tagSci-Fi & FantasyFind the Shoe on the Other Foot Ch. 02

Find the Shoe on the Other Foot Ch. 02


The Experiment

Field notes of Doctor Mercada of the Nereall, Day 241

A rather miffed looking Doctor Mercada was looking into the camera. Her long hair was pulled back and held in a pony. Her labcoat was buttoned up and looked impeccable.

"I have just learned from Captain Yvain that our next stop will be Katern Prime. Yet another dead world that only the archeology department and perhaps our resident exogeologist will be interested in. On top of that I just lost the last of the three labmen that were assigned to me at the beginning of this journey.

"I have complained several times to the Colonel that I needed more subjects and that I disagreed with the decision to assign most of the specimens we took on before departure to the chemical and biological warfare departments. The only result from venting my... frustration with her, besides improving my mood, was that I got her to agree my work was important and that I would get first pick of any acquisitions we make."

She theatrically exhaled. "But I can wait a long time before this ship even comes across another human, let alone a specimen I can use. Until now I could keep myself occupied with testing the 'improved' nanites I used as an excuse to get me a place on this ship.

"Ha," she mocked. "They don't even really deserve to be called improved. Just a few alterations in their programming which produces a stunning .03% increase in their cellular repair speed. What Amazona needs is a new breakthrough in nanotechnology and I am going to deliver. Once this ship actually encounters another living man that is.

She sighed and drummed the fingers of her left hand on the desk. "But until that happens, I can do little more then wait, study the Hix nanites I brought with me and refine the parameters of my true experiment."

Field notes, Day 0 of Hix experiment

Mercada's expression was carefully neutral, but her eyes were smiling. Even her tone was professional but enthusiastic. "The Erato arrived in orbit of Katern Prime yesterday and we immediately detected a shuttle near the ruins our onboard archeologists were interested in. Colonel Scorpia sent a capture team down to find the occupants which they did, but only after several hours of searching."

Despite her best efforts a small grin broke through. "They only found one man, but they captured him without using nanites and he has been assigned to my project. I have just completed my examination of the specimen and I am happy to say that he is perfect for my experiment."

She ticked off, "he isn't suffering from any genetic defects, doesn't have any physical deformities, is in good health and I am satisfied his constitution is sturdy enough to weather the experiment. If the Archeology departement is to be believed my subject also has above average mental faculties but these are irrelevant to my experiment. And even if it did matter I expect the experiment will do severe damage to his psyche anyway."

She didn't seem fazed by that at all as she continued. "Now for the experiment itself. In two hours I will inject one of the two Hix nanites I received into his spinal cord. There is a small chance this will cause partial paralysis but that is unimportant. The shock collar I have outfitted him with has been modified to not only give shocks of varying power but to also emit a constant, low-level charge through the subject's body. The first two days I will try to use electric shocks and minor physical trauma to elicit some activity from the nanite. If this proves as futile as in previous experiments I will use the collar to augment the subject's bioelectric field. I am now confident that this will prod the Hix nanite into activity. I am hopeful that this latter approach will work because my research on what little we know of the Hix shows that their bodies produced a lot more energy than a human one does."

Mercada gathered her thoughts for a moment before continuing. "I will keep my cover up that I am actually testing the 'improved' nanites on him in the event that my experiment does fail. Retrieving that single Hix nanite from his body in that event will not be easy but should be doable. I am however, confident that I will get the Hix nanite to replicate."

Field notes, Day 2

"As I expected," Mercada began in a professional tone that didn't betray any disappointment, "the electric shocks and physical trauma have not elicited any response from the nanite. I found no evidence of any nanites in the samples I took and the subject is not healing any faster than an unenhanced human would. Further evidence for the nanite's inactivity is the fact that the subject seems to have lost some of his memory. He no longer remembers who he is or the events that brought him aboard ship."

Mercada frowned slightly but it was a frown born out of concentration and not sympathy. "Indeed, the subject doesn't seem to remember much of anything of his personal history. Testing does show his knowledge and mental faculties in other areas were not compromised."

She shrugged, "I have ceased administering the shocks and switched the collar to emitting a constant charge. Since then the subject has lost control of much of his body and his breathing has become slightly irregular but he is still conscious. I have already made ready equipment to feed him intravenously should the subject prove unable to feed himself in this


The blonde doctor nodded to herself as she continued, "so far the experiment is going as expected but the true test of my hypothesis has just begun. I will know if I am on the right track tomorrow, if all goes well."

Field notes, Day 3

"The subject has now been unresponsive to all stimuli for," Mercada looked at something besides the camera, "16 hours if measured from the moment he went to sleep. The scanner is registering brain activity that is inconsistent with a coma and at the moment I assume the cause is psychological rather than physical. I have come to this conclusion based primarily on the absence of any apparent, physical causes for the subject's current condition."

She nodded to herself. "Unfortunately the experiment isn't bearing fruit yet. I have not found any evidence of nanites in the tissue-samples I took today and as I have noted the subject's condition is actually deteriorating. Nonetheless, I remain hopeful that success is still possible. I will give it several more days before I am prepared to admit defeat."

Field notes, Day 4

Mercada looked very concerned but didn't let it infect her voice. "A nanite showed up in today's tests. I had expected to be ecstatic if I actually found evidence of replication but I had also expected to find more than one nanite. And that is not the case so I now I am worried that I may just have destroyed a precious Hix nanite."

Her tone lightened at her next words. "But there is cause for hope. The subject has recovered and has even regained muscular control. Although the cuts I inflicted upon the subject still heal at the normal rate I believe the subject's regain of consciousness is evidence the nanites are healing the him. I postulate that given their advanced nature the nanites have actually prioritized the various injuries and repaired the most serious first.

"This is of course mere speculation," she admitted. "And still the fear gnaws at me that I may just have destroyed a very precious resource. I will feel better after tomorrow's tests," she tried to convince herself.

Field notes, Day 5

"I've done it," Doctor Mercada exclaimed. Her eyes were shining with excitement and she was leaning over the desk. This showed a hint of cleavage as the top three buttons of her labcoat were undone. "I have enticed Hix nanites to replicate. Today's test prove this beyond a shadow of a doubt."

She took a deep breath and straightened her posture before continuing in a calmer voice. "I found 27 nanites in the samples I took today. I now have a factory from which I can harvest as many nanites as I need, as many as Amazona would want.

"There is also another change in the subject's status. Cuts I inflict upon him now are healed within seconds and I have noted that his physique is becoming more muscular. Nothing excessive and if I had to compare it to anything I would say the subject's build now resembles that of an athletic swimmer. This latter change is completely unexpected and I look forward to seeing how he will develop in the coming days. Unfortunately the nanites seem to be unable to restore the memories he has lost, a limitation that is not surprising given the fact that the memory loss stemmed from before activation."

She smiled. "All in all, I will be throwing a small celebration for myself tonight. It is unfortunate that I can't share this triumph with any of the crew yet but I need to present them with a finished and completely successful experiment to cover my improprieties."

Field notes, Day 6

Mercada licked her lips before she started to talk. "I had hoped to find even more nanites in today's samples but found only 36. This is less than I had expected given the exponential growth these little machines have. I suspect this is evidence that they were designed to have a very low replication limit. The reason for that is probably that these nanites didn't need large numbers to be effective."

She shrugged now. "Or it could be that the nanite I implanted in the subject was damaged in some way which impairs it replication ability. There really is no way to tell since we understand so little of these nanites. On the test subject there is no new developments. Healing speed is now stable, his memory loss seems to be permanent and his delicious body..."

The blonde cut herself of and took a deep breath. This did lovely things for her breasts that were on display beneath the partially unbuttoned labcoat. "His physique has not undergone any more noticeable changes either. And that little slip of the tongue is something that I need to get of my tits, I mean chest, as well. I can't talk about this to the ship's counselor so I hope that simply talking about it out loud will help."

But instead of continuing she stopped and her gaze turned inward. Eventually she did speak though. "It started with last night. I experienced several sexual dreams in which the subject featured. This is slightly unusual because I rarely recall my dreams and I can't remember ever wanting to do what I did in those dreams with a man. And after I got to work here in the lab I found myself admiring the subject's body on more than one occasion. I have also felt slightly aroused all day and even toyed with the idea of using the subject to satiate my urges."

She pressed her lips together at that admission. "Obviously that is a gross breach of protocol and not something I have felt tempted to do before. I blame this on a combination of factors. The first is the simple fact that I have been consumed with my work this past week and had little thought for other activities. The second factor, I believe, has to do with the knowledge that my experiment is a success. The euphoria that brought about must have strengthened my neglected bodily functions such as sex but also food because I have found myself with more of an appetite than normal. I am confident this problem will be gone by tomorrow."

Field notes, Day 7

"I was wrong," a slightly disheveled Mercada admitted. Her hair was combed back into a pony as usual but there were stray hairs sticking out here and there. Her labcoat was unbuttoned to show off her generous cleavage encased in a tight tank top.

"I had some very hot dreams again and I've been pleasuring myself almost every other hour. And the subject is looking so good. I mean, the nanites have made him a real hottie. I wouldn't mind putting his long, hard cock between my lips and just suck..."

She visibly took control of herself. "Thoughts like that have been running through my mind the entire day. I haven't gotten much work done, not that there is any change in my hot number, I mean subject, anyway. But I refuse to give in to this sexual hysteria that has gripped me. I don't care how long or thick he is, how great he smells, how his wet mouth would feel on my aching nipples."

Again Mercada had to stop for a moment. "I have talked to Colonel Scorpia and have arranged for a little get-together tomorrow afternoon. I can do all my tests on the subject that morning if I just fuck hard, work hard enough."

Field notes, Day 8

Mercada's hair wasn't in a pony today and her labcoat was completely unbuttoned. She wasn't looking at the camera either. Instead, she had her eyes closed and her head thrown back while three of her fingers were being plunged between her wet folds held apart with her other hand. This was all visible because she had thrown her legs on the desk and had raised her hips a little. Her tits were uncovered as well and plainly visible was that each aureole had a metal ring grafted into the skin at its base. Out of each ring two strips of metal jutted inwards touching the erect nipples from opposite sides.

She climaxed after a few seconds and after she had recovered she turned her attention to the camera. She didn't bother to cover herself up though and she was still tracing her pussy with her right hand. "Well, the experiment has gone better than I had even dreamed possible. Not only did I get Hix nanites to replicate but they are actually under Master's control, just like I am," she happily concluded.

"I don't know what I was thinking but I actually tried to resist Him when I got in for work today. I wised up though once I went into His cell to take some more samples. He had me sucking his dick in no time and once I had a good dose of nanites I knew He could screw me every which way He wants. And He did that too!"

Her eyes glazed over at the memory and she began to rock a little in her chair. She was slowly impaling herself on her fingers again. After a few moments she snapped out of it though. "Sorry, that happens sometimes. Master is still fine-tuning me because sometimes I just slip into a vacant state of mind focussed solely on obedience and Him. It's fantastic but I can't serve Him that way so I hope He will solve that soon so I can help bring the rest of the crew under His power."

Her eyes became half-lidded as a memory bubbled up. "I already got a taste of that this afternoon. Scorpia foolishly tried to put up a fight but Master didn't make me a walking factory for His nanites for nothing. After sucking on these babies," she hefted her breasts for emphasis smearing her own juices on one of them in the process, "for a few minutes she learned how dumb that was. Didn't give any fuss when I brought her back to the lab with me."

She let go of her tits and cleaned up her fingers before lowering them between her legs again. "Master is finishing her enslavement right now and after that we can start teaching the others that they're Master's property. Too bad Master told me I can't enslave everybody personally but He's worried some of the crew might catch on before we can get to them."

She genuinely looked disappointed at that but then she brightened up again. "But Master doesn't want to limit Himself to just this ship so I will get more opportunities later. You know, I was always sure this research would ring in a new era for Amazona. But I had never thought it would be this fucking great. Can you just picture it, an entire nation of hot babes all ready and eager to please Him. I'm so lucky to be there when it all happens. So blessed to be Master's slave." She threw her head back again as her other hand now began kneading her tit.


Anari looked aghast at the kneeling doctor as she happily described how her experiment had unleashed this horror. She couldn't suppress a shiver at how lyrical she was over her own enslavement. The redhead now knew why they had found the captain with her clothes unsealed. She had been as sex-crazed as the rest of her crew at the end.

And the same was now true for her crew and soon for herself as well. She didn't understand why he hadn't already, it seemed like a cat playing with a mouse to her. "Let's just get this over with," she grumbled. "I have had enough of this, stop stalling and do what you're going to do to me."

The man didn't respond, he just tilted his head sideways. Then a look of concentration came over him that vanished just as fast. "There, done."

Her look of incomprehension spoke volumes. 'I don't feel different, I have no desire to call the guy Master and I still can't move a muscle. What the hell did he do to me?'

"I didn't make you like them, Commander," the guy helpfully explained. "You see, I don't take away free will so much as I made these women want to be mine. I simply make them love me and worship me. Instead of breaking their will I just bend it. That means they are light-years better than the poor slaves you Amazonans make but there are still limits. For my plans I am going to need women who's view of me isn't skewed in that way. And I am going to test a way to do that on you."

Anari couldn't decide if she liked where this was going. Especially the mention of plans made her nervous. The man continued, "so instead of messing with how you think I tinkered a little with how your body works. I made it addicted to me, specifically my, ah, semen."

Her jaw dropped at that declaration. "You won't notice at first but in a day or so the symptoms should emerge. I don't know what they will be exactly but they should be unpleasant and get worse over time. It won't kill you, I made sure of that, and you won't be able to overcome it either. The nanites will keep your body from adapting to the symptoms, they will keep feeling as bad as they did at the start."

He frowned. "But, I think we need some extra insurance." He grabbed his shock collar and Anari wasn't surprised to see it come of on his command. She did blink when parts of the collar's casing started to disappear and a silver ringlet about a quarter of the thickness of the collar began to grow in his other hand. In circumference it was actually about as big as the collar and the commander already knew that it would go around her neck.

She was proved right soon enough. The silver collar was placed around her neck where it rested just above the hollow of her throat. It encased her neck tightly but she felt it gave way a bit when she swallowed. The collar looked like it was made of metal and felt like that too but it soon warmed up to her body temperature.

He nodded to himself and took a step back. "I think that is everything, you can move again." For a moment Anari didn't believe him but when she cautiously flexed her right hand she found he was speaking the truth. In a flash she weighed her options but there really was only one choice, she had to eliminate this threat now before he sunk his claws into her. 'If I act fast enough he won't have time to use the collar on me,' she hoped.

Before any of the women could react she had whipped out her force baton and was bringing it up when the collar activated. But it wasn't pain that made her drop her weapon out of her forceless grip and arch her back. Her eyes rolled back as white-hot pleasure washed her thoughts away.

The next thing she knew she was kneeling again with her hands resting on her thighs and with no control of her body. "That is the first thing that little gizmo does. I really hate shock collars as you can imagine and I think is a much better solution, wouldn't you say?" Anari didn't respond. "As you noticed, I can activate it with a thought and so can all of my slaves except for Mei-Li but I will correct that tonight."

Anari licked her lips. She was tempted not to ask but knew that wouldn't make it go away. "And what is the second thing it does?"

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