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Figment Of Fantasies


Sometimes without clear and concise thought, there is the action of pleasurable chaos, and for those who are seeking it without knowing, they shall find. The other night started just as any other night in my life...I woke up, I showered...masturbated while in the shower. I had always enjoyed the showerhead...with its many settings and water pressure choices, however it had gotten boring. I seemed to find that getting off just wasn't happening as quickly or as often. Sure I could close my eyes and think of sitting on a mans face until he couldn't breathe and then moving enough to let him catch his breath, and then sitting on his face again while he worked his delicious mouth over my deprived pussy, until I came so hard I was dripping wet without the water.

I could think of the many times it turned me on to be teased by a man with his cock, being tied up and unable to move...hands holding my hips down, while he slid his cock into me...sinking in deep...with short, slow thrusts...making my beg with my eyes for more as I could not speak with the gag in my mouth.

I often thought of riding a stiff hard cock, and gyrating my hips in a circular motion, reverse cowgirl, as deep as I could get...my hair falling over his chest, my head thrown back and body arched. His hands holding my own, distracting him from my bouncing tits, nipples hardened in the cool air. All the while some kind of dark and sexy song is playing in the background of my mind.

But these fantasies were becoming not enough; I needed something tangible...something I could touch. Someone I could touch, who would be a little rough and unafraid to break me, who would give me the darker side of what I had been craving...the fuck of my life. The one I would forever try and replicate or bring to another level. It got me wet just thinking about it. I would squirm in my chair at work thinking about it some days. I felt so dirty, and I liked the feeling. It made me feel powerful.

While putting my clothes on I let my hands trail slowly over my body, caressing each supple breast...rolling my nipples between my fingers, while little sparks of electricity shoot through my sensitive skin from my toes to my pussy and back up my body again.

I caress my neck with light feathery fingers, and then harder I grip the illusion of another's hands on my body entices a fluttery reaction in the pit of my stomach, as it pools deeper, a white hot sensation, that feeling of swimming in my own unadulterated lust. How I wish something exciting would happen, something taboo and deep.

Before I know it I am on my bed shredding my own clothes off with abandon, imagining that your hands were moving all over my body, not tender but hard and needing, demanding. So lost in my own thoughts my own imagination I do not hear the creak of the wood on the floor, or the rustling of the curtains at the window I've left open.

My hands roam freely over my breasts and between the lips of my pussy, rubbing at the pulse I feel in my clit, squeezing my breasts my breathing erratic, within the erotic thoughts I cannot seen to rid myself of, and before I feel your presence, you straddle my hips, catching my hands up in one of your own large strong and powerful ones. I briefly wonder if I have manifested you from my own thoughts, eyes as dark as rain clouds, lips that crash down on my own, biting not playfully and not cruelly either. Rain soaked and wet from climbing up the fire escape stairs, droplets drip down my skin leaving trails of delicious goose bumps in their wake. I am scared, excited and more turned on than I thought I could be.

Your other hand moves between my neck and breasts...down to my right hip, and between your legs that straddle me, and your hand replaces where mine had been...I start to quiver, weather you realize it or not it is purely anticipation, my fear has been thrown out the window and all I can think of the many ways you can take advantage of my body.

I lose myself in this moment, I jump in with wild abandonment and I am sure this will be the best sexual experience of my life. This touch is the one I have been craving, hard and demanding, taking as you please. I tell you I want you to fuck me, I want to be fucked hard, I confess all of my sins to you like a catholic to her priest, although I am no catholic...and I am hardly a saint.

Only for a moment do you stop, and I see an emotion quickly run through your dark eyes, before you let go of my hands and rip your shirt off of your body, to which my own hands roam coveting the rippling muscles that are revealed to my eyes. Your mouth twitches in a devious smile, one that I never will let leave my memory should I think.

In my excitement I start to unbutton your wet jeans, unable to wait to see the package you have brought me, I want to be completely uninhibited I want to be completely exposed. I want to be free for but a moment in time, where no consequences will hinder what I am about to do. A manicured trial of dark course hair leads down to an impressive cock, already starting to harden and sure to be even more impressive at its full length. For a fleeting moment I am unsure if I will be able to handle it, and I am sure as I look up you have seen the doubt in my eyes...but I smile back at you equally as devious as your own smile.

I let my hands and fingers trace you, and then without warning you pull me up and flip me on top of your body, as you roll on to your back. You tell me to suck your cock, I hungrily oblige your request and slide down your body, pulling your pants off of you as I do. I move back up slowly trailing my tongue along your inner thigh, my eyes wild, and as I get to your balls I lick them, and then suck them one by one making a popping sound as I release them from my captive mouth. My right hand stroking your still hardening cock as I do so, but then I move up and flick my tongue over the tip of your shaft, leaving a wet trail as I do so.

My head descends down, as deep as I can take you in my mouth and throat, and I use my hands to make up for what I cannot take, your very long and thick, and it's making me wetter just thinking about it invading my tight hot holes. I think to myself as I take you deeply how I have never have had someone so big and how much you will fill me, I can't help but be turned on, I feel a wet slick trial leak down from between my thighs...I almost feel embarrassed by this fact. Never have I had such an intense thought with such little stimulation as to get me so very wet, so very quickly. Your hands wrap in my hair and pull me up, and then push me down, the pain is pleasure, and I growl throatily as I suck and lick your cock, and I feel you pulse in my already to full mouth, but I willing accept all you are willing to give.

My slick trail down my thighs and leg has given me away to you, as your hands move to inspect the wetness, you tell me to straddle your face, and without hesitation I move up and start to sit over your face, but allowing for me to still suck on your hot hard rod.

I feel your hands rub from my clit to my ass, my cum trailing with your fingers. Your tongue licks at my clit fast and two fingers slide inside my cunt, I moan over your cock deep in my mouth and throat, and am feeling slightly stretched as you pump your fingers in and out of my dripping puss. I start to quiver as the tight feeling inside my stomach gets hotter...I feel like I am going to explode.

And I do. Your mouth replaces your fingers, lapping up my sweet cum, tongue thrusting deeply inside as if to catch every drop.

It causes me to jerk upright and throw my head back as a strange animalistic sound emerges from my lips, satisfying and feral. You hold my hips captive like a vise I cannot remove them from, your thumbs rubbing my ass cheeks as your mouth and tongue work over me. I can't help cumming again, as my thoughts drift to your finger that slides into my ass.

I am so worked up by you, I am begging for you to fuck me, how I want your cock buried deep inside my cunt, you release me, and I move off of your face, that is gleaming with my cum, and I instantly go to kiss you, licking my own juices off of you as I do. I like how I taste. You reach around and spank me, shocked I nip your lip as I kiss you, you laugh a dark laugh, a slightly shocked but aroused look on my face. It's like a drug, I can't say no too.

You get off of my bed your cock standing at attention, and you grasp my ankles pulling me to the edge while on my stomach, and you run your hands up my inner thighs, lightly slapping and spanking, my nipples harden like diamonds and my breathing deepens, and then your hand comes down a crossed my ass, hard it stings but not in the way I expected, it was completely erotic. I feel myself again getting wetter I swear that I have never been so wet in all my life.

And then I feel your cock at the entrance to my wet pussy, slowly making its way inside, stretching and pulsing, my feet are an the ground as I arch up into your thrust, my ass in the air, angling to give you the maximum depth inside me. Slowly you slide inside and then fast and hard you fill me with your length, I gasp in surprise, and then again as your hand comes down a crossed my ass again. I quiver and I tighten around you, and I hear a slight growl come from you, your hands immediately grasp my hips in your viselike grip.

You hold me still as you fuck me hard and slow, my left hand trails down to my clit, flicking over it, so electrified is my body, I am in wonder how I have not exploded yet. Yet I am yours for the moment to use as you would see fit, and I will give into all of your whims, whatever they may be. One of your hands grabs the hair at my scalp and I arch back as you pull my head up, removing my hand from my clit to brace myself on the bed, your thrusts become faster.

The sounds I make are unintelligible but all pleasure, I can hear myself echo off of the walls, my heart pounds in my chest as your fucking me, I keep wondering how you came to be...are you just a figment of my over imaginative mind? And for the moment I am not even sure I am awake or dreaming, but I am not going to look a gift horse in the mouth. My breasts heave as I am panting from your fucking, the feeling of your balls slapping against my pussy even further turns me on.

If you're just a figment of my imagination I want to stay here forever.

I feel I am about to cum again, and I tell you, you speed up again, as I am cumming over your cock, the walls of my pussy clenching and tightening around you, your hand comes down on my ass again, and I scream as I reach the end of my orgasm.

I wake up, sore and in pain, my room dark and cold. Wet between the legs...my body bent over half on and off of my bed. I feel stiff. I push myself up off of my bed, and go into the bathroom; I flip on the light switch and look into the mirror. I see bruising hand marks on my neck, arms, hips, thighs and ass. I feel exposed and secretly pleased. It was not just a dream.

I wonder briefly if I can conjure you from my mind again.

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