tagFetishFinally Found Her Ch. 02

Finally Found Her Ch. 02


Switching from "you" to "she" for effect.

She moved from the vanity chair to the bed. I've covered the bed with pillows and the room is lit with candles.

"You're such a good little girl, now go get us a bottle of wine," she is lovely on the bed. I'm standing at the bedside and your mouth is irresistible and I bend at the waste to kiss you. Softly we kiss and you caress my face and neck with your soft hands urging me to love her mouth. Her breath is sweet and scented with wine and cigarette smoke and our lipstick sticks ever-so-lightly. I kiss her neck and behind her ears and breathe hot as I slide my tongue in her ear canal which drives her bosom up and her knees fall to the sides. She is insatiable and I stop in time to capture her desire in the lusty look in her eyes. I turn playfully away and she slaps my smooth ass.

"I love you sweetie," she tells me. "I love the way you make me feel," and the way she looks at me is ravenous.

"I love you too angel. I love your body, I love your mind, I love your sexiness...I'll be right back with a bottle of wine," I said. She is the best lover I've ever had. I could give her orgasms all day and never want anything in return...just being near her, lying next to her, between her legs while she orgasms is a transcendent experience for me and I love her for giving me this.

Walking down to get the wine is exhilarating. Dressed as my girl's panty-boy is ever-present in my consciousness. I know I'm free to be a sissy with her and I'm so happy to do whatever is necessary to make our relationship work. I clean the house, wash the dishes, do the laundry—always I'm dressed in panties and lingerie. Now I get a bottle of red from the cellar and open it before heading back upstairs.

When I get to the bedroom she's watching a video of me dressed up and using her vibrator on my pussy. She's on the bed of pillows slowly caressing her moist slit, dipping a finger in just as I walk in with the wine.

"Taste it angel—taste your pussy for me," I say. She finger's herself deep and wiggles her finger around before bringing it up to her own mouth and tasting herself.

"Let me taste you angel," I say. And she uses two fingers this time and gathers her womanly cum and pushes her fingers in my mouth. I suck her fingers and she pushes and pulls her fingers rhythmically like a cock in and out of my mouth.

"Put my heels on my feet sissy," she says. I slip her strappy heels on her right foot. Slowly I buckle the straps in place and lightly kiss her toes. I rub my cheeks on her feet and revel in the smooth, lotion-scent of her skin. I put the other on in the same slow luxurious fashion. I'm kneeling between her spread legs. She lays back with knees up and I'm obsessed with the view your giving me. I look in her eyes and she knows what she's doing to me and she tilts her head back and giggles like a school girl. I take her ankles—one in each hand and lift her feet up and spread them in a perfect V and she lets me. She loves to be spread open wide for me and she giggles harder and helps me widen her own legs. As I slip my hands down her calves, she uses her leg muscles to hold her legs in a widespread V allowing me to move my hands lovingly down and back up and down again, gripping and massaging her legs. When I get to her fleshy, milk-colored thighs I soften my movements to allow the electricity to move from my hands to her sex. I move slowly and softly and the warmth of her inner thighs is exquisite. I love that she lets me do whatever I want. In my mind I imagine that her pussy is mine and this lets me immerse myself in femininity. I look at the mirror that is along the wall parallel to the bed and I see her fully enjoying my touch and I see me, dressed like a sissy devouring her body. I look down and I see that a wet spot has formed on my silky thong. I think about touching myself to get a taste of my own cum....

"Go ahead sissy," she says.

I don't know what she means...she's never seen me eating my own cum before.

"I said you can sissy...I know you want to," she says again.

"You want me to take them off...." I attempt to seem dim.

She gives me a quizzical look and says, "No sissy, I've noticed how you always kiss me after you cum in my mouth. I know you want to taste it."

"I do, angel, will you think I'm gay?" I say.

"I don't think you're gay sissy, but you're not straight. So go ahead and taste it, taste your cum for me sissy," she says it with such approval that I do.

I pull my thong out from my clit and I am dripping pre-cum and I gather as much as I can and taste it in front of her for the first time. She doesn't know that I've had my own cum many times but this is something I never thought I'd get to do.

She gets up and kisses me on my lipsticked mouth and then lightly slaps my smooth ass before she gets off the bed and pours us each a fresh glass of wine.

"You don't have to be bashful honey," she says. "I want you to feel free. Be the sissy you want to be, all the fantasies you have while your play with yourself...let them out when you're with me."

"Oh angel, you are an amazing woman," I say. "I love you angel, I love that you know me so well."

"I know sissy," she says. "You make me feel like the sexiest woman on the planet, I want to do that for you...except, of course, you'll feel like the sissy you've always wanted to be. Sex is sex, it's not supposed to be named or labeled, it's just supposed to feel good."

I walked up and kissed her. I kissed her mouth and I used my hands to send her a message that I loved her too. We drank wine and watched the video of me fucking my pussy with her vibrator and the camera jiggles and then it's stationary again. It's clear that whoever was holding the camera has put it in its tripod holder. She is the one who'd been the camera-man, and now she comes into the shot. She is wearing a full-length satin nightgown with nylons. No panties and the contrast of her white nightgown and tan nylons is very erotic. We watch as these two (her and me) play with one another. It's just that play...she is a playful vixen and he is a sissy girl and they play together in a slow dance that will last as long as it takes.

She goes into the bathroom and brings out two sticks of lipstick—one dark red, and one candy-apple red—both are shiny and wet and we each put thick swaths on our lips. We sip our wine and then we kiss. The lipstick and wine is an intoxicating blend and her head lolls backward exposing her neck and I kiss light kisses and lick soft trails all over her neck and ears and move my hands between her thighs. I finger her slowly and softly trying my best to feel her, to respond to her, to be her. I press my other hand in the small of her back supporting her backward leaning and she is like a snake in my hands. She returns upright and I take my wet cum covered fingers and rub her lipsticked lips with her cum. The wetness is thick on her lips and we kiss again. Again I gather more of her cum and use my hand to rub more of her cum on our lips, my finger acting like her cum-covered cock and we both hungrily taste her. She is ready to lay down and she falls on the bed. I stand looking at her—she is a vision.

She squirms on the bed and stuffs herself into the pillows. She is in the middle of the bed, her legs tucked together and felled to the side. Her legs are sexy in the stockings and I can see the bottom of her ass peeking out from underneath her satin bottomless panty girdle. She lays on her side and pushes her lovely ass out and tucks her knees up against her chest, in this position she is giving me her ass. She is smooth as a baby. Her electrolysis, she said was extremely painful, is one of the things she loves about her own body. She loves to be smooth and hairless. She loves my mouth on her—especially on her asshole. She pushes her ass further.

"Eat me sissy," She says. "Lick my smooth asshole sissy, make me feel good."

"Yes, my angel, I love your sexy ass," I say. And I took a comfortable position behind my angel and I took my time teasing her. I kissed the backs of her thighs, on her back and on her neck. I moved my hands along her smooth ass and slid back and forth on her ass drawing closer and closer to her crack. The warmth of her ass-crack was irresistible and I slowly slid my hands closer and closer to her hole. I spread her softly, dropping kisses from the outside smooth curves of her ass slowly working inwardly until I was kissing her pink rim. I softly pressed my face all over her ass and ring and tongued her and kissed her. She pushed back harder and harder...

"Oh please don't stop....don't stop..." and she whispered my name. "Touch me everywhere..." and again my name. It was as if she was in my mind. Her soft urgings nearly sounded as if she was sobbing and I continued to press and kiss her ass. I stiffened my tongue and dipped into her hole and she shuddered and thrust into my face.

"Oh god honey, your tongue is wonderful...taste my nasty asshole sissy," she was babbling nonstop instructions and encouragements. She was moaning and I was relentless in my pursuit. I restrained myself enough to encourage her body to want more from my mouth.

I moved behind her so my face was right on her ass, she was on her side with her ass exposed. My feet were above her head so I was facing downward. I moved so my face could push her thighs apart and she opened herself to me.

"Oh god yes my sissy, make me feel good," she crooned.

I licked long strokes from her ass to her pussy...

"ooooh, sissy, your tongue is wonderful....lick my pussy ," she says again.

I lick long up and down strokes the entire length of her sex. I'm grabbing hold from behind and underneath her, I wrap my arms from behind and loop them around so my hands can caress her pussy and clit. I press my own body close to hers. My crotch is resting on her neck and she presses her head back against my hardness. She tries to crane her neck to get a taste of my clit, but I force her to let me pleasure her. I hold her head between my thighs while I worked her crotch with my mouth.

I use my lower body to push her onto her back. Her legs fall wide open and I move to kneel at her pussy. I'm kneeling there staring at her smoothness and looking her in the eyes. I lean forward and we kiss. My face is literally covered with her cum and she licks my face like a hungry dog. She kisses me....

"Do you like the way I taste angel?" I say.

"oh yes, yes my sissy darling, you taste like pussy..." she says.

"Who's pussy angel, who's pussy can you taste?"

"My pussy sissy....I taste my pussy all over you." She says.

I lay on top of her. Our crotches nuzzling each other, our chests pressing into the other's, and our stockinged legs are swishing back and forth. My panties are wet with cum. I rub my panty covered clit up and down her wet slit. I reach into my panties and bring my wet cum to my lips and she kisses me to taste it too.

I am literally dripping with cum and I take whatever squeezes out of my tip to my lips and she is fingering herself and then slipping her fingers into her own mouth. We eat our own cum like this while looking into each other's eyes.

She stopped suddenly. "We should take a break sissy," she said. "Your mouth has made me feel very good but I think we can make this night last much longer." She poured us another glass of wine and we reapplied our lipsticks. The wine glasses showed the stains of our painted lips and she went and grabbed our camera.

"Go straighten up sissy....but wait one moment," she walked to me. "Take off your panties sissy." She ordered me and I obliged. She took my panties and held the wet crotch to my lips and stuffed them into my mouth.

"Go find a clean pair to put on, and make sure it's a thong. I like to see the thin silky material disappearing into your smooth pussy," she says. "But wait one minute," she orders again. She slipped her hand along her wetness and covered her hand in her cum. She took her wet hand and palmed my shaved balls and smothered my crotch and pussy with her cum.

"Now you smell the way a girl should smell when she's been playing with her pussy for hours." I almost fainted I was so turned on. She rubbed the palm of her hand in tiny circles on my smooth hairless balls and with two fingers ground my smooth perineum like it was a pussy.

She whispered in my ear, "Ooooh, my sweet little sissy, do you like the way I touch your pussy sissy? Hmmm....how about those cum covered panties....you are such a willing cum eater. Your my little sissy cum eater....now you can go clean up."

I went to the bath and powdered myself. I put on a fresh thong and slid them lightly into place. I pulled my stockings up, put on a garter belt an snapped in the straps. I put on a sexy nightie and admired my sexy body in the mirror. I stroked my clit a few times and tasted more of my cum....yes, my angel, I am your sissy cum eating slut, I thought to myself.

When I walked into the bedroom, she was on the bed with her camera. She snapped pictures of me.

"Turn around sissy—snap. Now bend over—snap, look at the camera, all the boys and girls online are going to love these sissy—snap. Get on your knees, arch your back—snap, put your face on the carpet—snap, fuck that imaginary cock sissy—snap. She took pictures of me sucking a dildo, rubbing a vibrator on my shaved crotch, and eating whatever drops of cum seeped out of my clit.

"Ok sissy, come to your mistress, I want to play now," she giggled and I hopped onto the bed and our silky lingerie slipped and slid together. She ground her pussy into my crotch, on my thigh, and on my knee. She spread her pussy all over my body. I smelled like her, like her pussy. I was covered in her pussy and I loved it.

"Oh yes mistress, your pussy is so lovely. I love your cum, I love the way you taste and smell and feel," I told her how much she owns me. How much I am hers and that I will serve her in whatever capacity she desired. I was her pussy, sissy slut.

We lay next to each other. Each of us playing with the other thru our lingerie. We lay back, resting on a pile of pillows against the headboard, my right knee against her left, our outer knees propped up so we supine and open for the others eager touch. We played with each other like girls. She caressed my clit and I stroked her slit. We touch lightly and without urgency, slowly playing and feeling one another...sensing the responses of the other, altering our motions to increase stimulations, then sensing and responding again. We kissed languidly, like decadent opium addicted whores, slobbering on each other's lipsticked mouths and touching yet even more.

She pulled the front of my panties down past my smooth balls and my clit sprang up. She ringed the base of my clit and slid upward until a drop of cum seeped out. She fingered it and slid it into my mouth.

"Mmm, you like that sissy...." She said it matter of factly, not a question.

She fingered my mouth, "Mmmm, yes sissy, taste your cum, suck my cock sissy..."

I was moaning now with my eyes closed... "let me taste you angel," I beg.

She brings her other hand to my mouth and it is wet and slippery with her cum and I suck her cum covered fingers/cock into my mouth and moan and thrust my hips upward. She caresses my smooth bare clit and balls, she fingers my perineum and slips a finger along my pussy crack. She is fingering me with one hand and fingering my mouth with the other, I feel like a marionette and she's controlling me. She pulls again on my clit from the base this time there's more, I'm getting turned on...

"oooh, sissy, look how much came out this time. Wouldn't you like to eat your entire load for me. Would you cum for me sissy, and then eat your cum," she is saying this with the sweetest voice, it sounds like breathing but it's colored with her lusting voice. "Tell me you want to eat your cum for me sissy."

"Oh yes, angel, please...make me eat my cum..." I say.

"Oh, I'm not making you sissy...you want to cum for me, please, sissy, cum for me and eat your cum..." she said—as if she was asking me to do it for her, not forcing me to do it.

"Oh, god angel, I will, I want to cum for you angel, I want to eat my cum for you."

She tightened her grip and slowly moved up and down, her touch was magical. She held tightly and I thrust up in her grip and she held her had still.

"That's it sissy, fuck my hand. Fuck my hand and cum for me. Cum on my hand and you can eat all your yummy cum when you finish."

I was moaning and fucking her hand and she just kept tightening the grip and whispering lovely sissy mantras in my ear. She licked my ear and cheek and rubbed my face with her hand. I was thrusting harder and I could tell my orgasm was coming soon and I was getting closer and breathing heavy and.....

She stopped suddenly and let go. My clit throbbed against the air and I felt the root of my clit pushing cum up the vein and a long slow ejaculate bled out the tip and that was it. I hadn't cum but a significant amount of cum had managed its way out and she quickly scooped it up and fed me. She had to go back a couple times to get it all and I was really turned on now. She was ecstatic with what she had done...

"Oh my god sissy, you didn't cum all the way....mmmm yes doesn't that taste good," she said. "I think this little trick is going to be fun."

She started again...she held my clit tightly and I thrust up and down like I was fucking her hand, she urged me onward, encouraging me to do better so I can get more cum.

"Don't worry sissy, I won't let you cum just yet, just enough to get some of that sissy cum to ooze out a few more times."

I thrust and she kissed my mouth and I thrust and she fingered my pussy, I thrust and she whispered sweet nothings about making me a cum eater, making me suck another man's cum from her pussy, making me suck a cock to get the full effect and proper amount of cum at once. And I thrust and thrust and......

She stops again and lets go and a lot came out this time. I could feel it rise up and out, and down the side of my clit and pool at the base. She had to use her whole hand to get it this time.

"That's good sissy. Mmm, eat that cum honey. You are such a nasty little girl I love watching you eat your own cum. I think you should cum on my pussy and ass and then lick me to orgasm cleaning me up."

I was so close to cumming I was out of my mind with pleasure. "Can I taste you angel?" I asked her. She got up on her knees and bent over and buried her face in the mattress. Her ass and pussy completely and utterly exposed for me. I devoured her. I licked her slowly and lovingly. I waited for her movements, I listened for her moans, I tried to imagine what she wanted and I worked to extend her pleasure. I rubbed my naked clit and balls all over her pussy and when I tested her pussy with a quick dive in, it was as if her pussy wanted me inside her, it slipped in fully in one shot and I stayed deep inside her warmth and wetness not moving, not thrusting, not vibrating, just buried all the way in, leaning over her huddled figure, pressing my body into hers and completely motionless. We stayed like this for minutes...me feeling her wetness and warmth, her feeling my hardness and when I couldn't take it, and was about to move, my clit jerked on its own. Not a thrust, more like a pulse and it pulsed again...

"Oh god sissy, I can feel it pulsing, are you going to cum?"

"I don't think so angel, I think I can hold it.....

"mmm, maybe not for long...." She said.

She began rubbing my smooth balls. She reached under neath herself and fingered my pussy, she began lightly slapping my balls.

"Oh god angel, that is going to make me cum." She knows I love to have my balls slapped. She slapped and fingered me.

"OH yes honey, feel your balls getting slapped? Do you like this, will you cum for me sissy, will you cum in my pussy and eat it out for me?" She urged me but I was gone, my head felt like it would explode, my body was out of control, I was lost in hysteria and I came and she was yelling and I was yelling and she slapped and fingered me until I was drained. She let me lie there. She lie next to me with her knees up to her chest holding in my cum and by the time I was recovered I had so much love for her, I was hungry to please her. The inhibitive feeling that normally arose in me right after ejaculating that would normally keep me from fulfilling my fantasy of eating cum, was gone. I hungrily ate her to her wonderful orgasm. A big reason why I love this woman is because she has the best orgasms of any woman I've ever been with. The fact that I was eating my own cum from her pussy seemed only to heighten her arousal and the effects of her orgasm.

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