Find the Shoe on the Other Foot Ch. 01


Her answer came soon after as a minute shock went through the sensitive bundle of nerves. There was pain but there was even more pleasure and this time Yanara gasped. "I am Yanara of the Caswallen, an ensign in the Free Amazonan Navy. And I will never submit to a man," she told herself. The wiring responded by giving her another shock of pleasure.

And Mercada now weighed in as well. "You're already Master's property, this reluctance to accept the truth isn't helping you. Just let go and enjoy your freedom."

"Freedom isn't slavery, it's..." she was interrupted by a grunt cause by another zap that had been released after she had said 'slavery'. She got back on track after she had recovered from that wave of pleasure though. "It's captivity, that is what slavery is!"

Again she gasped as the wires once more rewarded her for uttering the s-word. Again and again she was swept up by bubbles of pleasure that popped before she could really cum. 'I have to stay focussed, I need to focus on who I am,' she thought desperately.

"I am Yanara of the Caswallen, an ensign in the Free Amazonan Navy. And I will never submit to a man," she practically shouted at the now nude blonde who was looking down at her with a look of pity.

"I am Yanara of the Caswallen, a slave-ensign," another pleasure-shock went through her body but Yanara stubbornly kept going, "in the Free Amazonan Navy. And I will never submit to just any man." Another reward zinged through her system forcing her to collect herself before she could start speaking again.

"I am Yanara of the Caswallen, a slave in the Master's Amazonan Navy. And I will never submit to Master." She was sweating profusely now and only half-aware of what she was saying.

"I am Yanara of the Caswallen, a slave in the Master's Navy. I will only submit to Master." Once again she was rewarded but something in Yanara was still fighting. 'No, there is something wrong about that. I, I need to say something different. Those nanites are using it against me.'

"I am Master's property," She tried. The orgasm that coursed through her body told her she was on the right path. "His will is my will, I am free because He made me His, to serve Him is pleasure, to please Him is bliss." Every statement elicited another orgasm from her enslaved clit reassuring Yanara that she was speaking the truth now.


"And now I just have to make certain the flow is reversed or we'll be pumping our last fuel-reserves into the Panopea," Diana told jokingly. Neither of them was sitting in the engineering pod, instead they were leaning against its sides. Diana took another surreptitious look at Colonel Scorpia. She had been impressed by how professional she had been about everything. Her questions had been about the navy and how Amazona was fairing in general, nothing personal. 'If I had learned that I was one of the two only survivors of my crew and that I had been in stasis for 30 years, I don't think I could get my mind to focus on the job like she is doing.'

Scorpia nodded. "Then all we can do is wait while they pump the fuel in slowly. I don't want to put too much pressure on the boom since it has been left unattended for 30 years."

"And you told them that and they agreed as well. You can relax for a moment Colonel, you got some shocking news not too long ago."

Scorpia gave her a wry smile. "You're right," she consented before turning around and stepping closer to the captain's pod. She was staring at Captain Yvain's remains. "She wasn't a friend but in the months we worked together I came to respect her. She was a good captain."

Diana joined her and stood besides her, staring at the mummified remains. "She wasn't really responsible for what happened, you just have to keep that in mind."

"Oh, but she was. She foolishly tried to fight Master's will."

Diana frowned at that and turned to face the other woman. But her question of what she was talking about was cut short by a palm-strike to her chin, knocking Diana off her feet. At the same time Scorpia's other hand struck like a viper and grabbed Diana's force baton out of its holster. By the time she actually landed on the deck Scorpia had already extended the weapon and plunged it downward into Diana's stomach.

The stun-charge made her body convulse for a moment after which she lay there like a rag doll. Stun wasn't really an accurate description as the charge didn't render a person so much as unconscious as it paralyzed. It would take an unaltered human about half an hour to recover but Diana knew from her experiences during training that her nanites would have her up and about in half that time.

It was this experience that allowed her to keep her panic contained, but she was still trying to wrap her head around why Scorpia had attacked in the first place. "Why did you do that?" she asked Scorpia as the woman began to remove Diana's skinsuit, hating how pleading her voice sounded.

The colonel stopped for a moment and looked her right in the eyes telling her dead-serious, "because it's in my nature." She giggled like a schoolgirl as she finished stripping a mystified Diana. "Just a little insider-joke. Truth is, I've got orders and I love following orders." Her tone was serious but her eyes went a little unfocussed at the last part of that sentence. 'Somehow, I don't think she's talking about orders from Intelligence,' Diana thought. And then the colonel stepped out of her own skinsuit and Diana forgot about Scorpia's puzzling statement.

Scorpia had smallish breasts, even smaller than Diana's but she wasn't paying attention to those. What had grabbed her attention was the large, silvery tattoo that covered Scorpia's entire body. It ran from her collarbone to her wrists and down her body till it reached her ankles. The thorny vines seemed to form a larger pattern but Diana couldn't really tell. 'What is going on here?'

Scorpia didn't offer any clues. She just lowered herself onto Diana and wrapped herself around the still-paralyzed girl until she couldn't brake away even if she had control of her muscles. Their eyes met and once again Diana was surprised, this time by Scorpia's irises which began to glitter with a silver sheen.

"Just relax Diana, just look into my eyes and let go. There is nothing that you can do anyway so why not save your strength for later?" She was making a lot of sense to Diana but she remained on her guard. She peered deeper into Scorpia's eyes trying to find out how they were changing exactly, focussing on the silver twinkling so close to her own eyes.

Despite herself she began to loose herself in those eyes. She became distracted for what felt like a moment but came back to reality when her body gave a whimper as she felt dozens of needles penetrate her wherever their bodies were in contact with each other. "Yes, just let it happen. Don't fight it, just let yourself slip into bliss," Scorpia murmered.

Diana felt some kind of liquid entering her body, burning for a second before it seemed to vanish. Her muscles began to twitch on their own. Her hands clenched and unclenched, her toes wriggled and she noted with embarrassment that her aureoles were starting to harden and that her pussy was beginning to lubricate.

And then the needles retracted and Scorpia got up to traipse to the captain's pod. From the corner of her eyes she followed the colonel as she unsealed the pod and jabbed a needle that had sprung out of her wrist into the corpse. She watched as that corpse began to dissolve into a silver goop and when it was done there was nothing left of Captain Yvain. She followed the goop as it jumped out of the pod and quickly dashed out of the bridge. 'Like a stone skipping on water,' she reflected as she moaned after her hands gave her tits a good squeeze.

'My hands!' She looked down and watched as her hands thoroughly fondled her breasts, hands that could almost belong to someone else for she didn't know what their next move would be. But only almost because while she didn't control them she could still feel perfectly with them. The feeling of her fingers gliding over that silky skin and tweaking those hard nubs felt almost as good as the sensations her tits were transmitting to her brain. A brain that was slowly being swallowed by a pleasant fog.

Diana mentally backed away from it and was now beginning to get a little desperate and that desperation grew when she heard herself starting to speak. "I am Master's property. My body and mind are His and my only desire is to please Him. It feels good to be Master's slave, it feels wonderful to obey." And as she began to say those words a second time her hands snaked their way down and without preamble a finger began plunging its way in and out of her now very wet pussy. She didn't notice Scorpia coming back or kneeling besides her but Diana heard it when Scorpia began to repeat the words right along with her.

She looked to the left and watched as Scorpia was fingerfucking herself in time with Diana. The scent of aroused woman was now thick in the air but Diana held on to one hope. 'Once the refueling is over, someone is going to check on us. And then they'll come to the rescue, I just have to hold on until then. I am Master's...' she backed away from that thought horrified.

She tried to keep her own thoughts deathly quiet but still a mental ghost of her voice droned on in time with her body. 'I am Master's property. My body and mind are His and my only desire is to please Him. It feels good to be Master's slave, it feels wonderful to obey.'

'No!' She reeled against herself. 'My body is Mas... my own. Just because it feels good to pleasure my slave-body does not mean that I can't obey Him if I... No, that's not right either. What's right? This feels right but I feel like I should resist.' She tried to concentrate but it was getting hard. Her body felt so good as a third finger was thrusted into her pussy and felt wonderful after a finger began circling her pucker. The boundary between that other mental voice that sounded so much like her and her own thoughts was getting thinner by the second.

'Oh yes, just hold on Diana. It won't be long now until, until...' She had trouble remembering on what she was waiting. 'Was it Master? No, He is still in the stasis-tube.' Another memory flickered through her mind. 'Scorpia said something about resisting, about resisting Master.' She grunted as the finger that had been coating her rosebud in her own juices finally entered her.

'Because He is not my Master. I, I am not supposed to want to be His slave. They told me so.' Her body began to grind her clit harder into the palm of her hand, temporarily derailing her thoughts. 'But what is wrong with feeling so good? They must be jealous, they didn't want me to feel this fantastic,' she concluded even though she couldn't recall right now who 'they' were precisely.

'Well they can go to hell. It feels so good to be Master's property. I love being His slave. I am ready to be His,' she concluded. Without warning the climax blasted through her mind, rewarding her for her surrender. Only semi-conscious she still managed to return Scorpia's kiss that welcomed her into the fold.


Mei-Li frowned as she looked at the occupied stasis-tube. On the one hand she didn't like the idea of a man not being under the control of the nanites. On the other, she knew how painful the shock-collar was and pain was good. She stepped closer to the tube and peered inside to see if there was anything that resembled a controller for the collar but saw nothing but the man. He didn't look that bad in the gray clothes of a slave. They weren't flattering of course, those loose pants and shirt but from what Mei-Li could see he was in good shape.

She stepped back again and took a moment to consider where the most likely place was for the Colonel to put her weapons. Her pondering was cut short, however, when to her amazement two locks of her hair wrapped themselves around her wrists and pulled them up against the sides of her head. She hadn't even felt her braid untwine itself which was impossible because there were pressure sensors imbedded into the micro-wire muscles. Without them she would never have any fine control over her hair.

But events took a turn for the impossible when additional locks wrapped themselves around her legs and forced her to her knees. There was no way that could have happened simply because her hair wasn't long enough and her enhancement couldn't extend her hair like that either. But it had still happened and now she was trapped by her own... 'That Scorpia, she's responsible. She did something to my hair but why would she do that?' A curl of hair began to stroke her earlobes, which felt good, but she tried to ignore it.

She took a sharp intake of air when she felt two more locks unseal her suit and peal it off her body before slithering to her breasts. The silken strands that now covered them began to gently sway over her sensitive skin. Despite herself Mei-Li could feel her nipples stiffen which only got worse when those strands bundled together so they could firmly knead her tits. Other locks curled themselves around her teats and laved them with attention as well.

Mei-Li's face was strained as she tried to break the deceptively soft restraints holding her in place. 'It's no use, these hairs are as though as steel. I may just as well enjoy, I mean endure, what they are doing to me.'

Her eyes fluttered when the first strands began to stroke her puffy folds. But she snapped out of it when she suddenly heard a voice in her head. "I am making you feel good, don't I?"

'What? Who is that?' Mei-Li wondered.

"Take a guess," the voice teased. At the same time her hair squeezed her titties and a firm bundle entered her sopping cunt to stimulate her g-spot. Mei-Li's eyes momentarily rolled back but she recovered.

'My hair?' she guessed and feeling silly for thinking something that ridiculous.

"Well, I am controlling it but you should look at what's in front of you."

Mei-Li blinked and then looked at the glowing stasis-tube. 'You! But how could you? You're in stasis.'

"Does the how matter? I want to make you feel good, all the time. Just give me your pain, give me yourself."

'Never! I'll kill you for this you filthy...' Her reply was interrupted by a few strands that had begun to caress the inside of her buttocks making her hips jump forward.

"Will you at least admit, my slave, that I am making you feel good?" the voice asked patiently.

The Amazonan couldn't stifle all the sounds of pleasure that were trying to escape her mouth but didn't respond.

"Denying reality isn't very healthy, just enjoy it," the voice in her head encouraged. Again her hips shot forward as a lock of hair that was caressing her pussy dropped lower so it could reach her perineum. She twisted her body around trying to escape the pleasure but she didn't even manage to disrupt her hair's rhythm. It simply continued with its soft yet firm ministrations of every erogenous zone her body had.

She was breathing harder now and her back was hunched with moans and sighs escaping her lips every time she exhaled. She was getting close to coming now, she could feel it. 'Alright, it feels good. Now stop it...please.'

"Why should I stop making you feel good? Why can't I make you feel even better?"

'I ran into that one,' she conceded to herself. The bundle of hair between her legs subtly twisted position so that it was now undulating against her clit. It only took a few strokes for Mei-Li to cum, her body stiffening as the pleasure rolled through it and her pussy futilely tried to clamp down on the intruder. She had hoped it was over but when she came back down she found the stimulation beginning all over again. "Nooooo," she moaned even as her hips involuntarily bucked.

"Yes," the voice countered. "You are just fighting me because you were taught to do that. Why not accept me as your Master? Why don't you give yourself to me when I can make you feel so good? I already control your body, you can feel it strain for my touch. What are you resisting?"

She shook her head. 'But you don't have my mind yet. I'll get out of this, sooner or later,' she shot back.

"But why do you want to escape? Why don't you give in to what you want?"

"I, I... This is a lie. You're a man, you can't be trusted. All you bring is pain and hurt, like those pirates that killed my mother!"

"But I'm not hurting you. I offer to take your pain away, the pain that was so diligently nurtured by your saviors." And Mei-Li suddenly became the spectator of some very vivid memories. Her early years at the education center to be exact with center stage being accorded to the psychiatrist there. "She didn't help you like I am offering to. She just taught you to hate. I want give you pleasure, teach you to love." A gentle brush against her clit punctuated that statement.

'You're lying, you have to be,' she reassured herself.

"But I am making you feel good, don't I? You thought pain was good but can you honestly say now that pleasure isn't so much better?"

Mei-Li gave a deep moan that went on and on as a small bundle of hair, liberally coated in her own juices, gently entered her asshole. 'It feels sooo good,' she admitted.

"And it can become even better. Just let your mind follow your body, accept my gift and give yourself over to me."

She was making unintelligible sounds now and was trying to push her body into the source of her pleasure. 'Better? Yes, I want to feel better.'

"Then remove your force baton and controller," the voice suggested. She found her arms no longer held tight against her head although the bangs were still firmly wrapped around her wrists. Her right hand reached down and plucked the baton out of its holster and then dropped it on the floor beside her. A part of her considered using this opportunity to activate the com-link on her controller. That thought was drowned out by a surge of pleasure as she was rewarded for her compliance. She tore her controller of and let it drop to the floor as well and got rewarded again.

"Very good slave." Mei-Li moaned in response as the word 'slave' was accompanied by another concerted effort to give her more pleasure. "Now remove the skinsuit." Mei-Li did as she was ordered, the hair around her legs moved out of the way to let her remove the lower part of the skinsuit.

She was now standing naked before the stasis-tube, her hair wild and moving as if it was alive. Probing her, caressing her sweaty skin and heaving chest as her hands roamed her taut tummy. Her knees were weak so she found herself kneeling again before her master.

"Tell me what you offer me slave," he ordered.

Mei-Li paused, some part of her hesitating as if she still had a choice. "I offer you myself, my body and my mind," she had to pause as the bundle in her pussy and ass flexed approvingly. "I submit myself to you, Master." Again the bundles of hair flexed.

"And I accept. Now for your reward." For a moment Mei-Li was puzzled what he meant by that when she suddenly felt with her hair again. But she didn't just feel pressure with it now though, there was heat and moisture but most of all there was pleasure. Somehow Master had made every fiber of hair as sensitive as her tits were and her eyes rolled backwards as her pleasure tripled in an instant.

She shook with orgasm, again and again as her own body-movement made her hair move against her body, stroking and caressing it until there was no distinction between her mind and her body. Both were pleasure and both were giving pleasure. "Thank you Master," she managed to say before she drowned in silky smooth ecstasy.


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