tagBDSMFinally We Meet

Finally We Meet


I havent finnished it yet but tell me what you think so far ( this is the first story I have written )


The journey to you seemed to long I couldn't stop moving thoughts of you seeing me in person for the first time were flooding my mind. What if you didn't want me would you change your mind when you see that I am not perfect maybe you would think that I was not worth your collar then use me and send me away. You could do that because you are the Master and I am your slave.

Finally I arrive but you aren’t there you had said you wouldn't, that you had to work. You had everything organized I knew what I had to do. You would come to me when you finished your work. I looked at my watch I had five hours to get myself ready for you. Soon I reach the place I am to meet you and where I will be staying while seeing you by following the directions you emailed me a few days ago. I quickly unpack and lay the clothes I will wear for you carefully on the bed.

Once that is done I walk into the bathroom and run a nice hot bath I start getting really nervous again so I have a drink to calm myself down. Once the bath is done I slowly undress and look at myself in the mirror, I don't really like what I see so I turn away and get into the bath the water helping to relax my tight muscles. I had gone for a run earlier that morning. I couldn't sleep. Carefully I take a razor and slowly shave off all of my unwanted hair making me more sensitive so I can feel everything you do to me. Eventually I get out of the bath the hot water quickly evaporating from my skin quickly I pull the plug from the bath and turn the shower on and step under the spray cleaning the residue from my body. I reach out for my shampoo hoping you like the herbal sent as I massage it into my scalp then rinse it from my hair thoroughly and put conditioner threw it I quickly wash it out of my hair turn off the shower and get out. Looking at the clock I saw I had three and a half hours left, instead of drying myself with a towel I walk around the room naked not bothering to shut the blinds I walk to my bag and pull out some small bottles. I sit on the edge of my bed and slowly work the lotions into my skin making my skin smell like wild flowers; again I hope it pleases you.

Once it is finished I stand and move to the small kitchen area and have a glass of water once again I drink it to fast and some spills down my chin. I'm so nervous I have never been so nervous it will be the first time for me that I have been made to feel 100% owned physically and in your physical presents. When I talk to you on the phone and online you rule my mind, thoughts and feelings with words and the sound of your voice. Now you will be able to do that by touching me and with your body language as well.

Time passes slowly I sit on the bed and look down at the clothes I will wear for you. Then grab a small black box it contains the nipple clamps you asked me to get, in another box is my vibrator I set that on the bedside table and take the nipple clamps from the box they are silver, silver being one of my favorite colors especially for jewelry. Carefully I take each of my nipples between my finger tips and start to pinch them to make them stiffen enough to attach the clamps after a few minutes I take the clamps carefully and encircle each nipple in the open clasps closing them around the hard flesh slightly pinching me unable to help it I let out a low moan

now my breasts were connected with a thin silver chain, there was an extra ring in the middle of the chain if you wish to connect me to something. Opting for the slightly wild and natural look I don't bother brushing my hair I instead let it curl into its natural state, brushing against my back and shoulders. I quickly apply some light blue eye shadow and shiny lip gloss, I take another look in the mirror and smile at myself I have an hour and a half left. I quickly check my nails for any sharp bits and return to the bed to get dressed. Carefully I pick up the light blue summer dress which fits my body perfectly it comes three inches above my knees the neck of it low on her breasts the nipple clamps were only just visible through the material there are small black velvet flowers in a diagonal line wrapping around it softly. Time is almost up I quickly slip on a pair of light blue two-inch strapped heels and unlock the door for you then I sit on the couch and wait.

I start shaking in excitement you should be knocking on the door soon as a signal to me to kneel and greet you at the door. I quickly check that everything is done when I hear a soft knock I get up and quickly and run to the door seconds before the door opens I quickly kneel and lower my eyes you enter and see me your slave kneeling before you I pray you find me pleasing. You quickly and quietly close the door and walk towards me. Slowly you walk around me then ask me to stand I quickly do as you ask I don't want you to have to ask twice I have learnt that you don't like that. You walk around me two more times before telling me to kneel by the couch. I am extremely nervous.

I sit there shaking my eyes on the floor not knowing what you think of me. Scared that you will abandon me. Minutes later you walk towards me I look at your feet not wanting to look at the disappointment on your face I know I am not perfect but I try to be for you.

You tell me to look at you; I do because I don’t wish to be punished. Instantly all my fears fade as I see the smile on your face. You tell me to approach you I softly slip off the bed and walk to you I can’t help but smile happily.

You hold your arms out and envelop me into a warm hug and kiss my forehead lightly and thank me for coming. You ask me how I feel and tell you that I am extremely nervous and somewhat scared. You ask me why and I say

‘ Because I want to be what you want/need and I do not know if I am what you want. Also I have never come so far by myself’

‘You are never alone all you need to remember is that your owned and by me’ you then kiss my forehead and squeeze me tightly. ‘ I know I am owned by you but I have never traveled this far by myself I have only done stuff with my family.’

You slowly let me go and sit down on a chair; you then pat your lap and I go to you and sit down on your lap lightly you wrap your arms around me tightly and pull me hard against your body. You then touch my nipples threw the material of the dress I am wearing and play with the clamps slightly, making me squirm slightly on your lap.

You chuckle and kiss the back of my neck softly making me shiver and moan slightly. You then use your hands and part my legs slightly and rub the insides of my thighs softly, I shut my eyes and start breathing deeply relaxing and enjoying the feel of your hands on my skin my pussy getting wetter the closer your hands get to it. Unexpectedly you move your hands away and slip me off your lap you tell me to lay on the bed on my stomach and legs parted widely. Quickly I do as you ask I can feel the dress move high up my thighs as I spread my legs for you the pressure on my nipples increases as I push them into the mattress. The mattress sinks a little when you sit on it near me slowly you lift my legs and take off my heels slowly one by one and run your hands over my ass. Without warning you slap my ass hard making me jump off the bed slightly. You then remove your hand and run them over my bare legs moving my dress up over my ass giving you clear access to my wet pussy you slowly slide your fingers over me making them wet you put one in your mouth and suck my juices from them slowly savoring the taste you then push me over onto my back and put the other finger into my mouth making me taste myself. Slowly I suck on your finger cleaning it.

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