tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFinal Act of Revenge Ch. 01

Final Act of Revenge Ch. 01


Note to the prospective reader: This story was submitted under a different pen-name last year and after numerous requests by Part II readers who have had trouble locating the original, I have decided to re-submit in an attempt to give some clarity to my recent story; 'Final Act of Revenge -- Part II"; and also in a prelude to closure in a future Part III.

This version of the story has also been slightly modified and re-edited in an attempt to improve how it reads and I hope it is a little more enjoyable.


The music suited the atmosphere of the darkened Clubrooms -- I thought it was a bit too loud -- but of course I realised almost instantly about what they said about that line of thought. Yes, I guessed I was a bit too old for it all now. It was alright every now and then -- but there was no way I could do this sort of thing every weekend like I once did many years ago.

I took another mouthful of beer from my stubby and looked over toward the small bar some ten metres away. She was still standing there talking and laughing with two men -- one of them a bit of a youngster that I didn't know, and the other was someone I had known for nearly twenty years, although I had not seen him for the better part of the last ten. Something to do with moving to another State could do that to a good friendship.

I continued to watch the trio with an almost casual disinterest -- once upon a time if she had been flirting like she appeared to be now, I would have been getting wound-up big time!

I smiled at how jealous I once could get -- and then skolled the rest of my beer, another one sat on the arm of the old couch that I was lying back on -- I had fallen behind in a shout with my old friend and he was having a 'wedgie', waiting for me to catch up.

I picked up the other beer and took a mouthful -- I already felt a bit pissed and knew I wouldn't be driving to the motel we'd booked into for awhile now -- something that I hadn't allowed for before coming here with my wife earlier -- of course I should have known better and just left our car at the motel and booked a cab!

Taking another swig, I thought briefly about our impromptu visit here...

We'd just been passing through the town on the way back home via the coast (the long way by about a day, but far more scenic than the alternative inland route), and it was sheer coincidence that as we stopped to fuel up our car, my old friend had pulled up alongside on his bike.

When I realised who it was I was a little nervous at first -- I guess that was partly because of the long gap in our friendship -- but mainly because of a much deeper concern than that. Well Mick had acted totally rapt to see me, and had soon put my mind at ease with his usual friendly, easy going manner that I fondly remembered him for -- and I felt convinced that he still didn't know what had happened over a dozen years earlier, just before Claire and I had packed up and left for interstate...

Lounging back in the chair, I looked at my watch; a quarter past three in the morning. Fucking late enough for me usually -- but it was a once off I knew. The Friday night crowd had thinned out a bit since we'd arrived around nine -- with the party waxing and wanning as they did. Still, I guessed there to be around thirty or so people settling in -- mostly blokes, but there were a few women about too, and a couple of them quite pretty!

I looked back up at my wife and found myself comparing her to some of the other women nearby -- and felt proud that she still stacked up pretty well -- all five foot three of her! She was dressed in her tight hipster jeans and her little white crochet top, which showed off her tanned midriff nicely. I knew she had only put on a couple of extra kilos since I'd first met her nearly twenty years earlier -- but I reckoned she looked better for it anyway. Her tits were now a nice looking 'C' cup and her arse far shapelier too -- pretty much the almost perfect hourglass figure. Yep, she looked fine still to me -- and apart from her great tits and butt, her long auburn hair was really my most favourite asset of hers -- that and her sparkly blue eyes. It was no wonder I used to get jealous of her talking to other men!

I watched as the barman lined up three shots in front of Claire as she laughed at something Mick had said to her. The other fellow picked up one of the shot glasses and handed it to my wife, and then picked up one for himself, as did Mick. All three of them thumped the glasses down onto the bar top almost simultaneously and skolled them in an instant. It just had to be good ol' tequila slammers, I thought, some thing's never change.

Mick looked over at me briefly and smiled, then nodded his head and at the same time he winked at me too, in a friendly gesture.

I couldn't help it -- but I suddenly found myself thinking about Mick's wife again -- and the age-old guilt I'd been harbouring all these years was upon me instantly!

Sighing deeply, I found my mind drifting back to a sorry episode in my life that had happened over a decade earlier...

* * *

I'd loved my old bike -- I'd loved her because she was a bit different -- and she went well. I loved riding her almost anywhere and almost anytime. But most of all, I loved to ride her on my own over the hills in the country -- around fast corners and steep roads where her torque gave me a thrill whenever I opened her up. Brilliant stuff!

It was even better when there was a rice-burner or two in the way to blast past -- ball-tearing fun at its best!

And that was what I was doing that warm summer's afternoon when I had seen the old station wagon in front of me. I could see clearly the driver was a woman with a big mop of curly strawberry-blonde hair cascading over her shoulders and blowing out of her open driver's side window.

I'd quickly checked ahead and dropped my old girl back a gear and cranked it past the wagon -- grinning.

But as I drew alongside the car, the driver stuck her arm out and waved more than friendly-like and I glanced in at the woman.

Well fuck me, I'd thought instantly as I'd recognised her, it was Kim!

I hadn't seen her in around a year since I'd last stayed at Mick's house and here she was driving down a quiet country road -- well, quiet except for the occasional noisy motorbike -- pretty much miles from her home!

I smiled back at her instantly and powered around in front of her car for a bit, but just keeping in front and looking at her in my mirror.

I liked Kim -- there was just something special about her.

She was still waving -- and I noticed her indicator go on and she slowed down to pull off the side of the road. So she wanted to say hello hey?

I stopped just a few yards in front of her car and put down my stand -- switching my bike off at the same time.

Getting off my bike and turning to walk back to Kim's car, I watched her open her door and get out. Honestly, she looked about as happy to see me as I was to see her!

"Garry!" she exclaimed as we embraced warmly, "Long time no see you bastard! How come you haven't called in to see us lately?"

I looked down at her fondly -- I'd known Kim for nearly as long as I'd known her husband Mick. She was one of those people you sometimes just click with -- but so was Mick.

"I've been around a bit," I said admiring her happy face, "Crikey, it's good to see you, Kim," I said honestly, looking her up and down, "You're looking good... really good!"

She laughed -- she reckoned I was just a smooth talker.

Leaning against her car bonnet, we had a bit of a chat for awhile catching up. She'd told me she was heading to a girlfriend's place just down the road and asked if I'd like to pop in for a couple of beers.

I'd thought about it for a few seconds and then declined graciously. You see, even as tempting as it was, I'd promised to drop in on my old uncle in the next valley some thirty miles away -- which was my excuse for a burn across the gap road which was all good fun on a warm day.

Kim looked a bit disappointed -- and then she suggested that maybe I could call in on the way back through.

Well, I couldn't say 'no' to that too, could I? It would have been downright rude of me! So it was settled -- Kim said she'd pick up a few coldies and meet me there later on.

It sounded great of course -- and I guess alarm bells should have been going off, but I figured it would be okay, as there was going to be other people there too.

I watched her draw a rough mud-map of how to get there as she lent over her car bonnet and felt warmness for her in the pit of my stomach -- Mick was a lucky man to be married to such an infectiously friendly and delightful girl.

Well, the ride over the hill to my uncle's was a good as ever -- but I was quite distracted -- and of course I knew why -- Kim!

During my ride along one of the straighter stretches of road, I'd remembered one of the first times I'd ever seen her... A friend and I had stopped in at Mick's house one cold foggy night on our way home after a near miss with a bloody great semi-trailer coming towards our bikes on the wrong side of the road. It had scared the crap out of us both and discretion being the better part of valour, the incident had us seeking shelter at Mick's not too far away.

Well Mick was out of town, wasn't he -- not that I'd known that before we'd arrived -- but Kim didn't see a problem with it at all, and as it was pretty late and she was working the next morning she made up a spot for us both to sleep in her lounge on the floor and then bid us an early night -- it was well after midnight anyway, mind you.

I remember feeling someone digging me in the ribs just on sunrise as I slept on the floor snuggled up in the sleeping-bag. A bit annoyed at being woken so early and a bit disorientated at first, I opened my peepers and saw me mate winking at me and pointing out into the kitchen.

It was then that I'd noticed the central-heating was on and it had warmed up the room nicely. Then I'd turned to look into the kitchen to see what was so important that I had to be woken up to see -- and was totally gobsmacked!

There standing in the small kitchen as the morning light filtered in through the window was Kim -- almost completely naked, bar for a pair of very small red-lace knickers!

I'd immediately felt guilty for perving on her -- but looked a bit longer anyway. She seemed totally oblivious to us in the lounge staring out from under our sleeping bags at her as she fidgeted around, eating a piece of toast and making a cup of tea.

For fucks-sake, she looked nice! She had a pair of beautifully firm breasts, with the type of areoles that jut out like little mountains -- and her bright pink nipples, while not overly large, pointed upward, noticeably hard, but quite delicate looking too.

I knew I should not have been looking -- but I continued to admire her lovely trim body a moment longer -- just before she turned around to face us -- fuck, I'd thought we'd been busted! But no, she stood there for a few seconds, brushing off some crumbs from her deliciously-cute tits and then walked into the still-darkened lounge room and out the sliding doors to her bedroom...

And I'll tell you something for nothing -- I could've sworn I could smell her sweet womanly aroma as she passed by barely two feet from my head! And it was that beautifully innocent memory (well, sorta innocent) that had stayed with me every time I was near her after that.

Yep, that lovely memory kept popping into my head when my uncle was still chatting to me, just as I was putting my helmet on and preparing to head back over the hill. I figured I'd be at Kim's friend's house just on dark.

I took it a bit easier over the gap this time, even though I was a bit excited about my rendezvous -- I didn't want to slam into a big old wombat crossing the road did I? Something like that can really spoil your day!

The old farmhouse was easy to find and Kim and her friend -- I forget her name -- were standing at the door expectantly. As soon as I'd hoped off my bike, Kim handed me an ice cold beer -- and I'd felt like royalty!

We sat around chin-wagging for awhile -- the girls drinking cheap wine, while I polished off a few stubbies. Kim's mate had a couple of rug-rats around five or six -- annoying little blighters, always wanting me to toss 'em into the air or swing 'em around the room...

And Kim seemed to sense me getting a bit tired of them after awhile -- and she came out with a solution that floored me at first!

She wanted to go for a ride on my old bike!

How could I refuse?

I used to love taking chicks for rides -- my little pillion seat sorta angled toward my back, and with a bit of clever braking, it usually resulted in the passenger pressed up firmly against my back -- and then their legs would wrap around my waist hanging on for grim life when I took off!

Kim was no different.

I suppose it was the beer, but I went through all my usual antics as I took her for a longish ride in the lovely evening through a tiny little town and out onto a lonely road -- her legs clamping around the sides of my back each time I accelerated or changed gears...

No, it was more than the beer -- the whole setting was rather intoxicating; the warm air; the almost full moon; the rumble of a powerful motorbike vibrating between our legs -- all just a little bit too nice to be alone under the stars cruising along with another man's wife -- and a good friend's wife at that!

Kim wrapped her arms around me and said she was a bit chilly -- she had a pair of jeans on and high-heeled boots, but she only had a tee-shirt on -- I had my leather vest on over a tee-shirt and it was starting to cool off a bit I'd noticed.

I slowed down and turned the bike around in the middle of nowhere -- just a few big old widow-makers lining the side of the road, their limbs casting deep shadows in the bright moonlight, while nearby some cattle in a paddock were bellowing at the disturbance...

Sitting there for a few moments, my old bike idling away rhythmically, I'd asked Kim what she wanted to do...

She snuggled up against me, and said she didn't want to go back to her friend's just yet, suggesting we go back to the little town and grab a couple of drinks. She thought that maybe we could have a quiet drink by the lookout on the edge of town.

Well, it all sounded okay to me for some reason. I knew I liked her a lot -- but that was as far as it was going to go. Besides, there had never been any impropriety between the two of us ever -- apart from that morning I'd seen her in the kitchen -- and the odd friendly kiss goodbye that may have lingered just that little bit too long sometimes -- but hey, what can I say? I'm a good kisser -- and Kim tasted fine!

Well, we picked up a couple of Wild Turkeys at the local bottle-shop after meandering back slowly -- the luscious Kim clinging to me for warmth the whole way. Then we headed up to the 'lookout' -- not much of a lookout really, just a bit of a knoll that had a picnic table and chairs and a small shelter off to one side -- a bit like a bus shelter but a bit bigger and with a doorway.

I'd turned off my bike just near the table and Kim hopped off -- quickly removing her helmet and releasing her wonderful mane of luxurious hair from the band that had held it in a loose ponytail. We opened up the Wild Turkeys and saluted one another before both having a drink -- the spirit warming up my belly almost instantly.

I was sitting sideways on my bike, admiring her form in the moonlight as she cautiously drank from her bottle -- she seemed to be thinking, and she kept looking at me and smiling -- sorta friendly like.

"I'm still a bit cold," she said to me.

"Uh huh," I'd responded, "would ya like me jacket?" I'd asked, chivalrous like.

Kim took another mouthful of her drink and shook her head, "It's alright, maybe just a bit of a cuddle?" she suggested innocently.

I'll tell ya, it was just innocent -- that was right up until she stood up against me and put her arms around me and nuzzled into my neck for a moment -- that's when I'd caught a whiff of that beautiful aroma that had wafted through her lounge room all those years before as she had passed by me in her semi-naked form!

And it just happened...

She looked into my eyes with those big doe-like eyes of hers and smiled -- and we kissed!

By crikey -- did we kiss!

Like there was no tomorrow!

I had thought that I was a good kisser -- but for fuck's sake -- she was better! Our tongues went mad circling inside each others mouth -- exploring -- tasting each other. And my cock grew instantly hard as she rubbed herself against me, a leg either side of my thighs...

With her arms around the back of my neck -- I caressed her slim body from her back, down to her lovely firm bottom -- and still we kissed. We certainly seemed to be warming up nicely now!

I know I shouldn't have done it -- but mysteriously, my hand seemed to find its way under her tee-shirt. At first I just rubbed her bare back -- and she said nothing -- just kept kissing me. But then, I got a little gamer, and thinking back to the wonderful vision of her bare breasts that morning as she ate her toast, I ran my hand around to her belly and slowly worked up toward her tits...

She had a bra on of course -- but as soon as I'd touched them, she stopped kissing me and I knew then I'd gone too far!

"We can't go all the way... okay?" Kim whispered to me, "Just a feel... okay?"

I couldn't believe it! Was it okay? You fucking bet it was!

I nodded my head and we went back to kissing -- and I felt those wonderful little titties through her bra for a few minutes -- kneading them in turn, before I got just that little bit gamer again...

And Kim had said nothing as I slipped my hand around to her back and deftly undid the clasp on her bra -- I was a fucking expert at that sorta thing -- and my god-father, if I thought her breasts looked fantastic -- well, they felt even better in the flesh!

Our kissing had become frantic now to say the least -- and as I played with her sweet breasts, Kim began to rub her groin against mine almost furiously! Things were fast getting out of hand!

Then a light shone on us and we froze for a moment -- luckily it was just a car passing, but it had given us a fright at being discovered!

I'd looked over toward the shed not too far away, "Do ya wanna go in there for some privacy?" I'd asked her.

Kim looked at the shed, then toward me, then at the car driving away, and then back to me again, "You can't screw me... you know that don't you?" she whispered, "Just this sort of stuff... okay?"

I was certainly not thinking with my big head anymore -- not on your life! I wanted to fuck her for sure! Reason had long gone out the window the moment all the blood had rushed to my little head that now throbbed achingly in my jeans!

"Yep, of course Kim, just this sorta thing sweetie, nothing else," I'd said as convincingly as I could.

Well the floor in the old shed was a bit dirty, so I laid my jacket down for her to lie on and got down next to her. Our kissing resumed immediately of course -- and I broke away from her lovely soft lips to pull up her tee-shirt -- up past her breasts -- and looked at them with a yearning admiration.

"You can suck on them if you like?" she'd said softly.

Now I didn't want to disappoint the lady did I? So I lowered my head and took one of the little beauties in my ravenous mouth -- for fuck's sake -- they tasted even better than they looked, if that was at all possible!

Well, things started to get a little out of hand after that...

Soon Kim was fumbling around with my belt-buckle as I nuzzled away on her pert titties -- and she managed to undo it -- and my jeans also! Her hand snaked into my jocks and released my aching hard-on, and then she began to stroke me. Fuck it felt good!

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