tagIncest/TabooFinally Getting Daddy

Finally Getting Daddy


I have always thought Dad was a hunk and that Mom didn't appreciate him like she should. She was always too busy with work to worry about her family. This meant that Dad was the one left to raise my brother and me. So naturally I became Daddy's Girl.

Daddy and I had been teasing each other for years. At first we just glanced at each other, then it became brushing up against each other. Now, a year after a silent agreement that we are both enjoying the flirting, we have escalated to flashing; I love flashing my 38DD tits and my shaved pussy. Sometimes Dad even walks into my room naked to talk to me.

A week after my 20th birthday, Mom had to go out of town for some conference and would be gone for a whole week. My brother, Josh, had left the weekend before to go to college. Since I go to the local Community College and live at home, this meant that Dad and I were home alone for the first time in forever.

I knew that this would be the perfect time to seduce my Daddy and make him mine for good.

Mom left on Friday after work. On Saturday, Daddy and I went on with our usual flirting. I went around all day in nothing but a thong and lacy bra, and Daddy in his silk boxers. By the time we were finished with dinner, I was so horny for my Daddy. I could feel the wetness of my pussy soaking my thong.

After dinner Daddy asked if I wanted to watch a movie.

"What would you like to watch, sweetie?" Daddy asked.

"Anything, Daddy, it doesn't matter to me. You pick something."

Daddy smiled at me. "You sure, honey?"

I nodded yes. Daddy said he would go and get the one he'd promised forgotten to give me for my birthday. I was excited because Daddy always knew what I would like.

He came back and put the movie in the DVD player without showing me what it was.

"What is it, Daddy? Romance, Horror, Comedy? Tell me please, Daddy!"

"It's a surprise, sweetie. You'll just have to wait and see. I got it with you in mind, so I hope you like it." Refusing to say anymore, Daddy sat on the couch next to me and put my feet in his lap. Forgetting the movie for a moment, I watched Daddy massage my feet. This felt so good I never wanted him to stop. Daddy always gave the best massages.

Hearing music from the TV, I turned to look what movie we would be watching. On the screen was a woman dressed in a school girl outfit standing next to a half naked guy. A few minutes later the girl was sucking his cock.

"Daddy? You got me a porno?" I asked in a whisper with a long look at him.

Without looking at me Daddy squeezed my leg and answered, "Um, yes, I thought it would be something to watch together. Just the two of us," almost as if he were afraid I didn't like it.

"I, its fine, Daddy. Thank you." I didn't know how to get him to look at me so I turned to watch the movie again. But I couldn't concentrate on it because Daddy's hands were massaging my thighs now and my pussy was even wetter. I wanted him to touch my pussy so bad, and I'm guessing he wants me too, based on the porno.

Hoping I was right and that Daddy was willing to go farther than just teasing, I spread my legs a little and settled a foot on his cock through the silk boxers. He was hard as a rock and so thick! Daddy made a small groan which encouraged me. I flexed my toes to rub his cock and felt it jump. Daddy's hands squeezed my thighs, making me realize how wet I was.

Finally I stopped looking at the TV. Turning my head towards Daddy, I saw his eyes close as my foot rubbed up and down his cock. I so wanted him to touch my pussy, but more than that I wanted to touch and taste his cock. I moved off the couch to kneel in front of Daddy. Reaching up I freed his cock from the boxers.

"Are you sure about this, baby?" Daddy asked looking down at me. Looking at the love and desire in his eyes, I knew this was a long time coming.

"I'm sure, Daddy. I've wanted you forever, and no other guy compares to you. I know you love me and are sttracted to me and would never hurt me. I want you, Daddy. I love you."

Having said that, I took as much of his cock as I could into my mouth. Daddy tasted so good, all hard and smooth and big. I could feel his mushroom at the back of my throat as I tried to take more of him into my mouth. I wanted to give Daddy as much pleasure as possible.

Up and down his shaft I went, making him groan and my pussy getting wetter and wetter. On an upstroke, I squeezed his balls and felt him twitch on my tongue. I loved giving Daddy head. I then felt his hands in my hair. He was pushing my head down, and I let him tell me what he wanted. Again I felt his mushroom hit the back of my throat, making me gag. Daddy kept pushing my head forcing me to swallow more and more of his cock.

I was nearing the point of needing a breath when I felt his cock jerk. His cock started emptying warm yummy cum down my throat. It tasted so good, even better than my ex-boyfriends had. I sucked as much cum from Daddy as I could. I swallowed and showed him that my mouth was empty.

"Baby, that was so good. You sure know how to make a Daddy feel good." He smiled at me.

Daddy pulled me up onto his lap and kissed me. Never had a kiss felt this good. I felt Daddy's hands on my back, and next my bra was off and his fingers were playing with my nipples. I moaned and pushed my chest into his hands. My nipples were so sensitive.

Breaking from the kiss, Daddy leaned to suck a nipple into his mouth while putting a hand down my panties. I knew it wouldn't take much to make me cum.

"Mmm, baby, you are so wet for Daddy. Your ready for Daddy's cock aren't you, Baby?"

Oooh, yes, Daddy! Give me your cock, Daddy. I need you so bad. I wanna feel that man meat in my pussy. Please give me your cock, Daddy!" I couldn't stop begging for Daddy's cock, I was so ready.

Daddy lay me down on the couch and stripped my thong off. He spread my legs and ran his fingers down my pussy slowly spreading my labia. My hips jerked in response and Daddy chuckled.

"Yes, my Baby is definitely ready for some cock in her pussy."

I moaned as Daddy got on the couch between my legs and put his cock at my pussy entrance. He rubbed his mushroom head against my clit making my hips arch and my breath catch. I wanted to cum so bad!

"Please, Daddy, put your cock in my pussy! Make your Baby Girl cum for you! I need to feel you cock, Daddy!" I screamed.

That was all it took for Daddy to plunge his cock into my cunt. We both groaned as he filled my pussy so completely. He slowly pulled out, making me moan in protest. I never wanted that cock out of my cunt. After a few slow thrusts, neither Daddy nor I could last much longer, it felt too good.

"Faster, Daddy. Slam your cock in my pussy. I want to cum all over that big juicy cock of yours!"

Daddy pumped his cock into me faster and harder than before. I could feel my cunt squeezing and milking Daddy's cock, and I knew I was close. A few more thrust and I felt my pussy explode all over Daddy's cock. In the middle of my climax I felt Daddy shoot his cum into my pussy making me cum even harder.

After a few minutes, Daddy hugged my close and we both were laying on the couch, his cock still in my pussy. I was so relaxed and satisfied, I was nearly asleep.

Before closing my eyes I kissed Daddy and said, "Thank you, Daddy. This was the best present a girl could ask for. I love you and want to do this again all week and even after Mom comes home."

Daddy smiled at me. "I wouldn't have it any other way, baby girl. I love you, too. Get some sleep now, because we have a very busy day tomorrow."

I fell asleep with a huge smile on my face and dreamt of future fuckings with Daddy.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous06/15/18

Teasing always makes it taste better.

Pretty good story. The teasing made it better, and the "final" plunge made everything come together.

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