tagIncest/TabooFighting the World Ch. 01

Fighting the World Ch. 01


Characters are of legal age (over 18) when participating in sex and all names are purely coincidental and the events are entirely fictional. This is my first erotic story so please let me know what I can improve on!

Every cloud has a silver lining. There was one this time anyway.

My dad's a hard working man, trying his best to provide for us. Providing us with a nice house and food in the cupboards is his life's goal. My mom does nothing, but slag herself about and pays little attention to us kids. I'm Gary, and I do my best to keep out of my mom's way. My younger brother Chris does the same, and my younger sister Sophie just tries to keep herself out of the picture altogether.

This is where my story started. My mom was always a bit of a whore. We never did understand at first. When dad was working one of his three jobs and we were off school, strange men used to come round and go with mom upstairs.

The first time it happened, Dad was on a night security job and mom wanted to go out for a drink with some friends. So a guy she slept with a lot offered to 'babysit' us. I don't remember much but I know he did some very illegal things and told me that I'd best 'shut my damn mouth'.

I don't know what happened. Maybe dad got suspicious, but for a few years everything had gone quiet. Mom started trying to be a normal mom, although she had taken to the bottle. She had gotten a job at a nearby laundrette so her work hours weren't huge, just enough to allow dad to save money for when we got older. But mom's drinking got worse and she got fired from her job, so dad had to go back to working like mad again; meaning we saw him less.

I loved my dad. He had mousey blond hair, a very angular face and he was always smiling when us kids were about. I can't remember a bad thing he ever did while we were kids. Mom on the other hand had dark hair to her shoulders and looked pretty nondescript. There must have been something I didn't see though, because guys could ask for a fuck and she'd hardly ever say no. But she always had a knack for picking the bastards of society.

I'd been tempted to tell dad a few times about what was going on. But between me and my siblings we decided that it was best to say nothing. We'd rather have dad here, with us as a family, then for him to be living on his own somewhere and paying mom to look after us. Thinking back that was one shit idea.

Years later one afternoon, when I had walked back home from college Mom came bounding up to me.

"Hey, I've got a friend coming round later. Remember that nice man who delivered that parcel last week? Well I bumped into him in town and we had a drink and I invited him over. So be good okay?" She smiles and then walks off upstairs.

She was never this nice. Things started going back to how they used to be. The delivery guys name turned out to be Will and he came round at least one or twice a week to have 'private conversations' with mom. I knew what they were doing. I was old enough to understand now. But what I couldn't understand was how she could bring guys over and fuck them in the same bed that she went to sleep with dad in. I hated her so much. And then it got worse. Lying in bed one night I knew that mom had been drinking bottles of wine with Will and was pretty drunk, so I figured that Will must have got bored and gone home. Wrong. I heard my door handle creaking and opening my eyes the tiniest bit I saw a strip of light come into my room from the hall. Will's shadowed face filled the gap and he stopped to check if I was asleep. He slipped through the door and found a chair by my desk and quietly forced it under the door handle. Sitting gently on the edge of my bed, he began to stroke my hair with the back of his hand.

"So beautiful." He whispers.

I'm 5'11, skinny but with enough meat on my bones to give one hell of a fight, tanned, with dark hair like my mom and exceptionally green eyes that all the girls at college can't help but stare into.

"Gorgeous." He whispers, saying it more to himself than me. I open my eyes slowly so not to make him do anything rash.

"Oh hey sleepy head, did I wake you? Well, I don't want to hurt you; I just want to do something. As soon as I've done, I'll go back downstairs and we don't have to talk for a bit or tell anyone ok?"

I'm not stupid. Even though I'm tall, Will towers above me. He's got shaggy brown hair, grey eyes and he's built like the side of a house. He must go to the gym a lot because most guys round here don't have biceps that big. I'll do as I'm told.

"All I want you to do is lie on your right side, facing away from me. You don't even have to see what I'm doing yeah?" He says in a very quiet, friendly voice.

I don't want to see what he'd doing. This is all too familiar and I try and hold back my tears and roll over so I'm lying on my side facing the far wall with my back to Will. He runs his hand up the sheets from the middle of my back and slowly pulls the cover so it halfway down the back of my legs. I shiver as the cold air gets into my pyjamas. Will puts his hand on my arm and sighs.

Nothing happens for a minute then he takes his hand off me and I feel him shift on the bed. I can hear him unbuttoning his jeans that he's wearing and he pulls down the zip. I gulp hard and can't help the tears roll down my face and make the pillow wet. He delicately places his hand on my hip, tugs at my pyjama trousers and arranges them so just my ass cheeks are on show. Massaging my buttock he lets out a little groan and I can hear him starting to stroke himself. He keeps squeezing and massaging my ass and runs the flat of his hand up and down the length of my crack a few times and slips his middle finger in, so that it's rubbing more intimately up and down. I grip onto the pillow and try my best not to sob.

I'd tried to tell mom about what these guys she was bringing home were doing before, but she just flipped, said that we were making it up to make her feel bad, and that we were dirty little liars who wanted to spoil her fun.

Will's breath was getting louder and I could hear him jerking off faster. He pressed his middle finger to my asshole and he grunted and came. He sat there panting for a bit before getting up, moving the chair back to its original place and leaving me back on my own.

Will started doing this a lot. He'd come round when dad had gone on his nightshift and get mom drunk. Then he'd come upstairs and masturbate over the sight on my naked body. He'd even gone into Chris' room a few times but he avoided Sophie altogether. Once he came upstairs quite drunk and made me watch him jerk off. He was probably a good seven inches. The head was purple, angry and a fat blue vein ran down the length of his shaft as he pumped it furiously in his hand before exploding. The white residue ran down over his knuckles, over his hairy balls and collected in a pool in his boxers. I watched transfixed and he started at my naked chest and washboard abs. I'd played with my own dick but I'd never watched anyone else do it to themselves before. Not in front of me, not in real life. To be honest, it made me jump when he came. He sat there, his eyes red and the reek of stale beer coming from his breath. After staring into my face for what seemed like forever he shoved his dick back in his pants and left. I couldn't believe what I had seen. I'd pretty much blocked all the other bad experiences out of my mind or I had been too young to remember them.

The next day I made sure there was nobody around and went on the internet in the study. I wanted porn. The sight of that fat cock yesterday had me in awe. I sat watching people fuck for what seemed like hours. My dick was pretty hard and it was throbbing furiously. I was close to pulling it out of my jeans and beating off but Sophie came into the study wanting to do some research for school. I quickly shut down all the pages before she saw anything and ran out of the room before she got suspicious or caught a glimpse of my raging erection tenting in my jeans. For the next couple of days I couldn't get two minutes peace and the thought of all those stiff cocks pumping into tight holes was too much to cope with. I was so fucking horny.

After 4 days Will had come back around and he and mom were downstairs getting drunk again and watching bad movies. Sophie, Chris and I had all gone up to bed early again so we could get out the way. It was getting on for half past ten and I heard footsteps coming upstairs. Here we go again. But wait, this time he'd gone into Chris room. I could hear hushed voices then a door clicked. I lay in bed trying to block out any noise, but there wasn't any. My door silently flew open and it made me almost jump out of my skin. Chris quickly came inside and shut the door, his face streaked with tears.

"I can't take it anymore, Gary. Will came in, blind drunk. He said he's going to do things to me and he said I'd better stay in bed while he goes to the bathroom. Help me; I don't want to do this any longer." Chris says sobbing his heart out.

That's the last straw. I jump out of bed, grab one side of the chest of drawers and motion for Chris to grab the other. We jam it firmly behind the door just as Will comes out of the bathroom. I back away from the door and Chris hides behind me in the dark. I'm wearing only my pyjama bottoms and Chris is just in his briefs. He gips onto my bare shoulders and I can feel him shaking. My door handle turns but the weight of the dresser prevents the door from opening.

"Open the door, Gary." Will says quietly from the other side.

"No." I hiss through gritted teeth. This shit was stopping tonight.

"Open... the damn... door."

"No." I say firmly.

"Open the fucking door or I'll cut your mother in ways you can't imagine."

"No. Fuck you, you best take your shit and leave before I call the police and have you done for rape, you sick cunt."

Everything went quiet for a moment and I heard Will's footsteps stomp downstairs. I turn around to Chris and take him by the arm, pulling him toward my single bed. We both climb in, facing the door, with me behind Chris and I wrap my arm around him. After five minutes Chris has calmed down and he rolls over so that he's lying on his back. His deep blue eyes have dried themselves of tears and his soft blond hair is a mess.

"Thank you Gary, you, saved me." He says quietly.

I put my arm over his stomach to hold him close so that he knows I'm going to protect him. He's not as tanned as I am and he has a heavier build but he's every bit as slim, with a tight stomach, soft skin and a gorgeously innocent 18 year old face. I can't help it, but my dick starts getting hard again. Not now! I've been so horny since I saw all those pornos and now that I finally had some quiet and I was with my best friend, my brother, I felt at ease. I could feel my meat throbbing in my thin cotton trousers and I carefully watched Chris face to see if he had noticed.

"Gary." He says turning to me and lying on his side so that we are face to face. "Do you think there will be any more people who try and do this again?"

"There may be, but I won't let them near either of us, or Sophie. We don't deserve this. I'll protect you no matter what." I kiss his forehead.

"I can't thank you enough. I've never had the courage to stand up to them. I don't know what to say." Chris says. He goes to tenderly kiss my cheek but misses and kisses my lips.

Our faces are about an inch away from each other and we both stare blankly into one another eyes. Simultaneously our mouths lock on each other's and we kiss like it's going out of fashion. I probe my tongue into Chris mouth and he loves it. Taking it in he pushes his tongue into my mouth and at this point my dick is at full mast, rubbing between us both. It doesn't take Chris long to realise there's something long and hard in the bed between us and he breaks the kiss.

"Gary, what's that?" Chris gasps.

"Umm, what's what?" I say blushing.

"That. Hard thing in bed." He says looking down.

He pulls up the cover and see's that the 'hard thing' is in my pants and he quickly realises what it is.


"I'm sorry." I plead. "I was watching some video's online and it made me horny. I swear it doesn't mean anything."

Chris cocks his head to one side and looks puzzled.

"What's horny?"

"You don't know what horny is?" I splutter.

Chris shakes his head meekly. I take a deep breath. How can I explain this to him? He hasn't a clue about his own body! I pull myself up in bed so my back is against the headboard and Chris does the same.

"I can show you, but I don't want to scare you. If you don't like what I'm doing just tell me and I'll stop, okay?" I say to him. I know what he's been through. What we've been through. I don't want to do this to him again.

"I trust you."

I raise my ass off the bed and slowly pull down my cotton night trousers. My raging 6.5 inch erection snaps out from under the waistband and hits my stomach with a thud. I'm not the biggest guy about but I sure know what to do with my cock and it's got a fair bit of thickness to it. Chris gawps at my uncut dick and I can't help but stare at the bulge in his tight boxer briefs. I can see something moving in there. Fuck my brothers so hot! Why hadn't I noticed before?

I wrap my hand around my dick and slowly pull from the base all the way up and let go at my head. I keep doing this with my eyes locked onto Chris package.

"This is what you do when you're horny." I say, breaking my eyes away from my brother's crotch and looking at his face. He licks his lips, looks up at me and nods.

"If you want to do the same to yourself, go ahead. But you don't have to if you don't want." I say to him.

Chris looks down at his briefs and after taking a moment to decide he lifts himself up and pulls them totally off and throws them on the floor. His cock is semi erect and he grips it feebly in his hand, unsure about what to do.

"Just do what I'm doing. You've had a hard dick before haven't you?"

The word 'dick' makes him jump and he nods.

"Yes but I never touched it, I just waited till it went away." He says guiltily.

I move my free hand slowly toward his crotch and move his hand out the way, replacing his hand with mine. He gasps, shuts his eyes and lays his head back on the top of the headboard. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I was masturbating my brother. It didn't take long for Chris' cock to come alive and eventually I was stroking an impressive 8 inches. I swear broom handles have more flexibility to them.

Chris sits back up and opened his eyes, looking down at the pole in his lap. He watches me stroke his cock for a minute or so then looks at mine. He slides his hand across the bed, up and over my hip and to my cock which I gladly let go. We both sit there in the semi darkness, a streetlamp outside illuminating the room through my thin curtains, jerking each other off. Chris leans over to me and kisses me again, gently this time. I suck his bottom lip into my mouth and he lets out a little groan. Kissing each other full on the mouth Chris starts pumping faster in the heat of the moment. I can't take it. I spin round onto my knees, grab Chris by the hips and pull him down the bed so he's lying on his back. I lie on top of him and kiss his mouth hard. I lean on one elbow and run my other hand through his hair while his hands are running over my back and stroking my spine. Fuck that feels nice! It turns me on so much a pearl of precum oozes out of my furiously aroused shaft and our dicks rub one another's as we make out. I can feel his hot balls rubbing against mine and I pull away from his mouth.

"You feel that baby brother? You feel that passionate urge? That your dick aches and you want to do something with it? That's horny."

"Yeah." Chris moans. "Touch my cock again, Gary."

I slip my hand between us and grab hold of his steely shaft and pump it up and down while our tongues wrestle in a frenzied kiss.

"Stop, I think I'm going to burst!" He says urgently.

I can't help but grin. I sit back on my feet and Chris props himself up on his elbows and looks down at his erection that I'm still pumping. He looks at me with trust but I can also see the concern in his eyes.

"This is an orgasm." I say grinning at him.

Furiously I work Chris' throbbing meat and his breathing gets heavier. Beads of sweat form on his forehead and suddenly his body stops and spasms; thick ropes of cum pumping out of the swollen end of his dick and he roars as his first orgasm hits him like a bus. I quickly clamp my hand over his mouth so that we don't get uninvited visitors trying to join us. His orgasm keeps going and after the last of his cum squirts out he falls back, spread eagled across the bed.

Chris' chest is rising and falling urgently trying to catch his breath. I pull my PJ bottoms off from around my feet and toss them on the floor. Getting up I stand by his head as he's lying diagonally across my mattress and I wave my erection in his face.

"Want to try something else new?"

"Hell yeah." He pants. "Orgasms are amazing!"

"Plenty more where that came from."

I can still see that he's mad horny so I grab my still ragingly hard dick and lower it to Chris' mouth and wipe the tip slowly across his lips. His tongue darts out to lick the precum that's left a trail and he catches my rod, making me gasp in excitement.

"Lick it, suck on my cock." I order.

Looking up at me with lust he slowly caresses my dickhead with his hot, wet tongue; licking the underside of my shaft. He gently sucks my head into his mouth and nibbles on my foreskin. I almost blow my wad over his face then and there.

"Fuck, Chris. Keep nibbling on my dick. Take it all in your mouth and suck on it hard."

He didn't need telling twice as he slowly sucks the length of my shaft into his mouth, his tongue massaging it the whole time. I look down at his cock, still hard, still with his cum splattered over his stomach. I lean down and lick the jizz off his abs. It tastes tangy and rich and I clean it all up with my mouth. Chris dick is still rigid and it's pointing straight at my face. I lick the tip and he about swallows another two inches of my shaft in surprise, choking on it in the process. I pull out of his mouth and straddle his face.

"Play with my balls. I want you to lick and suck on them for me and I'll swallow your dick."

"You're so fucking hot, Gary." I want to eat whatever cums out of your thick cock."

I flick my tongue over his head and probe the tip of my tongue into the very edge of his slit which he seems to love and he's hungrily licking at my heavy ball sack. Sucking in, I push his foreskin back with my lips so I'm only paying attention to the head which still tastes like cum. I can't get enough of it and it's just making me want to explode even more.

I go for it, sucking in as much as Chris' rod as I possibly can right now. I gag as it hits the back of my throat and Chris moans on my balls which starts me off in a cock sucking frenzy.

"Oh Fuck, Gary. That feels so good, ahhh. Push it to the back of your throat again. Oh god damn! Yeah, that's it! Mammy, yeah."

I try and get Chris to shut the fuck up by resting my balls back on his mouth. I don't want that sick fuck downstairs hearing us. But all Chris does is moan onto my balls which is seriously bringing me to the edge. I take a deep breath, tilt my head forward and slide all 8 inches into my mouth and down my throat so that my nose is nestled in his curly blond pubes. I can't take it and I gag, closing my throat up around Chris' swelling cock.

"Hamm, mmhmmnmmm! Ah 'm cumin!"

Gobs of spunk ejaculate down my throat and I have to be careful I don't choke on that too. I suck hard which prolongs Chris' orgasm and I make sure no jizz has run out of my mouth before standing up. I don't even give him a chance to think before grabbing his face in my hands and ramming my cock down his throat and fucking his face for all that its worth. I can feel his teeth scraping my dick, which just make me hornier from the pain and he's gagging and spluttering but I'm not stopping now. I skull fuck him like a man possessed and in no time I can feel my iron hard fuck pole swell and my balls are aching like crazy.

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