Finally Ch. 02


"Oh my God baby," Jerry said, his hands writhing through her hair, holding her head. "You've always been such a great cock sucker." Pulling off his cock, she turned, pushing him towards the bench at the foot of their bed.

The back of his legs banging the bench, he sat heavily. She began to undo his shoes, pulling them and his pants off while he removed his shirt. Spreading his legs she spoke loudly "I'm going to suck your balls." Holding his cock with her hand she ducked her head between his legs, sucking first one and then the other ball into her mouth, her hand continuing to stroke his shaft. She told herself she was going to ignore his pubic hair but her mind immediately flashed to the naked package of Steve and wondered what he was doing. She imagined her hand and mouth sliding up his shaft which she'd seen in his picture. Moments later she again rose and sucked Jerry's head back into her mouth.

"Oh baby, what's come into you tonight? You haven't been this horny in forever," he continued releasing moans of pleasure as she serviced his erection. "Oh my god, Lynn" he groaned at her, "I'm not going to last long if you keep that up." His voice quivered as he spoke. Pulling off momentarily she answered.

"I don't want you to." Her hand continued stroking his cock as she looked in his face. "Do you want to come in my mouth? Hmm? Do you?" She smiled adoringly at him looking up into his eyes.

"Oh God, you know I love that." Smiling she put her mouth back to his cock, sucking the head and shaft one more time into her mouth. Her hand stroked the shaft below her mouth as she sucked. "I... I... Oh my God," he managed to grunt out, as his body spasmed, spewing his cum into her throat. She swallowed, and swallowed again, never taking her mouth from around him. As his orgasm subsided, she took her hand and milked the last of his seed from his cock into her mouth. Once more with just the head in her mouth, she swirled her tongue and sucked. He moaned, pushing against her head, "Too much, too much."

"Did my baby like that? Yes?" She said, smiling wickedly up at him.

Still kneeling between his legs, she ran her tongue from his balls up to the shaft where she slipped his softening head into her mouth,slithering her tongue once more around its smooth ridge. He moaned once again, "Oh God, it's too sensitive Lynn." She giggled, removing her mouth from his cock, sliding up, pushing him backwards onto the bed.

"I've been dreaming of sucking a cock all day long. I've been so horny; I couldn't wait for you to get home."

"What about the girls, won't they be home soon?"

"Not tonight, they won't be home until after nine. Until then you are mine. And I'm not done with you by a long shot." Crawling on top of him on the bed she pressed her body down against him. "You know what else I've been dreaming about doing today?"

"I can't imagine," he teased. "But I'm sure if you were to tell me..."

"I've been dreaming of a tongue on my pussy, on my clit, all day long."

"And what does that have to do with me," he asked, knowing full well exactly what she wanted.

"I want you to eat me," she said nibbling on his ear.

"You want me to feed you?" He teased, misquoting her.

She suddenly realized that Steve probably hadn't been able to hear what she had said. Although she had purposely said out loud what she was going to do with Jerry before she sucked him off, she realized he probably had not heard what she had just said as she was barely whispering. "I said, I want you to eat me. I want you to suck my clit, I want you to make me cum," she spoke loudly.

Jerry rolled them over so that Lynn was underneath him. "I don't know what's gotten into you, but I like it." Pinning her arms beside her head, he began kissing her face, kissing her cheeks, kissing her neck. Setting up, he ran his hands under her négligée, onto her breasts, fondling them before he pushed the négligée out of the way and began sucking first one and then the other. "Oh wait; you didn't say anything about sucking nipples, did you?" Unknowingly telling Steve listening on the phone exactly what he was doing.

"That feels so good" she answered, her body twisting beneath his roaming tongue.

"Oh, but this isn't what you wanted, is it?" he teased, pulling away so that just his tongue was tickling the little berry on the end of her breast. She realized as he did so, that not only did her pussy ache, her nipples ached, her entire body ached. She wanted to be taken, to be ravished. In her mind she again imagined Steve at his hotel room and what he was doing sitting there, naked, listening to her and her husband. She felt a spasm between her legs. She knew it wasn't going to take much to get her off.

"Don't stop." Realizing she needed to tell Steve what was happening, she repeated louder, "suck my nipples." He did, and she moaned in pleasure. First one, then the other, but soon he began moving his mouth and tongue down her body. Kissing around the small ornament of pubic hair she kept above her naked pussy, soon his lips found hers, his tongue penetrating, licking, probing; purposely avoiding the nub she so desperately wanted touched. She writhed beneath his touch, twisting, turning, trying to force his tongue where she wanted it.

"Don't tease, Jerry. I need you now. I need your tongue." Her mind again flipped to Steve listening on the phone and realized she hadn't said enough. "That's it," she said as his tongue slid through her lips and found her button. "Your tongue, right there on my Clit... Just like that... Oh God, suck it... Oh my God... Oh... That's good... Just like that... Oh... Oh... Just a little more." She arched her back, raising her pelvis to her husband's mouth, trying to get that last little bit of sensation. His experienced fingers had replaced his tongue inside her, pushing, rubbing together with his tongue, pushing her over the cliff. "That's it, just a bit... Just a... Oh my God, I'm cumming!" Her arched back fell back to the bed, her hips shaking, her body shaking, in her second orgasm of the day. Even as she came, the corner of her mind was locked on the telephone, on her words transmitting to Steve in his hotel room. Had he heard her cum, and had he realized she would come again before the night was done?

Jerry's face was nestled between her thighs, his hands running up and down her legs. Reaching up he grabbed the strap of her thong and began to pull it down her legs away from her pussy. She raised her bottom, he slipped it down over her feet, tossing it aside. Sliding up beside her on the bed, next to her arm, his hand slipped under her breast. His fingertips gently rolled her nipple, which grew again to his touch. "I could get used to this," he said, "coming home to a sexy, horny, wife every night."

"It's not every night we don't have kids," Lynn answered. "But I wouldn't be averse to doing this every Thursday."

"Why are you talking so loud, I'm right beside you?"

"Because I like to tell you what I'm doing. You know I like to talk dirty, to say I'm cumming when I cum. Tonight there's no one to hear, there's no reason to be quiet, and I don't want to be quiet," she lied, wondering as she did if Steve was still there, still listening. She had to believe he still was. Her eyes strayed to her phone, the plastic cover not betraying whether her phone was on or not. Looking back at Jerry she recognized he was beginning to slow down in his post orgasmic state. "Don't you fall asleep on me," she said threateningly. "I'm not done with you yet."

"Once is not enough for you tonight," Jerry asked?

"Is it ever?"

"So just what else have you got in mind tonight?" Jerry asked, his hands again beginning to slide over her body, moving to her other breast and down her belly. She spread her legs for him, opening herself to his sight, his finger finding her pussy wet and warm. She raised her legs, bending them at the knees, and an inkling of what she might have in mind passed through Jerry's mind. Sliding his hand further down, stroking her bottom, his finger slipped between her cheeks only to find a touch of lubricant already awaiting his finger. "Oh no, methinks my Princess wants to be naughty tonight. Do I detect my lady's been preparing herself?"

Lynn moaned. Jerry's finger teased her rosebud, then pressed a little harder and slipped into her anus. "Oh God Yes."

He slid his finger in and out to his knuckle, "Mmmm. Do I detect that someone wants a cock up their ass?" He waited momentarily but she didn't answer. "You really are horny tonight aren't you, my dear?"

"I want more than your finger in my ass tonight. I want your cock in my ass, I want your cock in my pussy. I've wanted a cock in me all day long." She wondered even as she said it, if Steve had heard her switch from 'your' cock to 'a' cock, knowing that it was his that she had truly craved so hard.

"Sweetheart, you shouldn't have gotten me off so quickly, you know it'll be a while before I'm ready to go again."

"But you're going to enjoy me getting you ready to go, and you always last so long the second time." She grinned, and with that she pushed him back and rolled over on top of him, trailing her breasts over his chest, rubbing them against his face, his cheeks, feeding her nipples one at a time into his mouth. His hands slid over her back and down to her ass, cupping her cheeks, pulling her crotch against his stomach. His lips and tongue twirled around her nipples.

"Oh yes, I love it when you suck my nipples. Bite them, gently, use your teeth. Mmmm. Now suck, that's it, the other one. God yes, just like that." She didn't need to tell him, his finger slipped back into her ass. Pulling her breasts away from his mouth she began to kiss down his body. "I'm going to suck your nipples," apparently needlessly saying aloud what she was about to do. Her mouth kissed down his chin, away from his lips over his neck finding first one and then the other of his tiny nipples. Sucking them, nibbling on them, they too responded to her mouth. His hands stroked her blonde hair, watching her face move down his body. "I love sucking your cock, and I'm going to suck it again. Only this time I'm going to get you hard and ride you. I'm going to climb on top and ride you and make myself come with you in my pussy. Then I'm going to roll over onto my hands and knees and I want you to take my ass and make me cum and cum again until you're about to cum the second time, and I want you to tell me and I want us to cum together."

By the time her mouth approached his prick again, he'd already begun to get hard. Taking its semi-hardness into her mouth she alternated talking, sucking, and licking. "I love the way he grows when I'm playing my mouth music on him," she said. "I suppose," she stopped talking as she ran her tongue ran up the shaft from his balls to the top, "you can't stand it, can you?"

"Oh my God baby, you've always been the best cock sucker." He answered her, not rising to her teasing. She took the head in her mouth, her teeth gripping his cock just over the rim, as her tongue swirled around his glans. "Oh shit! God that feels good."

Her hand began to stroke his shaft, once again nearly hard enough that she could put it inside her. Sliding back up his body, rubbing her breasts against his belly and chest she positioned herself over him until his cock nestled in the slit of her pussy. "I love to slide my clit against your cock like this."

"God baby, you're so wet."

"It's hard" , she thought to herself, "trying to let Steve know with my words what I'm doing, without letting Jerry know Steve is hearing us on the phone ." However, the thought that someone was listening, that somebody else was getting pleasure from her pleasure, was an amazing stimulus. "Are you ready to slide your cock into that wet pussy? Or do you want me to continue rubbing my clit against it?" It didn't matter what he thought, she didn't give him the choice. Sliding just a bit higher, to where his cock head was nestled against her opening, she reached between her legs with one hand, raising it just that bit to get the angle so that she could easily slide down on him.

Jerry moaned, "Oh God, babe, that feels so good. Your pussy's so hot." She eased slowly down his shaft; not because she had to -- she was so wet she could have impaled him inside her with one stroke -- but she relished the feel of him slowly filling her cunt. When she had him inside her, she sat up, her legs folded back beside him. His hands slid up her body lifting and kneading her breasts, his fingers caressing her nipples.

"Tell me about my tits ," she said, suddenly realizing she wasn't the only one who could describe to Steve what was happening. "Tell me what you like about my titties while I get myself off on this nice hard cock you've got in my pussy."

"Geez, baby. What's gotten into you? I've never seen you like this before."

"You never given me the chance, you always want me to be quiet. I want to hear what you like about my boobs."

"Ah, geez, honey. What's not to like? The way you fill out a tight fitting sweater?" he said his hands lifting her luscious mounds. "The way your nipples get hard when I roll them in my fingers?" he said, his thumb and forefinger coming together on each, rolling and pulling her breasts towards him. "Or the way they get long and hard and you moan as I suck on them?" He raised his head to suck on her nipples, as she leaned forward. The forward leaning put just that much more pressure on the right spot in her pussy. "You've got gorgeous boobs. You got a gorgeous body."

As he began to suckle her breasts one more time, Lynn began to moan, the rhythmical motions of her pelvis losing its pattern. Jerry recognized she was on the edge, and nipping her nipples between his teeth was all it took for her to begin to orgasm. Her body stopped its rhythmical motion on his shaft as she came, but Jerry had recovered enough that he now began moving himself inside her. Pinched between her and the bed like he was, it was hard for him to get much movement. Wrapping his arms around her, he rolled her over onto her back once again.

Despite the orgasmic glaze befuddling her mind, she had to think of some way to let Steve know that she was once again on her back, her husband's cock still buried inside her. "Oh God, that's so good." She began moving her legs out away from his body. "Help me," she said, "I want my legs on your shoulders." Jerry reached out, snagged first one leg, pulling it to his shoulder, and then the other, putting it over his other shoulder, effectively doubling Lynn over beneath him. In this position Jerry could pull out till he almost left her pussy, and then slide back in, burying himself in her warmth with nothing touching except her ankles on his shoulders and his cock, sliding rhythmically in and out of her wetness. "Oh my God, Jerry, you're driving me crazy."

Jerry continued plunging his shaft completely in and out of her wetness for several minutes, varying the speed, but never the depth. She grunted every time he bottomed out inside her, moaning slightly each time he pulled back out. "Oh, shit, Jerry, I'm going to cum again," she said loudly, although this time at that particular moment she'd totally forgotten about Steve, her mind focused on her impending orgasm and the stimulation of his cock. Reaching her hand over her belly and between her legs, her fingers finding her clit, adding just that extra little bit of stimulus, she came again. This time her throbbing continued as Jerry, nowhere near coming himself, continued pummeling. Her orgasm continued unabated, her longest of the night.

" I'm... Ready..." She managed to spit out, causing Jerry to ease up on his thrusting.

"Ready for what, baby?" He knew what she was ready for, what she was always ready for after she had a couple of orgasms. Slowly easing his cock back into her pussy and easing it out in a long slow stroke, he teased her. "Come on, baby. Tell me what you want. You know I won't give it to you until you tell me."

"I'm ready for you to take my ass." Leaning on one arm to support himself, Jerry reached over her leg and below his dick to touch her rosebud with his finger once again. Twiddling his finger on her pre-lubed anus, he slowly inserted his finger to his knuckle, his cock still buried in her pussy.

"Oh shit... Oh shit!" Her entire body shivered to his touch, his finger twirling, stretching her tight little hole. "Oh God, that feels so good." As she said that she literally flooded his cock with her juices.

"Is that what you want?" He teased, knowing perfectly well, that she really wanted his cock up her ass. "Hmm? Tell me baby, tell me what you want."

Lynn's head rolled from side to side, almost out of it with lust and desire when she answered, "I want your cock in my ass." She almost said, Steve, barely catching herself before she did. "I want your cock in my ass and I want your cock in my pussy."

Jerry knew what she meant, she'd talked before with him about how when she was really horny, when she was really aroused, her thoughts always went to what it would be like to have a cock in her pussy and ass at the same time. She wasn't much into watching porno with him, but she would; and he noticed over the years she really got aroused on a double penetration scene. But he also knew, it was her fantasy; although not one that he was comfortable with.

Sliding himself out of her steamy warmth, he helped her roll over onto her hands and knees. She dropped her head and shoulders onto the pillow, raising her ass into the air, raising her ass to him. With her head, sideways, toward the phone, she said "Oh yes, this is it. This is what I've really been dreaming about, what I've been imagining, all day." Jerry's had his cock in hand, still covered with her pussy juice, rubbing it around the tight little opening in her bottom. Gripping it with his hand, for extra support in feeding his prick into her tight orifice, he pressed gently, slowly, her bottom gradually opening to his pressure. Her right hand rose underneath her body, stroking her pussy, her fingers slithering around her clit, occasionally rubbing over it. Her left hand tucked underneath her body fondled her boobs, her fingers bouncing gently across her erect nipples, keeping herself at the edge of oblivion that he'd taken her to. "That's it, gently, it's almost there," she said, and with that she felt his swollen glans pop through her sphincter. Slowly, lovingly, he eased himself into her rectum gradually stretching the tight skin. Her fingers on her nipples, her other fingers on her clit, his cock in her ass, his hands running across her bottom and up her back, all were hitting pleasure points like no other position could .

"Oh God," she said realizing she hadn't said anything to Steve for moments now. "That's it... That's it... Fuck my ass. I love it when your cock's in my ass." She managed to keep herself so close to the plateau that his dick had brought her to while it was in her pussy, and no sooner did he begin his movements in and out of her ass than she began to quiver, once again on the edge of orgasm. Jerry knew enough not to pull his cock out past the head so her ass didn't close, but with the pressure just on his shaft, and the earlier orgasm she'd given him when she sucked his cock, he knew he could go quite a while before he came. He also knew she could have two or maybe three orgasms herself, each building to a higher crescendo, before she begged him to stop.

"Oh God, that's so good. Your cock in my ass, my fingers touching my clit... Oh yes, oh yes. I need a cock in my pussy and it would be so good...." She let her fingers move from around her clit to touching it, rubbing it, just that little bit more as she once again began to orgasm. With long steady strokes in her ass, just as he had in her pussy minutes before, her orgasm peaked, began to diminish and then steady out. "Oh God Jerry. Don't stop, it feels so good... so good." Her subsiding orgasm had not gone down much, and just like that she found herself approaching another peak, higher than the last. She felt a drop of sweat falling from her husband's body splattering on the small of her back, the awareness of his exertion putting her over the top a second time.

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