tagMind ControlFinally- The Beginning

Finally- The Beginning


**This is part of a story about a woman and her journey to find her submissive side, IF she has one hiding under her dominant personality. --RouX

I have known that it would come to this I just never knew it would take this long. So many months of talking and texting, swapping fantasies and histories, learning needs and wants; I already feel like I know just how to please you. We have met for lunches, seen each other at parties, had a few bar side rendezvous. We have had a few passionate embraces with heavy, needy kissing and roving hands seeking and searching in the dark corners of parking lots, only to split away to our respectable lives. Back to our individual lives, lives that lack lust and passion, lives that have led us back to each other, years after our days of flirting and fucking in the back of a van in the dark corners of parking lots.

One of the things that you have learned in our months of swapping fantasies and histories is my need to submit to being controlled. I do not want to be in charge, I want someone else to take the reins and lead the way. I want to submit to firm hands and a guiding voice. You know this and have let this drag out longer, than I think it was necessary. It has not been so long just due to scheduling around and evading detection by our other halves.

You have also used this time to control me, amped the anticipation and tightened the tension of my libido. I have seen the sparkle of devilish delight in your eyes when we have seen each other at parties. Having to brush past you, make small talk with you like innocent friends, and avoid looking at you too long and too hard, drives me to pure maddening distraction. I can't say what I really want and I can't reach out and touch you the way I so desperately want to and you know these things. You recognize my flush of desire and frustration. Your eyes say you know, you understand, you want it too, and you will give me what I desire. Just be patient!

But that is in the past we are here, finally, meeting in a darkened, cool hotel room on a blazing hot summers day. Hiding from the summer heat and our fulltime lives, alone in this dim room we can, at long last, face the internal blaze we have stoked in each other.

I arrived before you, as you told me I would. It has been an hour since I checked in and it has been the worst hour of anticipation! I am wound up tighter than a drum, the storm of butterflies in my stomach has given me an all over jitter, my skin feels like it could crawl right off me, and I could just about float off the floor on my sexual high. I have spent most of the hour flitting about the room. I have tried to check my email, peruse Facebook and Pinterest but I just cannot sit still and my attention span it shot. AND I absolutely stayed away from Literotica, even though I really wanted to see if my submitted story had been posted yet. But I know I really could not handle any more arousal without breaking my promise to not touch myself.

It's been a week since we made the plans and one of the rules I had follow was not to masturbate. I made it this far and it was not easy, I was not going to lose it mere minutes before your arrival and possibly jeopardize the consummation of this long, drawn out game of foreplay. You warned me I would be punished if I did not behave, you said you would know if I had, you said you would be so disappointed in me, and I would be oh so very sorry if I did not abstain.

You should be here any minute. I have dimmed the lights and taken to laying flat on my back in the middle of the bed just staring at the ceiling trying not to think about you, about us. I am just focusing on breathing slowly and the cool air blowing across me from the AC unit. Hoping to slow my heart down to a mere gallop and relax the tightness that has pervaded my whole body.

I hear the key card slide in and the click of the door latch, then nothing, my body tenses back up and my heart feels like it could beat right out of my chest. Are you hesitating? Or is my heart beating so fast that time has slowed around me? Finally, I hear the swoosh of the opening door and it brings a new, warmer tide of air across my body. It brings your scent to my nose, a mix of heady cologne, tobacco, leather, and pure male goodness. I close my eyes and drink it in making me giddier than I already am.

You step in the door and stop. I turn my head to look at you but you are but a silhouette against the light of the hallway filtering in around you. I cannot see the expression on your face as you look at me lounging here on the bed but I heard a deep long intake of breath, a sound of approval and pleasure? I still have my thin cotton, button up the front, shirt dress on. It is unbuttoned half way revealing my full décolletage; my black lace bra interrupts the otherwise smooth expanse of pale skin from neck to waist. The bottom of my dress is bunched up under my butt leaving my legs exposed with my bare feet ending the parade of exposed flesh. We have not seen each other for three months, so I know I look different, I have been working on my body and this is probably the most naked you have seen me since we were seventeen.

I sit up slightly, resting on my elbows as the door swings shut behind you sending another wave of your scent washing over me, raising a gaggle of goose bumps across my body. I wait, you don't move. "Hi" I say soft and quick. "Hiya" you say. You still do not move, I start to slide down the bed, "Don't," I hear you said out of the shadow of the door way. I freeze and wait, you still do not move into the light so I can lay my eyes on you. For a moment I consider sliding down the bed anyway, I want to see you and touch you so badly. "You don't want to do that." You say, I can hear a smirk in that voice, apparently you can see my expression from your vantage point and it gave me away. But I also hear the serious thread and a shame-shame in your tone.

"Lay back as you were." I want to rebel, push your buttons, see if I can melt your resolve, and tell you what I want and get it. But was it not me, who told you I needed to let go, and did not want to be in control?! You hover in the dimness but I can feel the weight of your stare and I concede, lounging back where I was when you entered. Can I do this? Can I really do as I am told??

You walk the room, dropping keys and pocket contents on the dresser, drop a knapsack in the chair, look in the mini fridge, go in the bathroom close the door and come right back out. The whole time I just recline here watching you and letting the waves of your scent ebb and flow over me as you move through the room. It brings the taste of your lips and tongue and skin to my tongue, my nipples tighten and mouth floods with saliva. You stop at the corner of the wall and lean, just taking it in, I feel your hot gaze caress me from head to toes. I can see your face now but can read it no better than I could when you were standing in the dimness.

I roll onto my side to face you, with more of me in the light; you get a better view of my cleavage swelling over the scalloped top edge of my black lace bra as well as hints of pink peaking through the wider spaces in the lace. I let my face relax, my lips pout open, and eyes drop to a demure shyness and take a deep quivery breath. "I know what you are doing." You say in a gravelly sigh. Rolling back flat on the bed I break out into a deep uncontrollable laugh. It breaks the tension in my body, and I cannot help it and I stre