Finally!! I can't believe what a week it has been. The drive across town in the evening rush was tougher tonight than it had been in a while and it seemed to just add to my already bad mood. You would think that eventually they would have built and rebuilt the roads in this town enough times to actually not have construction going on for a at least a few days. Oh well, the important part is, I am finally here, late, but here. I only hope you will forgive my tardiness and not punish me too severely for it. The thought of your hand delivering a swift blow to my ass causes an almost instant flush to cross my face. Closing my eyes, I try to relive the feel of your hands on me, it has only been a month but it seems so much longer and still so recent.

With a growing sense of urgency I tear my self from the pleasant memories and turn to exit the car. While I gather my gym bag from the back seat, I glance up at the window to your studio and see you looking down at me with a slight grin. You wave as I step out of the SUV and then disappear behind the closed blinds. Walking quickly towards the door to the studio I am both embarrassed and amazed that my pussy has already begun to flow freely. Wasn't just a short time ago that I could appreciate your services without becoming sexually aroused, at least outwardly. Times certainly have changed and I don't mind on single bit. The door is unlocked so I quietly enter the foray, relock the deadbolt and glance around. The lobby area is deserted which seems only natural this late on a Friday evening and chuckle softly to myself thinking about my students rushing at breakneck speed to get to the crowded and noisy dance clubs and bars after another difficult week at school. Maturity and age have certainly made such goals seem odd to me now.

Following the established procedures, I remove my shoes, make my way to the first floor bathroom and disrobe. Donning my robe, I place the clothes of my profession into the gym bag next to the items you had requested and then begin climbing the stairs. The soft sounds of music reach my ears at the same time as the aroma of incense and layers of stress begin to melt away. I have always found the combination of the two to be relaxing but there is something a little stronger about them in unity at this place that is almost scary in its impact upon me. I know, rationally, that your talented hands will effortlessly remove the knots and tension from my tired muscles and that as a result I will be able to move once again, but that is only a part of what you will give to me in this exchange.

Upon reaching the landing I follow the prescribed routine, deposit my bag along the wall and tap lightly on the door to your studio. Then I wait, I know that you are on the other side of the door but I also recognize the very deliberate stretching out of my anticipation by your deliberate non-response to my knock. As the seconds lengthen into minutes I fight my impulse to knock again and instead begin sifting my weight back and forth on my feet.

"Stand still!"

The command echoes from behind me and I start. A thousand thoughts race thru my mind in an instant, I did not expect you to be behind me and now I am torn as to whether I should speak, turn around ... this is totally unexpected.

"You are late, but at least you remembered the proper procedure for arrival. Continue facing the door and do no move."

I feel your presence close to me and close my eyes, trying to discern exactly how close you have approached and precisely where you are. In the next instant, the question is answered as I feel the blindfold being fastened over my already closed eyes. Obviously, this evening's session is going to be different and that in and of itself excites me beyond measure. Once the blindfold is in place to your satisfaction, you gently trace the back of my head, down my neck and across my shoulders, effortlessly slipping the robe from my body.

Goosebumps jump to my skin as your hands so softly trace the outlines of my body. Just a feather graze which leaves a tingling trail in its wake as you take your time feeling and probing and caressing my exposed body. Not surprisingly, my body responds immediately and I quickly feel the developing moisture of my pussy lips and the stirrings of my desire. Suddenly, you remove your hands.

" Spread your legs apart to shoulder's width and lean forward against the door jam."

Not completely understanding what this is all about, I do as commanded and then await further instruction.

The first sharp blow across my exposed ass nearly cause me to loose my footing and I bite down hard to stifle my shot of shock and pain. I have little time to dwell on this unexpected change in the situation as the first blow is quickly followed up with a seemingly endless string of spanks and slaps and then, the biting edge of a leather whip of some kind.

By now I am a raging torrent of conflicting emotions, anger, fear, pain and arousal all battle to command my attention but none fully dominates. A big part of me wants to end this right now but a deeper part wants to continue. I expected to be punished for being late and wasting your time but this was not on my agenda for the day. At the same time, the fact that it was not on the schedule makes it that much more exciting.

As rapidly as it began, it ends and I am left panting and sobbing but still standing to my own amazement.

"You were a very bad girl to keep me waiting and that is but a taste of what is to come. For the moment however, I do think that a good rub down is in order. Felt like you had a bad week or perhaps a bad month. Either way, I am sure I can address those problems quite well. Take my hand and I will lead you in, no need to remove the blindfold."

You help me onto the waiting table and position me carefully to insure my comfort. As always, you hands work my flesh smoothly and ably as they work the massage oil into my tight and painful muscles. While my muscles relax, my passion starts to rebuild as I notice you are admiring your handy work on my backside as you add extra oil to ease some of the stinging. You too note the effect it has had on me as you deliberately run your hands along the insides of my thighs stopping just short of where I mostly desperately crave your fingers.

"You certainly have become the slut", you whisper from the end of the table. "It is a nice change."

The comment makes me smile. I would never have thought that being beaten would give me such a rush or that my body would betray my excitement so freely. As scary as it is for me to admit it to myself, I know that it is true and it thrills me even more. You assist me in rolling over onto my back then begin running your hands down my arms, working out all the knots and tenderness with the up most of care and then carefully place my arms along the sides of my body. I feel my heart rate begin to accelerate as I anticipate the feel of your touch on my needy breasts. Few people truly appreciate the true strain that breasts of my size can cause on a body, but you have always demonstrated an intuitive knack for rubbing just hard enough, just long enough to relax them totally.

I am completely taken by surprise therefore when instead of a gentle caress; my breasts begin to receive a series of sharp slaps. I try to cover them with my hands only to discover that in placing my arms at my side, you were in fact securing them to restraints and I can no more throw my arms up than roll over at this point. Suddenly, I am completely at your mercy. Tears start to flow from my eyes as I struggle to regain some sense of control.

"The more you resist, the longer and more profound your punishment, slut, ... but perhaps that is what you truly need at this point." The bite to your words strikes a nerve and I cease my movements.

How did I ever get myself in this position I wonder as I anticipate your next move. Was that the door opening? Are you just going to leave me here, strapped to the table and unable to see what is going on? The questions start racing through my mind and the juices start flowing even more strongly.

Suddenly, I am snapped out of my ceaselessly wondering thoughts by the feel of hands on my body. Soft caresses and gentle pinches are lavished along the entire length of my body and I start to relax. It only slowly sinks in that these are not your hands. When I feel the draw of nails across my nipples, I realize there is now at least one other person, a woman, in the room with us and I briefly wonder who she is and how she got into the building. Such thoughts evaporate however as she starts to become more bold in her explorations. When your hands likewise begin to pinch, pull and twist on my exposed flesh I once more begin to squirm against my restraints. Such efforts are rewarded by sharp slaps from both of you and I struggle once more to regain my composure.

Any thoughts of returning to control flee my mind when I feel not one put two sets of lips engulf my already hard nipples. Alternating between sucking and biting, the sensations are nearly overwhelming and I feel my clit react enthusiastically. Granted it had been a fantasy for a long time but this is more intense than I could ever have imagined. Try as I might, my hips begin to squirm with the pleasure I am experiencing.

The sharp slap across my inner thigh stuns me back into conscience and I stop moving, although my breathing is anything but normal.

"I told you not to move slut" you reproach me, "time to get serious I see"

With that I feel the two sets of hands take hold of each ankle, sliding each leg over to the far side of the table and fastening them securely to the corners. As if to emphasize my restraint, another strap is circled around each thigh and then fastened to the table. Now I am totally spread open and exposed. The vulnerability of the position further enhances my arousal and I can feel my juices flowing freely between my engorged labia and down my slit to my ass.

That is when I hear the sound of a match being struck and smell the unmistakable smell of sulfur. My mind thinks only of candles being lit .. it is not until that first drop of molten wax hits my exposed and erect nipple that I process what is about to come. I hold my breath in anticipation of the next drop while I frantically try to guess where it will be directed. I am nothing more than an open canvas at this point with no means of directing which part of my body will feel the bite of the wax next. The more the uncertainty, the higher my arousal and soon I find myself on the edge of orgasm only to be plunged back from the precipice by a sting of pain. Soon my cries of pain and moans of pleasure become indistinguishable as you and your accomplish push me higher and higher without letting me crest the summit.

As if to reinforce your control of the situation, you alternately interject slaps and whips with wax and ice and the random total withdrawal of all sensations. It is during one of these periods of no contact that I hear a cell phone ring and you answer it in hushed tones but still loud enough for me to hear what you want me too.

"Yes she is thoroughly prepared" you say from the corner. "I do not foresee a problem with that, 10 minutes will be fine, I will unlock the door for you." With that you hang up the phone.

Time to show you what this new table is capable of" you whisper in my ear as you approach. I hear the sound of latches being released and suddenly feel the table turning up to a standing position. It dawns on me that this massage table is now more of a rack to which I am completely secured and totally exposed at the same time.

This latest realization strikes me at about the same time I hear the door to the room opening once again. Not knowing whom you were speaking to on the phone, I being to panic. Why did you feel the need to say I was prepared? What are you planning? Self-consciously I begin to try to shift my position and struggle against my bonds. My efforts are quickly rewarded with a swift slap across my breasts. The sharp pain against my already engorged nipples quickly snaps me back to reality and causes my juices to once more flow freely.

"Struggle not slut!! " you command. "For the more you resist, the stronger the punishment shall be."

Silently, I cease my movements and wait. After what seems like an eternity, but is in fact only a matter of moments, I begin to feel a number of hands caressing my exposed flesh. The concept of being taken by so many different people nearly sends me over the edge immediately and I feel my pussy juices flowing freely down the inside of my thighs. Not a word is spoken by these newest additions to our little room and I know they are there only through their touches. Being safely guarded by the blindfold, I find it much easier to relax and soon I am anticipating every touch, even every pinch, and nibble. In short order I am being held on the constant edge of orgasm and I start to plead to be allowed to cum.

"Oh you will cum, and cum and cum" you whisper in my ear. "But first, you still owe me for allowing you to be late this evening." With that, the table is suddenly returned to its horizontal position although my arms and legs remain firmly attached and spread.

Next, I feel warm flesh along the side of my face which is now hanging down slightly at the end of the table. Licking my lips in anticipation, I wait to feel your manhood against my mouth. When you have positioned yourself you press yourself against my waiting lips which yield willingly to you. My tongue dances across the head of your hard cock and then circles the outside and underside of it. Opening my mouth fully, I draw you in and begin to suck and tease.

You had once given me direction on the proper technique for cock worship and I am eager to demonstrate my skills. So badly I want to reach out and grab you balls, massaging them roughly as I use my mouth to lather your hardening cock. Instead I am forced to utilize all the skill I have with my lips, tongue and teeth to excite you to your fullest erection. Swallowing you deep into my throat I tighten my muscles and am rewarded by your moan of pleasure. Suddenly my attention is directed to my own aching pussy as I feel a tongue run seductively down my lips and flick at my swollen clit.

Between feeling you in my mouth, and having someone else's mouth on my pussy, I am brought right to the edge of orgasm. Then, just as if it had been prearranged, you withdrawal from my mouth and the lips and tongue that were pleasing me likewise disengage. I am once more left perched on the edge without relief. By this point I am beginning to wonder if you will ever let me cum. But then perhaps, this is all part of my punishment and when it is finished, I have no doubt it will be mind-blowing orgasm. Until then however, I can do little but whimper in need.

"Time to turn it up a notch" you announce. Almost immediately, I feel something being placed over my ears. I can still hear and you know it since you continue to address your comments to me.

"Now, the other participants in your punishment cannot afford or you to know their identities, therefore I have taken the precaution of insuring you will not be able to hear them, even if they scream out while they are cumming within or on you."

This comment absolutely terrifies me. Who are these people who would be concerned about such a thing? How many people are we walking about here? How long do you intend to keep me here after all?

With that, you start the headphones you had put in place and the rhythmic sounds of Madonna's Erotica album begins to fill my head, blocking out all other sounds quite effectively. Once it has been verified that I cannot hear, there commences a vertible barrage of hands, lips, cocks and other items into all of the openings on my body and I am soon swept away by the sensations.

Finally, with a large vibrating butt plug in place and a large firm cock pounding into me I stumble over the edge and begin a series of powerful orgasms. When the tightening of my vaginal muscles make the first man cum powerfully, he withdrawals only to be immediately replaced by another which once more begins to pound into my now sensitive pussy. It is enough to send me over the top again and so it proceeds until finally, I can take no more and pass out.

When I awaken, I feel your hands gently rubbing massage oil into my skin. I open my eyes to find the room exactly as it was the last time I was here. Lights turned down low, some fragrant incense burning in the corner and soft music playing on the stereo. To all appearances, you are finishing up my massage.

"Did you have a good nap?" you ask quietly.

"I guess so." I answer uncertainly, now wondering if everything had been a dream.

You just smile knowingly.

"Well, we are finished, hopefully it will not be another full month before you make it back up here for another session."

One thing is for sure, dream or no dream, I am certainly relaxed. It will definitely be sooner than a month when I return I think as I begin to get dressed.

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