Fighting for Broken Trust Ch. 01


Helen was rocking back and forth as she pushed herself up and down at the same time. As she started to slow down he slapped her on her ass hard enough to make her whimper.

"Harder damn it," he urged her on. Her thighs began burning but Terrance kept driving her on with nipple twists, ass slaps, and crushing kisses.

She felt tears coming to her eyes from the strain and she thought desperately about begging him to stop but by the look in his eyes it wasn't an option. Even as she started to choke up she felt his hands grab the base of her ass and he took over the lifting motion right as her thighs gave out. This also allowed him to slam into her harder; her clip coming on fire from the friction of their bodies.

When he shot off into her it was the strongest eruption she could remember him ever having. Helen felt a sense of triumph that sent her closer and closer to the edge. A few rough rubs from her fingers along her clit allowed her to come as well. She collapsed on top of him, both sweaty and fighting for breaths. Honestly she didn't think he had it in him.

"That was awesome," she panted on his chest.

"Now do you understand that I'll fuck you whenever I want you," he gasped back. Helen thought that over for a second. She wanted to challenge him like she'd always done and but she couldn't.

"Yes," she whispered docilely. After all he had done exactly what he said he would do.


Cochrane came around Helen's office around nine thirty with. He closed the door, came up and put his knuckles on her desk.

"We can't let him get away with his," he growled.

"Get away with what exactly," Helen said coldly.

"I went to jail; I've had to hire a lawyers I can't afford; he's taken my wife and kids from me," he listed off Terrance's offenses. "We need to go something?"

"Cochrane, we fucked with him and now he's fucking with us. Be happy you haven't lost your job yet and neither have I. What you really need to ask yourself is do you really, really want to make him angry with us?" she taunted him.

"I'm not going to let that wimp beat me," he whined. Helen was starting to wonder whatever she'd seen in the man, or at least what had kept them close for three years.

"Wimp eh?" Helen curled her lip in a sneer. "How many times have you had sex since Monday, Cochrane?"

"What does that have to do with anything?" he wondered.

"Terrance has fucked me every morning and again last night," Helen mocked him. "I notice Nadine hasn't returned to your bed. Who is the wimp?"

"Is he fucking that bitch Nadine?" he blubbered.

"I imagine he'll get around to it. He will dispose of you first," she smiled at him sweetly.

"I'll fight," Cochrane promised.

"You have no money, a mountain of debt, and a battery charge hanging over your head. He's got money and the sympathy of public opinion. You are bigger than him and you did punch him in his own house. He totally suckered you in case you missed it," she relished the words.

Helen was in the same boat, but she imagined she still had hope surviving if she could somehow win Terrance back; Cochrane had nothing. At that moment Helen wondered how much, if any of this, was brought on because of Cochrane had called her a cow?

"I'm not done; I did steal you from him didn't I?" he sounded almost childlike. Helen laughed.

"You came on to me, but I was a willing participant. You didn't steal me Cochrane; don't flatter yourself. There is no us; I have Terrance so I don't need you anymore. Get out of my office," she dismissed him. Cochrane looked bereft of understanding. He couldn't wrap his mind around the reality that he'd done something wrong and now had to pay the price.

Back at Helen's house Nadine and Terrance sat around kitchen table going over some options and right now Nadine was coming around to the realization that her only real option was going to a community college where she could polish up on some marketable skills. The greatest shame for her was that she would have to rely on Terrance the entire time.

"I'm not sure I can do this Terrance," she said piteously. Her whole world was in turmoil. She thought she could trust Cochrane and that had been the height of foolishness and now she was in the precarious position of having to trust Terrance.

"You have worked hard your entire life Nadine so why should I doubt you will pay me back when you can?" Terrance responded.

"I will pay you back," Nadine insisted cautiously. Of course she found it rather depressing when she considered the fact that she wasn't paying for rent, food, or utilities of any kind. Financially and emotionally she was destitute yet she found sympathy and strength in Terrance's eyes. She doubted she could have faced this horrible week alone.

Nadine had never seen herself as weak, she had been dependent on her husband as her partner and now that he was suddenly expelled from the picture she knew she was having difficulties adjusting. She couldn't help but be drawn to Terrance because of that. He appeared to care and was helping her get back on her feet. She didn't want to be pitied; she wanted to control her family's destiny. All she needed was a chance.

Terrance stole a glance over to Nadine as she searched the school website. He had no master plan. He didn't know what he wanted to do with Helen but he knew he wanted to keep her close until he decided. Nadine had been more an act of revenge. Cochrane had attacked him at the core of what he thought a husband should be -- a provider.

Now he had torn that role away from Cochrane by taking his wife and daughters under his own wing and giving them more than their father could provide financially. From the moment he'd looked over Nadine appearing so peaceful and domestic he decided he had to have her too. Helen's betrayal had triggered something of Terrance. He had always lived his whole life angling for tomorrow and a better future for him and his wife. Now he wanted to live a little more for today.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous12/28/18

Started good, coulda been a really good story. Problem is, there is no ending, and by definition a story must have an ending. So, close, but no cigar.

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by silentsound12/08/18


Full marks and well earned!

This is an enticing and edgy story!

Please continue!

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by Anonymous10/23/18


Waiting for your chapter 2!

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by Irrumatio05/31/18

The subtitle for this story says

"Not all stories end with the cheating." This one doesn't end at all.

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