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I met my wife on met on an internet dating site where she captured my body and heart and soul. Jinky is a quite stunning little Filipina 'hottie' – petite, dark and sexy. She is a Filipina who definitely gets attention. Small, very attractive with long black hair and a wry little smile Jinky like many Filipina, looks like a girl made for sex. Her body and her pussy always seems to be ready and wet for sex. To crown that she has large firm breast that instantly demand attention when she is aroused which is quite easy. She has a lovely slim brown body with big dark nipples and always keeps her pussy well-shaved and smooth so she can easily and hygienically slide in a friendly cock. When a few years later we went to Thailand together I was surprised to see how she kept getting mistaken for Thai girl by the local people there. The fact that she dressed like a sexy the bargirl did not help and caused me some jealous looks from the other tourists. At 28 years of age Jinky was considered an old maid in her culture. The fact that I was 20 years older and very horny, a little fat and short did not seem to bother her much and was acceptable in Philippines.

Jinky was born and raised in Antipolo, a province near Manila, Philippines. She came from a very poor family where even food was hard to come by and her mother had abandoned her into the care of her aunt when she was still a baby. When she was a small girl she had been sent to work all day in the rice fields just to eat. Later, she sold goods and cleaned the house of her aunt to help pay for her schooling. All her life she had always been in desperate need money of money to survive. As a young girl she had longed to escape her life of poverty and misery and dreamed of travelling to far away places and enjoying a life of luxury. A full grown woman, she still craved all the comforts and pleasures money could bring like buying nice clothes, eating out, expensive jewellery etc... but even working overtime as a telesales rep didn't earn enough to provide her with enough money to buy any of the things she dreamed of. She had gone to university in an attempt to leave her life of poverty behind but on such a small income I'm not sure how she was able to make ends meet. I did the maths later in my head and it didn't add up. On $200 a month she would just have had enough for food and lodging without all the tuition fees and the special projects.

She was no virgin when we married and she had experienced several boyfriends and live-in partners she told me. But then I had experienced quite a lot too...

Her first sexual experience was at the age of 14. Her best friend Joy had quite a reputation as a slut. She was the kind of girl who grew up to be a bar girl or prostitute, hanging out with boyfriends and live in lovers but never marrying. Joy had invited her over for a sleep-over and they had chatted a long time. Her girlfriend had already had several other boys and was keen for her friend to share in this experience and loose her virginity. Without Jinky knowing, Joy had invited a couple of elder boys over who she knew Jinky secretly admired in her too shy and coy way. Knowing her friend was too afraid and inexperienced to do anything about it, she had promised the boys sex with Jinky. She had told them that they could do what they wanted to her. Jinky had been surprised and blushed red when they had turned up. Her uncertainty however soon turned to fear when Joy had instructed them to fuck her.

The two boys had taken her firmly and dragged her to the bed. She had cried out for them to to stop. But the three of them had held her down firmly. The first boy had climbed on top of her and he fucked her virgin pussy roughly. The second boy then took his turn fucking her. It hurt too at first but soon she was groaning with pleasure. When the boy switched to doggie, now her favorite position, especially if you push her head down or grab her by the hair, she had been overwhelmed and experience her very first orgasm. She was in pain from their cocks inside her but somehow found it pleasant too. After they had finished with her Joy climbed on top of them and fucked them each in turn until they came again in her young pussy.

She asked the boys to give her some money as they left and Jinky realised that she had just been whored out by her friend. Joy turned to Jinky and explained that she had told the boys she was a whore and a bitch like her. Jinky's whole body was in pain, especially her swollen pussy but as she looked at her smiling friend and the money she handed her she found herself forgiving her and finding excuses for what her friend had just done to her. After all she would eat well now and she was finally a woman. Joy had done it for her own good.

When we discussed this, I asked her why she had not found someone she loved and married him sooner. She declared to me that her first boyfriends had all turned out unfaithful to her. One of them had even been already married, using her as a mistress for sex so she had not settled down. She had found herself longing for a stable relationship and again it was her friend Joy who had advised her to go onto the internet dating site. She told her to find herself a rich foreigner who would marry her and take her away. She told her it was easy to seduce an older married man on the internet as long as she was pretty and had some good sexy pictures.

Jinky would often come to the internet cafe with her friend Joy. Joy lived in Cebu with her boyfriend but came down once a month to Manila. Joy would chat online with her too looking for other men. Jinky stayed in Joy's hotel room when with the couple where in Manila. They all slept together in the same bed. She told me Joy boasted that he was very vigorous and sexually active. Joy was always talking about sex and what positions she liked and how she would make her man cum in her ass. She told me that her friend Joy was unmarried and a bit of a loose girl available to other boys apart from her boyfriend. Many girls like that became bargirls or whores in Philippines.

She told me that when she was 16 years old she would sometimes steal away from her family with Joy and go to the city and watch the bar girls and tourist. It made her horny to watch the sexy women picking up men and going to have sex with them. She imagined herself working the bars and stripping for strangers and she would touch herself at night until she came. Her body was small and already developed so she began to shave her pussy or 'pek-pek' copying the porn girls in the bars. The bar girls had told her that shaving her pussy would allow easy access to her 'pek-pek' so she could fuck better and more hygienically – at least that was what she claimed.

Jinky invited me to visit her in Philippine so I flew out there. It was "sex at first sight!". I found her to be insatiable. She explained that she was always horny but she loved me and needed my sex. My hotel was located in a seedy part of town. There were bars, strip clubs and topless joints all down the street obviously aimed at the foreign sex tourist. There were lots of bargirl and prostitutes and some tried to accost me but nodded to Jinky and stayed away. She seemed well-known to them. In fact when we stopped in one of the places she was embraced by a sexy hot Filipina bargirl named Maria who she presented as her 'sister'. We discussed the climate here and I told her she would need warmer clothes. When I told her I would buy her a new wardrobe she was happy.

Jinky seemed to spent a lot of time with her brother, phone turned off many times, disappeared for days on end and of course when I asked pointed questions, I always got the standard answer of "Don't think too much'. It is true that in the back of my mind I always felt something was wrong but I chose to not believe it.

Settling into the UK

Since my marriage, I have made many Filipina friends and I can tell you that they are all deceivingly beautiful and full of tricks and lies. They always exaggerate, expand on the truth, talk about other people's private life behind their back and never admit to any wrong doing unless caught right in the act. Although I am proud to have a Filipina wife and she is great in bed she is also just pain in the ass as I soon found out.

My wife had been quite reluctant to settle in UK as she had lead a fairly free life back home in Philippines without commitment and always out and about. Here she was far from family and friends, alone most of the day while I worked, occupying herself with housework and TV. Instead she wanted to go out with her friends, socialize, have fun, be entertained and do lots of shopping everyday. To convince her I promised to build her a house in Manila but I think I will never set foot in the house.

Jinky soon became bored and desperate for a job to get her out of the house and earning money to buy whatever she wanted and send money to her family in Philippine who kept demanding she send back cash to pay for medical, schooling, bills etc. Instead we were short of money and that made her angry with me as she expected me to pay for things all the time and I could not meet her expectations. If she had not met other Filipinas I guess it would have been worse. Fortunately there were dozens of girls in the town, mostly nurses and wife's of older men in the same situation. She struck up several female friendships and soon was spending her day round their place until I came home in the evenings and picked her up. The girls would chat all day and usually ended up with my wife cooking for them.

Her friends seemed really into sex too like many Filipinas. I was shocked when out of the blue my wife told me that they spent most of their time talking about their husband's cocks and their favorite positions. They all used dildos on their pussy every day as well as having sex with their husband. One girl, Lisa, proudly showed her friend pictures of her husband's cock. I asked her if she had looked. She laughed and licked her lips fondly.

In fact she touched and stroked it but she did not tell me this. Or how she had taken his cock into her mouth and sucked him until he came and swallowed his salty cum.

Frustrated, encouraged by her friends and wanting more cash than I could get her, my wife had tried to find a job but as her visa was temporary she had been unable to get one. My wife wanted to be with me when I was back from work and all the jobs were on the wrong day or at the wrong time. In the end she had become very sad and spent most her time either on the phone to Philippine of at her friend's house. But somehow that made matters worse as they all spilled their problems onto her expecting her to send more money as she was now seemingly married to a rich foreigner. I was desperate to try and console my loving wife and spent many sleepless nights trying to hatch some scheme. As if this was not bad enough, I lost my job and within two months I had fallen behind on my mortgage payments, my car and now I was receiving final demands from phone and electricity companies. I was unemployed and things were going from bad to worse for both of us. Jinky became even more desperate, needing to send money home to family, ill education, etc. Try as I might, I just could not seem to find a job. I was thinking hard about our situation and could not see a way out. At night I would lie there worrying about finding a job and each time I made love to her I would remember her dressed like a whore and I found myself fantasizing about how I could convince her to prostitute herself and work as an escort, a hooker here in UK. I knew I was sitting on a gold mine as other guys would willingly cough up good cash to fuck her fresh Filipina pussy. Then I would be able to solve all our problems. She would be busy satisfying customers and earn money easily and I would have a well filled pussy to lick out at night and get off on.

Shocking Discovery – My wife is a Hooker!

Jinky took a small job as a waitress in a small restaurant and even if the money was not good, it at least got her out of the house and meeting new people.

Every now and then a Filipina would come in to her restaurant and my wife being a friendly easy going person and seeing a fellow immigrant would strike up conversation with the girl. This in fact is how she met many of the local Philippine girls. One of the girls Jinky had befriended, a luscious and very sexy 22 year old Filipina named Gloria, invited her to have a coffee and after they had reciprocated a couple of times and spent hours on the phone, they soon became good friends and would go out and visit each other regularly. It was therefore no surprise when Jinky opened her heart and worries to her new friend Gloria.

I guess I had begun to be suspicious of her over the following weeks as tiny clues made the painful truth slowly dawn on me. My mind went back over the last week or two and I felt a tight knot in my stomach as I remembered some tell tale clues and I realized the warnings about her might be true. Short of money, she had not thought twice or asked my permission before starting to turn tricks! Thinking about her behavior recently I remembered how she had become evasive, disappearing with her friends or going into town at strange times with some odd excuses. It was usually with the excuse of visiting her Filipina friend Gloria in London. Before leaving she had started to spend a long time in front of the mirror getting all tarted-up with her red lipstick, blush, mascara, eyeliner and heavy make-up. She had also started dressing like a naughty little cock teaser in those black high-heeled shoes and short tight miniskirts and clinging tubes like they wear back home...like the bargirls. When she dressed like a little whore it gave me a hard on and the first time this happened she had become horny and wet and she had fucked me hard. I now guessed this was to allay my suspicions. To be honest, she had no real excuses for dressing like she did but she just acted as if there was no problem with me. When we had gone out together a couple of days ago I noticed that she now attracted interested and lingering stares from other males together with whistles and lude comments as we walked by. I had just put this on the account of her usual sexiness.

The day before yesterday she had disappeared for the whole evening and get back at home in the early hours of the morning or next day. She had told me the shift finished at midnight and she had lots of cleaning to do. She was very tired, her body exhausted, her breath smelling of drink and her body reeking of stale sex. Her clothes were creased and her hair tangled and her make-up always a mess. She slept in very late the next morning and told me she was too tired to do any housework and ended up sleeping through the afternoon as well. I should have seen the signs on her body. Her body told the story too. There was a hicky where some other man had enjoyed her. Lovemaking had became stiff and infrequent and a chore over the last couple of weeks. I guess that she had spent most of her day pretending to cum for hard cash and this was like an anticlimax now. As for her pussy I recall having noticed that it had started to become stretched that my cock could fit easily in now when it was not sore. I have always fantasized about seeing my wife fuck other guys. I guess that is why I love to visit sex websites showing wife's in porn, or wife swingers and cuckold husband sites. Whenever I have sex with my wife I visualize a black cock banging her or her selling her body on the streets and being humped doggie by her john like her other Filipina friends back home. This usually helps me come in her wet pussy. I had always dreamt of seeing Jinky with another man. Now I was confronted with the possibility that this could somehow all be real. I had to find out!

When she was in bed that night I quietly snuck out to take a peak in her purse. I found talc, KY Jelly, condoms and a staggering £500 in it. That was a lot of cash! I put the money back in her purse and went back to bed resolved to get to the bottom of it and find out the truth. I did not have to wait long. The next evening she got a call and said she had to meet a friend. She dressed up and left. Quietly, without being seen, I followed her across town. We ended up in a private club bar. I waited ten minutes then followed her in.

I took seat in the back and saw my wife. She sat at table she was not alone but with two black men. She was wearing a tube top and revealing micro skirt, black heels and fishnet stockings. She had heavy make-up on and looked like a real slut.

I saw her flirting with these horny men and letting them buy her drinks. She seemed to enjoy their attentions and their lewd stares. I could see from her body language that she was turned on. She was dressed in a tube top that showed up her hard nipples underneath. She laughed at something they said and spread-open her legs like a whore. The skirt slid up, barely covering her pussy. It was dark I was too far to make out her neatly trimmed pussy but I'm sure the man on the left caught a glance at her exposed sex as he seemed busy looking her all over. Smiling, she sat on one of the men's lap and let him feel her tits, ass, and pussy. I watched, jealous but loving every second of it. My wife was actually whoring herself in my full view. I felt a little jealous but at the same time I had a huge hard on thinking about what she was doing. I knew she was going to go through with this. The man's black hand had moved high up on her thigh and she was doing nothing to stop him as her gently massaged her inner thigh. My cock was rock hard in my pants. He began to kiss her and knead her tits under her tight tube top. The nipples looked as if they would pierce the thin Lycra material. I guessed that just the idea of fucking these black men made her feel like a raunchy whore. He kissed her neck and she giggled playfully. The other man seemed mesmerized, watching his friend touch up this asian beauty. Then he said something to her, passed her a bill and she had disengaged herself and followed him hand in hand onto the dance floor where a slow love song was playing. The other black man watched, disappointed. So did I!

He began dancing closely with my wife, holding her ass firmly against his crotch. She put her arms around him and began kissing him on the mouth as he ground into her. She did not seem to care who was looking. He put his hand up under her short skirt and began to touch her. My heart nearly stopped. I watched with disbelief, my erection hurting I was so horny, as my slut wife flirted shamelessly with this stranger. I just wanted to go out there and fuck her brains out. I watched as they danced and overheard a guy near me say:

"Look at that slut..."

She smiled and squeezed the black man's cock.

At one point he said something in her ear. I saw her laugh and they stopped dancing. Her nipples were standing erect an even from where I was sitting I could see that the black man was sporting an erection in his pants were bulging. He was horny and I knew I was thinking about fucking my wife. They left and I followed far behind so they could not see me. I was so horny it hurt. I wanted to run after her and fuck her brains out there and then myself.

I saw my wife follow the man to a minivan. The other black man was already waiting for them. I saw him hand her something that looked like money. She smiled and quickly put it away in her purse. I saw the three of them climb in the back seat. I waited a couple of minutes then I slowly approached under cover of darkness, making sure no one could see me. I peeked in careful not to be seen. I could make out Jinky on the back seat. Her skirt was bunched up on her waist. I could make out her shiny wet pussy. That was the biggest thrill of all time! My wife was on her back, fucking a black stranger who was going to fill her cunt with his sperm. The man was feeding his long black rod into open pussy. He as very big and when he pumped his hips forward into her loins, his cock filled her small brown Filipina pussy fully to the brim, making her gasp with pain and ecstasy. He took hold of her knees and lifted her legs up and apart so he could slide his long pole deeper inside tight Filipina pussy.

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