tagErotic CouplingsFinally Ch. 03

Finally Ch. 03


By now I was so hot, and I was riding Sam for all she was worth, I was pulling in the reins, leaned over and slapped those big tits, loving the markings on them. Looking at her ass, wanting to kiss all the cane marks, getting me harder by the stroke.

She continued, Craig now handed the cane to Steve, and told him to make sure she knew who her new bosses for the night were, and Steve carefully applied a couple of swift strikes, making her ass lurch forward, yet not crying out for them to stop either. She was enjoying it. Craig, then grabbed her by the hair and lifted her head off of Derek's cock and told her to be a good girl, and to show everyone what a slut she is, and to lick Derek's balls, and Sam being a greedy slut obeyed, lapping away, letting her saliva coat them. Steve watching carefully, not wanting her to accidently bite, had to time his cane strikes.

By now it was obvious, Craig was in charge, and he told Jason to pinch her tits, to bite them, while Craig stroked Sam's clit, and fingered her wet cunt.

Gawd she was right into this, she had had threesomes before, but nothing like this. She had played mild games of Submission, and again, nothing like this, she had no control and Sam was loving every bit of it and it showed. Her cunt was literally dripping and Craig made sure the guys knew it. Her cunt juice had dripped onto the carpet, and he made sure to stop everything and to show them. He asked her again, are you our insatiable slut and she said yes.

Steve wanted to fuck her and got on his knees and entered the slut, and she resumed sucking Derek's cock. Jason crawled under and continued his oral assault on her tits, and Craig reached into his toy chest and he produced some clamps, with weights, obviously prepared for these trips. Craig reached under an attached the clamps, earning a loud growl from Sam, they weights were stretching her nipples to the point she thought them might come off. My God she thought, what was she doing, this went further than she had intended, yet she felt helpless to stop it, heck, she did not want to stop it. Hell, she liked it, craved it.

Craig ordered the guys not to cum yet, except for Derek, he wanted to have fun, as he put it. Steve pulled out, and Jason quit biting her tits, and Sam was told to lift Derek's cock and tongue his ass. She had rimmed before, but never with an audience, and she was determined to put on a show. She was rimming away, when Craig pulled her head out and said show us your tongue. She stuck it out, and Craig cruelly said, it is not even dirty yet, get it in there or else. He then struck her tits with the cane, leaving a welt across the top. Lord, what else, she thought, and why am I so turned on.

I thought to myself, is this my wife, the fun one that left? Her voice sounded like she was lost I the story, living it again. I was so excited, and like her could not understand why. Here were 4 guys not fucking my wife, but controlling her, abusing her, and I was getting ready to cum!

She continued her story, explaining how she needed to please Craig, she dove back in, sucking his ass, tasting him, going deeper. She had never had her tongue that far up an ass before, and the taste was different, she was expecting worse, instead finding it naughtily tasty, but maybe it was just the excitement. She was fingering herself, taking a cane across her ass, and tasting a man's ass all at once, how much more depraved could she get. Then it happened, Derek started to cum, and he pulled her out of the way, letting the cum splatter all over the carpet. Sam looked disappointed, but she did not have to, Craig slapped her tits and told her to kneel and lick the carpet clean and to not miss a drop. Damn she was getting used to this.

The guys talked as if she was not there. Each describing what a great slut they had and their personal preferences for what they would do to her.

Craig told Sam to get them drinks and they could all rest a bit. Sam did not want to rest, she wanted to fuck, and she began to tell Craig that, when he gave her an icy stare, and reminded her, she was their property for the night. With that, Craig had Jason and Derek grab her by the arms and hold her on her knees arms out to the side. He then had Steve lift her tits by the weighted clamps and stretch them. The wince said it all, and then Craig took his cane and he administered 4 lashes right across the top of her full breasts, leaving 4 good welts and tears in her eyes.

With that, he lifted her chin, looked her in the eye and asked who is your master? You are she replied. Who again he asked? You are my Master. Good, Remember to tell you husband that, that I am your Master. Yes she meekly answered.

Now get the drinks. Yes Sir, she said.

The guys drank as she was told to kneel before the group.

After about half an hour, Craig said time to begin again. He lifted her by the hand and told everyone, that she was a sloppy slut, and they could not afford to have her missing her mouth and staining the carpets, so she would proceed to suck them in the shower.

Once I the shower, she was told to kneel in front of Craig and to suck his cock, as the others watched. As she took his cock in his mouth, the other guys held theirs pointing it at her, and this excited her, to be covered in cum. Craig told her to look up so he could watch her eyes, and she did as told. All of a sudden, way to quick, she felt his cock began to swell, and instead of cum, he was pissing in her mouth, and she started to gag, it was way too quick, and it overflowed, spilling on to her tits. H pulled out and before she could react, all of them were pissing, all over her. He held her head back, telling her to open her mouth, as they all continued to spray her with the sticky golden fluid. With all of them laughing, Craig said it was official, you are now mine, I do not care what your husband says. I have left my mark, just like my dog, you are my bitch dog, get it? Yes, she replied looking down. But she loved it. A strange feeling was crawling over her, like she had just found herself.

He told her to clean up and get back to the main room. Now she knew why he did not want then to cum yet, he wanted to humiliate her first. And she was glad.

Once in, they took turns fucking her, always doggy style as she sucked another, one, taking turns, filling her up with cum, two at a time, while the other two would watch.

Craig asked her, so, does your husband know you are a slut. He was her master now, and knew she should not lie. Yes, this was his fantasy I was fulfilling, but I thought it would only be one guy. Craig laughed.

Well let's continue fulfilling it shall we.

Craig had the guys line up, and fuck her in the ass as a finale. His coup de grace so to speak.

With her red raw tits hanging down, one by one thy fucked her in the ass, each one finally spent. The only one left to do it was Craig. Craig told the rest the party was over, time for them to leave and that they would get together next month, and would probably have a new member. They all looked quizzically at him, but said their good nights, kissing Sam as they left.

Once gone, Craig hugged Sam, and sat down, and asked her, are you serious, I am your Master? I am not sure what I am thinking, but yes, if you want me, I am yours.

Good, tell me, was it your husband's fantasy? Yes, although I am sure he did not expect this. Well, he is to come with you next month, he should she what a submissive slut he has and her new master. Yes Sir was all she could say.

Now, hold your tits up for me. As she cupped and raised them he took the cane, and she knew what was coming. She was to receive 2 lashes, just as a reminder.

With that, she was told to kneel and he put his cock against her anus, and entered her, not gently, but as a Master would. He slammed into her ass, feeling her cheeks slap against his stomach. He held her by the hips and she could feel him tense up, and entered her as deep in as he could go, he stayed still and emptied his balls, spurting wad after wad of cum into her bowels. She collapsed on the floor, exhausted. He told her to get dressed and get ready to go home to her husband. Once dressed, she went to give him a hug, and Craig still standing there, naked, forced her to her knees and said you are not done yet. You have some cleaning up to do. She looked up, as if to say you are not clean down here, you just fucked my ass. The look in his eyes, and she knew better, and she began the task of cleaning his cock with her mouth, sucking him, feeling him grow, and soon he spilt his final load into her mouth.

Craig called a cab, gave him his card, and told her to call him next week and she would be given her new schedule.

I was fucking her hard now, and came inside her pussy, like I had never cum before. We both collapsed; her from sheer exhaustion and me from sheer delight.

I said so, going to rip the card up, and she said no way, and this was your idea. We are going next month. What could I say, so now I am in this lifestyle for better or worse.

Sam said she had to have a quick shower before going to bed, so I thought I would join her. She sat on the side of the tub, and said, she would love it, if I would lick her one last time, to clean my cum out of her.

I knelt down to lick her, and to taste the fruits of my labour. She spread her lips to let me have better access, and as I started to lick, she let loose with her piss, soaking me, and as I sputtered, and chocked, she just smiled and said that was from Craig, he sends his best wishes.

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