tagErotic HorrorFighting the Darkness Pt. 02

Fighting the Darkness Pt. 02


The Darkness Within

She laughed. She couldn't help it, but she had to laugh. She shook her head astonishment and reached up to gather back her long blonde hair. He watched in silence as she straightened it and then stood himself and began to gather his clothes.

"I shall go into town tomorrow and obtain a special license. We can be married on Saturday by the curate in the next village."

She moved over to her great-grandfather's gravestone and hoisted herself on top of it. She watched as he frowned at her for using it so. She raised an eyebrow at him, daring him to say something.

"And why do you think we should marry?" she asked.

He jerked back in surprise and gestured to her and then himself before gesturing to the ground. She smiled and shook her head. The very idea of marriage and to him of all people was laughable and yet...

She looked up at him. "Vicar, do you believe that fornication is a sin?"

His face flushed and he reached up to pull his collar away from his throat as if it was suddenly choking him. "Not when it occurs between a man and wife."

She smiled. "So you believe that what just occurred between us was a sin?"

He nodded and looked back at the ground where they had just fucked.

She asked, "And what happens to sinners?"

He stood taller and tilted his head as if he could not understand the question.

She smiled and asked, "Do you believe that sinners go to hell?"

He nodded again.

She made a move to get down from the top of the gravestone and he came over to help her. As he put her down she made sure that her body touched his and as she slid down the length of him she remembered his thick cock thrusting inside her.

She looked up at him. Reaching deep down inside herself she managed to pull the remnants of Victoria the virgin up and the smile that she gave him was one of innocence and sweetness.

"I would be honored to be your wife," she whispered.

The Vicar smiled in relief and leaned down to plant a chaste kiss on her forehead. As he turned to find his hat he did not see the look that crossed her face. Had he, he might have reconsidered his offer.


They were married the following Saturday at the tiny church in the next village. The curate, a stranger to both of them, was happy to perform the service and more than happy to receive the monetary gift that Victoria slid to him beforehand.

They brunched at the manor with Adam's uncle Dr. Mortimer and when Victoria insisted that Mrs. Robbins, the closest thing to family that she had, sit down to join them, the older woman cried.

When they returned from their honeymoon Victoria knew it would be time for Mrs. Robbins to be pensioned out.

It was a lovely meal and laughter and smiles were plentiful. Adam was grinning from ear to ear and Victoria loved seeing how happy he was. If he was still smiling in the morning she would be surprised.

A little after two they departed, at Victoria's insistence they were honeymooning at a small cottage at the far reaches of her estate, and she wanted to reach it before nightfall.

Adam was quite talkative during the carriage ride and Victoria wondered if he was nervous. She reached over and grabbed his hand and as he smiled at her she felt his hand shake within hers.

She frowned at that. It wasn't as if they were new to each other. They had already fucked, he had already been buried deep within her, what was there to be nervous about?

She pulled her hand back and reached down to squeeze his thigh. His smile when it came was more nervous than before.

"I'm looking forward to this. To being alone with you," Victoria whispered as she leaned towards him.

He swallowed hard. "You are?"

She nodded. "I've been dreaming of it all week. Of you. Of your mouth on mine."

He swallowed again and looked down at her lips. She licked them slowly, sensuously, and she watched as his throat moved convulsively.

Her hand moved higher on his thigh and he looked down at it. When she reached out slowly to touch the bulge that lay between his thighs his eyes widened and he looked back up at her.

"I've been dreaming of our time in the cemetery," she said.

"You have?"

She nodded and squeezed the ridge of him that was already beginning to rise.

"Have you thought about it since then husband?"

He nodded. "Yes," he whispered.

She smiled at that. "What did you think about?"

He looked uncomfortable at that and glanced out the window instead of answering. She followed his gaze. It would soon be dark and as night began to fall Victoria found that she was growing more and more impatient. She wanted to be there already. She wanted him naked beneath her on the bed with his cock between her legs.

She looked back at him and this time he was looking at her. He leaned down and his mouth moved towards her in agonizing slowness.

Impatiently she reached up and grabbed his coat and pulled him to her. The minute his lips touched hers she sent her tongue out and plunged it into his mouth. This time she was the one invading his body as she thrust her tongue over and over into his mouth. She felt him squirm on the seat next to her and his cock grew thicker beneath her hand.

She was about to reach for the closure on his pants when she felt the carriage slow. She pulled away from him and looked out to see that they had finally arrived at the cottage. She smiled in anticipation.

It took almost an hour to get their luggage into the cottage and to unload the other things from the cart that had followed behind them. By the end of it Victoria was almost aflame with rage. It seemed as if the stupid footmen were moving in slow motion and she was tempted to scream at them, but she knew that she had an image that she must continue to present to the world.

When it was finally done and the carriage and cart were departing she stood outside and watched them leave. She took a few deep breaths; the night was growing cold and the sharp feel of the crisp air in her lungs gave her a little relief from the fire that was raging through her body.

Turning, she went into the cottage and latched the door behind her.


The cottage was one large room, one end dominated by a large fireplace that heated it and at which they would be expected to cook their own meals. At Victoria's insistence Mrs. Robbins had sent them with enough food stores to last a week. While she did not look forward to playing the little wife and preparing meals, she also did not want to be disturbed by servants bringing more food. She had never cooked before, but she was confident that they wouldn't starve.

And food was really the last thing on her mind. If she was lucky and everything went to plan then the two of them would spend most of their days in bed. The only thing she was hungry for was her sweet, still-innocent husband and his body.

Adam was at the other end of the room near the bed. He was opening his cases and putting his clothes in the chest of drawers. He looked up as she latched the door and said, "I left you some space here. I didn't want to go into your things, but I can unpack for you if you like."

She didn't say anything. Instead she reached up and removed her bonnet and threw it towards the table. It missed and hit the floor but she didn't bother to stop and pick it up.

Adam looked away from her and back to the task at hand and she took of her coat. She didn't bother trying to hang it up either, she left it lying on the floor and approached him. He looked up when she reached him and she turned her back. "Will you unbutton my gown?"

He didn't say anything and she felt that his hands were still shaking as he slowly undid the tiny little pearl buttons that made up her wedding dress.

When it was loose about her she turned and as he watched she pushed it down and stepped out of it. She left it in a pool of silk on the floor as she turned again for him to unlace her corset. His hands were even shakier this time and she smiled a small smile. By the end of the evening her nervous shy husband would hopefully be a thing of the past.

When the corset was undone she let it fall and when she turned to face him once more she knew her dark nipples were visible through the sheer chemise.

She moved past him and sat on the bed, bringing her leg up. She removed her silk slippers, the same light blue as her wedding dress, and then reached up under her chemise to untie the ribbons that held up her stockings.

He watched, his face still and pale, as she pushed first one white stocking down and then the other. When they were both off and his cock was straining the front of his trousers, she stood and in one quick move pulled her chemise over her head.

She threw it on the floor behind him, but she didn't meet his eyes. Instead she turned and slowly crawled up the bed, taking her time so that he could appreciate what she was offering him.

When she was at the head of the bed she turned and lay down upon it. His face was intent and the look of animalistic lust that she had seen in the cemetery was finally back. She smiled slowly at him as she spread her legs, opening her pussy for him to feast his eyes on.

She reached down and parted her pink shiny lips. She was already wet with anticipation. "Have you ever seen a pussy before you saw mine in the cemetery?"

He shook his head.

"Have you ever touched a pussy besides mine?"

He shook his head again.

"Take off your clothes."

He jumped a little at the command, but instantly he obeyed her as he pulled off his overcoat and then his coat and waistcoat.

She bit her lips as he opened his shirt and pushed it off his wide shoulders. She practically purred. She had not seen his chest in the cemetery, but she wasn't disappointed now. It was broad and muscled and had a light dusting of blonde hair on it.

He was delectable.

He sat and removed his shoes and stockings and then stood to unbutton his pants. His hands were shaking again as he pushed them down and stepped out of them. His smalls were already tented by his thick cock and she couldn't help but lick her lips.

His eyes widened at that and she smiled as he pushed them off. His cock instantly sprang up and she felt fluid run out of her at the sight of it.

She spread her legs wider and with her fingers she pulled her lips open even more. "I want you to lick me. I want you to crawl to me and put your mouth to my pussy."

He hesitated, one knee on the bed, and his face was both shocked and aroused.

"Come husband, do as I tell you."

At the word husband she saw his cock jump and then he was on the bed and crawling towards her. When he was even with her pussy she saw his hesitation as he stared down at her inner flower.

"That is my pussy husband. Say it. Say pussy."

His voice was thick when his whisper came, "Pussy."

She nodded in pleasure. "And now I choose to share my pussy with you. To do with as you wish. As I wish. To kiss, to lick, to touch, to bury your cock deep within. We shall share my pussy and the pleasure that it can bring."

He looked up at her and she nodded at him. "So kiss my pussy husband. Stick your tongue in it and bring me pleasure."

He hesitated for only a second and then he bent his head and gently kissed her. "Good boy," she said with a smile on her face and he looked back up at her. At her nod he bent his head back to the task and tentatively his tongue came out to lick her.

"Don't be shy husband. Remember it's your pussy too. Show it how much you want it."

His hands came up and pushed hers away to spread her wide. His tongue when it came again was more forceful, more possessive, and she smiled at the ceiling in pleasure. "That's it my husband. Go deep."

He followed her directions perfectly, thrusting his tongue deep inside her. When he pulled it out he sent it over the bud at the top of her lips and her moan of pleasure caught his attention. Sending his tongue back over that spot he listened in amazement as his wife whimpered in desire. He had found the magic spot.

Focusing his attention on that spot had her squirming across the bed and he had to use one arm across her stomach to hold her in place. She seemed to like that so held her down even tighter while he used his teeth to nibble at her pussy. That drove her wild and he felt his cock grow even harder. So hard that he had to press it down on the bed, but that only set off a wave of pleasure. So as he licked and nibbled at his wife's pussy he ground his cock into the bed again and again.

Her hands came down and she grabbed fistfuls of his hair as she tried to pull him up. "I need you," she said in a frantic whisper. "I need you inside me now."

Reluctantly he pulled his mouth from her pussy and moved upwards until his cock was at the entrance to her. He looked down into her beautiful face and for a moment he was mesmerized. She looked different in this light. Like herself, but more mystic, more ethereal and that gave him pause, but she thrust upward and the tip of his cock slipped inside her.

That was all it took. Just a little way in and he was like a man possessed. With a groan he thrust down into her with all his strength and felt it as her tight walls parted for him.

He looked down into her face and for the first time she looked at him with something that might have approached love. "Welcome home Adam, my husband."

And then he felt her hands come up to grab his sides, "Fuck me," she whispered.

He came to his knees to get more leverage and she pulled her legs back until they almost touched her chest. On his next plunge her went even deeper inside her, so deep that he hit against a barrier and she grunted. In pleasure or pain he wasn't sure, but she didn't stop him. Instead she lifted her hips up to meet his.

They soon began a rhythm that had her whimpering with every thrust and the look that she gave him as she lay beneath him with his cock plowing into her made something deep within him open wide.

He felt more animal than human as he thrust and withdrew. The sounds that were coming out of his mouth were like nothing he had ever heard before, but from the look on her face they did not disgust her.

Her nails raked over his waist as she pulled him towards her as if it wasn't possible for him to be deep enough inside her.

He pushed her leg up further and moved his hand down to her ass. He leaned down until his mouth was level with her ear and he whispered, "Do you want my finger inside your ass again?"

He pulled back and looked down at her. Her face was desperate as she nodded. "Yes!"

He nodded and reached down until he felt the tight pucker of her ass. "Tell me," he said.

She looked up at him in surprise at the command in his voice, but when her voice came it was feral, "Put your finger in my ass husband."

He smiled and pushed his finger in. At first it was tight, the tiny pucker tried to push him back out, but he resisted and pushed harder. And then with a soundless plop his finger was in her ass and she was screaming as she came.

He didn't stop though. Instead he kept thrusting his cock and his finger in unison. Almost as soon as she stopped coming she started again and he felt on edge as her walls squeezed him, his control almost lost.

Her eyes came open during the throes of her second orgasm and as she stared up at him he went over the edge pouring his seed deep within her.

She moved then, pushing him to his back as she sat up, taking charge. She leaned forward and he closed his eyes as her kisses rained over his face.

Her voice was strained, as if she was crying, as she said his name over and over again.

"Adam, Adam...oh my Adam."

He smiled and as she fell to her stomach on top of him he drifted off to sleep.

Sometime later he regained consciousness and moved her off him. She opened her eyes and when she saw him she smiled and then closed her eyes again and went back to sleep.

He stared at her as he replayed the last hour and then he closed his eyes and joined her in sleep.


He woke to the morning sun streaming in through the windows and her mouth on his cock. He smiled and made a noise and she pulled back to look at him.

"Good morning husband."

He reached down and ran his hand across her hair. "Good morning wife."

She smiled a devilish smile and leaned forward to lick the tip of him. "Do you like the way my mouth feels on your cock?" she asked.

He nodded and laughed. "It is now my favorite way to wake in the morning. Careful or I shall insist you wake me this way every morn."

Her eyes were twinkling as she said, "I would not say no if you asked nicely."

She leaned forward again and took him into her warm, wet mouth. As she moved her mouth up and down his shaft he could not help but thrust his hips towards her.

It did not take long for the fever to rise within him and she felt it as his sac drew up against his body and his cock tightened. Instead of letting him withdraw she gripped him hard at the base of his cock and pushed more of him into her mouth until the tip of him was in her throat. She gagged at that, but the discomfort was worth the sound of pleasure that he made.

He groaned and she felt his cock contract and then his warm seed was filling her mouth and pouring down her throat.

When she finally pulled him from her mouth his body was slack on the bed and she crawled up to look at his face. "Are you still alive husband?"

He groaned but did not open his eyes. "I am uncertain."

She giggled and leaned down to plant a kiss on his mouth. "I hope you are able to recover yourself quickly. I find that giving you pleasure makes my body flame with need."

He cracked open one eye at that and looked at her. "It does?"

She nodded and propped her head up on her hand so that she could stare down at him. "The sight of you, the smell of your skin, the sounds that you make, all combine to make me ache with desire."

He rolled towards her and his hand came up to rub lightly over her back and ass. His next words shocked her. "The minute that I saw you my body was aflame."

She raised an eyebrow. "It was?"

He nodded and squeezed her ass. "Oh yes. I wanted to push you to the ground and let the swans watch me take you."

She laughed and he nodded. "I know. Shocking. I had never thought that way before. It is not the way a proper vicar should feel or think."

She pushed her ass up to meet his teasing hand. "I do not want you to be a proper vicar," she whispered.


She shook her head. "No. I want you to be my husband, my Adam."

It was his turn to raise an eyebrow. "And as your husband how shall I act?"

His finger traced the line that cleaved her ass in two. "As your husband should I fuck you?"

She nodded.

"As your husband should I lick your pussy?"

She nodded again.

"As your husband should I stick my finger here?'

She nodded her head and whimpered with need at his words.

His finger pushed inward until it met resistance.

She bowed her head towards the bed and he pushed his finger harder. He leaned forward and kissed the side of her face. "My wife. My love. My mate."

Her face rose from the bed and he met her hungry mouth with his own as he fucked her ass with his finger. She pushed her pussy down into the bed, her clit hitting a ridge on the coverlet that made her pleasure even more intense as he moved his finger in and out of her.

Needing to breathe he pulled back and smiled down at her face. The pleasure was so great that she was in agony and he watched her face as his finger kept moving inside her.

She opened her dark eyes and the intense emotion within them made him lose his grip on reality. He was lost in her, drowning, but his finger never stopped as he continued to bring her pleasure. When screamed his name he was brought back to flesh and to Earth as she shrieked out her release.

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