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Fighting the Darkness


Note to Readers: Yes, it is long. I am not good at writing short stories. I am who I am. I like getting into the mind of my characters too much to sacrifice their chance to live for the sake of a quick wank.

This is a story that has been in my head since I was a young, not-so innocent, teenage girl. It is part one of a two part story. I'm not sure if I'll post the second part, it depends on the reaction I get to this so let me know if you like it.


England, 1869

Night was falling on Craven Manor and inside its thick stone walls that had stood for centuries, its young Mistress was scared.

Victoria had once loved the night. Loved watching the sky darken from blue to black as night spread over the land. Now she dreaded its coming just as she dreaded going to sleep.

No matter how much her motherly housekeeper Mrs. Robbins fussed over her she would not, could not, sleep during the night.

For the ten hours that darkness hovered over the manor Victoria fought to stay awake. She read, played the piano, sketched and walked endlessly through the mansion's countless rooms. She did whatever she could to keep from falling asleep.

Unfortunately, two housemaids had already been dismissed by Mrs. Robbins because of the tales that they had spread about Victoria in the village. Their malicious gossiping had only been discovered by chance when Victoria's horse had fallen lame during a morning outing with her dependable old groom Mr. Stark.

To Victoria's shock and horror a small child had run screaming from the sight of her, begging his mother to save him from the 'vampire lady.'

After that she had decided that it was best not to venture out again.


Victoria stood suddenly from her chair by the fire and walked to the windows that looked out over the south lawn. The wind had picked up and it looked as if it was going to storm.

She was about to turn back to the room when something scratched against the window pane making her jump. Her heart hammering in her chest she leaned forward to look out. She laughed sadly when she saw that it was only the branch of a tree that needed pruning.

Turning she crossed the room and sank back down in the chair that had once been her fathers and stared into the fire. As a child she had loved stormy nights. She had waited until the house was silent and then crept down to the study to curl up in this very chair to listen to the rain against the windows. The peaceful sound had never failed to lull her to sleep.

She wished that she could go back in time, back to the sense of safety that little girl had felt, but those days were long gone and she was afraid that they might never return.

She turned her face from the flames and looked at the table next to the chair. On it sat a single glass. Just the right size for an after-dinner Brandy. But it wasn't Brandy or any other form of spirits. No, in the glass was her salvation or her doom. The terrifying part was that even she didn't know which.

She reached out and picked the glass up and looked at the viscous liquid inside. The doctor had prescribed her laudanum months before when her sleeping problems had first started but she had never taken it, too afraid what the drug would do to her sleeping mind when she needed all her wits about her. Tonight was finally the night. She had thought about it for a week and had finally reached her decision. She was going to purposely drug herself to sleep.

She was going to take control.

She got up and made her way over to the large leather sofa that dominated the east wall. Earlier, the housekeeper had brought down pillows and blankets, all too eager to do anything if it meant that Victoria might sleep.

She sat down and thought about removing her shoes but decided against it. No matter how silly it sounded she wanted to be fully dressed when she confronted the monster in her nightmares.

She took a deep breath and in one gulp downed the nasty liquid then sat the emptied glass on the floor by the sofa and lay down. She had no idea how long it would take the drug to affect her but she doubted that it would be that long. Even though she slept during the day it wasn't deeply and it was never for long enough.

She lay still and tried to control her racing mind.

Taking deep breaths in and letting them out slowly she clasped her hands on her stomach but that was too reminiscent of the way that her mother had been laid out in her coffin so Victoria balled her fists up at her sides. As she closed her eyes she sent a small prayer heavenward to her parents, "Please, please watch over me and help me to dispel this fiend."


He was there. The same way he always was.

"There you are my dear. Where have you been? I've been quite concerned about you."

He turned his head to look at her and once again Victoria was amazed at the intense feelings that washed over her.

"My darling what's wrong? You look unwell. Are you not eating again?"

He patted his knee for her to come and sit and as appalling as the truth was she had to face it anyway. She wanted to run to him. She wanted to feel his warmth against her. She wanted to feel his strong thigh beneath her.

No matter how terror-stricken she was upon seeing him, there was also a small part of her that thrilled at the sight of him and that scared her most of all.

The longing that washed over her at the sight of his face gave her the impetus that she needed. "This has to stop."

The look on his face as she spoke made her think that maybe he hadn't understood her. She had said it so fast that it might have come out as gibberish rather than as the plea that it had been.

"Stop?" he asked.

She ran her tongue over her dry lips and nodded.

"Stop seeing each other?"

She nodded again.

"But why my dear? Why would you want to stop?"

He stood suddenly from his chair, or rather her father's chair, and took a step towards her.

She retreated quickly. If he touched her then all hope was lost.

Her heart was pounding so hard in her chest that surely he had to have been able to hear it. Her hand came up to push her hair back from her face and as it did she saw that it was trembling. "I can't do this anymore. I can't. This is wrong. Something is wrong with me."

He raised an eyebrow in question. "What are you talking about? Nothing is wrong with you."

She nodded. "Yes...yes it is. Something is wrong with my mind. In my soul, I fear. I have to stop this, it's driving me mad."

He took another step towards her and she turned to look at the room around her. It looked just the same as when she had lay down on the couch to drink the laudanum.

Even now she could see the impression of her head on the pillow and the blanket tossed aside as if she had gotten up from the couch to approach him. But she hadn't. Despite what her eyes told her she knew she was still sleeping. She knew that even though she could not see herself, in real life she was lying on the couch in a drugged sleep.

She turned back to see that the beast had crept closer while she had been distracted and he was now only an arm's length away. She put her hand up, beseeching him.

"Victoria my love you're worrying me. Let us sit and discuss this."

He moved as if to grab her hand but she managed to pull back right before he touched her. She flung herself towards the couch and what she felt beneath her feet as she climbed upon it made a tiny crack open in her mind.

Though she couldn't see her sleeping form she could feel her body. She could feel that she was standing on her own chest and she had to put a hand over her mouth to stifle the scream that threatened.

She scrambled off the couch and her long skirts tangled in the blanket causing her to fall to the floor. The monster moved as if to help her up and she did scream at that as she frantically backed away from him.

He went to his haunches on the floor in front of her but didn't try to touch her this time. The look on his face was one of concern and love. A love that threatened to widen the crack in her mind.

"Victoria please tell me what is wrong. I'm afraid for you darling."

She had backed up as far as she could. Her bottom was pressed tightly to the wall and she was shaking in terror.

"Victoria I'm going to go and sit back down now. Will you come join me my love? I'll move back and not touch you, I promise. Will you come and sit and take a moment to calm yourself?"

His tone of voice was mild and controlled but she detected a note of concern underneath it and that made her stomach roll.

He stood in the same slow sensuous manner that he did everything in and backed towards the fire and the chairs, never taking his eyes off her. When she didn't move right away he stopped and his voice when it came again held something different, something darker this time. "Victoria I must insist that you come and join me or I will pick you up and carry you to the chair."

He waited, not moving, not seeming to breathe, as she stood. When she slowly put one foot forward he started to back away again and when he reached her father's chair he turned back to look at her before sitting down.

The green leather chair was angled at such a way that as she approached it the flames of the fire illuminated one side of his face and kept the other side in shadow. It was eerie and made her heart turn over again in her chest.

As she maneuvered so that her back was never to him, the shadow on his face moved and once again his face was normal. Or as normal as it was possible for him to be.

He was, even if she hated to admit it even to herself, the most beautiful creature that she had ever seen. His thick black hair shown with health and vitality and was long enough to just brush the top of his collar. His green eyes were dark, the color of warm summer grass and they danced from the light of the flames. His lips were generous and full and would have made him feminine if not for his strong square jaw with the shadow of beard just below his skin's surface.

His fingers were long and well-shaped with short square nails and more than once she had pictured those fingers touching her. His hands themselves were big and she found that the sight of his wide wrists covered with a scattering of black hair made her feel things that she knew a proper young lady should never feel.

Her glance moved from his strong wrists down to his clothing and she saw that he was wearing the same clothes that he always wore on these nightly meetings.

A pair of black breeches that hugged his thick thighs tightly ended in a pair of high gloss black Hessian boots. His waistcoat and jacket were both black and his snowy white shirt was open at the neck so that she could see a scattering of black hair at the v that it made.

He moved and she looked up to see that his green eyes were watching her with a mischievous look in them. "Do you like what you see my dear? I can always take something off if you would like to see me better. All you have to do is ask."

She blushed at that and averted her eyes.

He laughed a wicked, rakish laugh and leaned forward in the chair. She didn't turn to look at him but it was a struggle. In a whisper that lightly touched her cheek he asked, "Would you return the favor? If I asked would you take off something for me?"

Her heart turned over in her chest and she had to fight to keep down the gasp that threatened. It would not do to let him see that he had affected her. He loved to tease and the more she blushed, the more shocked she became, the more vulgar he became.

When she did not respond he sighed deeply and sat back in the chair. Though she wasn't looking at him she heard the sound as he rubbed his hand down his thighs.

"Victoria I have been patient with you and I hope that I can continue to be so. But my dearest I am becoming more and more frustrated as time goes on. I want you...no, no...that isn't right! I need you Victoria and you need me. We are meant to be together. Why do you fight it?"

She turned to him then in anger. "I am NOT meant to be with you. How can you even think that? I would never, never want to be with you. Why won't you leave me alone?"

With that she began to cry and she saw out of the corner of her eye as he raised his hand as if to touch her hair but he didn't. Slowly, he moved his hand back to his lap and made a noise of frustration deep in his throat.

He sat in silence as she continued to cry and when she was done she looked up to see him watching her. His face lacked the irritation that she had expected to see, instead the look he gave her bordered on sorrow.

Their eyes met and for the life of her she could not look away.

When he spoke it was in a harsh guttural whisper. "You are a part of me Victoria, like the air that I breath or the blood that courses through my veins. I have loved you for so long now, through lifetime after lifetime and through countless forms and I will continue to love you for a thousand more and yet each and every time it starts the same. I have to convince you to love me."

He leaned forward suddenly and she jerked back. He moved so that his elbows rested on his knees. "Every life it's the same. Every single time I must convince you all over again. I must remind you what we have, who we are to one another, and though I will do it now and again and again for all of eternity I must admit that it tires me."

For once it was she that leaned towards him. "Then stop doing it."

He laughed at that and shook his head before looking towards the flames. "I wish it were so easy. Believe me I've tried. If you only knew how many thousands of women and men that I've fucked trying to get you out of my head."

He turned to look at her and she felt herself blanch at the coarseness of his language and at the images that his words produced.

"Don't speak that way to me!" she said with anger.

He laughed and it was a mocking, hollow sound. "So it's not the thought of my cock pounding into countless others that upsets you but the words that I use."

He moved forward again and came to his knees in front of her. Though he was not touching her she could feel the heat of him and it pressed her back into her chair.

His hands came up to the armrests of the chair and she quickly moved her hands back. His face came closer and she saw that it was filled with an anger that she had not seen before.

His words were venomous as he said, "You sit here in this prim and proper shell shocked at my language and yet you, the real you buried deep within your soul, has begged me ten thousand times to fuck you, to push harder, deeper, to fill you with my cum. Begged me over and over again to never stop fucking you!"

Her hand went out before she could stop it and connected with his cheek. The look he gave her was feral and uncontrolled and her stomach convulsed in fear.

He smiled at her and leaned in until their noses were almost touching. She felt his hot breath as he said, "Before tonight is over you'll be begging me to fuck you once again sweetheart."

Before she could react he reached down and with one violent pull ripped her gown from the waist down.

She gasped in fear and lashed out with her legs. She felt it as one booted foot connected with his face and one with his stomach and she thought that she might have a chance to get away for the split second that it took him to grab her legs in his powerful hands. With one tug he pulled her from the chair.

Her head would have hit the floor had it not been for his hand that quickly came up to cradle it.

He pulled her fully to the floor and she fought him with everything she had. She used her nails to gouge at his face and she saw more than one slash of blood bloom on his cheeks but he didn't try to stop her from scratching or hitting him because he was too busy keeping her legs down with one arm while the other was furiously trying to rip the rest of her dress from her body.

She reached down and tried to capture the hand that was trying to pull the ripped pieces of her skirt off, but he easily batted it way so she grabbed for his face again and her hands brushed against his hair. With every ounce of strength in her body she grabbed two handfuls of his hair and pulled.

She heard him curse right before he jerked his head back and she was left with pieces of his soft black hair in her hands. Then, with one final rip she felt it as the bottom of her dress and her chemise were torn from her body and her lower half was revealed to him.

For a second she felt so ashamed, so vulnerable, that she almost gave up, but something rose up within her and she lashed out with her booted feet trying to hit something, anything that would hurt him or at least stun him for long enough for her to get way.

Thankfully her knee connected with his groin and for a split second there was a slackness in his hold. It was only a second but it was long enough to allow her to flip to her stomach and try to crawl away. Sadly, her struggles were in vain.

Between the torn pieces of her silk skirt and the thick Aubusson rug beneath her, her boots were not able to get enough traction. He reached out and grabbed the collar of her dress with one hand while trapping her legs between his with his other hand.

The collar of her high-necked dress, which was already tight enough, began to choke her and her hands went up to her neck. He must not have realized what was happening because he didn't release her at first. It was only when she made a choking sound and frantically tried to loosen his hold that he realized what was happening. He looked up in time to see her face turn from red to purple and her eyes begin to roll back in her head.

He quickly released her collar and she took a shallow breath of air into her lungs. He flipped her over onto her back and she saw that his face was full of fear. "Victoria! Victoria, oh my God, Victoria my love, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you."

She could hear the terror in his voice but she could no longer see him as her vision began to darken. It seemed as if the floor beneath her began to shake and she thought she heard a roar rip through the room as her vision went. Her last memory before the darkness took hold of her was of something wet falling gently upon her face.


She woke to a shaft of sunlight across her face.

As she lay trying to gather her thoughts she heard a noise and slowly turned her head to see that Mrs. Robbins was moving about the room.

She started to say something but a sharp pain in her throat stopped her. She put her hand up to her throat just as Mrs. Robbins turned around and saw that she was awake.

"There you are my dear that should make you feel better now. Some sleep was all you needed."

Victoria didn't say anything she just nodded her head and Mrs. Robbins continued. "I'm going to have cook prepare you a nice hardy breakfast and then you should go for a walk. It's a beautiful day out and the sun will fix you right up!"

She didn't wait for Victoria to respond as she quickly toddled out of the room. It was only when she left that Victoria sat up and pushed the blanket back.

When she saw the state of her dress she let out a gasp that made her throat cramp. The bottom of her dress was gone, and what was left of the top was torn into pieces. Her most private places were on display for the world to see.

She started crying then.

With her arms wrapped protectively around her body she rocked back and forth as she sobbed. Her tears fell on her naked legs but she didn't bother to reach down and cover herself.


She stayed that way for at least twenty minutes, rocking back and forth and crying until she grew concerned that Mrs. Robbins would come back to check on her and see the state she was in. Wrapping the blanket around herself she let herself out of the library and up the stairs to her bedroom.

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