Finally Cuckolded!



Her whip came down hard across my back.


"Why would you come spy on me!" Huh? Why?"

"I...I...I don't know mistress."


"Do you think I like you spying on me?"

"No. Mistress."

"NO! I don't, and I especially don't like the situation it put me in."


"Did you enjoy what happened tonight?"

"Yes, Mistress"

"Oh you did? Well so did I, I didn't like how it came to be, but I did enjoy getting fucked by another man."


"Turn and bend over the bed."

I did as she requested, I was relieved to lower my arms and the warmth of the bed sheets was calming to my body. My back stung from the whips but not terribly.

"Just so you know, this bare ass of yours, it belongs to me tonight. And the first thing I plan to do to it is 30 hard whips for putting me in a situation we were not ready for."


"There are ten for spying on me."


"That's twenty for forcing me into your hotwife fantasy and making me some other man's slut for a night."

I heard her whip go up and I squirmed at the sound trying to brace myself for the impact of ten more.

"Oh no, do not move slave, you wanted this now you will get every part of it."

She reset my position and began again.


"That's thirty for not telling me the truth about your real cuckolding fantasy. Not telling me that your humiliation fantasy and your small dick fantasy and your domination fantasy are all really about just this one fantasy. You wanted to be my humiliated, small dick, pussy whipped cuckold. Jacob told me all about this fetish of yours in the bar and on the way to his hotel room and even more after you left. So that is why I decided to give it all to you baby. I gave you the full cuckold experience. Well almost, but the rest is on its way."


Holy shit. He did tell her everything. I didn't plan on her finding out this way. When you spell it all out like that it sounds worse than it is, but I can't help the fact that it turns me on. It's in my head and it is hard to get out. I did thoroughly enjoy this evening.

She returned to me and immediately poured some lube on my ass and worked it in with her thumb. She was preparing me.

"Okay, so now tonight I have already did your cuckolding. Now I am, going to make you my little pussy bitch, that what you want, right?"


"Yes, mistress."

"That's what I thought."

She placed her strap-on at the entrance of my ass and pushed in. It went in smooth and she pulled back out and pushed it back in. I moaned a little as she started to pick up the pace.

"You enjoy me fucking your pussy ass, don't you?"

"You want me to fuck you good and hard just like you wanted Jacob to do to me, right?"

"Yes, Mistress."

She increased her pace even more now and her movements instantly reminded me of the view I had of Jacob pounding her sweet pussy earlier that even. Fucking, ramming, and pounding me as hard as she could. Then she suddenly stopped.

"Turn over onto your back." She said as she put away her toys.

She climbed on top of me and placed her pussy at the tip of my cock. 
Finally I was going to get that extended pleasure my cock has been aching for. She slid down on my cock and began rocking up and down my shaft.

"Come on babe, put your dick in me."

"I am in you."

"Oh well, I can't feel it, what is the matter are you limp?"

"No, I am completely hard. I swear."

"It must be because I am so stretched out and loose from Jacob's hard fucking earlier. You must be smaller than him, hehe, because I can't feel your little thing at all. Come on fuck me harder. I want to feel you. Come on fuck me. Make that little dick of your's do something."

"Let me be on top and I can make you feel it Mistress."

"Oh really? I don't know if that is true after having such a hard pounding earlier, but I suppose I will let you try, I would enjoy being able to feel something."

I got up and maneuvered to be on top of her. She was right this was exactly my fantasy, but the part she doesn't know is the part where I out perform her other man, and win back my wife by giving her the better orgasm. Which I know I can do since I watched the entire thing, and I saw that her orgasm before was weak in comparison to what I can give her. She may have got to humiliate and cuckold me with another man, and she may have whipped me like the pussy slave I want to be. She even got to fuck me in the ass like a pussy bitch. And she tried to give me the small dick humiliation I have bugged her with over and over again. She has truly tried to give me the absolute complete fantasy, and I love her dearly for all her amazing efforts. But she is about to get the real end of this fantasy, which was and always will be the best orgasm of her life.

I placed my cock inside the lips of her pussy. I looked her in the eyes and I told her that I love her. Then I continued into her with my cock. I went smooth and slow staying in a perfectly steady rhythm for at least five minutes when she began to moan in pleasure, she had given up with the small dick thing about 3 minutes earlier, and now she was in full pleasure. She felt it building deep and rising quickly to the point of exhilaration. I stayed in rhythm concentrating on not changing no matter what she did. Then she groaned and the blood flushed her face and her climax burst out in an explosive rush. But that wasn't the one I was going for, I wanted a third one, and that will be the one she has never experienced before.

I sat back on my legs, and lifted her back up off the mattress and put two pillows underneath her. Then I began another steady rhythm, slightly faster than before and with an angle upwards at her g-spot. I stayed nice and steady as her moaning got louder, I made sure to not let her stop my rhythm as the pleasure was borderline to much and making her hurt with pleasure. When I felt it was time I began stroking her clit with my thumb in a continuous side-to-side motion that I have watched her use on herself for years. This brought even more pleasure and she moaned continuously. My cock was poking and rubbing her G-spot perfectly and I saw her eyes get big.

"I have to pee. You're going to make me pee." She said in desperation.

"No you don't, you want to orgasm and squirt your ejaculate all over."

"No, I can't I can't."

"You can and you will"

I increased my pace slightly with both my cock and my thumb and it sent her over the edge.

"Oh god. Oh god! Oh yes, yes, yes, don't stop, don't stop, yes, yes, yes. Oh god. Oh god! Aaaaaawwwweeee!!!"

With that I pulled out of her and continued rubbing my thumb across her clit. Then it started, she squirt out of her pussy, flooded the bed with a large rush of clear liquid, shooting and spurting out of her as she moaned as loud as ever. She could barely breath from the intensity of her orgasm, but I slammed my cock back into her anyway. She was so sloppy wet from squirting that it made loud squishing sounds as I slammed in and out. I propped my self up and began pounding away at my wife's pussy. I say my wife because I know that I have won her back, she won't even remember Jacob anymore. I pounded as hard and fast as I could for about 2 minutes before my orgasm exploded out of me and unloaded inside the heaven that is my wife's pussy.

The greatest place on earth.

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