tagGroup SexFilled in Noumea

Filled in Noumea


There I was in Noumea in a lovely hotel that overlooked Anse Vata Beach, the main tourist strip in New Caledonia. A dick was being wedged into my bum.

Now that I have your attention, I should backtrack a bit and explain how I came to have my bumhole impaled on a penis during only my second day in New Caledonia. I travelled to New Caledonia from Australia to do some marketing work for one of the tourism ventures over there. I had arrived late on the Saturday night to give myself the weekend to relax before starting my work program first thing Monday morning. After a languid sleep-in until about lunchtime (and a little masturbation), I went for lunch in the restaurant which is adjacent to a very large, shallow and picturesque lagoon style pool in the middle of the hotel complex. Those of you that have been there will know the complex I am talking about.

New Caledonia is a French speaking country. I do not speak French and I consider this fact largely responsible for the series of events that led to me having a penis lodged in my anus. You see with the language barrier, I found it difficult to order my meal. The entire menu was in French and the staff, while extremely polite and patient didn't speak any English. I was a bit embarrassed as I realised my linguistic struggles were catching the attention of other restaurant guests. As the struggle continued, I felt a light tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see a large blonde man who in a clear Australian accent asked me if I needed some help ordering. I caught a glimpse of relief in the eye of the poor waitress. This nice blonde man took me through the menu, translating it into English. With his assistance I politely ordered a grilled tuna steak for a main meal which my fellow countryman assured me was a local specialty. I thanked him profusely for his help and he smiled at me, and as he did so, I saw his eyes flick ever so fleetingly to my chest. I have large boobs and was a wearing a fairly loose singlet style top due to the searing heat and humidity, although I did have on a bra on underneath.

My meal arrived and after I had devoured it, and managed to order a coffee of some description by myself, the blonde Australian man came back over and introduced himself as Simon and asked if I wanted to join him and his mate Daniel at the bar later on that evening for a drink. I couldn't say no after the help that Simon had given me, and I must admit I didn't want to say no. It had been a few months since I had had the company of men who were not work associates for a drink. We made a time to meet, 5:30 local time.

I went back to my hotel room and had a bit of a nap and then freshened myself up. I didn't really have any elegant clothes with me to put on, but I put on a somewhat tight pair of jeans and an ivory blouse with large frills. Simon and Daniel were already in the bar when I got there, lounging back in air conditioned comfort, and they both smiled warmly as I made my way to where they were seated.

To cut a long story short, we talked for ages. It turned out they were regular visitors to New Caledonia, they did contract work in the large mines that are to the north of Noumea. Both Simon and Daniel were 27 which was ten years my junior. Neither of them had a wedding ring on. They complemented me on how I didn't look my age, which was flattering since I was starting to well and truly feel that my days of attraction to the opposite sex were rapidly diminishing. It was even more flattering since they were younger, cute and in good shape. We decided to grab an early dinner and Simon's assistance with ordering dinner again was much appreciated again. After our meal and two bottles of divine French wine, we went back to the quiet bar and had another round of drinks.

The alcohol and the flirty attention of these two younger men had started to make me horny. My mind is lascivious at the best of times, and it doesn't take long or much for my pussy to start to overheat. About an hour passed and more drinks and chatting followed, the two men were less and less subtle at glancing at my chest. I had made up my mind that I wanted sex that night with either of these men, but preferably both. I was no stranger to threesomes as I had had a number of them over the years, particularly when I was in my late twenties. From the actions of the bar staff, it was clear that they were starting to clean up for the night and the bar was going to close soon. As we started to finish our last drinks, Simon suggested that we could go up to his room as he had some of the local beer "Number One" in the bar fridge. I coyly feigned uncertainty about heading back to their room, before saying I would pop in for one drink.

Simon's room was a standard hotel room, with a large double bed but only a single chair next to a tiny table. Daniel sat in the chair and Simon led me to sit on the edge of the bed as he went to the fridge and extracted some cans of beer which he dutifully opened before sitting next to me. We continued talking, but I knew it wouldn't be long before one or both of them made a move. We were only about halfway through our drinks before Simon started to complement me again on how sexy I looked. As he did so he shuffled behind me on the bed and I felt his firm hands on my shoulder blades as he started to give a deep shoulder and neck massage. His touch made my body tingle and I could feel his breath against my neck. He started to whisper in my ear, telling me to relax and enjoy the attention. As he continued to sensually massage my neck, his whispers started to become more and more suggestive, telling me that he and Daniel would love to see and touch my breasts. I didn't make any objections to the suggestive whispering and perhaps emboldened by this, Daniel who had been sitting in front of me on the chair, moved the short distance to kneel in front of and started to slowly unbutton my blouse as Simon continued the wonderful massage. After Daniel had undone all the buttons on my blouse, both of them helped me take it off. Without delay Daniel started to feel my boobs through my bra, squeezing them and kneading them, tracing the edges of my boob flesh that was exposed above my bra cups.

Simon continued to massaging me and his whispers became hotter, telling me how hard he was and how they both wanted to pleasure me over and over again. As he whispered dirty sweet nothings into my ear, nuzzling it as he did so, Daniel unclasped my bra at the front, allowing my aroused boobs to spring free. He caressed my breasts with a feather like touch that was bordering on unbearable pleasure. I could feel that my panties were sodden as nectar seeped from my pussy. Simon momentarily stopped massaging my shoulders and he squirmed on the bed behind me, I heard the sound of a zipper and then Simon grabbed my hands and moved them behind me, placing them on his exposed cock. My hands encircled his hot cock and it felt huge. I started to jerk it, which was a bit difficult at the angle we were at, but I did my best. Daniel was now licking and sucking my nipples, alternating between them, and all the time his busy hands were roaming over my boobs.

Simon and Daniel started to move from where they were, and Simon scooped me up in his big arms and put me down on the bed. As I looked up I could see his big hard cock standing straight up between the partly undone jeans. It looked just as big as it felt, I guessed about seven inches. Simon started to undress completely and Daniel followed suit. As Daniel removed his jeans I could see that he also had a sizable hard package in his underwear that strained the fabric, but only momentarily, as he quickly whipped them off to reveal a nice sized cock that had a big bulbous head which I knew I would enjoy. With almost no conscious thought, I started to unbutton my own jeans and sidle out of them, revealing my red pair of knickers before I quickly dispensed with them. Simon gestured to me to come and sit on his face, and we assumed more or less a sixty-nine position, but with one slight difference, Daniel had also positioned his cock just above me as I sucked Simon's wonderful dick. I could lift my mouth of Simon's dick to inhale Daniel's when I so desired. What quickly became apparent was that Simon loved licking and sucking pussy, most men do it because it is expected, nearly like a chore, but when you get a man who loves doing it, it is so much better. Woman readers will understand this. Simon lashed my pussylips and strummed my clit with his hyperactive tongue. With his hands he would spread me wide open and that devilish tongue would dart into my vagina before quickly returning to torment my clit. For my end of the bargain I gobbled and slobbered over the two dicks that were in front of me, not playing favourites, before I started to climax uncontrollably. I screamed in ecstasy and my pussy thrashed against Simon's face until my momentous orgasm rose and then fell - like a sexual tsunami. As I lifted myself off Simon, he started to pant and I apologised jokingly for nearly smothering him with my pussy. I could see that his face was glistening from my pussy juice.

After only a short pause, both men laid down either side of me on their backs and I shuffled down the bed. They both held their cocks upwards and I sucked one and then the other, moving between them and teasing them for a little while. Just as I sensed an orgasm was building I would swap cocks and do the same again. I finally relented though and knelt down on the floor and told them to get up of the bed and give me their cocks. It didn't take much attention before they both ejaculated a torrent of cum over my face that cascaded down on to my boobs.

We had a little break and Simon got some fresh drinks out of the fridge. I was still covered in cum which I hadn't bothered cleaning up and the room smelt acridly of sex. Simon and Daniel's cocks were still not fully hard by the time we finished our drinks so I decided to lie back and give them a little show. I spread my legs wide and started to pleasure myself, stroking my pussy and then wedging one, two, then three fingers inside me and fucked myself before lifting my knees towards my chest and fully exposing my bum hole. I then spread some of the slickness from my pussy around my little puckered anal entrance before squirming a single finger inside and finger fucking my anus. With this in full view, it didn't take long before both cocks were hard again. I wanted to feel dick inside me. I knelt on the bed and Daniel slid his cock into my hungry vagina and commenced fucking me strongly. He started to vigorously slap my bum cheeks, and the stinging sensation added to the fire that was enveloping my whole vulva. Daniel fucked me methodically yet passionately, a rare combination. We came virtually together; I grabbed and squeezed my boobs as I did so. Daniel grunted deeply and slumped forward across my back, his pulsating penis filling me with sperm. As his cock softened, he slid out of me with a loud plop and I could see cum dribbling out of my pussy and pooling on to the bed. I had little time to relax though as Simon stuck two fingers into the gooey mess and started to work his fingers around my anal opening. Since I had already jabbed my own finger into my bum just before, Simon was able to quickly insert his own fingers into my anal cavity with little resistance and finger fuck me deeply. With his other hand he rubbed my sticky clit.

Despite just having climaxed I was quickly becoming overheated again as Simon expertly probed and rubbed me. When he finally stopped, it was to move so that he could put his big dick in my bum. I momentarily thought that it wouldn't fit, but my anus popped open and warmly accommodated the welcome invader.

This dear reader is where you first joined me in this story, Simon had just wedged his dick into my asshole, but it is not quite yet the end of the story. Now that Simon had his dick inside my bum, he fucked my bum tirelessly for what seemed like a blissful eternity, my own fingers had snaked underneath my body and I was stimulating my sticky pussy. When I slipped my fingers into my vagina I could still feel blobs of Daniel's thick cum that had mingled with my own juices. Just as I thought my poor bum might not have been able to take anymore fucking, Simon speeded up his bum fucking before he lodged his cock fully into my colon and ejaculated deep inside me. He held his cock inside my anus until it had soften and when he withdrew, more cum ran down my thighs and dribbled on to the bed.

By now I had been licked and sucked to orgasm, sucked both men until a torrent of cum sprayed across my face and boobs, and been fucked in the pussy and bum. The evening though wasn't yet over. Daniel's cock was hard again. He had me kneel on the floor and clasp my hands behind my back and open my mouth, and he then proceeded to feed that cock of his into my open mouth, right down the back of my throat, withdrawing as soon as I started to gag. This wasn't really my cup of tea, and perhaps sensing this; Daniel relented and then lay on his back on the bed and beckoned me to get on top his cock which was slick with my slobber. As I rode him, grinding my pussy hard against his pelvis at the bottom of each stroke he pulled me close to him and whispered that they had something special for me. I guessed it was double penetration and thought I had guessed right as Daniel firmly separated my bum cheeks and I felt Simon's digits dip into my anus again. He had only just cum but as I kept riding Daniel in a sensuous rhythm, I felt Simon's cock probe my anal gate and I stopped fucking to allow Simon to slip inside my already thoroughly fucked bum.

I had arrived in Noumea for work, yet there I was on only my second day in the country with a cock in my pussy and one in my bum. What a wonderful place. Both men fucked me, building up a nice syncopated rhythm in my pussy and asshole, but without warning, Simon whipped his dick out of my bum and I felt it probe at my already occupied pussy. This was indeed a ribald surprise – two cocks in my pussy. It took a little while but finally Simon's dick joined Daniel's inside my vagina. As both cocks jostled and rocked inside me, the feeling of complete fullness was unbelievable – eye watering pleasure. However, neither of them came inside me. Simon withdrew and then so did Daniel. Both of them wanted to be sucked off again. I grabbed both of their cocks and pulled them towards my mouth. I mischievously rubbed their cockheads together as I sucked one and then the other. No teasing though this time. Daniel was the first to pull away from me and jerked himself off until he ejaculated on my face again, the cum puddle was much less than before. Simon then quickly did the same.

The two men were clearly spent now. Their cocks softened quickly and dramatically. I showered and as I emerged from the shower, both of them thanked for the evening and surprisingly asked me if I wanted to be licked again. I couldn't say no as just the thought of Simon's expert mouth and tongue on my clit was arousing, although I doubted I would climax again. Simon lay down on the bed and I mounted his mouth and he again devoured me, it was like he was swallowing my whole vulva and probing the depths of my pussy with his tongue. Daniel was now caressing my boobs and tweaking my nipples.

I could feel another orgasm building and I put the palms of my hands firmly on Simon's chest and started to fuck his face, no doubt nearly smothering him again. As I started to climax, Daniel grabbed my nipples in a vice-like grip and yanked my boobs up and outwards at the height of my orgasm. As I slumped forward spent, he let go and Simon extracted his face from underneath me.

It was time for me to go. It was now 4 o'clock in the morning and I had to be ready to start work at 9. I was exhausted at work, but I managed to make it through the day. Due to the thorough fucking, I walked a bit gingerly during the day, and a couple of my colleagues asked if I was okay. I answered that I was a bit stiff and sore after the plane flight and the hotel bed. If only they knew the truth........

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