tagLoving WivesFilling the Glass Ch. 02

Filling the Glass Ch. 02


If you read Chapter 1 and gave me a bad review then I'm glad you're back to give me another bad review. It's people like you that make everyone else want to read my work. So thanks a million! If you actually like my story, that's even better. Thanks a two million!

+ + + + Present day + + + +

When you love someone like I love Suzanne, you'll do anything to put a smile on her face. I don't know why I put so much importance on that but I do. It must be part of my DNA. It's not something she taught me. She's not a mean person or manipulative or anything negative. In fact, she's quite the opposite. Most women would have gone ape-shit over finding a stash a porn like I had. Instead, she took the time to watch them and realize the common theme. Then, with true love and devotion on her mind, she made my fantasy come true. That's my story and I'm sticking with it. If you don't like that then don't read it. The truth for me is I like the emotional topsy-turvy uneasiness that's inherent in this kind of fetish lifestyle. There is a certain spiral you get into and as the intensity of one level plateaus, I find myself needing a new level of degradation and humiliation. Ultimately, she lives a life of sexual excess while permanently denying his sexual release. I don't see this character becoming one of those enslaved brainless wonders who allow men to surgically alter them into trophy sluts. I like the woman who simply makes her sex life a priority over her husband's because he wants it that way. What he goes through is his own damn fault, not her's. Personally, I don't think I have the capacity to do that in real life. But in fantasy...it's all fair game.

+ + + + Continuing the story from chapter 1 + + + +

Doing my chores while Suzanne got herself ready for James gave me time alone to think about what was happening. The sex we shared this afternoon was phenomenal and I was amazed at the results of letting go and trusting Suzanne with my deep secrets. At times I even managed to get a hard on and keep it going for a couple minutes while I performed the tasks she asked me to do.

James arrived a few hours later. He parked his Mercedes in the middle of our driveway and strutted to the front door carrying a couple bottles of wine in his hands. His skin color was dark black and his body looked fit to me. He wore black jeans, black shiny shoes and a white tee shirt that was not tucked in. His hair was cropped short and overall he appeared attractive.

"James is here" I yelled to Suzanne.

"Let him in and introduce yourself" she yelled back. "Then escort him to our bedroom."

"Okay" I yelled back as he rang the doorbell.

My heart fluttered. The truth of the moment was upon us and my palms felt moist as I turned toward the front door. "Here goes nothing" I muttered and reached for the knob.

When I opened the door James spoke first "Hello sweetness."

It felt funny to hear him say that but then I watched his smile turn to a frown.

"That wasn't meant for you" he said.

"Glad to hear that. You want to come in?" I asked as I backed up and held the door open for him.

"Yeah" he said and walked into our house. As we stood near one another I surmised he was about six foot two.

After I shut the door I turned to him and said "My name is Bob Wilson" and I held out my hand to him. We shook hands and he said "I'm James Washington."

"So James what are your intentions with my wife?" I asked. I thought I was being funny.

"Hey man I thought you were going to be cool about this" he said.

I laughed. "It's cool James. I just thought it would be funny to ask."

"I just like fucking her. She's prime, feisty and obedient" he said.

"She's more than I can handle and I appreciate the help."

He laughed. "You crack me up."

"We want you to be comfortable here. I want to watch and do clean up afterward. It's just what I'm into."

"I've heard of guys like you but never met any."

"Same here" I said. I watched him as his eyes scanned up and down my body.

"Where is Suzi?" he asked.

"I forgot. I'm supposed to escort you into the bedroom."


"She's in there."

"I know the way. I don't need an escort" he scoffed.

"James. You may not like my being here but that's the way it's going to be. If you don't like that then I think you should say so and then leave."

He turned around to face me. "What did you say?"

"I'm not a weak man James. I have a fetish. My wife knows it and she's playing along with me."

"Listen up buddy. I own your wife. We've been fucking for years. She's not playing along with you. She's cheating on you."

"She told me she's been seeing you. If it were anyone else they'd probably divorce her. I got a hard on. Go figure. But like I said, I'm not a weak man. If you want to keep fucking my wife then you'll develop good manners around me."

"What's your problem?"

"You don't respect me do you?"

"No. Why should I?"

"Because if your being here is not fun for me too then one of two things will happen. My wife will lose me for you or she'll choose me over you."

He laughed "Yeah right."

"What's going on?" asked Suzanne. She stood in a sexy black lingerie outfit I had not seen before.

"Your husband says I have a bad attitude."

Suzanne glared at me but said nothing as she put her arm inside his.

"He's uncomfortable with me watching and allowing someone to fuck my wife in my presence" I said.

She looked at James "Is that right?"

"This is weird Suzi."

"He won't interfere" she said to him and then turned to me "will you Bob?"

"No. I told him that already."

Her choice in him over me was evident and this stirred my lust like you wouldn't believe. He called her Suzi and she didn't even slap him. She never let me get away with that. I called her Suzi once and she made it clear to me she was not a Suzi. She was a Suzanne, sexy and sophisticated.

She touched James' face and drew herself closer to him until her lips were on his cheek and she made a trail of kisses toward his mouth. A moment later they moved to embrace as they formed an open-mouthed kiss. It happened so fast that if I wanted to object it would have been too late already because I don't think they would have heard me. Suzanne purred in his arms as they continued to kiss. She moved her bare leg up his pant leg and then wrapped it around his calf. His hands held her at her waist while her arms were draped around his upper body. They looked like a very romantic couple, so into each other that not a care in the world could disturb them.

When you watch your wife kiss another man like Suzanne was doing with James it makes you feel all kinds of emotions. I envied James for being the one who got to feel her press onto him the way she was. We had kissed like that before but I couldn't ever recall her holding onto me like that. My dick liked what I saw too. He was rock hard and poking out of my boxers to demand attention. Of all the other emotions to possibly feel, I wasn't in touch with anger or sadness. Perhaps I should have been but I was all about happiness and euphoria as I watched my fetish dream come true. My hot wife was in the arms of another man while I watched from the side.

They adjourned to the bedroom at their leisure, kissing along the way. I followed at a distance so as not to intrude on their personal space. It was my responsibility and I took it seriously. Besides, I aspired to this opportunity for so long that there was just no way I wanted to blow it now with over eagerness. Just the same, it was hard to do.

By the time I peered into the bedroom she was on her knees and removing the second of his shoes and socks. Once both his socks were tucked into his shoes she placed her hands on his quads and rubbed them toward his crotch. James removed his shirt and discarded it to the floor as Suzanne unbuckled his belt and unzipped his pants. James had an enviable physique. He was muscular everywhere it counts front and back, top and bottom. I assumed that his physical strength was also one of the things she appreciated about him. In my mind, a man with a big dick and powerful muscles can give a woman like Suzanne the fuck of a lifetime.

I wanted to watch her face as she undressed him and so I moved into the doorway and looked for a place to watch from. Much to my delight I espied a plain wooden folding chair that was placed on the far side of the room. It was from our patio and it had not been there while I was primping up the bed for them. She must have put it there for me to sit in. They are positioned in front of our bed between me and the chair and I am afraid of disturbing them if I walk to the chair. So I remain at the doorway and crane my neck in hopes of getting a glimpse of her face.

She is radiantly beautiful. Her makeup is fresh and her light brown hair cascades over her head with many strands pulled behind each ear. A leather band is fastened around her neck and I wonder about it. She appears at peace and very happy as she looks at James. Her hands are in his pants and by the movement in her arms I think she is caressing his equipment. It's their foreplay and her purpose is to help him become erect so he can fuck her. I try to imagine how good it would feel to have her do that to me. If she did I would want to feel her finger nails rake my ball sac and cock shaft and then gradually ease off the pressure as she moved her fingertips to caress the crown ridge and head much like my own hand is doing to me now.

She helps him out of his pants and underwear and then she moves her face right into his crotch. Again my view is obstructed and I must adjust. I can tell by the sounds she makes that she is kissing his skin and once I get a clear view of what she's kissing I gasp. It's his cock and it is immense. She looks in my direction momentarily and I mouth "I'm sorry".

She responds by winking and I feel relief start at my heavy shoulders and work its way downward. He doesn't turn to look at me, which I am glad about. I just want to see Suzanne's lovely face as she accepts his tool into her mouth. Even if I hadn't seen how big he was a moment ago, I can tell by her stretched lips that he is quite thick too. Apparently it is not too big though because Suzanne makes sucking a cock that big look easy. She moves her head back and forth, each time taking more and more of his length into her throat. His firm black skin shines with her saliva on it and I feel a lust attack coming on as I take in the color contrast and the truth unfolding before me.

The minutes fly by like seconds. With each passing minute, she adjusts herself only slightly and he seems content to stand there with his hands at his sides letting her give him oral sex. It must be pretty awesome to have a cock like that and any beautiful woman he chooses to share it with. I'm glad I get to watch them.

Without warning he backs away from her and then turns around to face our closets. He bends forward and rests his hands on his quads and Suzanne crawls on her hands and knees to him. I watch in anticipation of what's to come and I suspect something dirty before he says anything. He explains anyway as he looks at me and says "she sucked my cock pretty good but now she's going to go to work on my ass hole." Then he laughed.

Suzanne looked at me with glazed eyes. If I hadn't known her facial expressions so well I would have thought she was feeling only lust rather than the hint of shame I detected. Still, she didn't stop moving toward him until her breasts were in contact with his thighs. From there, she pried his ass cheeks open and then dove in face first. I understood how she felt even through I couldn't believe it was her licking a man's ass hole.

But it was her and she met his expectations without hesitation. This wasn't a first time curious lick. It was a seasoned well practiced butt munching, featuring my wife and her long-time black lover. She was totally submissive to him, tonguing his black ass with a hunger beyond any comparison that readily came to mind. And to his credit, he moaned loudly each time her tongue lunged deeper into his hole.

It wasn't enough to envy the man for his large cock. I now envied him for the power he held over her. Suzanne is a striking woman and can have her way with men of her choosing, but clearly that was not the case with James. He was in charge and he was showing me what she was willing to do just to have his cock inside her. I saw him looking over at me again and this time he said "go sit in your chair cuckold."

I love what he said to me and obeyed immediately. It was nice to finally sit down even if the chair was wooden. Eventually it would be uncomfortable but I would deal with that later. From this vantage point I could see the back of Suzanne's full mane and her head tilting and adjusting as she ate out James' ass. A few minutes after I sat down he stood upright and stretched and then he spoke.

"Okay, get up on the bed and face your husband on your hands and knees."

I wondered what they were going to do as she obeyed him. Her face was wet and her makeup smeared and I suddenly recognized that for a man who copped such an attitude about my presence earlier he more than made up for it now.

"Crawl to the edge and ask your cuckold for a kiss."

She giggled and he laughed as I gulped and decided he was absolutely evil. Still after she moved to the edge of the bed and gripped the bedspread with her fingers I heard her utter the magic words. "Please kiss me darling."

I melted like butter on a hot plate, leaned in and kissed my wife full on the mouth. We inhaled sharply together and I took in his nasty odors from her face. To watch her pleasure him was nasty in itself but to taste him on her was downright disgusting and familiar. Yet I couldn't stop kissing her. Her slave tongue swirled against mine as we fed off each other's lust. The foul taste subsided as the kiss grew hotter and then I realized I had experienced this same taste on her breath previously. It was by far the most twisted and revealing kissing experience of my life.

James got on the bed and moved in behind Suzanne. He jacked his cock a few times even though it was very hard already and then he began to put it to her hole. She was so wet I could hear his cock go inside her, just how far I couldn't tell, but for a first jab it was enough to interrupt our kiss and then she said "Oh My God I've missed your cock."

He rammed himself completely inside her and she groaned loudly as her body rocked from the intrusion. I think his hands were on her hips but I couldn't tell for sure as my vantage point didn't allow me to see that just yet. She held her head up as he took her but her eyes were closed and I felt somewhat shut out. Still there was much to see and hear and take in as I sat in my cuckold chair.

Her tits moved back and forth and in circles as he fucked her. They are 36c natural, bouncy and fun. Her head rocked up and down and her auburn hair fell over her head and covered her face most of the time now. Her fingers gripped the bedspread and as if all that wasn't enough to get my lust going, the sounds crossing her lips were savage.

My dick was having the time of his life too. He was hard as ever as I stroked and watched the scene unfold before us. My wife was practically screaming out her first orgasm with James and I was quickly getting in touch with the possibility that I might cum again today.

Her eyes opened briefly. They looked as though she was staring to some far away distance beyond me and then she closed them tightly again as her orgasm hit. She didn't speak in words at first. The sounds were guttural and strong and they conveyed an emotional breakthrough more than anything else. To his credit, James did not let up and continued to ram into her at the same frenetic pace he started with. His breathing was remarkably normal and he hadn't even worked up a sweat yet.

He had everything I'll never be: a fit, strong body, a large black cock and the stamina of many men combined into one. Just like that he lifted her body so that her back pressed into his chest and then he moved them together until he was on bent knees and thrusting up into her. With his hands now on her hips he guided her up and down the entire length of his cock. It was a spectacular transition from doggie to vertical impalement and he performed it with ease.

To her credit Suzanne's 40 year old body lent itself well to the visual stimulation feeding my cock. Head-to-toe she was every bit the bi-product of healthy living: from diligent diet to fitness training to salon and spa tanning and pampering. Her auburn hair framed the perfectly beautiful face staring back at me. We held her gaze until she closed her eyes once more and then I took in the rest of her: bouncing natural tits, extended hard nipples, the small landing strip of hair, spread supple thighs, her open pussy and the shiny black cock that moved in and out of her.

I had no idea how much time had gone by but the next time I really looked at James I noticed he had begun to perspire. The room was air cooled to a comfortable temperature but his sweat was driven from the hard paced fucking he doled out to my wife. To his credit, he looked damn good. From time to time he moved his hands from her hips to her rib cage and onto her breasts, cupping them and then reaching up to pull on her hardened nipples with his thumb and index finger. He was putting on a show as much as he was fucking her. She was very much the puppet and he the puppeteer and I was their avid fan.

The next time James moved, he lifted his pelvis upward and then stretched out his legs. That had to have felt really good. Then he and Suzanne turned to lie on their sides while he made sure to drape his arm across her chest. If it had been me, my dick would have slipped out of her during this transition. But James didn't have that problem. He remained inside her the entire time. Then she turned her head toward his and they kissed like lovers once more.

I rubbed my cock at this point because I could and it felt great to do so. A third orgasm was doable today and I appreciated the self-knowledge that it would not come prematurely. I could drag it out until the sight before me would be just too much to bear and then I would let go.

They were watching me when I looked up the next time. He moved slowly inside her and she allowed him to lift her right thigh. This afforded me a wonderful view of their union and it allowed James to push himself further between her legs and into her hot pussy. She moaned and said "I love being fucked like this." She paused to catch her breath and then spoke more.

"His cock is so much bigger than your's darling" she said as she stared into my soul. "And so are his balls. Have you taken a moment to really look at his equipment and let what we're doing sink into your brain?"

I held her eye contact a few moments longer and then I looked at his crotch. His ball sac was enormous and the two orbs inside it were huge but no emotion really touched me until I looked at Suzanne again. This time she had an all knowing smile on her lips and she crooked a finger to beckon me closer to her. I remained in my chair but leaned forward until it was impossible to stroke my cock while still holding it in my hand.

"I want you to ask James to cum inside me."

"Jesus" I whispered.

"Tell him you want to suck out a hot load of man cum and you're willing to clean him up too if he delivers."

I couldn't help it. Her words and her audacity turned me on and as I turned to James he was waiting for me to speak.

"Will you come inside my wife please?"

"Uh huh" he grunted.

"Will you please allow me to clean up your cock and balls with my mouth?"

"Yep" he said.

I sat back in my chair and resumed jacking my dick. It had softened some but was now returning to its desired state: hard as a rock.

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