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Ruby Ann is one of those stunningly attractive, petite size dress Filipina's with long flowing black hair that have a wonderful way of meeting all of your sensual and emotional needs. Like most Filipina's, my wife has a good strong sexual appetite and despite us enjoying watching the occasional threesome movie together, Ruby Ann is faithful and very devoted to me. We have been happily married four years now.

Recently, we decided to go back to Philippines on vacation for her to visit her family. It was too hot in her village outside Manila and I had decided to stay in our air-conditioned hotel while she went over to visit her cousins and sister in the village. Her sister had mentioned the JP, her ex-boyfriend was back in the village and that he had been asking after her. I asked her if she had been keeping in touch and she admitted that they had spoken a couple of times over the internet. She had even sent him some pictures.

'You know, the naughty ones you took of me,' she admitted with a giggle.

My heart stopped and I felt a mixture of jealousy and arousal. When later that evening I questioned her about him in bed, she had admitted:

'We broke up because he was already married and cheating on me.'

'But do you still love him?' I asked, worried.

'I marry you know, silly,' she replied, then added seeing my expression. ' But he has big titi (cock) and he make me come lots before...'

The thought of him fucking my cute and petite wife made me instantly horny. This was not a fantasy guys, but a reality. He had boned her many times before we had met and married. I kneaded her little brown pussy. I could feel her getting really wet.

'Does the thought of him fucking you make you wet? Would you like that?' I asked.

'Would it be okay if I did?' she asked.

Not waiting for my answer, she climbed on top of me and slipped my hard cock into her small wet and hot sleeve and rode me hard. She was so turned on it was unbelievable. She came hard on my cock before I had time to climax and as. I was really horny, I finished off her doggie while she came again, groaning like mad in Filipino.

It was with some trepidation that I watched her leave with her sister the next day. She would not be back until the following day. I could not stop thinking about her ex-boyfriend and her fucking him. I felt anger, frustration and arousal at the thought of them meeting again. I had every confidence that my suspicions were groundless and that nothing would happen. It turned out to be a long wait until she got back to the hotel the next evening. I had already gone to bed and was sleeping when she slipping onto the bed and kissed me hard.

I asked her if she had fun and instead of answering me, she kissed me hard, sending a suspiciously sour tongue into my mouth. My cock stirred. She pushed down on me, smiling maliciously, and then lifted her panty-less skirt, cocked her leg, and she straddled my face. Her stretched out and juicy moist pussy down rushed towards me.

I felt mixed emotions as her pussy came down over my face and my tongue flicked out as I gingerly licked it. I was not sure that I wanted to find out. She was very wet and I could taste the sour musky spunk in her sweet pussy. I was eating the results of her boyfriend's visit between her thighs.

I was tremendously aroused by now and I did not care anymore what she had done. I ate away hungrily at her soaked pussy while she jerked at my cock with her right hand. I could feel the liquid seeping over my face and into my mouth as she ground her hips passionately and rubbed her crotch over my face. I could not help myself, I sucked and licked at her pussy like mad, making her groan with bliss. She groaned, louder and louder. She stayed on top for a bit longer, until she just could not handle it anymore, then she pasted her pussy hard over my mouth and shuddered as she came above me in a tremendous orgasm.

As she climbed off, lifting her leg up to wipe her pussy with a tissues, she said:

'JP said you would be hungry... I had forgotten how big he was... I've invited JP to come over to visit us in the UK,' she added firmly.

'What? You can't...' I managed.

She pouted.

'How long for?' I spurted out.

'He will be over for a month,' she said. Her look said there would be no discussion.

'Where will he stay?' I asked, alarmed. We had a one bedroom flat and one bed.

'He can stay with us,' she said, and gave me a cute salacious and sly look. 'You will get lots to eat.'

My cock stirred and she smiled triumphantly, taking this as a sign of consent.

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