed him to the bathroom. He was washing his hands when she came in.

"I'll have those test results for you by this afternoon," she told him. Terrance kept going about his business. She almost wished he had given a reaction of some kind. Instead they get dressed in silence and went to breakfast. Everyone was very subdued but Helen caught both of the young girls looking at her with varying degrees of confusion and hate.

Terrance saw Talia sulking by the door after Helen had left but while Nadine was getting Rhonda ready.

"What's wrong?" he asked carefully.

"Everything is falling apart," she sighed tragically. "Nothing works right anymore."

"Is there anything I can do?" he offered.

"Unless you can fix Mom and Dad, or my laptop -- no," she groused.

"I doubt I can do much for the first, but let me see what I can do about the second," he told her. Reluctantly Talia handed her aged laptop over and Terrance examined it. A few minutes later he made his assessment.

"Does it lag and blue screen?'

"Yes?" Talia answered.

"It looks like you have a problem with your motherboard," he informed her. "How about you let me take a look at it today and see what I can do."

"I kind of need it today," she mumbled. Terrance looked at her quizzically, "but if you think you can fix it I'll give you a shot." Terrance took it and put it aside before Nadine came out.

"What are we doing today?" she asked him cautiously.

"Dusting off the old resume," he responded. "No matter what happens another income won't suck for your family."


At lunch time Helen sat across from her lawyer.

"It seems that you have a problem; your contract with your husband is separate than your divorce proceedings and you are going to have pursue that case independently," the lawyer said. "At this time I also recuse myself as your attorney," he added.

"Why?" Helen wondered.

"Divorce cases rely on the both the size of the reward and the probability of winning and the probability of winning a sizable reward in your case has been greatly diminished. I'm afraid I've had to assign your case to an associate instead," the lawyer smiled.

"But what am I supposed to do?" Helen pleaded.

"Frankly Mrs. Davies that is not really my concern," the lawyer said dismissively. "I would think on how you plan to pay for your other law suit trying to overcome your contract. That isn't going to be easy -- goodbye." Helen exited his office bereft of hope.


Talia shot Terrance another smile as she worked away on her new laptop. It was the finest system she'd ever owned and Terrance had transferred all her old data to the new system. She wasn't certain who he was or what she'd done to deserve it, but she felt certain sympathy with him and it didn't hurt that he seemed to keep her Mom on an even keel.

For Nadine it has also been a strange day. She had started working out a rough and depressing resume. She'd tried to make herself feel more useful with housework but a cleaning service had arrived around ten and taking care of most of the cleaning. She had to be satisfied with doing some laundry and getting dinner ready.

Helen found the whole situation at her home bizarre. She'd never liked kids or the idea of kids but now she had two sitting around the dinner table two. She'd considered Nadine Tantz a simple-minded fool and now that woman was dishing out her dinner with a level of loathing and hate that was unsettling. She'd always ignored Terrance as if he was beneath her and now he was ignoring her for the same reasons.

At this time Terrance had to take in both his wife and the woman she'd nearly ruined. Helen was five eight carrying about twenty extra pounds with shoulder length black hair and an even complexion and full lips. She had wide hips and C-cup breasts but age had slowly played with them both. Still, at 37 she was an attractive woman and had it not been for her arrogance his ardor for her would have never died.

Nadine was totally different. She was slender with thin hips and waist, A-cup breasts and red hair that came half way down her back worn perpetually in a ponytail. Still there was a greater vibrancy about her and her weight was very well managed over her five-ten friend. At thirty-four she was also younger and her personality was far more inviting, always asking how another person was doing at any given time of day.

Terrance knew he was no great shakes. He was only five-eight and carried an extra fifteen pounds mostly in the middle. His features were soft and people often mistook his pleasant, easy-going manner for simplicity. His hair was brown and starting to recede and like Helen he was thirty seven. Still he was widely considered very bright, quick thinking and very recently Helen had learned what a curse that could be to live with.

Helen sat in her home office covering the marketing work she should have been doing while she was meeting with her damn lawyer. She heard Nadine come in to talk to Terrance and stopped what she was doing so she could eavesdrop.

"Thanks for the computer," Nadine started.

"But?" Terrance answered.

"But I don't want the girls to get confused in all of this matter Terrance. I'm truly appreciative of what you've done. I want to take things carefully," she told him.

"Of course Nadine, take your time," Terrance said warmly. "Do you want to sit down and watch some TV?"

Helen waited for a few seconds then heard Nadine join him. The channels changed a few times then they settled in a show. Helen wasn't sure what drew her away but she found herself migrating over to Nadine and Terrance. Nadine refused to acknowledge her but Terrance did and offered her a seat at his side. She settled in next to her husband while Nadine was curled up in the closest chair.

After they had gone to bed Helen could sense the intense form of her husband next to her. In the dark she could feel his eyes on her. Right when the anticipation became too much he rested a hand on her stomach. Inadvertently she pushed up against his touch but he kept up the pressure in slow dragging circles. He kept his hand resting on her pubic hair for several seconds, flexing and un-flexing his fingers.

He coaxed her head toward him and ripped a kiss from her; the first really passionate kiss between them in a long time. They went at it for several minutes with him biting her and chewing on her lip and ear. Helen found her gasping from the sensation. He cupped her ass and pulled her on top of him. She couldn't seem to get him inside her fast enough.

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