tagLoving WivesFinally Cuckolded!

Finally Cuckolded!



"Hi babe.... How was your night?"

"Normal I guess."

"Hmmm? Okay, well my group of big tipping guys came in tonight. Left me a nice $25 dollar tip."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yep, they also asked me if I could come join them in the bar when I was finished with my shift. Are you okay with me staying a little while longer?"

"Uhhh? I suppose that would be fine."

"Okay, well I will just see you in a little while then. Okay?"

"Alright. Later."



"Hey dad. How's it going?"


"Are you busy right now?"

"No, why?"

"I was just wondering if you could run up to the house here, and hangout while the boys sleep, so I can go have a drink with Sara and some friends?"

"Uh? Yeah I suppose I can do that."

"Okay, thanks."

"Alright, I will be up in a few minutes."

"Okay, bye."



"Hey, dad thanks for coming."

"No problem. Have fun."

"I will.... later."



Alright now I just have to try and sneak myself into the bar without her seeing me. At least not right away, I want to watch her flirt with these guys unaware of my presence for awhile. Okay there she is over against the right wall. Her and four men, most of them are not very good looking except the guy she is sitting next to. He could probably woo several ladies in this bar. Alright she is not facing the entrance so I think I can safely manage my way to the booth in the back middle if I make certain not to look her way. Oh perfect, waitress walking by will help shield me, quick stay close and don't look her way.

Phew, I am in the booth, now a quick glance to see if she is looking this way at all. Nope. I am clear. Finally I am about live out a long time fantasy of watching my wife get hit on and flirted with by other men in a bar.

Oh no, they are leaving. Shit. I just got here. Wait, only three of them are leaving. Classic wingman maneuver, get the girl there and chatting with a drink in hand. Then leave her alone with your boy and see if he can close the deal.


"Holy shit."


"Ummm? My husband is here. He is sitting in the booth in the back. Don't look. Fuck. What is he doing here?"

"He knows you are here right?"

"Yes, he is supposed to be watching our kids. Fuck what is he doing?"

"Well, could he be here for any reason you can think of?"

"Only one. He has this weird fantasy of wanting to watch me flirt with other men in a bar, so he probably thought this was the only way I would ever let that happen, doing it without me knowing he was doing it."

"Wait, your husband wants to see you with other men?"

"Haha. Yeah, he has a fantasy of sharing me. But I could never do it."

"Why can't you?"

"Because it feels so strange and wrong and dirty."

"He doesn't think so, why should you, his opinion should be all that matters, right?"

"Maybe? I don't know."

"Well, maybe we should just play with his head a little bit?"

(Jacob's places his hand on her knee.)


Okay, he just moved his hand to her knee, he is making his first physical move. She isn't moving it away. She is letting him touch her leg. Wow, my heart is beating fast. She smiling at him, but she seems a little nervous and worried, she must be deciding whether or not to let him continue. I wonder if it went this way with Will when they stayed out all night talking. She said nothing about it then but she was also frightened that night when I showed up unexpectedly and probably didn't want to risk upsetting me at all. His hand is still on her leg, but now it's wandered to more inner thigh, he is definitely searching for her boundaries right now.


"Please, don't go any further with your hand right now, this is my place of work and I can not have any kind of fight started if he gets mad. Okay?"

"Alright, no problem. So tell me more about this fantasy of his?"

"Uhhh? Well, he has so many its hard to keep track, but sometimes he just wants to take me out to a bar and like sit at separate tables and he says just watch guys come hit on me. Then once I reject them all, he wants to take me home and have his way with me."

"Interesting, anything else?"

"He actually has a fantasy of watching me have sex with another man."


"Haha, yeah, we came close once. I talked about it with a guy, but he wasn't into allowing my husband to be in the room watching or participating, so that just kind of went away for awhile."

"So, your husband has wife sharing and cuckolding fantasies?"

"Haha!. What is cuckolding?"

"Well from what I know it's when a married woman has sex with other men with the husbands consent. Sometimes it can be as simple as watching his wife, and sometimes participating with them, other times it can get real extreme where the wife wants real large cocks and long hard sex all the while humiliating the husbands' inadequecies."

"Huh? Well that sounds like his fantasy, sometimes both of those depending on his mood I guess."

"Really? But you are not on board yet?"

"Hahaha...No, not yet, like I said I got close to ready once but I never convinced myself I could do it."

"What is stopping you?"

"Well for one it is very scary, I mean we are going outside of our marriage and each other, that is a very serious decision."

"Well, you love and trust each other. If you both want it, why not just do it and see, if you don't enjoy it you don't have to do it again. If you do enjoy then mission accomplished right?"

"I don't know, maybe... Easy with your hand you are getting close to my comfort zone."

"Well, I have to tell you, it's been a long time for me, I mean I told about my internet porn searching, well that visual aid and my right hand has been all I have had in about 4 months."

"Wait, are you suggesting I sleep with you?"

"Well, if you're interested and your husband really does want to live out his fantasy. I can tell you I would totally be on board with helping you out."

"Hahaha. I don't think I can do that to you. I mean what if I get there and I chicken out, then I leave you hanging. I wouldn't want to risk it for you."

"Listen, I told you it's been a long time. I told you I masturbate to porn almost nightly. Even if you say no, I was already going to my room tonight and masturbating to my memory of you, no matter what. Besides you don't have much to worry about, it's been a long time for me, and I am not huge by any imagination. I would say I am a good first timer. It would be fairly quick and probably not earth shattering. But still hot, new and exciting for all of us. And unlike your previous attempt, I am completely comfortable with your husband watching or participating or whatever you two want. I am very comfortable with anything."

"I don't know? Now I am just flustered."

"Here is what we do. You take this napkin and right my room number on it, tell your husband that you saw him spying, and that you told me all about his fantasies. Then tell him that you have decided to take it slow up in my hotel room, and that he is invited to come join us if he is interested. Tell him that if he is against it, that he should call your phone immediately and we call the whole thing off. If he is interested in pursuing it he can come to my room right away. That will then leave it up to him to decide. What do you think?"

"Shit! I don't know, you got me so nervous.... Okay, but if I invite him you have to let me control the situation. If I don't want to continue at anytime, it ends understood?"

"YES! Maam!"


He has had his hand all up and down her leg for 20 minutes, and he has her red faced and blushing with all his talking. I can hardly breath my heart is pounding so hard. This is absolutely and incredible feeling. My stomach is in knots and I am so anxious I just want to get up and move, but if I do she could see me. But Maybe its time to let her see me, he is getting further than I thought he would over drinks.

"Excuse me. Sir?"


"Umm. I was asked to give you this."

"Umm? Okay, thank you."

"Greg, I saw you sitting in the booth spying on me. I figured you were playing another one of your fantasy games. I told my friend all about your fantasies and he gave me some details about them I was unaware of. We decided to move our fun to his hotel room and make things more interesting and more private. If you are against going any further you must call me immediately, if not you can come with us to his room #115. See you soon. Love Sara :)"

Oh shit.... where did she go. She slipped out while I was reading. Umm? Fuck. What do I do now? She saw me and now she wants to make it more interesting and private. Umm? Okay, well I have to get to his room before they get carried away.

Okay, uhh? 115? 115? 115? Here we go room 115.

(Knock. Knock.)

"Hey, man I'm Jacob. Nice to meet you."

"Hi, Jacob. I am Greg. Is Sara here?"

"Yeah, come on in. She is in the bathroom. She asked me to put on some music. Why don't you have a seat."

"Alright. So...?"

"Listen man, I totally get your fantasy I watch that shit online all the time. But believe me I am no black bull you know what I mean? And your wife is hot as hell, so if you want to make this happen I'm all in"

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah, I haven't done much but myself for about 4 months now. I pretty sure I am not going to be the best lay she has ever had; but I will do my best to make it fun for all of us"


Okay, Greg, is out there, that means he is here to see where it goes, can I do this? I don't know. Alright, I have to talk to him; I have to know what he is thinking. Should we really let this happen tonight? This seems so crazy.


Here she comes out of the bathroom, heading towards me, she looks good, she seems confident and nervous at the same time, just reassure her and let her know how you feel.

She grabs my hand and pulls me to the middle of the room.

"Hi, baby!"

"Hi, why did you come to the bar?"

"I just thought it would be exciting to watch you and then tell you about what I saw when you got home."

"Well, now my big mouth got us here in his room, what are you thinking?"

"Do you want him to fuck you? Or are you just here because of me, because I want it to be something and someone you want."

"Would I have without you showing up? No. But he has got me interested and he makes a good point that he maybe a good first experience, and he is not from here, it can easily be just a one time thing."

"If you want to, I would love to experience it with you. But you have to just let go of emotion and just go at it like it is, just fun sex."

I grabbed her at her hips and started swaying her hips to the music. I pulled her in close to me, and kissed and sucked her neck; I slowly traveled up to nibbling on her ear lobes. Then I whispered to her.

"Just let go, and let what happens happen, and it will be amazingly fun."

She looked at me with a grin and I watched her motion over to Jacob for him to come join us. I continued dancing and grinding with her as Jacob approached her from the back. As he got close she slowly turned herself around and grinded her ass into my crotch while placing her hands on his shoulders and neck. His hands grabbed her at the waist. Then she thrust her pelvic forwards and reached one arm back and around the side of my head and neck. She began grinder her crotch on his leg while looking back and kissing me. My hands wondered up to her tits and squeezed firmly as I gazed at the action with her and Jacob.

Now she stood herself back up and went on dancing between the two of us. My cock was getting hard in my pants and it was clear Jacob was the same. Sara turned back to me kissed me on the lips and almost like a light switch turning on; she changed from nervous and shy into her playful Mistress S.

"Go sit in the chair!" She said as she gave me a light playful shove.

As I stepped backwards to the chair she turned slowly toward Jacob and grabbed him by the belt buckle.


"Jacob I want you to help me cuckold my husband, and I want it to be the hardest cuckolding of his life. Give him the complete fantasy he has been truly wanting. By fucking his wife good and hard while he sits and watches with his dick in his hand."

Then she undid his belt and his pants and dropped them to the floor. She knelt down in front of him and pulled his boxers off. She grabbed his fully erect cock and looked at me at the exact moment she stuck the tip of his dick to her lips. She began giving him head, making sure that she gave out a lot of saliva making his dick dripping wet. She slurped and sucked and bobbed and stroked his hard cock. My heart was racing and my cock was achingly suppressed inside my pants. I undid my pants and quickly freed my cock from its cage. I slowly began stroking it as I watched my wife going balls deep on this man I met only a few minutes earlier.

"Make me gag on your cock Jacob, show my husband how you put your cock in his wife's throat!"

He began thrusting his dick in and out of her mouth, causing her to make gulping sounds as her saliva was forced down her throat. I don't know what turned my wife into this crazy sex-talking woman it was not like her. But maybe she was just doing to try and please me knowing how I love to make her talk dirty. Whatever it was it was working my cock felt like it was ready to explode as I watched and listened to her suck another man's cock.

My wife pulled away from his thrusts and stood up. She looked at me and motioned for me to come over to her. As I stood my pants dropped to my ankles, I kicked them off and walked to her.

"Remove my clothing for me. I want you to prepare me for him." She said.

I began by removing her pants and her panties, and then I removed her shirt and her bra. She was now completely naked which I know makes her nervous, but she didn't flinch she quickly sent me back to the chair and immediately moved back to Jacob's hard cock. She was stroking him while standing in front of him, as he leaned down and began sucking and squeezing her tits. Then in one quick motion he picked her up off the ground and walked to the bed. He laid her down on the mattress and continued to suck on her tits. Then he stood up and grabbed a condom from his bag next to the bed.

"Come over here babe." She said to me as he was putting on the condom.

I walked over to the bed and she reached up and grabbed my cock firmly.

"Jacob is about to put his cock inside me, which will make your fantasy come true. This is what you wanted right, he is about to cuckold you, and he is going to make me his slut and you a cuckolded husband. Watch now as he puts his cock inside my pussy... watch!"

Jacob placed the head of his cock right at the entrance of my wife's pussy; she was squeezing mine as hard as she could. He thrusted forward and his entire length disappeared inside her. He pulled back and pushed back in quickly. He went slowly for a little while, and then he started to increase his pace until he was completely fucking my wife as I watched him plow his cock into her over and over. Then she released my dick from her hand. She asked Jacob to stop and to lie down on the bed. As he did, she maneuvered to get on top of him and ride his cock. She pointed to the chair, and told me not to make a sound, as she didn't want my distraction.

As I sat back down in the chair frustrated with the ache in my cock from the lack of consistent pleasure, and the inability to rub it while she was holding it in her grasp, I watched closely as my wife prepared to insert Jacob's cock back in her pussy. She had her ass to me so my view of her on top of him was perfect for watching his cock being slammed deep inside her. She rocked up and down, back and forth repeatedly. I could tell she was searching for him to hit her spot that I can hit so well almost instantly when in this position. She wanted her orgasm now and she was working hard to find it. Every once and a while Jacob's face would come into view and I could tell he was trying to concentrate on not releasing himself. He was surprisingly trying to get her off and not just in it for himself, which I found very considerate given his circumstance in this scenario.

She must have found a spot she liked, because she has slowed down and she is maintaining one movement trying to build her pleasure up to a climax. Her moaning started to increase back up along with her pace again as it built. Then I saw it happen, she clenched her entire body tight and held it as she let the orgasm run through her. She stayed that way for a short while then began moving again slowly as she let herself come down from her climax. She rolled off of him and looked at me with a smile.

"Get over here and lay down this way." She said to me as she pointed from the edge of the bedside to the other side. I walked over and lay down as she requested. She placed my head right at the edge of the bed. And then she straddled my head with her legs showing me her wet swollen pussy.

"Jacob, come over here and fuck me as hard as you can doggystyle until you cum. My husband is going to get a nice close-up view of watching another man pound his wife."

Jacob came over and stood behind my wife. His balls hanging above my face, as he reentered my wife's pussy. He slammed in deep and didn't waste any time being slow and gentle. He went directly into fucking, ramming, and pounding my wife from behind. It went quickly, as he only lasted about 1 to 2 minutes at that pace, but he did go hard and fast, smacking deep into her hole over and over. He groaned loud when he released into the condom while fully penetrated into my wife. The moment he released my wife smacked me in the balls causing a shooting pain into my stomach, causing me to roll to the side slightly. Jacob's now limp cock fell out of my wife's pussy and landed on my face. He quickly stepped away and as she removed herself from me she told me to put my dick away, and then she ran off to the bathroom.

I got up from the bed and put my pants back on tucking away my still throbbing erection. Jacob was doing the same as me, neither one of us really looking at the other. I wandered away from him towards the chair again.


"Greg, come here please."

She was standing outside the bathroom all dressed and back to normal. Well almost normal she was still in Mistress S mode.

"I want you to go home right now, send whoever is watching our kids home. Then go to the bedroom and remove all your clothes. Then stand facing the wall, arms up and hands against the wall. Do not move from that position until I come. I am not finished with you."

I left the room. Should I have left the room, she is still there with another man she just got done fucking. Why is she staying? How long is she staying? It was a long walk to the car. How do I feel about what just happened? It seemed to go really well, she didn't show a lot of emotion towards him at all, she was definitely focused on my fantasy and trying to make it about us and he was definitely a tool we used to accomplish our goal. I would say it went as well as it could have for me. But how does she feel right now?


I arrived home and did as I was told. I let my dad go home, after thanking him for the help. Then I went to the bedroom and removed all my clothes. I walked up to a bedroom wall and I placed my hands against it arms up. I waited for her to arrive.

She got home about 20 minutes after I placed my hands on that wall. My arms were becoming tired and my body was cold and shivering. I could hear her rummaging around with some things around the house, but it wasn't long before she came walking into the bedroom.

"Eyes closed, face towards the wall, Mr.!"

She walked by me and grabbed some items from beside our bed. A few minutes passed when she walked past me again. She shut our bedroom door completely. Then walked back towards me.

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