tagBDSMFinally Used by Him

Finally Used by Him


She intended to walk straight out the door without looking back. The feeling of rejection is hard for her to deal with. She has felt that her whole life from those around her. Never measuring up, never being good enough, never being what is wanted or expected of her. This time is different, worse for her because this time it was she that wanted something. Actually wanting something for herself was new to her so body and heart felt this rejection deep.

Out of nowhere his hand closes around her arm and he spins her body forcing her up against the wall as his body is pressing against hers from behind to keep her still right where he wants her. He grabs her hair to pull her head to the side exposing her neck. With his body pressed against her he leans down to lightly kiss her neck, just before he starts to bite into her flesh with easy little nibbles that leave goose bumps along her skin. As her body gives a little shiver as it is going slack against him, she sighs. It never even occurred to her to object to this rough treatment of her body by him. It is something she wanted, needed, simply craved from him. His hand slides in between her body and the wall as her grabs her breast and squeezes just slightly past the point of pressure, just shy of the point of pain. A hard balance to find, but he has it down to perfection.

He starts whispering to her in exact detail what he plans to do to her, how he plans to completely and thoroughly use her body to satisfy this aching need she herself has created in him. Still pressed against her back his hand releases her hair to slowly travel its way down. Over her shoulder, down her arm to the elbow, sliding in and going over her hip, reaching the hem of her short skirt. He slowly starts to work the skirt up her thigh as he pulls his other hand away from her breast so that it can join the other in pulling her skirt up out of his way. He has to take a step back to finish lifting the skirt up exposing her ass to his gaze.

He backs the rest of the way away from her and glides his hand over her panty covered bottom, traveling up her back as he takes hold of her arm to gently guide her back thru the house to his bedroom. He stops with her standing in the middle of the large room and simply walks around her looking until he stands back in front of her. He reaches down to take hold of her chin, lifting her face up until their eyes meet. He studies hers for a moment before he speaks. "This is your last chance to walk away," he tells her. "You have tempted, teased, and tormented me for months. I did not want to feel again. I did not want to want you. You have reached through that and managed to create a driving need within me to possess you. This is your choice to make of your own free will. You have to know and fully understand that if you choose to stay, that is the last decision you will make for the night. I will use your body exactly as I want, but I promise you this. You will be satisfied when you walk out of here. Even if you are walking a little stiff and funny." And he chuckles to himself over that thought, but is still watching her face, her eyes closely. He thought to himself her eyes were truly a mirror into her soul.

She is looking back into his eyes, listening carefully to every word he is saying to her. She knows without a doubt he means exactly what he says. If she stays, her body will be used, violated in any and every way possible, exactly as he chooses for his pleasure. Yet and still she knows that she will be pleased in ways she has only imagined up to this point. She can feel her heart racing inside her chest as his eyes drill into her. She has thought about this so often, but now that the moment is here there is still a slight nervousness to her, within her. Even with that, she still knows without a doubt this is something that she "needs" for herself, if only just this one time in her life. She has to feel what only he can make her feel. Her eyes never leave his as she speaks clear and firm so that there is no misunderstanding between them. "For this night my body belongs to you. You are free to use it as you see fit." She looks straight into his eyes for a moment longer and then slowly lowers her eyes from his, never once fighting against his hold on her chin.

He releases her chin to drop his hand down to her chest where the other meets as he tugs her blouse from her skirt. Then, without warning he jerks the sides apart sending the buttons flying as his eyes take in the view of her breast barely contained within the scraps of silk and lace attempting to hold but really simply caressing her. He pushes the blouse of her shoulders but leaves it to confine her arms for the moment. He lifts his hands and cups both breast in the palms as he starts to gently squeeze and knead into her flesh. He pushes the scraps of material down out of his way as his fingers begin to concentrate on her tender nipples. He knows from things said in the past how sensitive and responsive her chest is so he uses care as he pinches the nipples between his fingers and begins to roll them back and forth as he slightly tugs up and out from her body. Once again find that perfect balance between pressure and pain.

A deep moan comes from her as she struggles to remain still, waiting to see what will come next. After a moment he releases his hold on her chest and moves his hands to her waist, guiding her over to stand before his chair as he takes a seat. He instructs her to remove her skirt and blouse as he leans back to watch, knowing that she will not disappoint him. Her hands slowly move behind her back to the waistband of her skirt. Slowly swaying her hips to the music she can hear in her head she unbuttons her skirt and slowly slides the zipper down. With her hips still moving in a slow, almost hypnotic rhythm her hands move back around her waist as the skirt slowly starts to slip down, catching and barely hanging on her hips. She glides her hands over her skin, touching the edge and giving a slight push as the material lets go and gently falls from her body to pile in a puddle at her shoe clad feet. She moves her arms just enough to allow the blouse to drift from her and looks down to watch as it gently drifts down to the floor.

She is left standing before him in a matching bra and panty set with high heels on her feet and a slight impish smile on her face. Still slightly swaying her hips and shoulders to the music playing only in her head, he is watching her every move and liking the vision he sees before him. He is thinking to himself that she has no idea how many times he has imagined and tried to picture her standing before him exactly as she is at this moment. He reaches out to her, she takes his hand going to him fully willing as he pulls her toward him, guiding her down so that she is laying across his lap with her ass up, front and center for his eyes to take in and his hands to freely roam. This is it for her. She is right where she wants to be, needs to be, finally obtaining the dream she has had for so long. To simply be here like this with Him, choosing to give full control of her body to him in a way few could every handle. Having a complete trust and faith that he would protect both her body and her mind. Knowing he understood how difficult it is for her to give up complete control to another.

He slowly starts lightly rubbing the silky material covering her ass checks. As she is relaxing across his lap he raises his hand and brings it back down with a hard smack landing flat on one check. She gives a slight flinch from the unexpected blow then simply sighs as he resumes rubbing his hand over her body. He waits until she has completely relaxed under his hand again and then ::smack:: he brings his hand down just a little harder on the opposite ass check. He smiles at her slight gasp on the indrawn breath as she fights to remain calm and relaxed against him. He resumes rubbing over her material clad ass, enjoying the feel of the so soft material against his work-roughened hands. That will not be enough for long and he will have to feel her soft skin under his palms but for now he will enjoy this. As she relaxes on his lap he lifts his hand and brings it back down against one side rapidly following with another smack to the other side. He smiles to himself as her body gives a slight jerk but she remains just as he has positioned her. He repeats the rapid smacks to each ass check in turn several times then pauses going back to rubbing that smooth material covering her, shielding her ass from his eyes.

She feels the heat starting to build on her bottom from that last series of smacks he gave her. She is struggling with herself not to squirm, to remain just as he placed her. She knows this is really happening, but she has dreamed about this for so long that the reality and the dream are merging together for her. She is trying to memorize every detail of what is happening. The feel of his body pressed against her, the way she fits perfectly across his lap, the heat his hands are creating in and soothing from her. Again he starts with the rapid fire smacks going back and forth between the checks, one side then the other, over and over again steadily getting harder allowing the fire to gradually build on her skin. Finally he stops again and with one hand laying spread over her ass the other resting on her back he watches her body for any reaction.

He needs to fully see her now, to remove that last single shield she had from his eyes. He slowly starts to slide her panties over her hips, looking at the already pink tinged skin he is revealing for his eyes to feast on. She raises her hips just enough for him to finish slipping the scrap of material from her. He pushes the panties down her thighs out of his way and then leaves them to act as a binding on her legs. One hand returns to continue rubbing the heat he has created on her skin as the other touches her inner thigh and begins a slow journey up. Enjoying the silky smooth feel of her skin on his fingertips he takes his time to reach his goal and check on her bodies reaction to what is taking place. As his fingers touch the outer lips at the center of being a soft sigh escapes from her. He doesn't need to go any further to know her reaction, but he continues anyway. So very slowly he positions 2 fingers at her opening pushes them into the core of her body. There is no resistance at all from her body, the pure heat and wetness easing the way.

Her body opens to his touch even as it is grabbing at him seeking more. He pushes his fingers into her as far as his hand can go, moving his hand into position to allow his thumb to brush over her clit while keeping his fingers buried inside her. He lifts the hand from her bare ass and begins a series of back and forth smacks. Starting slow and soft, gradually building in intensity and speed. As the smacks get harder, she can't quite control the reaction as her body begins to jerk. She can't tell if it is trying to pull away from the shocking smacks combined with the invasion of his fingers, or if it is actually pushing toward this invasion seeking even more. He is enjoying her reaction; with every smack her body gives a little jerk as the muscles within her grip and grab at him. The pink tinge is turning into a fire red on her skin as he continues to bring his hand down against her tender skin. She is trying very hard to remain still and quiet, but the fire is growing both from her ass as well as from within her. She is very close to losing her struggle to remain quiet as the need to cry out is growing. Her body is so close to brink of shattering when his hand comes to a rest on her ass.

He is amazed at the heat radiating off her skin as his hand rests against her ass. He starts to move his thumb around her clit as he slightly wiggles his fingers inside her. Bending them to hit that magically spot and rubbing against it from both the inside and outside of her body. She can't help or control her body's reaction as her hips push upward, seeking more friction from his hand. He begins to move his fingers in and out of her, starting very slow and gentle but steadily building up the speed and his hand begins to slam against her body. He knows she is close to the explosion she seeks and that timing is crucial. Her breathing has turned to rapid shallow breaths and she knows she is to close to the explosion for it to be stopped now. He has forgotten about the clit and his hand continues to slam against her body, his fingers fucking into her as deep as he can get them.

He is smiling at her reactions, the breathing, the unconscious push of her body into this invasion, the sounds she is not even aware she is making. He finally says the words her mind needs to let go as he commands her "Cum NOW my little slut". As her brain lets go, her body jerks and shudders in pure bliss from this massive orgasm and she finally screams out from the strength of this release. Her muscles are clamping down trying to hold his fingers in place within her as he continues to fuck her with them forcing her body into full release. Finally, he begins to slow his hand with her body still grabbing at him as he guides her down from the high of release. Her body begins to relax back against him, going limp as a rag doll. She cannot believe what he just pulled from so deep within her. But she knows this night is nowhere near over, because as her body relaxes back against his lap she feels the hardness of his all male body pressing against her.

His cock has sprang to attention and was demanding a release of its own now. He removes his fingers from her body and looks at evidence of her orgasm on them. Giving her hip a slight push with the other hand "On your knees in front of me baby. You have managed to create a need in me that you now have to deal with." She finishes kicking her panties from her legs as she is moving to kneel in front of him. Without even thinking about it, her body seems to know the position as she automatically opens her knees wide, holding her back straight with her hands holding the wrist behind her back pushing her breast up and out, and her head tilted looking up to him.

He commands her to look at him as their eyes meet for a moment before he stands in front of her. She watches his every movement us he unbuckles his belt, undoes the button of his jeans and lowers the zipper. She didn't even realize that she licked her lips in anticipation of seeing, tasting his cock for the first time. He saw it though; he is watching everything about her for reactions. He is not sure which of them is looking forward to his cock sliding thru those lips more. As he reaches down and pulls his hard cock from his jeans her eyes went wide and she took a deep breath even as she once again licked her lips. He smiled as he watched her watching his hand as it slowly moved up and down on his cock and he knew she was very close to actually drooling in anticipation of what was to come.

He steps toward her, still lazily rubbing up and down his cock until he was right at her face. Moving his hand to the base he guided his cock toward her mouth. She automatically opened her mouth wide needing that first taste of him. He places just the tip of the head on her open lips and just holds it there for a moment, waiting to see what she would do. She is struggling to remain still when all she wants is to devour him. Finally he gives her permission to taste, and the words had not finished leaving his mouth before her tongue was darting forward to like the top and swirl around to get his taste before her lips closed around him. She began to move her head up and down on him taking as much as she could into her mouth without gagging. He gave her free rein for a few moments but it wasn't enough for him. His hands went to her head so he could guide her the motion he wanted. His hips start pushing forward as he is pulling her face toward him.

Taking it easy for a moment to allow her to adjust to what he is doing, she knows what will be next. With each push in he is going further in until he hits the back of her mouth, he pulls back and quickly pushes straight back in going past the back of her mouth and forcing his cock down into her throat. She can't help or control the gagging that followed that move as he holds her head there for a moment feeling her throat muscles working around his cock was an incredible sensation. He lets her pull back removing him from her throat but keeping his cock in her mouth, as she gets her breath back he pulls her back in forcing his cock back into her throat. He loves the feeling of her throat working around him trying to force his cock back out as he holds it there before letting her pull back to get her breath and then pushing right back in, over and over. He already knows how she feels about cum in her mouth, put he doesn't plan to deposit it there. Just as he starts to orgasm he pulls her back in forcing his cock as far into her throat as he can go and holds her as he shoots his cum with her throat muscles working to pull every drop out.

He knows he has to pull out to let her breath again and he releases his hold on her head. She pulls back until just the tip of his cock is left in her mouth but she keeps her lips wrapped around him. She struggles to get her breath back while running her tongue around the head of cock. He looks down into her face to make sure she is doing okay. He expects to see the marks running down her face from the way he was gagging her, what he didn't expect was to see the smile radiating from her eyes as she looked up at him with her lips still locked around the head of his cock.

She keeps sucking on his cock, slowly sucking more and more in as he grows hard again. That surprises him but he just goes with it and lets her do the work for him. He thought it would be a while before he would recover enough to fuck her. He needs to feel her again, to touch her. He slowly pulls his cock from between her lips and smiles at the little whimper that comes from her at this move. Reaching down he pulls her up to her feet and in against his body just holding her there for a moment, enjoying the softness of her body against the hardness of his. She gives a soft sigh as her body seems to just melt against his.

Releasing his hold on her he puts his hand on her shoulder to turn her around, slipping his hand down to her waist he pulls her over to the foot of the bed. Pushing on the middle of her back with his other hand forces her to bend over with her hands braced in front of her on the bedding. He pushes a leg thru hers moving them apart to where he wants them. Stepping back long enough to finish removing his clothes, watching her for a reaction the entire time. As he pulls his belt thru the loops of his jeans he sees her give a slight shudder and his curiosity is peaked. He moved over to her side and making a loop with the belt gives it a "snap" his eyes never leaving her body so he didn't miss the slight jerking motion as she tried to hold herself still.

He reaches out to run his hand across her ass, taking a good look as his hand moves across it. The fire from earlier is gone now leaving nothing more than a slight pink tinge on her delicate skin. He raises his hand up and brings it back down against one check and pulls his hand away seeing the red handprint left behind. Her only reaction was the quick indrawn gasp of breath. He takes a step away and carefully aiming swings the leather belt so that it lands flat across her ass. At this she can't help but jump and she gasps at the unexpected action. He stands there watching as the slightly raised red whelp forms on her skin. He lifts his belt and swings it again making sure to land on a fresh spot to watch the whelp rise again. She again jerks on impact but doesn't make a sound, doesn't try to move, and tries to remain relaxed.

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