tagErotic CouplingsFinally Lovers.... Ch. 06

Finally Lovers.... Ch. 06


The rest of the day we spend in the park. I get to meet Mickey and Donald and Goofy. You take me on allsorts of rides and show me all that I want to see. Closing time comes much to early and we drive back home. My feet hurt and I am tired, but happy. Once back at your house I drop onto the couch. You smile at me and ask me if I want to go out for dinner or stay home. I tell you that I am too tired to leave the house again and would like to stay here. You nod and go into the kitchen to make dinner. The pup comes up to me and lays her head in my lap. I close my eyes. My hand petting her and listen to the sounds you are making. I can hear the fridge and a pot and you moving around. Slowly I start drifting into a sleep. In a half sleep I notice you picking me up and bringing me into your bed. You lay me down and the pup jumps up next to me again. Her head on my tummy I fall back into a deep sleep.

I awake in the dark room. I feel a wet tongue run across my tummy, and thinking it's the pup I move my hand down to pet her. I don't touch the fur I was expecting, but instead your head. Your tongue wonders lower till you touch my clit. I moan out. Your hand cups my breast. Playing with the nipple. I arch up into it. The sleep falls off me and I am now fully awake. You must have undressed me somewhere along the line, because I am naked.

Your hands on my skin. Your tongue teasing me. Your room is dark and I can only make out shadows. You move your body lower. Your tongue playing over my wet kitty. You spread my legs and settle between them. I can see your outline as you sit up. Your thumb starts brushing across my clit. I moan in pleasure. I can see your outline moving and then I can hear what you are doing. I can hear the sound of your hand on your shaft.

"Please turn on the light," I say. You shake your head.

"No. Just listen. Sense me." My eyes focus on your shadow. I can see your arm moving, but the rest I can just hear...guess. The fingers of your other hand start going down my slit. Playing along it. Then you slowly enter two into me. I let out a long sigh. My hands grab the sheets beneath me. You move your fingers in and out of me slowly. I can hear your hand on your cock moving faster. I wish I could see you in the light.

I move one hand over the sheets, over to the side of the bed. I am hoping to find a switch. I hear you laugh. I curse lightly, because I know that your laugh means that I wont find one there. You take your fingers out of me, punishing me for what I tried. Your hand leaves my body and I whisper a light no.

Slowly you stroke across my kitty again. Then you move forward and ram your cock into me with a hard force. I scream out in joy. You stay there just a short moment and then slide out again. Taking him back into your hand. Your fingers brushing my clit. Then reentering your fingers into me.

I arch up towards you. You start moving them in and out faster. Brushing my clit with your thumb. I can hear your breath getting faster as your hand on your cock goes faster too. I claw into the sheets. My body aching for you. My moans get louder as I feel my orgasm coming.

I hear you mumble "Oh God" and then I feel your hot cum on my tummy. I start cumming too. Tightening on your fingers. Tensing my body. Letting it flow.

Slowly I relax again. I see you getting up and getting a cloth to clean my tummy. You throw it beside the bed once your finished. Lie beside me on your side and pull me into your body. I turn to my side and slide against you like a spoon. I can feel your hard cock in my back. I press my ass against you. Sigh and close my eyes. Sleep coming again.

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