tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFinal Stop - Moscow Ch. 03

Final Stop - Moscow Ch. 03


Rakari vanished, but his absence was cruelly brief. He returned with three masked guards, and David recognized two of them as Turano and Dillinger. The two men took Sabina, who was naked with her wrists still bound in front of her, grabbing her by both arms and hustling her out of the neighboring cell.

"Where are you taking her?!" David shouted through the Plexiglas. No answer. He looked at Jessika, cuffed to the bed, her face mixed with shame and the aftermath of her own pleasure. He had fucked her moments earlier, releasing a huge load of cum in her pussy while his precious wife, Sabina, had been forced to watch.

The cute young blonde had a finely chiseled nose and mouth, which, combined with her slender build and small, firm breasts reminded David of a lithesome goddess. David was appalled as his cock began to stir again already. His male instinct recognized a gorgeous woman in the vicinity when it sensed one, not caring a bit whether that female was his loving wife or not. 'This can't be happening to me. I'm going to wake up and find that none of this was real,' David tried to tell himself. Tried and failed. The naked man felt a new wave of guilt threaten to pull him under as Jessika looked at him accusingly.

"You might have gotten me pregnant, you bastard!" There were tears threatening to spill from her pretty, cobalt-blue eyes.

"You seemed to be enjoying it well enough," David shot back, instantly regretting the fury in his tone. He knew his defensiveness was more a result of his guilt than anything else.

"I only said those things to get it over with, to make that monster leave us alone," Jessika replied, but somewhere deep down she knew that was a lie. The warmth between her legs, the low burn of arousal, still lingered. She looked down to see where David's sticky seed had dripped between her thighs, marring the sheets.

"Look, I'm sorry, Jessika. What do you want me to say? They have my wife!" David shouted. "I'll do whatever I can to get her out of here. To get US out of here. We need to form some type of PLAN...and any notion is better than nothing. How long have you been here? Do you know a way out? Are you familiar with any of the hallways in this section of the compound? When my wife and I were led here, it all seemed like one confusing maze."

Before Jessika could respond, the door to their cell swung open and a beautiful brunette, short and with voluptuous breasts, strode into the room with authority. She eyed both slaves meaningfully, and she was flanked by four masked guards. Each of the guards wore all black from the waist down, but their chests were bare. They held batons, the better to beat any disobedient slave.

"Well, well, WELL," the dominatrix sang. "What have we here?" She strutted up to Jessika, gently cupping the girl's ass even while her other hand sent fingers trailing lightly along Jessika's labia, then plunging into the girl's pussy to pull out a flavorful sample of spunk which the dominatrix put between her lips.

"Mmm. Not bad. I love the mixed flavors of a slave-girl's pussy and a little lukewarm jism," she sighed. Turning to David, she gave him an appraising stare. "I am Mistress Chloe, and you will obey me no matter what. Is that understood?"

David looked hard at the arrogant bitch, but he kept his mouth shut. Now wasn't the time to play hero. He nodded dully, and then stayed docile as two of Chloe's guards cuffed his wrists behind his back. The other two guards detached Jessika from the bed and dragged her from the room.

"Where are you taking us?" David dared to ask as he was manhandled, with Mistress Chloe bringing up the rear. The click-clack of her stilettos kept time as they walked. Other than those black stilettos, the dominatrix wore nothing except the silvery hoops which dangled from her pierced nipples.

"You'll find out soon enough, slave," was all she would say.

David tried to memorize the route they took, but every whitewashed wall and tarnished door looked the same. All he knew was that judging from the slope as they walked through some of the corridors, they were definitely descending. Finally they came out into a large, spacious cell with cinderblock walls. There were two tables made of stainless steel in the center of the room. Posts had been erected at the corners of the tables. Two men lay prone, spread-eagled and helpless. They were both naked, and the base of each cock was encircled by a snug-fitting ring of metal. Their heads were blindfolded, and judging from their skin tones both men were of at least part-African descent.

Mistress Chloe swept an arm grandly to indicate her wretched man-slaves. Four more guards kept watch in addition to Turano and Dillinger.

Sabina stood trembling next to Rakari, and the big, black brute smiled. "Welcome to the Room of Endless Torments, my little fuck-slaves! Do you like it?" David allowed his gaze to run along the walls, which were overlaid with iron grating. Mounted along the grating he saw sharp objects, sex toys, and even a sword the length of a man.

Mistress Chloe gave Rakari a cool look. "This is MY show to run, Rak. Master Gregor's orders." Rakari put up his hands in surrender.

"Fair enough, Mistress. Forgive me." Rakari knew better than to mess with Chloe. Chloe was Gregor's fiancé, and she had him virtually wrapped around her pinky finger. The sadistic couple kept quite a harem of slaves between themselves ...and they certainly didn't mind sharing. It was in Rakari's interest to curry good will with the future wife of his Master.

The muscular black rapist took a step back and gestured to Sabina. "The hot bitch is all yours."

"Good!" Chloe crowed "because we're going to play a fun game." She nodded to her guards, and they brought out a giant saddle-shaped block of ceramic. A huge cock protruded from it, lifelike in appearance. Chloe nodded at Jessika and Sabina, ordering them to touch it with their bound hands. Both girl tentatively obeyed.

Although the shaft was soft, it had hard columns of bumps which formed an agonizing, pleasure-inducing ribbing along both sides. The cock itself was soft, made of some gel-like or rubbery material. There was clearly an 'On' switch, and it had several settings. As vibrators went, it was a king among its kind.

"As you can see, ladies, we have plenty of cock for all!" Chloe purred. "The only question is whether you'll grace your pussy with its fullness or not!" She laughed. But then her eyes turned serious, even deadly.

"Here are the rules of the game. As you can see, there are two helpless man-slaves here, and their cocks are nice and big, even without them being able to see your sexy, young cunts! Each of you is going to jump up on one of those tables and fuck those cocks hard, and when he cums in your snatch, you scream 'YES.' First one to get his man-slave to cum is the winner. The winner is rewarded with sitting on Big Boy until morning." Chloe indicated the giant vibrator-cock on its saddle-shaped mount.

Sabina sputtered. "Wh-what happens to the loser?" The whites of her eyes grew big as Chloe responded.

"Oh, that will be a surprise. The punishment will be severe, I'm afraid. We don't have much patience for stupid cunts who don't get results," the Mistress hissed. "Now...before we get started there's just one more thing to prepare." Chloe nodded at Turano and Dillinger. Each of them drew out a box. Opening them, they revealed two pairs of sterile gloves and accompanying needles and jewelry.

"What the hell are those for?" Jessika began, and then understanding dawned in her eyes while two guards slammed the slender blonde to the floor. Sabina struggled, but two guards soon had her pinned too, and then Turano was approaching Sabina even as Dillinger was leaning over Jessika.

"We need to pretty up those young titties!" Chloe said with glee. She turned, watching as David struggled between the grips of two guards. His foot came down, trying to smash one guard's foot to startle the guard into releasing his hold, but the man's boots were thick and protective. The guard gave David a sharp jab in the ribs, and the male captive went down on one knee, wheezing pitifully.

"Poor little hubby has to watch his wife participate in the ultimate fuck contest!" Chloe purred. "Maybe I can give you some relief, David. Your name is David, yes?" she asked.

David could only groan as the guards pushed down on his shoulders and slammed his head back against the floor. He was seeing stars, the edges of his vision blackened as the short, voluptuous Chloe leaned over. Her supple breasts brushed against his legs as she took his manhood into her mouth. The immediacy of her hot mouth enclosed his cock like a salve. He shuddered as the young woman sucked up and down, vacuuming up his cock with firm, ruby-red lips. Chloe twirled her tongue around his glans, and then slid it seductively down the length of his shaft before re-smothering his cock. He groaned, his eyes sliding over to find out what was happening to his stricken wife.

His vision cleared, and he watched with awful anticipation as Chloe's mouth slid off of his cock with a light popping sound. She smacked her lips before grasping the base of his cock, pumping it with excruciating firmness in one hand. "Ooo...you're all hard and horny. What do you think, Tiger? Are you ready to watch your wife and her fellow sex slave fuck a pair of huge, black cocks?" She turned back to Rakari, who had supervised as Sabina and Jessika had their nipples pierced. Each girl's breasts now sported a pair of glinting, golden hoops.

"OK, get those bitches mounted up!" Rakari nodded, and David watched with despair as his wife, free of her restraints at last, leaned over and began to slurp on the man-slave cock she'd been assigned to. Jessika did the same, her sweet mouth encasing her man-slave's cock as it grew like a mutant chia pet. Soon both slaves had their assigned cocks hard as granite, morphed into straining towers of vein-ensorcelled flesh.

"What are you waiting for, bitches? Fuck!" Rakari bellowed. David watched with great distraction because Chloe's mouth was still slurping up and down his cock as her hands gently fondled his ball sac. He groaned, wishing he could just close his eyes and focus on his own pleasure rather than feel the shattering guilt and disgust at his own helplessness in the face of his wife's ordeal.

He watched as Sabina hopped up onto the stainless steel table, swiftly straddling her man-slave. The man-slave had the number 'One' branded on the top of his left shoulder. David noticed that Jessika's man-slave had the number 'Two' branded on the top of his left shoulder. 'Oh god...they've totally dehumanized these people. They treat their captives as nothing more than chattel!" he thought.

David's eyes were glued to the scene as Sabina lined her pussy up over Slave One's cock and swiftly plunged her heat down to encase him. Jessika was not far behind. Soon the blonde's lithesome body was straining and bouncing on top of Slave Two's cock.

Jessika may have been inexperienced, but she partly made up for that lack of experience with enthusiasm. She groaned, crooned, and moaned her way towards victory, fucking her man-slave's cock with shameless abandon. The man beneath her was groaning as if he were about to die. His ankles, though bound to the corner posts, were flailing wildly as he bucked his hips upward to meet her impalements. Jessika's bouncing ass shook each time she slammed it down hard onto her man-slave's crotch. She gasped as her blindfolded man-slave reached up with his newly released hands, squeezing and cupping her sensitive, nipple-pierced breasts.

"Tell her what a good job she's doing!" Rakari growled at Slave Two. Slave Two dutifully obeyed, thankful that Rakari had just released his hands and allowed him to participate in his own pleasure. He even reached behind Jessika, slipping a finger into the blonde slave's anus to make her squirm more violently on his cock.

"Fuck me, you worthless slut! Let me feel your pussy shivering on my big, hard cock!" Slave Two shouted. Meanwhile the action at the neighboring table was reaching an apex too.

David's tongue felt dry as a cloth as he watched Sabina slide her pussy up and down a black dick which had to be twice as thick as his. 'Sabina, my love. Hang in there, sweetheart. I'll find a way to free us!' he thought fiercely, clinging to his last shred of hope. He watched as Slave One's hands were freed. But instead of cupping his wife's now pierced tits, the man-slave began smacking her ass and yelling at her to fuck harder.

This whole time, watching his young brunette wife and the slender blonde slave fuck their man-slaves was only a fraction of the torment. The real pain came with the awareness of his own erection, held lovingly between Chloe's lips. The dominatrix was pumping her jaw up and down his prick, and the precum was beginning to dangle from her beautiful lips. She pulled back, wiping the labor of her lust with the back of one hand even as she kept pumping his cock with her fingers. He groaned, begging her to stop.

"Stop? Why would I do that, silly? Your precum tastes yummy. I can't wait to taste your creamy eruption. Pretty hot, isn't it, Tiger? Watching your wife impale her pussy with total desperation on another man's cock! And if she doesn't fuck him to orgasm FIRST, she gets hung upside-down above the shark pool. Sometimes the rope accidentally snaps...and well...what can I say?" she said, her musical laugh filling the room briefly. Soon that fading laughter left horror in its wake as the threat sank in.

David couldn't believe it. This demented oil tycoon sadist and his Mistress had their own pet shark? The thought of Sabina being eaten by a shark nearly sent him into hysterics. His eyes fixated on his wife's pussy slurping up Slave One's cock. She was bounding up and down his cock like a madwoman, her nails digging into his shoulders for leverage as she fucked him like a cumslut whore. 'Fuck him harder, sweetie! Make him cum right now!' David prayed inwardly, horrified by the urgency in his mind for his wife to complete such a despicable act.

"Cum in my pussy, baby! Fuck my little pussy to death and blow your creamy seed inside me!" Sabina wailed, hoping to encourage her man-slave with a little sex-talk.

Meanwhile Jessika was doing some screaming of her own. The lithesome blonde was bouncing up and down her man-slave's penis, and now the inventive girl reached behind her, cupping Slave Two's testicles. The extremely flexible teenager had no trouble reaching behind her to squeeze his testicles while fucking him at the same time. Slave Two grunted and then thrashed with desperate purpose as a deep, rumbling groan filled the room. "Oh yeah, bitch! I love that! Squeeze my balls! Cup my man-jewels in your little hand and clench that sweet pussy around my cock! I'm gonna cum in you, bitch!" Jessika's eyes lit up with the promise of relief. If she could only get this brute to cum in her, she could be assured that SHE wouldn't be the one dangling above that awful shark tank! She had heard Mistress Chloe's terrible promise.

"Yes, you fucking pussy-destroyer! Fill me up, you bastard! Cum so hard in my cunt. Make me all sticky!" Jessika begged. She lifted her cute butt almost all the way off of him, and then came crashing back down, her pussy clenching forcefully around Slave Two's cock as she reached an orgasm of her own. The pungent scent of her cunt juices as they coated Slave Two's cock must have set the brute off. Even as the teenage blonde kept gently kneading her man-slave's testicles, her pussy convulsing on his cock, she let out a loud scream and felt him erupt inside her.

"YES YES YES!" Jessika crooned. "He's cumming inside me!" she cried. The hoops dangling from her breasts glinted under the lights as her breasts heaved, her writhing body collapsing forward atop her man-slave.

David's heart shattered even as Chloe's mouth and the hands grasping the base of his cock finally sent him into the explosion of orgasm. His cock spasmed and twitched, sending giant swaths of cum into Chloe's waiting mouth. A few flecks caught the dominatrix's chin, but she daintily gathered them up with her alabaster fingers and drew them into her mouth. Licking her chops contentedly, she shook her head with mock sympathy.

"Too bad, Tiger. It looks like your wife will be the one dangling above the shark tank tonight. Did I mention that we don't usually feed the shark anything? Did I mention that it's a Great White?" she asked with feigned innocence, her eyes sparkling.

"NOOO!" Sabina moaned, shuddering as she felt Slave One spurt deep up her pussy. She was too late, though, and she knew it. She screamed and protested as Dillinger and Turano dragged her off of her man-slave's now spent and shrinking cock. David tried to sit up, but his captors brutally held him down.

"Let the little prick get one more taste of his wife's pussy before we hang her in the Punishment Room," Chloe said.

Tears spurted down David's cheeks as his wife's cum-glistening pussy lips were thrust into his mouth. Sabina was forced to straddle his face even as her wrists were cuffed behind her back. David moaned as his tongue laved his wife's sore pussy. He felt the feathery-soft tendrils of her outer and inner labia kiss his lips. Sorrow filled his heart. 'This might be the last time I get to even touch her!' he realized. His tongue seemed to be trying to make up for the horror and possible death that was to come. He laved her pussy gently, swallowing all of that nasty man-slave's spunk with shuddering gasps. Then he kept licking, slurping hungrily. He sucked and cajoled her clit, creating tremors that ran up her spine and bloomed from her hot, moist core.

Soon she was moaning in real pleasure, her hips bucking into his nose and face. Her soft, warm cunt-lips pressed greedily against his mouth, and his tongue swirled and coiled around the nub of her exquisite clit. At last he had her. 'I love you, Sabina! I love you!' he thought. There was a fervent roar filling his ears as she came on top of him. Her pussy's sweetness spattered against his palate. Sabina's body writhed atop his face. He could well imagine his wife's now-marred breasts with their revolting nipple rings as she looked down in the aftermath of her orgasm, her shudders gradually subsiding. Rough hands slowly lifted Sabina off of her husband's face.

David had only precious seconds to see Sabina being led away. Her fearful yet oddly pleasure-dazed eyes seemed to tell him a final goodbye.



Author's note: Genuine feedback and comments are definitely welcome. Suggestions on where you'd like to see the story go, also welcome. I hope you enjoyed reading it. If you've written a story you think is all hot and sexy, let me know. I like to give good feedback to other authors.

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