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Finally Yours


I'm going to make you mine tonight. Of course, I'll make it feel like you're making me yours...but I've always belonged to you. From the first time we met, your eyes finally meeting mine after having watched me, watched my body all night. You loved the way I'd worked the room from the second I'd come in. the way I'd stood at the top of the stairway slowly pulling off my coat, revealing my sheer barely there dress, clinging to my breasts, my nipples hard little mounds jutting out. You'd smiled when the whole room had gasped when I turned around, my entire back naked the dress lingering dangerously low on the curve of my ass. Standing at the bar with your best friend, You'd sat back and watched as I'd made my way to the dance floor. Snickering as I'd smile at the men who'd try to stop and talk to me and walk right by them.

I'd felt your eyes on me that night, like fingers sliding their way up my long legs. Felt your eyes caressing my back, drawing soft sensual circles on my bare skin while I danced. Every time I'd let some random guy touch me I was imagining it was you. I was watching you, watching me, remember when the tall Russian pulled me close into his body, his chest hard against my bare back. I'd Watched your eyes burn into us as I'd slid my ass up and down his crotch, his hand brushing over my nipples as I reached behind me feeling him hard against my back and sliding his zipper all the way down. You'd watched me as I'd danced in the middle of the dance floor, jacking him off, my hand deep in his pants stroking him his cock, as his lips devoured the soft skin of my neck my shoulders watching him thrust softly against my back and shudder and jerk as I'd made him come.

You'd laughed when I turned and left him on the dance floor calling after me. Asking for my name, my number. And as our eyes had burned into each others as I'd slowly walked towards you, I'd licked my fiery red lips and suggestively run my hand through the valley between my breasts . your eyes following the sway of my hips, of the sensual bounce of my breasts, fixing on my hard nipples. you'd stood up straight ready as I'd come up to you. Smiling at you you reached for me. But I'd turned away from you.

Do you remember that? When I turned to your best friend and asked him to buy me a drink? I'll never forget the look on your face. Or the way you watched us as he ran his hand up and down my back as he led me to the dance floor. The way my eyes never left his from that moment on. But I've always been yours. Even when week after week, we'd pick you up and you'd sit in the back seat watching his hands run up and down my inner thigh as he drove. I know you were watching me that time, in the mirror, watching my face as he slid his finger into my pussy, first one finger then hearing me moan softly, he'd slide in another and pumped them in and out as I'd spread my legs so wide. You'd sat and unconsciously rubbed your cock as you watched my face as I'd sat back with my eyes closed listening to his finger pounding my wet pussy and then as my breath quickened as his thumb rubbed circles around my clit.

As I'd cum quietly moaning as he'd leant over to kiss me, you'd watched as he slid his cum covered fingers into my mouth watching me suck my juices from his fingers. You've been going crazy over the last few months, wanting to en your relationship with your best friend, not being able to stand lusting after his girlfriend but then again craving just seeing me, watching my always barely clad body, wanting to be near me so much that the torture of seeing him kiss me, caress me...love me, is worth it. But I know tonight, when the two of you will come to pick me up, you're going to want me more than ever.

Why? Don't tell me you've forgotten already. Don't you remember last Friday? When we'd all had too much to drink and you'd crashed at my house. The one thing he loves about me is how horny I get when I drink. As you'd lain in the guestroom next door, you couldn't help but here the unmistakable sound of pure hard fucking from our room. I'd noticed you baby, your shadow cast against the hall wall outside as you'd watched us, his hand holding my legs up high over my head as he slammed his hard cock into my pink wet pussy. I saw you stroking baby, remember? as he grunted and spewed his cum over my tits. He'd rolled off me and fallen asleep remember...but you were still stroking. Don't tell me you don't remember how I'd whispered, calling out to you and you'd crept quietly into our room.

Remember the way I placed my hand over your lips...as my other hand reached for your cock baby, wrapping my fingers around your shaft stroking you, pointing you toward my breasts. You must've been so ready baby...because all it took was three strokes, before you moaned and shot your cum over my tits mixing with his cum. Don't tell you've forgotten the way I ran a finger over my breasts before bringing it to my mouth sucking both your cum and his off my hand? All while your best friend slept right next to us?

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