tagFirst TimeFinal Vows Ch. 03

Final Vows Ch. 03


Mother Superior lapped at the young nun's face and neck, licking up all the spunk with which the priest had defiled her innocent face. The younger woman lay there in shock, almost oblivious to the fact that her older Sister was lying on top of her, their breasts rubbing together, removing the results of the first blowjob she had ever given.

As she began to become aware once again that she was lying on the thick carpet, naked, in Father's dinning room, she also became aware of what Mother was doing to her.

"No, Mother, no. Please don't do that. Please get off me."

Mother Superior continued to clean up her young Sister's neck while the priest suddenly appeared in the sight of the young girl, towering above them both.

"Sister," he thundered. "You have been told once already. To ensure that you have been properly prepared to take a vow of Chastity, you must allow us to instruct you in what you are about to renounce. Remember, you will also be taking a vow of Obedience."

She could hardly forget it. She had been practising the words for weeks, practising for the day when she would lie prostate on the floor of the convent chapel and offer her very being to the Church. She would vow to have no worldly possessions; she would vow to obey her Church, her Order, her Mother Superior in all matters -- even if she didn't understand why. She would vow to renounce all pleasures of the flesh and that's why this evening's events were unfolding.

She was trying, she really was. She had allowed Mother to undress her; she had allowed Father to put his penis in her mouth and to shoot his seed over her face. Now she was being told to allow Mother to lick this seed off her.

Mother Superior, however, wasn't going to stop there. She had lusted after this young girl since she first came to the convent and now she was lying beneath her, at her mercy. She finished her licking and started to kiss the young girl on the mouth. The girl resisted at first but, as Mother started to use lick the young nun's lips, the girl instinctively responded and started to kiss Mother back. The older woman started to lick the lips of her younger Sister and teased open her sweet mouth, slowly forcing her tongue into the girl's mouth.

Once again she was tasting the strange, salty taste of a man's seed, of Father's seed, only this time she was tasting it off the tongue of her Mother Superior, the tongue that now seemed to be fighting with her own. Once again that strange feeling was starting to grow deep within her and was making her private parts tingle. She instinctively started to raise her hips as the feeling grew and was almost devastated when Mother pulled back and stopped kissing her.

Mother wasn't going very far, however. Still lying on top of the young nun, she slithered down her young, firm body and started to pay her attention to her pert tits. She took, first, the right nipple in her mouth, licked all round it and flicked it with her wet tongue. She shifted slightly and moved her mouth to the young girl's left nipple, paying it the same attention, making it stand erect too with her wet tongue.

The young nun moaned with a pleasure she had never know. When she had heard the words "pleasures of the flesh" being spoken by her own mother, by the priests, by the other Sisters, she had always presumed they had been speaking of the dangers she faced from men. She could never have imagined that another woman, her Mother Superior, could elicit these feelings from her fresh, young body. She could hear herself moan as if it was coming from another person. She could feel herself raising her hips and writhing on the carpet, as if she had no longer any control of her body. She could feel Mother kissing all round her sensitive breasts and squeezing her nipples and she knew one thing only -- she never wanted the older woman to stop.

Mother, of course, did just that. This young nun wasn't the first that Father and she had prepared for their vows and she knew exactly how to tell when a young woman was about to cum for the very first time; she had never before, however, found one who was so responsive to her tits being assaulted. She couldn't wait to move to the young nun's pussy and she wasn't going to.

The girl was bereft when Mother Superior removed her mouth from her aching breasts and almost started to cry in frustration but what was Mother doing now? She lifted her head from the carpet to see her Mother Superior kissing down her body towards her private parts. No, she surely couldn't be going to kiss her there and the young nun tried to close her legs. With Mother lying between them, however, this was impossible and she dropped her head back to the carpet in shame and disbelief. This woman she had grown to love over the past three years was moving her face down to her dirtiest, most private parts and she was kissing her as she went.

Mother reached the top of the young girl's hairy mound and lifted her head slightly to wonder at the beautiful sight. The hair was thicker and darker than she had imagined but she had never been so close to a pussy she wanted more. Trying to hold herself back from raping her young Sister with her tongue and fingers, she slowly started to lick up and down the girl's already wet slit and revelled in the taste of the sweet juices, knowing that she was the first person ever to taste this young nun's self.

Up and down, up and down, she could feel Mother's tongue moving on her. She could feel herself getting wet again and she didn't think it was from Mother's tongue. She could feel herself opening up and feel Mother's tongue probing deeper and deeper. Up and down, up and down, deeper, and deeper, that tongue was doing things to her she had never imagined anyone doing and it was causing her to feel sensations that she had never felt before.

This time Mother didn't stop. The girl was ripe and ready for her first orgasm. She was raising her hips again. She was thrusting her cunt to meet Mother's tongue. She was dripping with juices and Mother was loving the taste. Reluctantly, she moved from deep within the virginal pussy, prised the young nun's clit from its hood and started to flick it with her hot tongue.

"Oh, my God!" the young girl blasphemed for the first time in her life.

"Oh, my God! OH, MY GOD!"

But Mother wasn't finished yet. The young nun was already thrashing about below her but when the older woman slowly, inserted one, then two fingers into the sopping cunt, the young girl exploded in lust.

"OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!" she screamed.

"Don't stop! Don't stop! Please don't stop!"

And this time Mother didn't. She plunged her fingers deeper and deeper into the young nun's cunt. She flicked and flicked at the young nun's clit. Deeper and deeper. Faster and faster.

And the young nun finally came!

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