tagAnalFilling All Cavities Ch. 03

Filling All Cavities Ch. 03



Tom's dental practice took off he better than he had hoped. All most every patient he had treated at his last job switched to Tom's practice. Things had worked out well with Carla and Vanessa as well and Tom was enjoying his share of sex with them. He was kept busy filling the cavities of his staff, wife and mother-in-law. Carla had not come around to anal sex but he loved fucking her doggy style and playing with her shapely bottom. Carla was however getting curious about anal sex as she witnessed Tom fucking Vanessa in the ass in the office.

Carla first spotted them one day after the last patient left the office. Vanessa was kneeling on one of the exam chairs partially clothed. Her scrub pants and panties were down around her knees and Tom was drilling her ass from behind. Tom's pants and underwear were down around his ankles as he fucked Vanessa's incredible ass. Carla thought they looked very sexy partially clothed and it turned her on. Her hand sneaked inside her pants and pussy and she fingered herself as she watched Vanessa get butt fucked.

Carla managed to get herself off and she had to use her arm to muffle the sounds of her climax. She remained still as she watched Tom pull out of Vanessa's ass and shoot his load onto the shapely buttocks. Tom moved his cock around on Vanessa's ass scooping up some of his seed and then he pushed his cock back in her ass. He did that several Tomes until he cock went soft in Vanessa's ass. Tom then took some paper towels and wiped the semen off of Vanessa's bottom. Carla moved away as Tom and Vanessa pulled their clothes back on.

Carla was at her desk when Vanessa was leaving the office. "Vanessa would you like to get a drink some evening? I'd like to get your advice on something," Carla asked.

"Sure, I'm open this Wednesday if that works for you," Vanessa offered knowing that Ginger was flying out on Wednesday.

"That would be great, thanks!"

"No problem, good night now."


Tom was still in his office when Carla came in to say she was heading home. He had a meeting with Amanda that evening before he headed home so he did not have a lot of Tome. Still Carla always looked sexy with those bedroom eyes.

"Have you got anything left after Vanessa?" Carla teased as she ran her hand along his crotch.

"Always for you babe but I have to get going soon," Tom replied.

Carla slipped off her pants and panties and stretched out on the chair in Tom's office. Tom smiled at her, dropped his pants and underwear to his knees and moved between her splayed legs. Carla was still wet from her earlier orgasm and Tom's cock slipped right in. This fuck was for Carla as Tom did not need to cum again. Besides he wanted to have something left for Amanda's hot ass.

Since Tom had cum earlier he knew he would last longer before he had to cum again. He fucked Carla slowly making sure that he cock stayed in contact with her clit. He pushed her cotton sweater up exposing her bra covered breasts and then he pushed the bra up baring her pretty tits. Tom tweaked her nipples as he drilled her pussy and Carla was on the verge of another orgasm. He body stiffened and she cried out just before her body was rocked with the intensity of her climax.

Tom stayed in her as she recovered and then she lifted herself up and hugged him. Her legs wrapped around his thighs and her arms around his waist as she whispered, "Oh thank you, thank you."

Tom eased his cock out of her pussy and stepped back. He admired Carla's beauty and at that moment he wished that he had more time to spend with her. Carla was breathing deeply and she remained in the chair for several minutes recovering from a very satisfying orgasm. Tom pulled up his clothes and straightened up. Carla then redressed and kissed him, thanking him again. They both left the office together and Tom Headed over to the home of his mother-in-law.


Amanda anxiously awaited Tom's arrival as she was particularly horny that evening. Her daughter Trudy still did not know that Tom was fucking her mother. Trudy and Amanda also did not know that Tom was fucking his staff members but Trudy was suspicious. Tome arrived about 15 minutes late but Amanda was relieved as she thought he may not make it.

"Sorry, I'm late I had to take care of a couple of things at the office," Tom apologized.

"That's okay; you're not that late," Amanda replied and then said, "I have some reports from our accountant that you need to sign. Why don't you look them over and I'll get us a drink."

Tom took the reports and flopped down in a family room chair. Amanda went to the bar and Tom glanced at her briefly. Amanda was wearing tight knit slacks with a cotton sweater. Tom could not make out any panty lines so he knew she was either wearing a thong panty of none at all. He also suspected that she wasn't wearing a bra. He started at her curvy ass and felt his cock stir in anticipation of fucking her ass later. He looked over the reports and Amanda brought his drink to him. He took the drink and then ran his hand over her prominent buttocks.

"You look very nice tonight," he told her as he gave her ass a playful squeeze.

"Read the reports first or you will never get to them," Amanda giggled as she playfully slapped his hand away.

Tom returned to the reports and finding them in order he signed them. He took another sip of his drink and then turned his attention to Amanda. "Come over here and stand next to me," he directed.

Amanda put her drink down and walked over to where Tom was sitting. He ran his hands over the stretch pants and fondled her shapely bottom. He marveled at her ass and he was pleased that she kept herself fit. Tom's cock was now throbbing in his pants and he knew that he would need relief soon. Tom hooked his fingers in the waist band of Amanda's skin tight knit pants and pulled them down her legs. Amanda lifted her legs one at a time making it easier for Tom to remove her pants.

Tom stared at her near perfect ass now clothed only in a sheer thong panty. He could see the patch of pubic hair through her panty and he was pleased that she kept it neatly trimmed. Tom them hooked his fingers in Amanda's thong and tugged it gently down and off her legs. Once again Amanda raised her legs to aid Tom. Amanda then lifted her sweater and removed it and as Tom had suspected she was not wearing a bra. Amanda groaned when Tom's hands fondled and squeezed her buttocks and she wiggled her ass in response.

Tom then began to explore her ass as he began to caress it, massage it and rub her cheeks. He pulled her cheeks apart slightly and revealed her sweet tight aperture. Then he ran a finger over her sensitive little bud and watched it quiver when he touched it. Tom lowered his head and planted soft tender kisses all over her buttocks. Amanda cooed aloud when she felt his lips on her backside.

Tom placed both hands on her ass and began to massage her buttocks again. Amanda felt the tender but firm deep massage of his fingertips. Tom would push her ass cheeks together and then pull them apart to expose her sweet asshole each time. When he exposed her anus, Amanda could feel the cool air on her rosebud. Tom again lowered his mouth to one of her buttocks and pressed his lips against it. Then he blew a steady breath onto Amanda's anus and watched as goose bumps covered her skin.

He took his Tome planting well placed kisses on her buttocks and then began a slow torturous journey toward the crack of her ass. Amanda smelt so nice and so fresh that Tom realized she had prepared herself for that moment. Amanda had apparently douched both her pussy and asshole before he arrived. Tom's lips then came into contact with the crack in her ass and trailed a line of kisses down to her anus. Amanda's body tensed as she was nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time.

Tom gently pried her cheeks apart wider exposing her nether hole even more. Then he lowered his lips to her anus and gently kissed it and caressed it with his lips. He repeated this act several times and Amanda moaned aloud as her ass was pampered once again. Tom then moved lower and kissed the sensitive spot between her asshole and her pussy and Amanda groaned again. He then extended his tongue and lightly licked the sensitive area as he continued the journey toward her pussy. Amanda flinched at the first contact with her pussy and she bent from the waist slightly giving Tom easier access. Tom then began to lick a line from her pussy back to her asshole and then he flicked his tongue across her nether hole. Amanda's body gave in to the incredible erotic sensations and craved more attention.

Tom took his time and spent many minutes repeating the actions that seemed to turn Amanda on. His hands continued to massage her fabulous globes while his lips and tongue explored her asshole. Tom knew how much she like to be kissed, licked and gently nibbled. Her body would twitch and flinch at the long strokes from his tongue and her buttocks would tighten when his tongue probed her anus.

"Oh Tom, let's go to my bedroom. I have to lie down," Amanda said urgently, her voice cracking.

Tom followed Amanda up to her bedroom and watched as she crawled in bed on her belly and raised her ass slightly. Amanda lay on the bed and she could feel her heart racing and her chest pounding. Tom leaned over and whispered to her and told her how beautiful she looked with her ass pushed up. Then he began to explore her with his fingers. He placed his index finger on her tailbone and slid it down ever so slowly toward her puckered asshole. He probed gently with the tip of his finger and it fit perfectly in the entrance of her tight hole.

Amanda twitched at first and tightened her ass but then she relaxed. Tom pressed his finger in gently applying a little pressure as his finger entered the outer edge of her anus entering it just ever so slightly. Then he probed a little deeper and wiggled inside Amanda's ass. He then removed his finger and Amanda felt its absence. Then she felt a cool substance on her anus and she realized that Tom had located the lotion and was applying it to her ass.

Amanda felt Tom kiss her ass cheeks again and then his finger returned to her asshole and spread the lotion around the entrance. Her body ached with desire and she realized that she wanted his cock in her ass again. She wanted to be touched, penetrated, and filled up and to be explored in her forbidden area. Tom's finger slid in deeper and Amanda instinctively clamped her asshole around his finger. Tom held still in her and waited for her to relax before probing deeper.

Tom then wiggled his finger back and forth and let it slide out slowly to the first knuckle. Amanda felt his finger slide out and she instinctively clamped her ass around it again, this time to hold it in place. Tom could feel her anal muscles clench his finger as if she were milking it and nursing it. Each time Amanda relaxed her asshole, Tom pushed his finger in deeper until she clamped around it again. This process continued until the entire finger was buried in Amanda's ass.

With his other hand Tom continued to pay attention to the rest of her ass. His hand wandered all over her shapely buttocks massaging and caressing her soft skin. At the same time he continued to slide his finger in and out of Amanda's asshole and he enjoyed watching her anal muscles grip his finger each time. Amanda's breathing had become labored and she began to rotate her ass in tiny circles as if to get the finger in deeper. Tom was in no rush as this is exactly what he had wanted. He wanted Amanda to enjoy every moment of the anal foreplay. He wanted to work Amanda into a state that she would beg him to fuck her ass. For now though he was content to worship and devour her hot luscious ass.

Tom then lowered his face to her ass and licked her as he probed her with his finger. He took his other hand and reached under her to find her pussy and her clit. As soon as Tom made contact with Amanda's hot wet pussy her body trembled as a wave of pleasure passed through her. Tom was very skilled at finding a woman's g-spot and he located Amanda's instantly. With one finger rubbing her g-spot, another diddling her clit and a third finger in her ass, Amanda groaned loudly and her body shook with desire. She knew that she was close to her first orgasm.

Tom's two fingers in her pussy matched the rhythm of the finger in her ass Amanda could feel all the fingers in her separated only by a thin membrane inside her. Tom pumped his fingers in and out and Amanda went wild. Tom could feel her body giving itself over to him. It was his now to do as he wished. Her pussy was dripping wet, her ass clamped tight around his finger and her hips pushed back at him but Tom did not want her to explode just yet. Her eyes were wide open and she had a wanton look on her face. Her body was begging to be fucked but Tom was in no hurry. He enjoyed this moment and he savored her dilemma. Tom loved doing this to a woman, teasing her and prolonging her climax. He wanted Amanda's anticipation to last as long as possible.

Tom then lowered his lips down to her hot ass and planted kisses all over it again. He massaged the smooth flesh of her ass as he kissed it and Amanda cooed. Tom moved his mouth directly over her anus and blew on her nether hole. Amanda thrust her ass back into Tom's face as if to impale her ass on his tongue. Tom needed no further encouragement and his hands spread her ass open wide so he could probe her asshole. Tom stiffened his tongue like a tiny dick and probed Amanda's asshole. He poked his tongue in and out of her ass then he covered her ass completely with his mouth and sucked hard on it. Tom began to lick, nibble and tickle the sensitive rosebud and Amanda cried out in passion.

"Oh my God, Tom I need to cum. I need your cock in my pussy," Amanda screamed as she rolled to her back.

Tom stood up and removed his clothes and he smiled as Amanda rubbed her pussy in anticipation of his big cock. He pushed two fingers into her pussy, rubbed her clit with his thumb and located her G-spot with two fingers. Amanda covered her mouth with her arm as an orgasm rocked her hot body. She kept her eyes shut as her body jerked and spasmed on Tom's fingers. Tom removed his fingers from Amanda's pussy and brought them to his nose. He was pleased with her aroma. Tom's cock was throbbing and he was anxious to fuck her.

Tom slipped his cock into her sopping wet pussy and fucked the daylights out of Amanda. He kept his cock in constant contact with her clit and drove deep into her womb. Amanda was going wild and she seemed to have a continuous string of orgasms. One was more intense then the other and at one point Amanda screamed loudly as her body lifted off the bed and then she appeared to pass out. Tom was worried at first but then he realized that she was okay. Amanda could not move and she begged Tom to let her rest. Tom still had not cum but he was very close.

Tom rolled Amanda over so that she was face down on the bed again and then he returned his attention to her ass. He kneaded her gorgeous ass cheeks and as he massaged her ass he put more lotion in her asshole. Then Tom began to probe her asshole first with one and then two fingers. Before long his fingers were moving easily in and out of Amanda's thoroughly lubed asshole. He lifted Amanda up by her hips until her ass was in the air as she rested her head on the bed. He removed his fingers and positioned the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass. As he eased his cock into her bunghole he heard Amanda gasp and hold her breath.

Ever since Tom fucked her ass the first time, she knew that she would give herself to him again and again. As Tom eased his cock into her ass the head cleared her sphincter and Amanda uttered an audible gasp. As the last time the pressure was present but brief as Tom's thick cock worked its way deeper and deeper into Amanda's ass. It seemed to take an eternity before his entire cock was lodged deep in her ass. Tom was so hot that he shot his load immediately when his cock was fully embedded in Amanda's ass. Tom stayed hard however as he always did as he knew that he could cum multiple times. Amanda felt the warm cum shoot into her rectum and it actually felt good again. She liked the soothing feel it gave her ravaged asshole but she felt unbelievably full. Tom started to fuck her with long deliberate strokes as he admired her beautiful ass accepting his huge cock. Tom stroked her marvelous ass cheeks and told her how good she looked in this position with his dick skewering her luscious ass.

He had cum more than he expected and his sperm soon filled her asshole to overflowing and backed up coating his cock and running down the inside of her thighs. However Tom was not done with Amanda and he continued fucking her tight ass. Her rectum held his cock tightly and Tom felt as if he could stay hard forever in Amanda's beautiful ass.

He watched his cock saw in and out of her beautiful ass. Amanda had her head turned to the side of the mattress and she was gripping the sheets with both hands as Tom fondled her shapely buttocks and plowed into her. Tom could feel the verge of yet another orgasm and it felt like it started in his toes. All of a sudden it let loose and he added more cum in her asshole. His cock seemed to swell up bigger than ever and it seemed that his semen had no where to escape.

He kept slowly fucking her ass until his cock started to soften. Amanda' ass involuntarily was milking his cock draining it of all his seed. When Tom's cock slipped from her asshole with an audible pop, his cum oozed out and trickled down the back of her legs and over her pussy. It looked like Amanda was cumming out of her ass. She collapsed face down on the bed and Tom stroked her buns lovingly as she lay quietly. Tom was drained as was Amanda. They cuddled together in a spoon position and rested. Tom loved the feeling her curvy buttocks pressed against his pubes. He had one arm draped over Amanda and gently held one of her breasts.

Tom had lost track of the time and he knew that Trudy would be pissed when he arrived home. He decided that it was just as well as he had nothing left for Trudy that night. Tom reconciled to give Trudy a great fuck in the morning before they went to work. Tom eased out of Amanda's bed and used her shower. He later dressed and left a naked Amanda sleeping in her bed. Tom headed home prepared to receive Trudy's tirade about staying out late and not calling. He had no idea that Trudy had decided to have her own fun.


Tired of waiting for her husband Tom and convinced that he was out fucking around; Trudy decided to call her friend Sally. She hadn't spoken to Sally since their five-some with the three guys. Sally was glad to hear from her as she was concerned that Trudy was still upset about the surprise orgy. Sally told Trudy to come over for a drink. Trudy arrived and Sally opened a bottle of white wine for them.

"So how are you doing since our impromptu orgy?" Sally asked.

"Oh, okay, at first I was embarrassed but I got over it. I still can't believe that I had three cocks in me at the same time."

"How did you feel about eating my pussy and me eating yours?"

"It was weird at first but I got over that too."

"I was with the guys last Sunday and I had them triple penetrate me. It is really wild to have three impressive cocks shooting in me at the same time," Sally told Trudy.

"Sally, do you realize what sluts we are?" Trudy stated rather than asked.

"We're not sluts. We're studettes," Sally replied with a laugh.

"Studettes, what do you mean?"

"I mean we are female studs. When guys fuck around they're called studs. When we fuck around we're called sluts. Well from now on we are studettes," Sally stated with a laugh.

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