tagLoving WivesFinally Friday!

Finally Friday!


It's finally Friday! Now we can let our fantasies begin.

I'll make our favorite dinner, steak and lobster with sautéed onions and mushrooms, baked potato with nice green salad. I'll set the table with candles, and fresh flowers as the centerpiece. I'll have red wine opened from our cellar. After we eat our tasty dinner we can laze around for a few minutes as we finish our bottle of wine.

I'll go upstairs and draw a bath for myself, very hot with lots of scented candles lit as the only light source. I hear you come into the almost sauna like bathroom, I look over and give you a smile. I extend my arm and suggest you come in with me, you decline, but offer to wash my back for me. I'm a little disappointed but happy for the helping hand you give me. Your hands on my skin feel so wonderful. I draw my knees up and lean on them, my arms wrapping around my legs as I close my eyes, I feel you rub my neck, and back. Your fingertips trailing up, and down softly. I feel you rubbing my shoulders squeezing, I let out a small moan, you ease me back down in the bath, and I keep my eyes closed as I relax in your care. Your fingertips trail on my collarbone to the base of my neck and down between my breasts, I catch my breath as I anticipate your touch on my nipples. You know me too well, you decide to tease me for a little while. I open my eyes and see you watching me intently with that smile I love so much. I feel your hand on my thigh I try to open my legs wider in the narrow bath but I feel your hand squeeze my calf then move to the other leg, your hand feels like satin against my sensitive skin I shiver despite the warmth of the bath. My breathing is getting shallow and my heartbeat quickening as I feel a familiar feeling beginning to wash over my awakening body.

You are looking into my eyes and as you draw your hand up over my body, pausing over my mound. I arch my lower body up in the hopes of you touching my skin. I moan in pleasure and disappointment as you graze your fingertips on my clit, and continue your exploration of my highly sensitized body. I close my eyes again as you reach my breast, you take hold of one then the other, squeezing them in your hands. You thumb each of my nipples then squeeze putting pressure on them as the overwhelming feeling of pleasure starts to develop, you notice my hand reaching to touch myself. You stop abruptly and stand up telling me I'll have to finish my bath if I want more as you walk out of the bathroom. I scream in frustration. I quickly finish in the bath, and walk down the hall to our bedroom. You're laying on our king size bed in your shorts and smiling. You wait for me as I dry myself meanwhile I've been making a small plan to blow your mind away.

I walk to my drawer take out the blindfold, cuffs, and long scarves. You ask me if your to use these items on me, I answer no in fact I want you to take your shorts off and lie down with your arms over your head and your legs spread wide. You comply with my wishes. I adjust the cuffs on your wrists over the headboard and tie up your ankles with the scarves. I kneel beside you and ask if your comfy, you tell me you are. I lean down and kiss you deeply, you try to wrap your arms around me but unable to with the restrictions. I lick your lips and kiss you softly. Then I get up off the bed as I tell you I'll be right back, that I forgot something downstairs. You hear me coming back and see me come in hand in hand with Sophie. We are both naked, you are so surprised you're speechless. I giggle and tell you we are going to be giving you a treat you've always been asking for. I take hold of Sophie's other hand, look into her eyes and ask her if she is still up for this, she answers by giving me a kiss as she wraps her arms around my waist. Our breasts touching our hands wandering, kiss deeper, almost lost in each other till we hear you moan on the bed. We both look at you, I whisper in Sophie's ear to place the blindfold on you. She climbs onto our bed and places the blindfold, before she does she places her breast right in front of your mouth her nipple just inches away, she ask you to please lick and suck on it for just a minute. Her breasts are a cup size smaller but her nipples are so dark and large, you stick your tongue out and taste her for the first time, she pushes herself against you and ask you to suck hard, her nipple is so hard and so sensitive. She lets out a gasp and grabs a handful of your hair and pulls you away in the mid suckle, I can just imagine as I watch how much it must've stung as she made you pull away from her nipple and how good it would've felt.

I climb onto the bed beside her, and give her bottom a spank for not putting the blindfold on as I had asked her to. She wiggles her ass and lets out a squeal, she tells you that you are not to know who is touching you as she places the blindfold on you. The fun begins.

We go on either side of you, the first touch on you is a hand on your abdomen so softly you can barely feel it, trailing up your chest and resting on your nipple not moving. It feels so hot on your skin, and your breathing starts to deepen. A hand brushes your knee so softly, and just the fingertips trailing up tour thigh and around your navel down the other thigh, inside, and up to cup your balls. As the hand stops there and stops moving the other hand starts to explore again, up to your shoulder and arm, as the arm extends to reach for your hand you can feel a nipple touching your side, you aren't too sure who's it is. At this point you move your pelvis trying to, and wanting the hand cupping your balls to reach your aching hard cock. But as you do that both hands remove from your body, and you feel both bodies leave the bed. You groan and ask where we're going. I tell you that every time you move your body we are going to get off the bed and when we do get back on the bed with you we will start all over again. You ask us to please come back to bed and say that, this wasn't mentioned in the first place. Your skin is so sensitive and aroused that you beg us to please touch you again. Sophie comes over to me puts her arm around my neck and whispers that she is getting so hot and horny, to show me how hot she was getting, she takes a hold of my hand and places it between her legs and pushes my finger into her drenched pussy.

I say to you that Sophie is so ready as you are, and just about willing to do anything. As I'm talking to you I take a hold of her large breasts and squeeze her nipples. I lick one then the other and ask her if she wants to ride you then I suck her nipple hard, and rub her swollen clit with my finger, as I wait for her answer. She sways and her knees are about to buckle as she screams that she is cumming. I ask Sophie, "Did I tell you that you can cum Sophie?" She gives me a weak no. I push her down on the bed and roll her onto her stomach and give her a smart spank on her exposed ass. She gives a moan and climb on to your chest and gives you a deep kiss, I see your tongues dancing in and out of each other's mouths. I reach for your hard cock and lick the pre cum and sucking in the head and lick around the ridge tasting your arousal, I moan on your hard cock and feel you jump under me. I look up and see your blindfold has been taken off and our eyes meet as I give in and suck you in deep into my throat. I can feel you ready to cum and lick your shaft then kneel by your side. You are so turned on by Sophie licking and kissing your neck and chest and each nipple that it took you a few seconds to realize I wasn't touching you any more. I reach down and rub my wet pussy and swollen clit. I am so turned on watching another woman kissing and touching you I forget that I was supposed to be giving you a lesson, for a few minutes.

I spank Sophie on her exposed butt cheeks as she is kissing you again, she lets out a surprised yelp. I tell both of you that I am going to punish you both for progressing the session too fast. I take a firm hold of Sophie's hair and pull, firmly and slowly so that she is laying right next to you as I ask her if she came more then once, she answers yes, she had cum twice. I tell her she will now be punished for being too aggressive, she was supposed to make you wait and want our touch and kisses so bad that you'd be begging.

I pull out the rope from under the bed and tie her wrist and ankles with enough room to be able to be on her hands and knees. I position her on her hands and knees, her butt sticking out. I give her a spank on her exposed ass, as I pull on to her hair, then lean down to kiss the small of her back. I feel her shiver under me. I lick the length of her spine the to base of her neck as my hands explore her skin from her thighs to the sides of her breasts, as I do this I can feel the goose bumps popping up on her sensitive skin. I pull on her hair again slowly pulling her head back, exposing her neck, I lean down and kiss her on the neck as my other hand reaches for her full breast. Her nipple is very hard to my touch I give it a gentle squeeze, She moans under my touch.

I release her hair and give her a quick smack on her exposed ass. We both hear her quick intake of breath as we look into each other's eyes. I move around the bed to the side your laying on, I brush my fingers on your leg starting from your toes up your calf, and thigh and stop at the hip.

I can see your blue eyes have gotten darker, this lets me know that you are very turned on from all that has been happening. I ask you if you'd like to tastes Sophie? You answer yes, and then I ask you if you'd like to fuck her as well? You ask, if I'd release your bounds if you answered yes? I tell you I'm asking the questions and you are to lick me til' I cum for not answering my question straight. I climb up on the bed and straddle your head, you eagerly lick my clit and very wet pussy. It takes only a few licks on my wet slit and clit before I cum hard on your hot mouth. As I regain my composure I look over to Sophie, I catch her looking at us with lust in her eyes. I climb off of your face, lean down and kiss you hard, cleaning all my juices off of your mouth and chin, my hand reaching for your hard cock, and hard it is! My thumb rubs over your very wet cock head, as I kiss you deep. You jump with the sensation, I kiss down your neck, chest, abdomen, then I rub the wet tip of your cock on my lips. You moan as I leave your side to go around to Sophie's side I feed my thumb for her, she licks and sucks on it hungrily. I lean down to kiss her, she sucks on my tongue and tastes your pre-cum on my lips and licks it off My hand reaches down to her wet pussy as I suck on her tongue my finger probing into her sweet pussy lips. We both can hear how wet she is! One finger then two slips into her wet slit. I fuck her with my fingers and rub her clit with my thumb as I kiss her. Her moans are getting louder as my fingers work in and out of her pussy. I pull my fingers away from her abruptly, and we her moan of frustration as she was so close to Cumming. I leave her side to go around to yours, I stand next to the bed and feed you my fingers soaked with her juices, you suck them clean. I lean down and kiss you lightly on the lips and move away. I climb on the bed my hands on Sophie's arched back and up to her rounded butt, I rub her ass softly and slowly.

I position myself behind her I place both my hands on her butt cheeks, I rub and squeeze. I run my hands down to her back pushing her to lie down on her chest, her butt in the air her head facing you but unable to reach you for a kiss. I kiss one butt cheek then the other, I kiss her on the small of her back my tongue on the base down her crack slowly reaching her wet pussy lips finally to her clit that is so hard. I feel her jump and hear her moan deep in her throat. I lick her slit as I pause there my tongue exploring her, so sweet tasting my tongue darts in and out a few time before I continue on to her starfish, I lick her ass around her starfish and over dart in and out of it. As my fingers find her swollen clit, I rub on her clit as I fuck her asshole with my tongue, the back of my thumb rubbing her very wet slit, She cums intensely with a scream.

I place my lips over her drenched pussy lips, and rub my lips and chin over her slit coating them in her juices. I climb over you and place my chin on your hungry mouth, then kiss you deeply we both taste Sophie together. I ask you if you're ready to take Sophie? You tell me yes you are. I unbind your ankles, but stay in between your legs, and reach under your legs and draw them upwards I lean down and catch your hard cock in my mouth my tongue twirling around your cock head I deep throat you then kiss down your shaft to your full balls I lick one side the other. I have my hands placed under your knees, on my stomach pushing your legs up and open so I can lick your ass cheeks and around your starfish and over it. You moan with pleasure as I fuck your puckered asshole with my tongue, my hand pumping your hard cock. I stop as I feel you are getting too close to cum.

At that moment we hear someone walking down the hall towards our room, I know who it is but play on your panic and ask "Didn't you lock the door?" Before you can answer me, in walks Mark. Wearing only a smile on his face and the key in his hand that I had given him to use. I look over at you and Sophie and say the surprise is for the both of you tonight. I walk over to Mark and wrap my arms around his neck and pull him down to for a deep kiss. I feel his large hands on my back and ass squeezing, I pull away just enough to ask if he likes what he sees on the bed? We both look over to the two of you still bound to the bed. He reaches for my hand and places it on his hard cock and says, "This should answer your question." We see Sophie a little embarrassed but turned on, to see her husband all of a sudden there with us. I tell Mark that that his little wife is very tasty and hot and that you were so close to Cumming just when he walked in. Mark leads me towards the bed on your side and tells me he'd like to see you cum in my mouth, I lean down and kiss the tip of your hard wet cock and feel you twitch under my touch, I open my mouth wider to accommodate your hard cock deeper into my mouth my tongue swirls around the ridge of your cock and suck you in deeper into my hungry mouth, I place my hand on your chest and find your nipple and pinch it as I lick out and suck you in deep into the back of my throat. This action gives me what I was craving for your hot cum down my throat as I hear you groan. I drink every drop you give me except for the bit that dripped on your abdomen. I lick it off and kiss your nipple and then full on your mouth so you can taste yourself on my tongue.

I stand up and see Mark rubbing Sophie's ass and pussy but not putting any of his fingers inside her rubbing her just enough for her to want more. In a quick instant he gives her ass a smart smack and rubs it, we hear her moan and asking to be fucked. I tell her she will be fucked good and hard but she will have to wait. She groans in frustration.

I walk over to the chair placing my knees over the arms of it. Exposing my drenched pussy, and ass. I reach between my legs and rub my slit and swollen clit giving all of you a show. I insert a finger then two slowly and deliberately. I hear Mark coming around the bed and approaching me. He kneels behind me his face just inches from my pussy, I feel his hot breath against my sensitized pussy lips and clit. I lay my head on the backrest of the armchair and arch my back, giving Mark better access.

I feel the tip of his tongue at the opening of my outer lips pressing to reach the inner lips. I gasp and grind against his mouth, we both moan at the same time. He slips his tongue over my clit and suck on it, I feel the surge of heat through my body as I start to cum from the heat of teasing you and Sophie as well as giving you a show with another man. Mark licks at my pussy lips and darts his tongue in and out of my pussy driving me crazy, I feel his fingers on my clit and one of my breasts rubbing and pulling at my hard nipple. Taking me over the edge once again. I tell him I'd like to taste him in my mouth before he fucks me. I climb off the chair and sit on it as I pull him up off his knees. I take a hold of his hard circumcised cock that looks so different from yours that isn't. I dart my tongue out lick on the underside of his head and around making it wet and start sucking it into my mouth, he tastes so good I take him in deeper into my mouth licking and sucking, I feel his hand reaching for my breast squeezing and rubbing, he places his other hand in my hair and starts fucking my mouth as he squeezes my nipple. I pull away just enough to look into his eyes as I start to suck on his hard shaft again. I smile at him, and he moans as he feels my teeth grazing on his exposed cock head. I lick around the head and the ridge, as I suck in his cock very slowly back in to my mouth.

He tells me he wants to feel my pussy lips around his cock as his wife watched on. I reluctantly stand up and kiss him deep as I stroke is wet cock with my hand. I pull away from him and adjust the armchair so the back is facing the bed, then I climb back on again and tell Mark to please fuck me now. Both you and Sophie have a very good view of us I look into her eyes as I feel his cock sliding into my very wet pussy, I moan and look into your eyes and tell you his hard cock is all the way inside me now, as he stood there behind me, I hear Mark tell his lovely wife how hot my pussy feels around his cock I feel him withdraw then slam against me again, "Oh Yesss" I hiss out as I se your hard cock standing at attention again, I ask you if you like what you see? You answer back with a smile. I feel Mark take a hold of my hair as he starts to fuck me I push up against the backrest of the chair and meet his thrust as he fucks me faster and harder, I ask him to let me know when he is close to cumming, I feel his hand on my back and around to my abdomen and over my clit, he rubs my sensitive clit as he fucks me harder. I moan and arch my back trying to rub his fingers against my clit as I start to cum I scream that I'm cumming again. He tells me he is getting close as well, I push against him so that he'd slow down I fuck him slowly as he has stopped from moving against me I climb off of him as my cumming had subsided and weakly stand in front of him and kiss him lightly, and take a hold of his hand to guide him to the bed.

He climbs next to Sophie and feed her his very slick cock, she hungrily licks and sucks him off tasting my cum all over his shaft. I climb next to you and release your wrists from the cuffs and kiss you deep, you place your hands over my very wet pussy and place two fingers into me placing your thumb over my hard clit. I moan against your mouth, and reach for your hard cock jerking it as I rub my thumb over the wet head, I feel you twitch under my touch. I feel you adjusting me so you could spread my legs wider to accommodate you, but I have other plans for you. I pull away from you and tell you I'd love to watch you fuck Sophie as she is still bound to our bed. You give me a throaty laugh and tell me that you'd be more then glad to give me my wish. You climb over in behind Sophie and rub her back as we watch her giving her husband head.

I see you place your hand on the small of her back and up her spine, around her rib cage, and cup her full breast, feeling her response to your touch your run your hand down her body over her hip, and down her thigh, as she opens her legs wider for you run your hand inside her thigh and over her mound, we all hear her moan, as she takes Mark's cock out of her mouth she tells you to please fuck her hard. You take your cock in hand and guide it to her pussy lips and rub it up and down her slit, so wet that we hear the slick sound as you keep rubbing her pussy lips with the tip of your cock. You push your way into her slowly she leans into you as you thrust into her quick and hard. She gasps as she takes her husbands cock into her mouth again, sucking and moaning at the same time. I slide in next to her and reach under her to take a hold of her breast in one hand and rub her clit with the other, this drives her wild and a muffled yes escapes her full mouth. I look into your eyes as you fuck her from behind, and I touch her from beneath, I feel Marks hand in my hair as he yanks at it slowly and firmly I look over to him I see the lust in his eyes as he fucks Sophie in the mouth. We hear her breathing through her nose and muffled moans, as she is so close to cumming. I tell her to cum all over your hard cock and my fingers, this brings her over the edge. She pulls her head back and scream that she is cumming so fucking hard. You pump into her harder as she meets every thrust you give her. This is too much for Mark as he is jerking himself cums all over her face and mouth, I see that you are very close to cumming I tell you to cum all over her back, you give it to her harder as she is still cumming from all the attention she is receiving from us. You take your hard cock out of her pussy and cum all over her butt and back hot creamy thick cum running down her face and over her backside. She collapse on the bed, I move over her back and clean all your cum off of her back and reach for your cock and suck out every last drop you have, I climb next to her face and do the same thing there and lick off all of Mark's cum off her pretty face and full lips as I kiss her deep. I feel you lying down next to me, I undo Sophie's bounds and she lies down on my other side Mark lays down on her other side. We don't speak for a moment just catching our breaths and enjoy the aftermath of our jaunt and our first swing.

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