tagIncest/TabooFilling My Needs Ch. 01

Filling My Needs Ch. 01


I wake up wet and I know instantly it is because of my dream. Damn, I am still horny. My hand slips to my husband's side of the bed and quickly I am disappointed to find it empty. He's already gone to work and left me here wet and wanting. My thoughts change in that moment toward my son. He is the reason for my wetness by way of me dreaming of him. Over the summer he went through a transformation and bulked up into a stud.

Now, I have never thought of my son in any kind of sexual manner, but his hard body made that change. Then the day came when I accidently walked in on him after as he was climbing out of the shower. His cock was just hanging there and my god, it was huge and not even hard. The funny thing was he didn't try to hide it or even freak out. Before he could say anything, I excused myself, but I haven't been able to get him out of my mind since.

Without thinking my hand slips down between my legs and I start to slide my fingers through my slit. My intentions are to just rub myself, but I am so slippery that my fingers just slide right into my entrance. Soon, I am moaning steadily and the bed is creaking rhythmically underneath me. Pussy juices are flowing on my hand. My moans grow louder and I am thankful the house is empty.

I can feel an orgasm building inside of me, ready to bust free and surge through my body. The bed shakes and rattled under my intense rubbing and I know it will be any moment when my climax breaks on me like a violent wave. My body seizes up, my fingers press hard on my clit while my other hand fingers my pussy steadily. My breath catches in my throat before I begin moaning loudly and as soon as it hits, I am screaming. Through the haze of my powerful climax, I can hear footsteps creaking in the hall outside my room.

I tremble on my bed after the orgasm subsides. My legs are shaking and my heart is pounding wildly. Pussy juices leak down my ass crack. I reach over to my night stand and slide the drawer open. I dig through the clutter inside and pull out my little blue vibrator and turn it on. I close my eyes as I slide the buzzing vibrator between my breasts and down my stomach.

It feels good and I breathe heavily as I press it against my clit, making me wetter. I let it slip down further and thrust it into my pussy without any gentleness. I push it further and further inside me, burying my feet into the mattress. I bite my lip as my pussy tightens and the sensations become sharper. After a few seconds I orgasm, soaking my bed even more. I pull out the vibrator and let it fall to the side and I close my eyes thinking about my son.

I let out a gasp as I feel a sudden weight against my body. I open my eyes to see my son's face less than an inch from mine. My eyes widen in surprise as he grips my shoulder and I feel a gush of pussy juice rush out of me. I stare up into his blue eyes and his blonde hair falls over his face to gently brush my forehead. His face touches mine and his lips brush my lips. I feel incredibly hot and I don't know if it's from his body or my own arousal.

He moves one hand from my shoulder and brushes the hair from my neck. I feel him move to trail a set of kisses along my neck. His other hand slides from my shoulder and runs along my breast. I inhale as he slides his fingers under it and cupping it before squeezing slightly. He then slides it down even further until his hand is on my hip. He trails his hand down to my thigh and I gasp. I can feel another gush of wetness

"I'm going to take you here and now," he says.

He sits up and for the first time I see that he is completely naked. I feel no inhibitions as I reach my arms out to touch his chest. I feel his hard muscles for the first time since he got them. He lowers his gaze from my face to my chest.

"You're beautiful," he rasps.

My eyes travel lower and I am unable to look away from his huge erect cock. Without thinking, I reach out and touch it, my fingers just brushing his cockhead. I trail my fingers down the length of it, admiring it. Then I wrap my hand around it and gently squeeze. A smile creeps across my face as I start to slide my hand up and down.

Just as I get into the rhythm of pleasuring him, he presses his lips into mine and slips his cock between my legs, just barely touching my pussy lips. He grips my breasts firmly, squeezing my already hard nipples. I moan softly at the warmth of his hands and the ripples of pleasure from his touch.

He rocks his hips forward and back, dragging his cock along my pussy lips, teasing me. I try to reach down to guide him into my waiting pussy, but as soon as I move them, he releases his hold on my breasts to pin my hands down. He takes both my hands into one of his and raises them above my head.

He slides his other hand between my legs and clutches his cock, positioning it at my entrance. He gently slides it in and I begin to moan as I take his large cock in me. As he soon as his enormous cock fills most of me, he pulls out. I'm about to complain when he forces it into me again, hard and fast. I gasp and a moan escapes my lips. He repeats the motion, going faster and pushing harder with each stroke. I feel his cock throb and it is incredible as my tight pussy contracts itself around it, welcoming it with a warm, wet embrace with each thrust.

He groans as he feels that he is about to cum. I gasp as my pussy constricts more and more around him. He explodes deep inside me and I orgasm as a result. He continues to pound me into the bed until I can feel him becoming limp inside me. I cum again and again, even after he is finished. When he pulls out, I am still cumming.

My cum drips from my pussy and down my thighs. I can feel his dripping from me as well. He places his hands on my cheeks and kisses me gently and tenderly.

"Your father would have a fit if he knew about this," I say.

He leans back and smiles, "He already does."

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