tagBDSMFILF (Fathers I'd Like To Fuck) Ch. 03

FILF (Fathers I'd Like To Fuck) Ch. 03


A couple of weeks had passed since our last adventure and I decided it was time to further Sandy and Shelly's sexual education.

They had called me several times during the last week and I knew they were anxious to have their next lesson. This time I had planned something very hot.

While teaching gymnastics at the alternative high school several years ago, I had become acquainted with the other teachers, two of which were a married couple named Fred and Karen.

He was the principal of the school and she was an English teacher with a reputation of being very tough on the girls. I often heard Sandy and Shelly complain of the copious amounts of homework she would assign them which interfered with their boy time.

What they didn't know about Fred and Karen was behind their rather straight and conservative appearances, they were a very kinky couple.

He was submissive and into cross-dressing and being cuckolded. She was into being dominated, especially by young, beautiful girls. They would be perfect for our next lesson.

Fred and Karen and I had become friends and would often run into each other at the Club. They had approached me several times to play the bull and do a scene with them.

I decided to give them a call. I told them they were to come to my penthouse next Sunday at seven-thirty. They were to wear sexy, matching French maid's outfits and serve dinner for me and my guests.

I also told them to bring some toys, whips, handcuffs, dildos and strap-ons and be prepared to entertain and serve.

They were also instructed to bring dinner for three and to not knock, but to let themselves in and start immediately preparing and serving dinner.

They were very excited and accepted my offer immediately. Little did they know, they would be serving and entertaining two of their ex-students.

I called the girls and told them to come over Sunday at seven. I wanted time alone with them to set the mood. They were both excited about having a new adventure and begged me to tell them what was going to happen.

"See you Sunday at seven sharp", I replied and hung up the phone.

They arrived Sunday and greeted me with hugs and kisses. I explained that we were going to have a couple of drinks in my rooftop hot tub and watch the sunset and then be served dinner by my maids.

They were a little confused about the evening but quickly stripped naked, grabbed their drinks, and jumped in the hot tub.

I followed them in, naked with a couple of joints and we proceeded to get high and enjoy the beautiful sunset on the ocean.

While we were bathing, Fred and Karen arrived in their maid's uniforms and started preparing our dinner. They could not see us, nor we them. from our positions.

After the sunset, and due to the pot and wine, we were all famished. We could smell the dinner which was now ready for us and slipping into our towel robes, went inside to feast.

The next few minutes were priceless. Both Sally and Sandy were shocked to see their ex-principal and ex-English teacher in sexy French maid's outfits waiting to serve us dinner.

Likewise, Fred and Karen were shocked and embarrassed to be seen by their ex-students so outrageously dressed. Talk about your pregnant pauses!

After the girls recovered from the surprise, they started giggling and laughing at the humiliated couple, I explain to them, "Fred and Karen are into verbal and physical abuse.

There is nothing Fred likes better than being feminized and controlled by two beautiful young girls and watching his wife being used and abused.

Karen on the other hand enjoys sucking black cock and women's pussies and taking their strap-ons up her pussy and ass. Isn't that true Fred, Karen?"

The embarrassed couple's faces were bright red and they were having trouble speaking, "I-I-I, I mean, we. ah..." Fred stuttered.

"W-well, ah, you see, ah..."Karen stammered.

"QUIET", I shouted in my sternest voice, "Both of you, on your knees now!"

Fred and Karen fell to their knees before me heads bowed.

"I'm ashamed you both!" I scolded. "I merely asked you a simple yes or no questions and you both become tongue tied. Remember, you are both here of you own free will. Here we are, playing along with your sick little perverted games and I ask you a simple question and what do we get, a bunch of stuttering and stammering! Now, I want you to both crawl over to Mistress Sandy and Mistress Shelly and kiss their feet. Then I want you to apologize for your feeble attempts to express yourselves and beg them to abuse, humiliate and use you anyway they wish for their enjoyment."

Both girls howled with laughter at my remarks and watched the pathetic pair crawl on the floor till they reached their feet.

They both started kissing the girl's feet profusely, "I am sorry Mistress Shelly, please forgive me and feel free to use me anyway you wish!" Fred begged.

"Forgive me Mistress Sandy," Karen pleaded, "I only wish to please and obey you!"

Sandy and Shelly smiled at me amusingly, and then Sandy said, "Thank you coach, you couldn't have given me a nicer present; I have hated this bitch for years for all the homework she gave me, and ruining so many of my weekends. Now it's payback time! That's right, you lezzy slut, kiss my feet and suck on my big toe like a cock."

Meanwhile, Shelly was telling Fred, "I always knew you were a pussy, Fred, or shall I call you Frederica. You were so easy to stare down. All the girls use to laugh at the way you would get all red-faced and flustered when we were sent to your office. We saw you looking up our skirts and down our blouses you fucking perv. You never had the balls to discipline any of us. Did you sissy faggot?"

I was a little surprised at how easily Sally and Sandy had gotten into their roles. "Apologies accepted", I interrupted, "now let's eat!"

We sat down at the table. Fred and Karen held the chairs for their mistresses until they were comfortably seated.

They had prepared a wonderful dish of curried chicken with vegetables over noodles and fresh sliced pineapple on the side.

There was Rose' wine in crystal glasses and scented candles on display. We mostly ignored the couple during dinner and made small talk.

After dinner, Sandy said, "I would like my bitch Karen to give me a full body massage now. Take off your clothes slut and bring the massage oil!" With that she stood up, dropped her robe and walked over to the couch and lay down.

Quickly, Karen shed her maid's costume and crawled after her mistress holding the bottle of oil in her mouth.

Sandy stood up, looked at Fred and said, "I would like to whip my little sissy bitch just to hear him cry, strip and bring me that cat-o-nine tails, faggot!"

Fred, looking ridiculous in full drag, quickly stripped and holding the whip in his mouth, in turn crawled to his mistress.

For two amateurs, they were catching on fast, I thought to myself, picking up the camcorder.

I videoed both activities, Fred was taking his whipping silently at first, but then started to whimper, then he cried out, "Please Mistress Sandy, no more, it hurts, too much, please I'll do anything if you stop!"

Sandy who was getting board whipping Fred anyway; laughed and ordered him to lie on his back, which was painful for Fred due to the red marks on his back and buttocks.

She then straddled Fred's face and said, "Would you like to suck my pussy, sissy?"

"Oh yes, yes please, Mistress Sandy!" Fred begged.

"Too bad, faggot, I want you to put your nose in my cunt and tongue up my ass!" she commanded as she squatted down on Fred's face

I then turned the camcorder on Shelly who was getting her back rub.

"You missed a spot," said Shelly, "Stick your tongue between my ass-cheeks and message my anus you sorry cunt!"

Karen set down the oil and bent to her task, spreading her mistress's cheeks and inserting her tongue deep in her anal opening.

"You're fucking lucking I don't make you congregate a few verbs in the process, to suck, sucking, to be sucked," laughed Karen.

I filled up the girls wine glasses and handed them to each one as they enjoyed their analingual delights.

After five minutes, the girls became restless so I made a suggestion. I had Shelly sit on the couch, with her legs spread. Then I placed Fred on his hands and knees with his face in her pussy.

Next I had Karen, wearing a large strap-on dildo, fuck her husband from behind. Finally I positioned Sandy, also wearing a strap-on, behind Karen.

I explained to Sandy that by fucking Karen, she could fuck Fred, who in turn could suck Shelly.

She loved the idea, "Kind of like a chain reaction?" She said.

"More like a wave in the stands at a football game," I answered.

Sandy slowly started to fuck Karen, who pushed her dildo deeper into Fred's ass. This action turned Fred on more and more and he started frantically licking and sucking Shelly's pussy.

Not wanting to be a party pooper, I set the Camcorder on a tripod, aimed it at the four fucking and lay on my back between Sandy's legs and started licking her pussy as it brushed across my face on its way to fuck Karen.

We continued this action, our five passions building more and more with each movement. Shelly was the first to cum at Fred's expert manipulations.

Then Fred cried out as his massaged prostate sent his sperm racing from his balls and shooting out his cock.

I could then hear Karen's orgasmic moans as she rubbed her clit and Sandy plowed her ass. Sandy, realizing her actions had assisted three people to cum, and with the help of my tongue sucking her clit, came the hardest, as she rubbed her sopping pussy in my face.

Finally I, by my own hand, ejaculated all over my chest and Sandy's butt.

We lay there panting for a minute, and then we all started laughing. Each time the laughing would die down, somebody would start laughing and we would all join in. Hell of a night!

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