tagInterracial LoveFill 'er Up, Bro!

Fill 'er Up, Bro!


Sweat dripped from his naked torso in beads, his dark body's muscles rippling in a primal rhythm while continuing to fuck into Joy's gripping cunt under the lights. With each lunge the young stud buried the entire length of his enormous dick, banging his black balls into the blonde's crotch. Thirteen inches of steel-hard cock! The bulbous head of his invading weapon ploughed up into Joy so far that he could see the bulge ripple along her abdomen right up to her navel.

"God!!! Fuck meeee...fuck me hard, Travis!" cooed the gorgeous vixen, her hands gripping his dark asscheeks and pulling him into her with each thrust. Joy threw her head back and moaned aloud as the amazing Negro seemed to grow inside her even more. Her internal organs were being assaulted like never before, this thick schlong stretching her to where her innards were rearranging to accommodate.

Travis had been fucking her for over thirty minutes straight and his nuts were bloated, yearning to fill this familiar slut with his hot seed. He grimaced and lunged way up into her torso once more, his cockhead seeking to jump right out of her open throat! No woman had ever taken him so fully before. This was a video they both would be wanting to view often once produced. But it was time to deliver, and this babe wanted his load!

Jack moved closer with the camcorder, panning the length of his wife's splayed body as her dark lover thrust into her wet orifice again and again like an animal now. The lens focused in on the juncture of thick, black dick and her stretched cuntlips, the swollen folds of wet flesh wrapped around the girth in a stranglehold. Travis slowed his fucking and stared as they witnessed the glistening inner lips appearing to be drawn right out of her gaping twat, climbing up the extracted column as if milking the organ with a mind of their own. Then, upon his inward penetration, receding with his cock into her pelvis before flaring outward again on each ensuing withdrawal. It looked like her womb was being pulled inside out!

Joy moaned and her head tossed side to side, her entire being in this fuck. Seeing this endowed black giving it hard to his beautiful bride was hot stuff to Jack. Travis was one of many men with whom they shared such torrid scenes. But this guy was a true stud, a humongous hard-on that seemed to get thicker and longer the more he fucked. It began innocently enough, but now Travis' dick was becoming addictive to Joy who was in her own perverse heaven!

Hips thrusting powerfully, the aroused Negro leaned over his harpooned catch until his face was atop hers. The hardness of his member buried to the hilt, Travis opened his thick lips immediately above hers. Snaking out his long tongue, he began wagging it seductively for Joy to take in her mouth. The enraptured blonde quickly accepted the meaty offering, sucking in the tip of the pink appendage and giving Travis access to her throat. Her lips drew the amazing tongue inward until it was down her throat and their lusty kiss was on dynamic display.

As erotic as their fucking was, Jack couldn't stop staring at his wife French-kissing this lusty Blackman, her mouth taking his lingual thrusts in pure delight, sucking his long tongue deeper into her throat. She was out-of-control, without inhibition, a total slut for dark dick up her twat. Seeing the raw passion in the obscene kiss only made his cock harder as he taped. He wanted in on this action!

In just moments, the Sony camcorder was easily attached to the ready tripod. Then, armed with the tiny remote, the lustful husband kneeled alongside the thrashing pair, looking to add his touch to the incredible fuck scene.

Reaching under Travis' right thigh, Jack firmly gripped both black balls in his hand and began to massage the swollen orbs, feeling the cum building as his fingers deftly worked them. The Negro continued to fuck his enormous black cockshaft deep inside the gorgeous blonde beneath him. Watching this bro fill his wife with his 12-inch+ dick was a terrific turn-on... the thick organ plowing into her splayed cunthole in a rhythmic assault that promised to deliver his pent-up seed on cue.

Joy was pinned against the headboard of the king-size bed, her moans and squeals filling the hotel suite with the unbridled, hot fucking from this young stud. Her sculpted legs rose toward the ceiling, her loins spread to the max to give him full access. With each full stroke of hard meat driving into her wet hole, juices seeped from the juncture of black dick and white gash, squirting over his balls. Leaning closer, Jack stared in awe as her swollen pussylips milked the dark column, climbing up the slick shaft with each inward penetration and clamping onto her lover in an attempt to bring him off inside her oozing twat.

Travis triumphantly buried his entire member, grinding his pelvis into hers as his cockhead thrust up into her torso with impunity. This was Joy after all, and he was taking her bareback, knowing he had free rein and could ejaculate inside her at will. No condom, no diaphram, no protection... just her raw, open cunt! The thrill was obvious for him as he fucked into her seeping hole with a wild energy, knowing Jack loved to see it. While kneading the drenched testicles with confidence, Jack wanted this fucker to fill his bride's twat with his virile cumload, to spew his heavy torrent of black jizz right up into her womb and flood every pore of Joy's inner being with his hot seed.

"He's in ya, babe! Jesus! Look at that motherfucker plow his footlong dick into your cunt." he chuckled toward my bride's lust-filled face. Joy was into it. Her eyes were glazed as her face took on a look of pure animal desire, and Travis was riding her for another evening of cum-filled delights. She loved to fuck this black guy.

Leaning in more, Jack brought his face closer and watched the thick, glistening shaft of dark muscle slide in and out of her swollen twat. Travis took long strokes that would literally turn Joy's cunthole inside out with each withdrawal, the inner pink lips clinging to the girth of his black dick and distending several inches each time. Punctuating the action were numerous deluges of creamy emissions squirting from the fleshy juncture as both partners succumbed to their carnal desires.

The raw offering of the entwined lovers' mutual juices seduced the encited husband to feed. Dipping inward, Jack licked the dripping mass of cum flowing over Travis's dick, slurping the secretions into his mouth as they continued to fuck.

"Milk that monster cock, you slut! Take every inch up into your fuckin' womb and get ready to absorb a hot blast of our bro's cum." he cheered, Jack's fingers sensing the pending release as he cupped the other man's bloated scrotum and weighed the sloshing contents. Travis groaned and his eyes rolled back. Jack squeezed firmly and the black stud snarled, his climax now seeming to overtake him completely.

Knowing his nut was about to bust, the wily black stud thrust hard, then withdrew, only to fuck his huge pole to the hilt again. This was a fuck!! Joy convulsed as her lover buried his dick with a wild lust, fucking the shit out of her like a jackhammer gone amok.

"Plough that fat cockmeat up into her womb, T." Jack cheered, "Fill her with your hot, spewing cumload!" The camcorder captured the viscous union as the duo undulated together, yearning for release now. Travis dripped sweat onto Joy's bountiful tits and torso, his thrusts driving up into the blonde with a commitment to getting off inside her cunt. This was the kind of intensity they both, no all, sought – building for a monumental eruption – a release that drew the heaviest globs of semen from the depths of Travis' nuts, the ultimate knot of dick snot!

"Jeee-esus...you fucker!!" groaned the sprawled slut, "Cum! Cum inside meeee!" And as she screamed for climax, Jack used the remote and focused the camera on Travis' bloated testicles, the hairy, dark pouch visibly churning and expanding to the size of a plump apple. This was the power, the potency of this black man – the sheer volume of semen these monstrous nuts could deliver! He had seen it so many times, whether unleashed up inside his wife's gripping cunt, or deftly dumped down her throat. The stud was a horse and Jack loved watching him explode.

Beneath the tense hulk atop her, Joy absorbed the growing member deeper within her abdominal tract with each lunge, swallowing the entire what was now a full fifteen solid inches of hard black cock. Her eyes were rolling back into her head as Travis took her over the edge with him, determined to ejaculate with a show.

His thrusts amplified, the muscular Negro fucked his long organ into the willing blonde's cunthole with authority. At least a full foot of his glistening dark flesh appeared with each piston-like cycle, each time driving back into Joy's amazing twat with a lewd slurping sound followed by a smack as his burgeoning balls banged her ass. The effect was immediate, sending the splayed woman into orgasmic release.

Jack smiled as he pulled back to capture the sight of his bride's quivering body. The sculpted legs dangling in mid-air began to quake in a spastic fashion, her entire being consumed by Travis' fucking. The guy was a juggernaut, loving the power he had over such a babe as Joy. With a mighty lunge he penetrated even deeper, determined to reach further up inside her womb where no man had ever taken her. Jack could see the girth of his enormous cockshaft grow thicker and thicker, until it was as big as a Coke can!

"Jeee-sus!" screamed Joy, "You animal! Fuck me... make me lose it!" And as if in response to her own desire, the sexy blonde twitched violently, her head snapping to first one side then the other. Jack aimed the camcorder on the two and grinned as his wife trembled and went into spasms from head to foot, Travis continuing to ream her vaginal tract with authority. Suddenly, with a wild scream, Joy had an internal orgasm that exploded within her cunt, spewing a torrent of slick juices out over the nigger's dick and balls.

"Take her, T.! Shoot that big creamy wad inside her fuckhole!" Jack extolled the young stud with an excited tone. This was the moment he always waited for – to see his wife get her cunt filled with another man's hot sperm - such a load as Travis could produce. This Negro was built like a horse and he never failed to ejaculate like a true stallion either.

With Joy twitching in convulsions of ecstasy beneath his sweating frame, the handsome black lunged inward one last time, his eyes glazed with lust. He could feel the blunt head of his dark cock worming up into the woman, seeking the deepest folds of her stretched womb, the giant organ hardening and pulsing inside her. Turning to the camcorder, Travis snarled with his ultimate victory, knowing Jack was hip to the fact he was about to blow his wad.

The first release was volcanic, rising from the swollen glands in his bloated nuts in a voracious swirl, coursing through his fifteen-inch fuck-muscle like white lava before finally gushing up inside Joy's twat. The mature blonde thrashed like a speared fish under his assault, the torrent of hot cum instantly filling her entire vaginal tract. Travis pinned her to the carpet as another blast, equally as large and forceful, hurtled up his dick and infused the still orgasmic chic with his potent seed. Joy moaned, her entire body now in uncontrollable spasms.

Travis snarled as his hot ejaculate gushed inside the blonde. Buried inside her to the hilt, the handsome stud could feel his cum washing inside her womb, just two shots and he had already filled her innards to capacity. Any more and it would be backwashing out over his nuts!

"Let's see it fly, man!" Jack directed, eager to film the mighty eruption firsthand. They both smiled and Travis boldly withdrew his enormous cockshaft from inside Joy in time to send the next bolt of creamy jizz flying like a liquid harpoon, hurtling over the blonde's abdomen and torso. The three-foot rope of semen shot across her skin, caroming off her big tits before finally hitting her face. A perfect shot!

The Negro grabbed his pulsing erection in his fist and began to jack-off for the camera, determined to maximize his release. Suddenly, another stream of fresh cum jetted upward in a dramatic arc that nearly reached the ceiling! The glistening rope hung in mid-air momentarily before falling back down over Joy's naked body with a splat. Then, in a series of impressive contractions, Travis shot two, three... no, four thick bursts of his nut-juice all over her, coating her breasts in sperm. He stroked himself confidently and moved higher, bringing his monster cock to the gorgeous nympho's face. His dark balls hung in the pools of cum already formed between her tits. With a wringing motion, his fingers continued to extract the copious outpouring, sending more crème into Joy's lips and face, each ejaculation equal to the last.

Jack stared in awe as his fuck buddy shot more and more cum, dumping nearly fifteen times before diminishing to a steady stream that continued to ooze from his dick for a couple of minutes more. No man had ever delivered so much! Travis lay his huge member between Joy's coated breasts and sat on her stomach lightly. Joy twitched and quivered beneath him, barely conscious, yet aware that she had extracted the load of her life. Then moving back between her splayed thighs, the thick length of dark flesh was swiftly plunged back into her fuckhole, the juices still seeping from the tip.

Exhausted and totally spent, Travis slid to the mattress as his enormous length of black dick finally withdrew from Joy's still twitching cunthole, the thick shaft glistening in the mix of their sex juices. With a final slurping pop, the bulbous cockhead emerged in triumph, the cum dripping profusely as his ejaculation continued to ooze forth. The well-fucked blonde lay limp, while her swollen labia yawned open, unable to close after absorbing Travis' monster cock for the past hour.

Her sumptuous ass still hoisted upward, Joy was barely conscious of the nasty offering her jizz-filled orifice presented to the camera. The distended folds of her outer labia were gorged with her flushed blood, the thick flaps pouting in a gaping manner that left her fuckhole wide open at least two-inches. As the enormous cockshaft exited, globs of sperm ran from the slice of well-fucked pussy. Travis stared at the aftermath of his copious seed and the blonde's own juices flowing from her twat, knowing he had shot off inside Joy without protection or regard, his wad in her fertile womb.

"Gotcha, babe!" he chuckled as he wrung his dick with one fist casually. "You're so full of cum, I can see sliding right out of your hot cunt!" An as if to emphasize his remark, the grinning Negro slipped three fingers inside the yawning orifice, scooping a huge wad of his ejaculate into his palm. Winking at the still quivering blonde splayed before him, Travis held the slimy pool as Jack moved in, his tongue lapping at the fresh semen offering. Within seconds the excited husband devoured the captured seed and licked the dark fingers clean. Travis grinned, then dropped his hand back between the thighs of the spent woman, plunging his entire fist up Joy's still quivering twat. Travis waited for her moans before burying his hand to the wrist and sloshing jizz up over his wrist as he fisted the amazing beauty.

The slimy trails ran up her body like frosting on a cake, each beckoning to be lapped up by the cuckold husband. Jack looked into Joy's glazed eyes and dipped down to her navel where he began to suck in the first giant rope of fresh semen. As the warm seed disappeared into his lips, he winked at Travis, letting him know how much he loved to eat the black man's emissions. There was so fuckin' much cum to drink! Jack was in heaven. Sucking the hot ejaculate from his wife's well-fucked cunt was indeed a pure act of Lust he forever craved.

A former national aerobics champion, topped by some astonishing 39DD tits, Joy has been in porn in her youth, also being a flirtatious bartender and waitress and has developed her sexual prowess on a steady diet of some awesome cock – up to 13". Her oral escapades have drained 130 guys in one steady feed of anonymous cock, while being fisted up her gaping cunthole and fucked up the ass. Addicted to black dick, the sultry blonde is a regular gangbang vessel for Mandingo groups across the US.

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