Final Examination


She crossed her legs and Beth studied her. Jill wore a mini-skirt and sleeveless top. Her arms legs were tanned and muscular. She looked great.

"My feet hurt a bit," Jill said and took off her heeled shoes. "Not good for walking." She glanced at the camera from time to time, then appeared to think nothing more of it.

"You look beautiful tonight," Jill said.

"Thanks," Beth said, suddenly feeling awkward. "You too. I need to get a new mini sometime soon."

"I got it at the Gap," Jill said, fingering her mini-skirt absently. "Back when the Gap had nice clothing," she added.

An awkward silence ensued.

"Are you still okay with this?" Jill finally asked.

"Yes, I think so. I am nervous though," Beth replied.

Jill appeared relieved. "Good. I'm nervous too," she said.

Beth downed her glass of wine. "I am getting another? Want one?" she asked, getting up.

"No, but I think I might smoke a little weed if that's okay," she replied, already reaching for her purse.

"Oh sure. Well, count me in too," Beth said and sat back down. Calm down! she thought.

Jill pulled out a bowl, filled it with marijuana, and lit it, taking a big drag. "Oh, that's nice," she said in a pot smoker's voice, and passed it to Beth.

Beth took it from her and took a deep hit as well. It wasn't long before the effects of the wine and marijuana began loosening her up. She smiled.

Jill was looking at her. "You have a beautiful smile too," she said, and moved closer to her on the couch. She placed her hand on Beth's left thigh and started idly running her finger on it. She took the bowl from Beth and took another hit. Beth reciprocated.

Jill resumed her gentle caressing of Beth's leg and said, "Why don't you sit on the floor? I will give you a back rub."

Beth acquiesced and moved to the floor in front of Jill. Jill started rubbing her shoulders firmly, but erotically, moving over the shoulders and to the upper arms. "You're tense," she said. "Lean over a bit."

Beth leaned over and leaned slightly on the coffee table while Jill worked her way down Beth's back, kneeding and rubbing. Beth started to moan. "That's nice..." she said lazily. Matt had given her back rubs before, but this was unique. Jill hand's were strong, yet feminine. Her touch was different than his, more erotic. Her mind was starting to wander. Where will this go? she thought. Or perhaps a better question – Where will it end?

"Raise your arms. This will feel better on your skin," Jill said.

Beth did as she was asked, and raised her arms. Jill reached down and lifted the bottom of her sweater up and over her head, revealing Beth's soft, white skin and her black bra.

"Sexy bra, Beth," Jill breathed huskily.

"Thanks. Compliments of Victoria's Secret." Beth replied.

Jill began the back rub anew, in the same spots and using the same methods, but the skin to skin contact made everything much more erotic and sensuous for Beth. She then felt lips on her neck - light pecks on her skin. Jill kissed her all over her neck and shoulders. Beth moaned and felt her pussy getting wet. "Oh..." she said.

"Here. Let me help you with this," Jill said, and reached around to the front of Beth's bra. She easily found the clasp on her bra and undid it, freeing Beth's breasts from their confines. Jill pulled Beth's bra off her shoulders and onto the floor. She resumed her ministrations, this time working down Beth's sides, gradually working their way to her front. From behind, she began rubbing Beth's breasts while continuing to kiss her back and neck.

"Beautiful," Jill whispered.

She rubbed Beth's nipples gently between her thumb and forefinger then continued rubbing her breasts. Beth's areola were not large but her nipples were sensitive. Each time Jill brushed against them was a journey into sensation. Her pussy was dripping. She was on fire.

"Stand up, Beth." She did as she was told, mesmerized by the experience and the sensations. Jill reached around her, unclasped the button on her jeans and began pulling her jeans down. When Jill saw Beth's matching panties, she moaned and kissed Beth's ass cheeks through her underwear. "Beautiful," she said again. Beth's head was spinning and she needed to sit back down. She stepped out of her jeans and began to sit back down on the floor.

"No. On the couch," Jill instructed.

Again, Beth did as requested. "Your underwear is gorgeous, but I want them off. I want to see you – all of you." Beth wanted that as well. She wanted someone to touch her, to lick her, to finger her. Anything! She wanted more. She quickly raised her hips. Jill grabbed both sides of her panties and slid them off.

Jill stared at her red pubic hair and her soaked, dripping pussy beneath it. With a moan, Jill was all over her. She raised Beth's legs into the air, kissing the inner parts as she ascended to her cunt. As she reached Beth's knee, she switched to the other leg and repeated, each time getting a little higher - first the knee, then slightly above, then the middle thigh. Beth's eyes were closed as she waited for the moment.

Suddenly, Jill stopped and stood up. "My turn...I'm too hot." She started disrobing, first with her top. Beth watched her through glazed eyes. As Jill removed her bra, Beth saw that indeed her breasts were a little larger than hers. They had a beautiful shape to them. Large, dark areolas surrounded her nipples, which stood out prominently from her chest. She slipped her mini skirt to the floor. Either she wore no panties or removed them with the skirt, because she was suddenly naked. Her black bush was neatly trimmed with her natural shape and shimmered in the light of the room.

"You're sexy, Jill. I can see why men want you," Beth whispered. "I'm sure Matt is watching you and rubbing his big cock wondering what your pussy would feel like." She surprised herself by her brazen words. She began secretly hoping that he would come out of the room and that they would both make love to her, dedicating the evening to her pleasure.

"I hope he's having fun," Jill said aiming a kiss at the camera. "But right now, I have my mind on you. I want to rub our bodies together." She moved forward to lay between Beth's outstretched legs. Beth slouched slightly to accommodate her.

"Perhaps we should just lay down," Jill suggested. Again, Beth moved without complaint, lying prone on the couch. Jill smiled as she lay on top of Beth's naked body.

"Ummm..." Jill moaned. "You feel great. Such smooth skin."

Beth put her arms around Jill's back and stroked her lightly. "Yes, very smooth...and you smell so good too."

Jill began kissing her neck again, then moved downward to her chest. She kissed around Beth's breasts slowly avoiding the nipples. As she kissed one, she massaged the other. Suddenly, her tongue stroked her left nipple sending a shock through Beth's body. Beth took a quick intake of breath. "My breasts are very sensitive," she moaned. "But that feels good." She moaned again and smiled.

Jill continued nibbling lightly on her nipple, then began to suck on them. "Oh...Oh..." Beth moaned. "The other one too," she requested and Jill complied, sucking on the right breast and nipple. "Oh..." Beth continued to moan.

After some time, Jill began moving down towards her belly, kissing and licking as she went. This is it! Beth thought. Her eyes were closed and she felt Jill's fingers on her thighs, gently pushing them apart. Beth obliged and felt Jill's light touch on her pubic bone. Jill ran her fingers through the hair there. "So soft..." Jill murmured. She kissed Beth's belly while she continued to stroke her pubic hair. Each stroke came closer and closer to Beth's clit.

By now, Beth would have welcomed that contact. Her pussy had been on fire for what seemed like an eternity. She could not remember being this aroused and knowing that her lover was in another room watching, probably masturbating, was additional fuel for her inner fire.

Jill's mouth began kissing and licking downward – stomach, belly button, abdomen, pubic hair – then a SHOCK as her mouth came in contact with Beth's engorged clitoris.

"Oh my God...Oh...Oh," Beth moaned, shaking her head from side to side. "That feels wonderful!...Oh..."

Jill licked Beth's clit lightly at first, making small movements with her lips and tongue. Gradually, her movements became more animated as Beth's breathing and moaning increased. For a moment, Beth was aware of another movement and opened her eyes to look down. While she was sucking on Beth's clit, Jill was using her right hand to pleasure herself, stroking her own clit with two fingers of her right hand. Jill began moaning as she touched herself, and Beth closed her eyes again. The moans of the two beautiful women filled the room.

Jill started sucking vigorously in succession. Pop! Her mouth came off of Beth's clit, sucking her pussy lips upward, and she licked downward into Beth's cunt, then back to her clit again. Jill repeated this over and over driving Beth over the edge. "Ahhh...Oh my God...Oh my God...Oh...Oh... I'm cumming! Oh God...Yes..." Beth cried as the orgasmic wave washed over her. Jill continued sucking on Beth's clit as she came extending the orgasm even longer. "Ah...Ah..." Beth yelped as Jill sucked on her now too sensitive clitoris.

"Rest a moment," Jill announced. She sat back on the couch's arm and began to masturbate. She spread her legs and began alternating between rubbing her clit and rubbing the lips of her pussy. As her breathing increased, she began to finger herself also, always with the same two fingers – index and middle fingers. The scene playing out in front of her fascinated Beth. Jill's raw sexuality was contagious, and Beth found her own animal heat beginning to rise again. With her eyes closed, Jill began to whimper as she came.

After her breathing returned to normal, she removed the two fingers from her own pussy and licked them. Then she slowly slid them into Beth's dripping cunt and began to finger-fuck her. Beth's pussy craved penetration. She preferred Matt's cock thrusting in her, but the fingers were welcome. Every motion was heaven and she began to moan anew. Jill thrusted her fingers slowly but again picked up the pace when Beth began moaning. She turned them to the right so that the tips of her fingers rubbed against and prodded Beth's g-spot. Faster and faster she finger-fucked Beth's cunt and Beth threw her legs into the air and spread them.

"Yes...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me! Ohhh...I'm cumming again..." she cried and a second stronger orgasm hit her as Jill pistoned her fingers into her pussy. "Ohhh...ohhh..." she repeated over and over again until the orgasm subsided.

After some time had passed, Beth finally lowered her legs, spent, while Jill rested her head on Beth's stomach. Beth lay there with her eyes closed as if dead, enjoying the afterglow of her orgasms. Finally, Jill raised her head, leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips.

"Thank you, Beth," she said. "I will never forget this."

Beth whispered. "No...thank you." With that, Jill got up, quickly dressed, and with one last look, left the apartment.

"My God. I have never seen anything like that," she heard Matt announce a few moments later. She managed the strength to open her eyes and turned her head to look at him. His naked body greeted her, his cock sticking straight up, the biggest she had ever seen it get.

"Come here, you..." she said, and he walked over to her and lay down on top of her. He reached down between his legs and grabbing his cock, gently slid it into his lover's body. They began to make slow, passionate love to each other, his cock sliding completely in and out of her in succession.

"You were beautiful tonight. You were beautiful together," he said.

"Thank you," she said, looking directly into his eyes, "for allowing me that pleasure."

"You're welcome. I love you," he replied.

"I love you, too."


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