Sometimes, things sneak up on you. It's not something you plan, or something you set out to accomplish. It just happens, without warning or fanfare, before you even realize.

You're swept away.

That's what happened with Him. He caught me off-guard, swept me away, and left me standing there gasping and trying to wrap my head around what had just occurred.

This was why I found myself sitting in the small, cramped seat of a Boeing 747, my stomach in knots as I made the next step in our relationship – finally meeting Him face-to-face.

The entire plane trip, I sat there in my seat, fidgeting with the end of my long blue-plaid scarf and tapping my fingernails against the armrest. My mind simply would not stop running in circles, calculating and discarding countless possibilities of what could happen in a matter of hours.

"What if you disappoint Him? What if you're not what he expected? What if...what if...what if...?" The list was endless.

Finally, the captain's voice echoed vaguely through my subconscious mind, alerting the passengers that our destination was a matter of moments away and that we should begin preparing for the decent from the sky to the ground.

My heart started skittering around in my chest like a nervous chipmunk, excited but terrified at the same time. I attempted to gather my things together, but found that my hands were shaking so much that I couldn't even get a solid grip on my iPod. I took a deep breath, attempting to calm my quivering nerves.

Over the next fifteen minutes, the plane sank lower and lower through the clouds and my heart began to calm slightly. By the time we touched down on the tarmac, my hands were still enough to pack my things back into my carry-on bag and prepare to exit the plane.

Thankfully, I had a seat fairly close to the front of the aircraft, so I was able to gather my things together and escape from the plane rather quickly. Once I reached the tunnel, I leaned against the wall and attempted to take stock of my appearance. Reaching up, I attempted to run my fingers through my hair, hoping to tame down the flyaway bits of my dark mane of hair. I reached into my pocket and managed to smear some gloss over my lips, which I knew would absorb into my lips almost immediately due to my extreme nervousness. Assessing my outfit of a black and silver t-shirt, long black sweatpants, and black high-heeled shoes, I sighed with the realization that this was as good as things were going to get.

Swinging my messenger bag lightly over my shoulder, I took a deep breath and stepped from the tunnel into the airport. Without stopping to think, I followed the signs that led from the terminals, not allowing my mind to think about anything except getting out of the crowded clusters of people and to the place where we had set to meet.

After what seemed like ages, I stepped into the wide atrium. My eyes darted from one face to another, seeking the one familiar face that I had just traveled hundreds of miles to find.

Suddenly, he stepped out from behind a column. He wasn't looking at me; he was looking up at the screens where it listed the Arrivals/Departures, eyes scanning the screens lightly.

My heart stopped. The world froze.

I heard my voice say His name. It sounded like a frightened whisper to my own ears, but it must have been louder than I thought because His beautiful brown eyes immediately moved in my direction. He saw me. His eyes widened. I couldn't move. I didn't have to; he moved for us both. In what seemed like a matter of seconds, he had leapt across the floor until he was hardly a foot away from me. I tried to look away, but His eyes were locked into mine. My lips parted and I could hear my heart thudding like a bass drum in my ears.

He slowly reached out His fingers, touching my cheek softly, as if he could not believe that I was really standing in front of Him.


The one word was a breath, a sigh, a whisper. It broke the spell. I dropped my bags on the floor and threw my arms around His neck, burying my face into the shoulder of His t-shirt. I felt both of us tremble together, like a rehearsed improvisation. His arms were tight around my back, pulling me as close as he could to Himself. Slowly, he drew me away from Him, and looked into my eyes again. His hand slid under my chin as he brought His head down to my level. My mind froze.


His lips brushed over mine, so lightly that I thought I imagined it at first. My entire body tingled as I felt a rush of warmth flood over me from my lips to my toes and back. Then, His lips fell onto mine, firmly pressing against my own slightly trembling ones. His hand moved to the back of my neck, drawing me in as His tongue slid against my lips, parting them and making its way into my mouth. I felt His tongue massage against mine, and my own tongue instinctively moved against His, matching His movements. My arms moved to encircle His neck, standing on my tiptoes to reach Him better.

I whispered His name against His tongue.


He drew me closer, moaning softly against my lips as He inhaled the kiss. I wanted this moment to freeze, for the world to keep on moving around us but leaving us to do as we liked if only for the barest of seconds.

Softly, He drew away from me, touching my face again.

"Come away with Me?"

I blushed lightly, and he laughed softly.

"You know I love that shyness of Yours, babygirl. God, I can't..." He stopped with a sigh and a soft whimper. "Let's get out of here." He leaned down and whispered softly into my ear. "The things I want to do to you...I can't do them here. I got us a hotel tonight, love."

Carefully, he reached behind me into my pocket and tugged out my cell phone. With a smile, he turned it off. Handing it back to me, he reached into His own pockets, withdrawing His own phones and shutting them off.

"I want no interruptions tonight. Finally, it's just You and me."

I smiled, and reached out for His hand. He drew His arm around my shoulders, picking up my two small bags from the floor and guiding me out the door.

The next few moments passed in a blur. Suddenly, we were in the cab, moving down the road, merging with all the other cars and traffic on the street. I took a deep breath, noting that my hands were once again shaking, although not so much with fear as with a surge of excitement and a whisper of arousal.

I don't think I spoke two words on the entire drive over. I was so afraid of my tongue forming foolishness or my words adding up to nonsense that I thought it best to hold my words and speak as little as possible until we were at the hotel. My hands were aching to lean over and touch Him, caress Him, kiss Him...but I was beginning to feel the slightest twinges of fear growing in the pit of my stomach.

It seemed to take hours, although it was only the barest of moments. I remember very little between the door of the hotel itself and the door of our room. He opened the door, letting me slip in past Him first before He let the heavy door shut behind us with a thud.

Next thing I knew, I was in His arms. I felt my body shaking against His as I rested my head against His chest. His fingers were running over my hair, tracing lines through my thick, silky locks.

"You're so beautiful, Sieria. It's okay...calm down, love."

Drawing away, He pressed His lips softly against mine, nibbling at my bottom lip softly. Without really thinking, I moaned softly, pressing my hips against His body gently.

Slowly, His hands moved down over my body, caressing every curve lightly with the palms of His hands as if He wanted to memorize my body. His hand slid up under my shirt, lying flat against my stomach and running butterfly-light caresses around my belly button and down around the waistband of my pants.

Without my realizing it, He had begun to walk me backwards into the bedroom. My calves brushed against the right side of the bed; He pressed against me gently, and I found myself sitting down on the edge of the bed. His kisses moved down over to the corner of my mouth, down over my jawline and under my left ear. I heard a soft whimper from somewhere; it took a moment or two before I realized the sound had come from my own mouth.

He moved back up to my ear, whispering softly. "I want to see your body, babe. May I....?"

I hesitated for only the barest of seconds before I nodded, looking into His eyes.

Slowly, he lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it behind Him somewhere. He reached down and lifted my legs up onto the bed, pressing my shoulders softly until I was lying back against the pillows on the bed. He lifted His shirt over His head and let it fall to the floor before joining me on the bed, lying beside me and running His hand over my stomach and over my breasts lightly. Reaching behind me, he slipped the clasps out of my bra and let it fall to the floor with our shirts.

He looked me in the eyes as His fingers slid over my body and down over my crotch lightly over my pants. I whimpered softly and shifted on the bed, pressing myself against His fingers, wanting Him to feel my dampness through my sweatpants. With a soft laugh, he moved His hand.

"Patience, love."

Without thinking, I moved my own hand down and undid the buckle of His belt, swiftly followed by the button and zipper on His jeans, tugging at the waist as a signal I wanted them gone. He lifted His hips and moved His body as I tugged His pants away, now completed naked next to me.

Lying beside me, he ran His hands over my body, caressing my breasts while pointedly forgoing touching my nipples, making me moan in desire.

"Not fair..." I managed to whisper, biting my lip softly.

"Plenty fair, babygirl."

His lips and tongue flicked over my right nipple, and I groaned softly. His other hand moved to my left breast and rolled the nipple between His fingertips.

"Oh, baby....don't.....stop....." My own voice sounded foreign and far away.

My fingers trailed over His left cheek and down over His neck, feeling Him trembling at my touch. His hands moved to my waist, sliding my pants off down over my hips and to the floor, taking my panties with them.

I blushed, and turned my body over a little, trying to hide from His eyes. He stopped and caught my hands in His own, looking right in my eyes.

"Baby, you don't have to hide. You're beautiful." He took my chin in His fingers and caressed it softly, whispering, "you're beautiful, Sieria. So very beautiful..."

Slowly, I moved my body until I was lying on my side, nothing hidden from His eyes. My fingers slid down my own body, moving over my pelvis and pubic bone, resting just above my damp slit. His eyes watched me, flooded with lust and passionate desire.

His lips parted and a whimper escaped them softly. "....I love you...."

Suddenly, it was if a dam broke inside us both at the same time. Our bodies were pressed against one another, our lips locked together and our tongues moving together. His moans were flooding my ears; all of my senses were on fire with need and desire.

His hand slid down between my thighs, brushing over my slit softly, teasing me. The tip of His finger moved out until it was pressed gently against my clit. I whimpered, and my back arched softly at His touch. He lifted His finger momentarily before pressing it down again, running it in small circles over my clit. My eyes closed gently, my lips parted as I whimpered and moaned.

"Oh....oh, Declan...."

His other hand moved behind me, running slowly over my ass, brushing over my crack lightly.

"Oh Sieria....God, my love...you're so incredibly beautiful..."

One of His fingers slid smoothly inside me to the hilt, quickly followed by a second finger. My entire body reacted in an instant. My breath caught, and my back arched sharply as my hips began to grind gently over His fingers.

Gently, His other hand slid into my crack, pressing gently and teasingly against my tight asshole.

I whimpered, already so incredibly aroused, biting my lip to avoid begging Him to stop teasing and just push His finger into me.

He must have seen the expression of delighted pleasure that flickered over my eyes, because he began to press His fingertip into me, very slowly, and barely moving at all. At the same time, he added a third finger to the two that were already deep inside me and coated with my slick juices. Slowly, he moved His fingers in and out of me, fucking me very tenderly...continuing with His expert teasing.

I caught my breath and my eyes rolled back a bit into my head, my lips parting as His name escaped my lips like a breath of air. I tried to stop myself, but the words leapt to my lips unbidden.

"Please...please, Declan...please, baby, may I cum? Please..."

He stopped momentarily, looking into my eyes. He leaned down and whispered into my ear softly.

"Say it again...ask me again...please who, love?"

My eyes slid closed at the whisper of His voice, the feeling of His hot breath against my skin. I tried to speak, but all I could manage was a whisper.

"Please, Master....please...please, may I cum? Oh please, Master..."

He laughed softly, tenderly.

"Not yet, babygirl."

Gently, he withdrew His fingers from me, making me whimper in desire. Slowly, carefully, He moved until His head was resting between my legs. I could feel His warm breath against my pussy, and my body arched and tingled with desire and arousal. My dampness was not a secret anymore; it was obviously flowing down my legs.

Gently, He leaned in and ran His tongue from the bottom to the top of my pussy, not pressing in deeply, just over the lips. I moaned at His touch, my entire body aching to have Him lick at my clit and press His tongue deep inside me.

Slowly, He slid His tongue over my pussy, licking and moving between my lips, flicking His tongue over my clit, making me moan and my eyes roll back into my head. Slowly, He ran His tongue over every inch of my pussy, teasing me until I wanted to scream.

"Oh fuck, please....please...can I cum, Master? Please!?"

Lifting His head up for the barest of seconds, He smiled and whispered,

"Cum for Me, babygirl. Cum like the little slut you are, My love..."

My orgasm, which had been building up for quite some time, crashed over me in waves of breathless pleasure. My entire body arched as my lips parted and endless moans fell from my lips into the air. "Oh FUCK, baby....ohhhh, Declan...."

He didn't stop licking me until my body had stilled, and my breath was coming in gasps. Then, He raised Himself up and brought His face to the level of mine.

"You liked that, babygirl? You really are such a little slut for Me, aren't you?"

Hardly able to speak, I nodded. He smiled, taking my shoulders and moving me around until I was lying on the bed the short way, my hair falling down and brushing against the floor. I knew exactly what He wanted me to do. Smiling, I looked up into His eyes and opened my mouth. Slowly, He pressed His cock against my lips and into my hot mouth, inch by careful inch. I closed my lips around His shaft and began to suck lightly, running my tongue over the head and the underside of His hard, dark shaft.

His hands reached down and began to wind themselves up into my hair as I sucked His cock down into my mouth and down my throat a bit. He started moving His hips, fucking my mouth gently; my tongue and lips were never still for a moment. I moved my head over His hardness, feeling it press down into my throat and then out again...over and over again...

After a while, He stopped and pulled out of my mouth.

"Wow. I love what a slut You are for me, my beautiful submissive...you amaze me."

He helped me sit back up so that my head was resting on the pillows, and I was lying on my back. Carefully, slowly, He moved Himself until He was on top of me, resting between my legs which had parted voluntarily to accommodate Him. His hardness was pressing firmly into my dampness as he moved His hips to line up with mine.

He stopped momentarily, and met my eyes once more, searching them for any sign of doubt or hesitance; we both knew that this was the pivotal moment. I met His eyes, feeling so much love and passionate pouring out of my eyes and body for Him. Tenderly, he reached out and touched my face.

"Are you sure, my love? We don't have to...I'm more than okay with taking a break, if you need to...or just need time to..."

My eyes gazed deeply into His, expressing more than I dared my lips to convey. "Yes. I'm sure, baby."

With a gentle forward motion of His hips, He pressed Himself into me, slowly, inch by careful inch. My eyes widened and my lips parted as I felt the thickness of His cock sink into me. My back arched as His hands caught my shoulders, giving Him support as He pressed further into me.

My mouth opened into a silent cry of pleasure and sheer intimate ecstasy. Instinctively, I began to move my hips with His, mirroring His movements as He pressed into me and then drew out of me until only the tip was inside me. He began to thrust into me firmer, a little harder, but still maintaining a slow level of intimacy and tenderness.

I reached up and wrapped my arms around His neck, my ankles lacing with His as we moved together on the bed. I reached out my hand and took His hand, holding it softly in mine against His chest, our finger twining together.

His moans were getting a bit louder, my name repeated over and over like a chanted mantra to the gods of erotic sensuality.

"Oh yes....oh Sieria, my love, don't stop....fuck, Sieria...."

My moans began to rise with His, our words flowing together like the waves on a beach crashing over the sand.

"....Declan....oh fuck, baby....."




"I love you."

The words came out of nowhere. My entire body felt like it was going to explode, my eyes snapping open and gazing straight into His.

"What?" My words were barely audible.

He bit His lip, as if realizing that he had spoken aloud.

"I...." He shook His head, pressed our clasped hands firmly to His heart, and repeated the phrase, a bit louder this time.

"I love you. God, Sieria, I love you.....I love you....I love.....oh FUCK, YES, baby....I'm....I can't....I have to....."

My entire body was lost in the pleasure that was beginning to slam over me. I felt His cock pulsing deep inside me, feeling Him coming so close....feeling myself reach the brink....

"Declan...I love you!!! Oh, fuck, baby, I'm gonna.....I'm gonna cummmmm.........can I please....please, Master, can I.....?"

He nodded as best He could.

"Cum with Me, babygirl."

Our heads fell back, our bodies trembling and shaking together as we reached a mutual peak.


I felt His hot cum shooting incredibly deep into me, flooding me and mingling with my own wetness and orgasm.

Exhausted, I let my head fall back onto the bed, panting and gasping as my own orgasm began to fade away. Mutually spend, He collapsed gently onto me, not pulling Himself from me just yet...not wanting to break the connection between us.

"Wow, baby...that was..."

He smiled and laughed His own soft agreement.

"...it was perfect, love."

Gently, He withdrew from me, causing us both to whimper softly. He stretched His body out next to mine, drawing me to Him as he reached down to pick up a blanket from the floor where it had fallen. I rested my head on His chest, hearing His heart thudding against His ribs. He unfolded the blanket and draped it over us, covering our trembling bodies.

"I love you, Declan."

"I love you too, Sieria."

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