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Find the Cheerleader, Save the World


It started with my brother Holt.

A year younger than me he's...he's turned into a fucking cuck sissy faggot.

I'm serious and I'm not just spouting off.

Holt's always been a dense guy but this...he starts hanging with this loser from high school and I mean a loser. AV club, geek stuff, nothing in Holt's yearbook that said anything but loser, geek and loser.

Mike Court stayed another year back to max out his playing ability on the hockey team so he graduated with him said he was called Jaimey the fairy because the guy was a legit fag and hooked up with Cock-lips Phillip back then.

And I know that Phil guy he's one of those out pansies.

So...Holt starts hanging with that Jamie fag and next thing we know he's gone super cuck and was actually growing tits.

Hell dad tossed his worthless ass out and fired him and the cocksucker and his boyfriend pushed dad so far he got arrested and charged.

I've been watching them both and Holt's...Holly...wearing dresses and pumps and fucking playing house for fucks sake...Gardening, laundry, the whole nine yards.

And totally a cocksucker.

Literally...I've seen them.

They don't hide nothing when their in the house and I can see a lot of their bullshit with the binoculars.

Holt crouched on heels sucking that guy's big dick.

I mean yeah Holt's a fag and a bottom and I can get why with that thing.

As much as it pisses me off Holt and I aren't "big guys" I'm average...well maybe just under but still fuck that, fuck that as any reason to be some gay assed cuck faggot.

Fuck Holt for pushing that bullshit that guys like him and I aren't guy enough and are cucks.


You're right I'm fucking mad.

And I was fed up with this shit and was going to do something about it.

I followed Holt all done up like a fag to Chisolm's that's this food boutique place in town where all the prissy assholes shop and it's like fag heaven with all that rainbow shit all over the place.

He slid and got out of the cab and did this entirely pissed chic walk to the store then put in some earbuds.

Fucking bitch!

I mean fag.

I hate bitches that wear those earbuds to supposedly listen to music while they ignore a guy!

I followed him into the store.

"Holt!, Hey Holt!"

I ran up to him and yanked the buds out. "Hey asshole don't fucking ignore me."

"Hayden what do you want?"

Oh my fucking god. His voice was pitched high and soft and breathy, femmy like those fucking ass fags that you see on TV trying to pretend they're bitches.

He even shifts his weight in that hip tilt fucking attitude!

How...? How can a cocksucker throw bitch attitude at me?

"I want you to come home and stop being a fag."

"I am a fag, I'm a sissy girl and I'm literally like cool with that."

"No you're not...we can get you help?"

She...he...laughed. "I'm getting help Hayden, like seriously I'm a better person than I've been in like ever now that I dropped all the family toxic bullshit."

"Oh fuck no Holt, we kept your loser ass, that's loyalty."

"No that was like protecting the Thompson family image. Like fuck that I am like so like done with that bullshit. I can't even even."

I...That brain dead exchange hurt my head. "What the fuck! Why are you acting like some brain dead bimbo?"

"I'm like not acting Hey-hey. I'm just not pretending, I'm not going to like start either not anymore."

"I'm getting you help!"

I grabbed his arm.

He yanked it away. "Don't fucking touch me Hayden, you never, never fucking touch a girl without her permission!"

I saw red.

Fucking bitch!

Fucking goddamned bitches can't talk to them, can't touch them to get their attention, can get close to get their attention!

I grabbed Holt's arm again and immediately let go as he fucking did that bitch move and heel sliced me!

You know that cunt move where they use their heels to gouge you or try to put a hole in your foot.

How'd a fag get to be like all these cunts that I've met?

I grabbed my shin because I know he drew blood and the asshole took off the shoe and cracked me between the eyes with it. You know those heels with that thick platform thing under the toes and stuff...one of those.

Sucker punched me.

I fell on my ass and that's when I fucking saw the grossed, perverted thing ever.

Under my brother's fucking panties was this thing, like a sheath, a tiny sheath with something around his balls and it was all locked away.

"Don't ever fucking touch a girl without permission Claire! Don't ever touch me!"

Claire... from that fucking geek show Heroes.

I was like sixteen when that fucking came out on TV and my name's Hayden and that cheerleader character...the actress has the same name as me. The character is called Clair...the assholes had a field day with that shit.

I was going to throw down when these two big stock guys grab me and force me outside. And fucking Cock-lips Phillip works there apparently and with a flash takes my picture.

"Get out of my store you homophobe you're banned."

The stock guys look young but huge like football players or something likely the bulls for these fags.

I get up. "I'm not done with Holt."

She's there now too and Cock-lips Philip looks at her. "It's on camera Holly we have really good cameras inside and out for assholes like Claire here. You want me to call the cops?"

"No...they used to be family Philly, he's just a scared little guy like our family wanted."

"Fuck you Holt."

She gave me the bitchiest look. "It's Holly...Hall...Lee..." she stretched it out like I'm the stupid one.

Then she turned and walked away in those fucking heels.

Cock-lips glares at me. "Off the property asshole before I call the cops."

I leave but peel out hard leaving rubber and smoke.

Banned for life? How is it that these left wing fascist cucks and fags can get away with screaming discrimination and win then get away with this shit?

I head back to work at the dealership and I'm too pissed to work the dealership floor so I stay in the office working on the warranty claims. The bitch scraped my leg really good I'd been cut if I wasn't wearing jeans.

There's a big welt though.

And I'm limping.

And just to keep me pissed off Elizabeth Fields is in the office and she's looking fucking hot as fuck in this titty revealing blouse that is straining against those fucking huge EE sized titties and legs for days that meet this great fucking ass in a hugging skirt.

She gives my this bitchy sweet smile as she passes by.

Fucking cunt.

She could've been with me I asked her out once and how she fucking knew...she flicked her gaze to my crotch back then and said. "Sorry Hayden I don't think we'd be a good fit."

Ever since she keeps giving me that bitchy stuck up look and crotch flicker with her eyes and smiles like she's trying not to laugh at me.

I go from hard watching her to soft and filled with rage.

It's my ex's fault.

Fucking Roxanne!

I had all the pussy like ever in high school. Track captain and popular as hell my family too, all the little sluts wanted to be with me and that's the way it should be.

Then college well lots of bitches, lots of rich bitches that thought they were too good enough for me...and the dykes...then I met Roxanne and she knew the score and was smoking hot until the cunt cheated on me.

We fought and shit too and the cunt said my attitude and little dick wasn't worth it anymore.

Bitch spread it around.

Hit the family and me hard for cash in the divorce too.

I'd never get laid if it wasn't for trips to Toronto and hookers.

Even then they're well fucking cheap whores.

At least they're fucking honest about it.

I punch out tired and hurting and pissed off and still freaked out about Holt.

Like what the fuck? It was small too...smaller than it was...no, no gay shit just like changing together and stuff back at the lake cottage.

I go to the liquor store and get a bottle of vodka and head home.

Drink and drink then just not able to get that out of my head I googled that cock cage shit.

I nearly puked.

I drank more.

Like holy fuck???

The pictures, the blogs, the posts!

All these...these guys...no not guys, not real men at all with their dicks in fucking cages!

And there's more and more...like this endless stream of faggots with butt plugs and dildos and cocks up their asses...cumming...being fucked...cumming...sucking cock!?

Then there's this story site where there whole genres of this fucking stuff.

Guys getting turned to girls, wanting to be girls then there's this mind control sissification forced femme bullshit...I read and read and...Argh fuck! No!

No! No! No! This shit got me hard!

I'm not a fucking faggot!

I go on anon and story after story I blast hate at these freaks and sissy cuck makers.

I type and rage because real women won't fuck me.

I beat off and cry because I'm too upset because real women won't fuck me and this...this stuff turned me on.

Drunk, powerless, little limp dick in hand I went looking for more of this...this stuff and this time drank from the bottle.

Fuck...there's so much of this stuff with real women not wanting us.

"Little dicks are meant to serve cock."

"You're a little beta male, serve cock."

"You've never been a real man, be a sissy."

And on and on and all these girls...no she-males...no sissy fags just happy, happy and they're cumming getting fucked or fucking themselves. Huge smiles, actual recorded videos of them getting off.

Getting off from being fucked in the asshole...?

Then I found this whole other thing.

These flashing videos...bright lights and colors, words passing by too fast to read and yet somehow I knew them all.

...sissy, swallow, cock, worship cock, you're not a man, you are a sissy, you are a sissy, you are a sissy, suck cock, be happy, suck cock, empty your mind, keep watching, suck cock, be happy, drink cum, be happy, swallow semen be proud, suck cock, be happy...

... Relax, Keep Watching, Be a Girl, Suck Cock, Be Happy, Be a girl, Be Happy, Lose Weight, Be Happy, Wear Panties, Be Happy, You're a Beta Male, Sucking Cock Makes You Happy, Relax, Be Happy, Keep Watching, Be Happy...

I tear myself away from that screen.

Stagger away to the couch and pass out.

I woke up with the hangover from hell and got cleaned up and after my third coffee headed to work.

It was another shitty day with me having to put up with the bitches at work.

Liz...fucking, fuckable Liz was closing another deal by lunch.

By the way she was walking she fucked him for it.

And she looked so smug too, so happy.

There's a thought of of course she's happy, she's a girl.

I find myself watching her part of the day.

Good shoes...Roxanne my ex spent a lot of my money on shoes. Liz... these likely sixty bucks at least, stockings are at least twenty bucks, the clothes, the top and skirt a hundred bucks easy...who knows that big tittie bra...it's sexy and not blah bullshit so a hundred there and then the rest...hair, make-up, jewelry she have expensive jewelry.

And I see her with like fucking Starbucks all the time.

I'm pissed that she and all the other bitches I know seem to just get a free ride.

Maybe that's why Holt's fucking that guy?

Good money in being a pharmacist these days from stuff I've seen.

Holt was a fuck up barely keeping himself going and I'm wondering now if that guy's not a sugar daddy too.

I drive to their place at lunch and watch.

No cars.

I get out and take a look around and well faggots y'know they keep a good house by the stuff I'm seeing through the windows. They look like they redid the place it's all new looking on the inside and very clean.

I don't break in though I'm tempted to kick the shit out of the garden.

Like really? A fucking garden? Got to be the Jamie fags idea.

A note on the side entry doors says gone for the long weekend sorry.

I leave disgusted.



I've never been fucking kept, everything from dad always was earned.

I put the rest of the day in and then go home.

Canada day, long weekend...fucking yippee...

I get home and make another drink and look at my computer.

A voice says in my head keep watching.

I turn the computer on and hit my bookmarks and there they are.

All these guys...no girls...she-males doing all these things...sucking all those big dicks, faces beaming with cum on them, cum in their mouths...butt plugs and dildos inside them sometimes dicks.

Fucking themselves or getting fucked.

All smiling, all looking so fucking happy.

Why? Why are they so happy? Was it this shit? I click on the flashers and watch.

I'm caught between rage and jealousy all night trying to figure this out...just how?

It's late when I crash but I crash in my own bed.

I wake in the morning after all these vivid dreams...dreams of...

God, I'm just so fucking horny.

I'm almost on autopilot like in this fog not fog as I leave the house and I went to the liquor store and bought drinks for the weekend then stopped off at Johnny T's place. He's a dealer and my weed guy. I get a couple of grams and some valium because they always mellow me out and then I got to the porn/xxx shop just outside of town.

I go inside nervous because I've never been here before and the place seems more like a lingerie shop and other stuff but I have never seen half of this stuff.

Lots of fake cocks, plugs, vibes and weird mutant variations.

The hot goth native american chick doesn't really bat an eye at me being here.

Not even when I come to the counter with this eight inch real looking dildo with a suction cup base and lube.

I pay cash and she just rings me up bored like and I head home.

I close the curtains and lock the doors and take three valium to get kind of fucked up and make myself a drink a vodka tonic with lemon then smoke a joint as I watch the videos and flashers again trying to work myself up.

An hour later I've got a plastic TV tray that I stick the dildo too and I've showered, shaved, shit then another drink...I put towels down on the tray so it's easier on my knees and take the lube and...and...finger myself.

It feels good, it feels dirty and shameful too...my little dick twitches.

I lube the dildo feeling it in my hand, under my fingers makes me have the urge to suck it?

What the fuck am I doing?

I mount myself over it all set up with it beside my bed and my laptop is out and in front on me and I'm watching, watching until I position myself and push down on it.

I suck in a shaky breath as the huge head and shaft stretches me.

Then it's in.

And I sink down more and more it's so fucking big, big, fucking big!

My body shivers, trembles with the shock of the invasion and I'm bottomed out there on my knees leaning on the bed.

It hurts.

I wait, wait for it to slowly stop aching.

Then I sit up letting it slide through me...then sit...letting it slide through me.

So...filled...so full...it feels so strange, kinky, gay...dirty.

And again, and again, and again...oh...oh this feels different now...?

And again, and again, and again... Better, better...oh...

More and more...

Oh...more and more...!


I cum...I cum riding the dildo and so hard!

All over the sheets on the side of my bed.

I fist the sheets on top of my bed.

More...more...keep moving...oh...oh fuck...

I hit something...it hits something...I grip the sheets in a gasping inhale...that felt good.

Really good.

I can't stop, I can't stop...it's like I couldn't stop humping Roxanne's face when she'd blow me. It feels too good to stop...and...and it feels better than getting a blowjob, better than fucking pussy.

A part of me is sobbing as it's like part of me is dying, finding out that I...I...I'm made for dick.

Made for dick, made for cock.

I move like that, just like that...over and over and over as this mewling moan leaks out from me as this so fucking good feeling surges inside of me.

I make sounds of being fucked that I've never made a woman make.

Watch the videos, the flashers, keep riding until I hit this peak inside of me.

I...I have a sissygasm.

"I...I...ooooooh fuck..."

"Ooooooh yes...oh yes, yes, yes..."

Five minutes later I bring myself to another one.

I'm hanging onto the bed crying...crying because it's been...been years since anything like this.

No...fuck off Hayden be real it's never been like this.

And just like the stuff on the computer says.

...Be a sissy, be happy...

...Let that cock make you moan like a girl...

...Make that sissy ass into a pussy...

Fuck...oh fuck that image...I want a thick cock spreading me wide...I can feel my new friend spreading me wide, my ass looking so fuckable.

...You love his dick, let him breed you...

...I love myself as a girl, be a fuck toy, be a sissy, submit...

...If you ever got off from dick in you it's permanent, you're a sissy now...

...If cock inside you has made you cum you aren't a real man anymore...

...Little dicks are just waiting clitties...

...Small dicks are betas...

...Small dicks must serve better men...

...You're not a real man anymore...

...Dildo in your ass, on your knees, clitty limp, mouth open, good sissy...

After my fifth? I'm exhausted and stoned still but just so boneless feeling. I close the screen/lip on my laptop and set it on the floor by my eight inch dream maker and crawl literally crawl into bed this huge smile on my face and I bury my face into the pillows and shudder, shiver, cry...

This...this was the best...

I fall asleep like that, possessed by all those fine feelings, being stretched out, the feeling of all that fucking inside of me this friction like pulsing ache not ache lulling me to dreams of everything on those videos.

I've never slept that good.

Sore, oh yeah too sore but aching for more.

Things changed...Jesus...things have changed.

I think...I think Holly's likely Holly.

But even if not they're still happy, happy being a girl and getting boned a lot and sucking that Jamie guy's cock.

To feel like this? To be kept and not have to stress over like anything I'd suck dick.

Oh...actually that, that sounds.

I get up and clean the room and do laundry and take a shower then I go and head out.

There's places the truck stop for one.

I find a place to park lost in the folks going to the attached restaurant and gas station and slip outback to where the truckers bathrooms are and slip inside to a stall and flip the occupied sign.

Sure enough there's a glory hole and I stick fingers through it.

Jesus a few minutes later there's someone in there and someone puts this heavy cock in my fingers and I guide it through.

Holy shit, a real dick!

I stroke it as it gets harder, thicker as I slide to my knees mouth watering and I...Oh fuck it my little cock's always been a sign of the truth. As much as I've hated on all this, left anon hate to stories people wrote about stuff like this...deep down I knew, I know what's the truth.

Six inches of hot, heavy hard cock...two inches longer than me and a lot thicker.

I'd never want my sissy dick in me, there'd be no point.

I moan as I wrap my lips around the mystery cock.

The hypnos so right.

I love this, love this.

...Suck cock, be happy, suck cock, be a girl, be a girl, be happy, suck cock be happy...

I cream myself I'm so into this cock.

I moan around the cock in my mouth.

He groans.

I sink as deep as I can on that dick steak.

Bob my head, pull back to the tip, twist my head working my lips around the gland fringe.

Push my tongue hard into the underside of his cock.

He grunts and starts humping my face, my lips.

Then he buries in as far as he can and spurts sending cum into my mouth.

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