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I am seated on the couch in a short poet's nightshirt. It is white with some delicate embroidery. A strap has fallen off my shoulder. One leg is tucked under me while the other dangles to the floor. It is an innocent, almost childlike pose, yet risque in position. I am wearing no makeup, freshly showered, my skin smells of vanilla. You are seated comfortably in a chair, able to clearly view me off to your right while intently watching the screen directly in front of you. Your attention is focused on a videotape, an explicit, tawdry pornographic flick. You remove your cock, apply some oil and stroke it, initially ignoring me. Occasionally you look towards me, staring at the slight view of the space between my legs.

"Remove your panties, I want to see your cunt," is stated matter-of-factly.

Glad for a sign of acknowledgment, I immediately comply.

"Are you blushing?" is said to me with a hint of amusement.

You concentrate again on the screen, intermittently glancing at my obvious exposure, gliding your hand back and forth in a rhythm meant to engorge and lengthen your omnipotent member.

"I want to see more, hold open your cunt,"...my delay in reacting evokes impatience.

Incited by the film, you leave the chair and go to a locked draw.

"Do not look, do not move," you order.

You return with a box but do not open it.

"Play with yourself, make yourself wet," goading me, knowing my reticence in such matters.

"I want to see the liquid on your fingers, but do not cum," you order.

I close my eyes, not wanting to witness such humiliation. However, you demand that I look at your teasing the girth of your cock while I fondle myself. Just the thought of your rod, and the background video intoxicates and arouses me, and the moisture is readily apparent. As I display a coated finger, you ask me to suck it as I would your cock, simulating fellatio. Pretending it is your shaft, I slowly tease you with my tongue. Sweet anticipation...You are so large and hard, I fear you will explode and I will not get to feel its force. Next you open the box and remove a dildo, it is thick and long beyond normal proportion. Now I begin to understand why you wanted my wetness. While the video plays on, background muzak, you attempt to insert the foreign monster between my legs. Hidden partially within the folds, you leave it jutting out from me. Such indecency...

"Do not move," you command as you watch me squirm.

You return to the video and now alternate as if watching two movies. Captivated, I watch as you explode, jets of white, salty sap (while frustrated, I remain motionless with a rubbery foreign object projecting where your cock should be). Once the tiger is quietly nestled, you stand next to me while I lick off the remnants of your cum. Then you take a few drops to rub on my nipples as you lift my nightshirt. In your hand is hidden nipple clamps. You apply them and flick the nipples, the pain seems almost intolerable. I want to beg you to stop but can't find the words. For now you milk my cunt with the dildo, coaxing more of it inside me, watching it disappear and rubbing my clit with your finger until it swells like my nipples. I have become the film. Your sleeping giant stirs.

"Kneel on the floor ascride."

And so I suck you while my breasts dangle painfully and my cunt is filled with the artificial invader. When at full potency, you place a collar and leash and lead me to the bedroom. There you tie me to the bed, hands drawn above my head, legs spread, you remove the clamps and place an ice cube to numb and freeze the pain. Then, you slide out the dildo, have me lick it and let your cock plow the tunnel, driving deep inside and pulling out, until I try to lift my hips to meet your thrusts, but my movement is limited, you control my body and watch as the orgasm approaches, flushed, moans turn to screams until my release triggers your own. Ever so gently you remove the clamps and ties, holding me close, kissing my eyelids and then my lips.

We've taken a trip most dare not take and return to earth, to comfort, to affection, attachment and the respect of submission, the purposeful pursuit of passion and a momentary release from reality.

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